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Warlords Play Never Have I Ever

Ieyasu: So basically, one person says ‘never have I ever ____’ and if you have done whatever they just said, you put down a finger, right?

Sasuke: Yes. And if you put down all five fingers, you’re eliminated. Last one to be eliminated wins.

Mitsuhide: So the aim is to say something which everyone but you has done.

Sasuke: That is correct. We’ll start from Yukimura.

Yukimura: Alright! Never have I ever… kissed before.

Nobunaga [mutters]: Virgin…  (¬_¬)

Yukimura: Excuse me?

Nobunaga [coughs]: Nothing.

Masamune: Oh! Mitsunari put a finger down?! Hold up, tell us the story, Mitsunari.

Mitsunari: Well, it was when Imo fell down and hurt herself. So I kissed away the pain.   (^ ω ^)

Ieyasu: Who the hell is Imo??

Hideyoshi [through a clenched jaw]: For the last time, it’s Uri.

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MC was not only an aspiring fashion designer but she also models for a few brands in the present time. She had a few magazines in her bag just in case she needed it for her application (THOUGH i DOUBT IT), but then she was warped to the Sengoku period and fell in love and all that.

One day, MC went to check out the new fabrics in town. The warlord comes to her room to find her gone, and so he waits. Then he decides to roam around, and find some magazines peeking out of her bag. He takes the one with her in summer wear and flips it open and boom.



  • smirksmirksmirksmirksmirk
  • why hello there fireball~
  • “fierce and bold” nods in approval “yep. that’s how i like it”
  • the article is interesting enough, a book with a glossy sort of paper, but to have images printed perfectly on it??? 
  • and in fact images oF HIS LADY??
  • “we’re gonna have to investigate the technology behind this”
  • wait
  • …on second thought no one should see this
  • present time seems to be a very, very enjoyable time
  • “this is why i strive for a unified Japan”
  • “I should keep this”
  • and to that day forward Nobunaga’s conquest for Japan’s unification was ultimately motivated by one certain magazine 


  • spits tea
  • is that M C ?? ? ???
  • NAKED???????
  • well there’s underwear bUT STILL??
  • “summer wear”??? well i mean i get it summer can be cruelly hot but TO WEAR ALMOST NOTHING?
  • well how is this possible
  • this painting looks so real
  • what paper is this??
  • but wait
  • hoLD UP
  • who the h e l l painted this?? 
  • what’s the name of the fckin wolf that painted MC’S beautiful body
  • who dared to stare at her bare skin for h o u r s ??
  • i’ve never felt like killing someone this strongly before 


  • wellwellwell what do we have here
  • pictures?? well these are some really well-defined pictures
  • look at all those details
  • this isn’t a work of a human
  • s o r c e r y ? ? ?
  • wait up is this–
  • p r o c e s s i n g….
  • cue the smirk
  • “oh sweet sweet chatelaine, when does your charm last”
  • stares at it with a shit eating grin on his face
  • starts to contemplate the many ways on how he’ll tease her later on
  • even takes fucking notes
  • “uh huh” “mhm" 
  • i n t e r e s t i n g  s t u f f
  • little mouse never ceases to amaze
  • fufufufufufufufufu
  • sneakily tucks it in his kimono like the shady guy that he is 


  • oh dear
  • he almost lost his only eye that day
  • because it almost popped out
  • “never thought i get to live long enough to see this”
  • he doesn’t even get to be giddy about it being a future kind of thing
  • he just loves it
  • r e a l l y
  • stares for a long while, humming 
  • there’s a lot of her in this weird book
  • well surely the kitten is now a tigress~
  • one s e x y tigress
  • imagines her in that outfit saying "roar” and he is G O N E 
  • “i should have her wear this for me sometime”
  • “tonight seems good”
  • laughs while shamelessly taking the magazine with him 


  • spits tea season 2
  • sweet mother of wasabi
  • //chokes “m-mc????”
  • poor thing is dead and gone
  • he doesn’t have time to admire the “craftsmanship” (he didn’t realize it was a thing from the future)
  • he’s just…
  • i don’t know
  • his soul flew away to Portugal
  • he was blushing so hard he must be overheating i mean you can roast some marshmallows with the heat he’s radiating
  • oh no
  • oH NO
  • he’s gonna have a hard time facing MC now 


  • he squints his eyes at the sheer beauty of her picture 
  • exaggerating?? idk i mean he probably would
  • “oh. there’s a lot of mc-sama!!”
  • he looks through the pages like an excited little kid
  • he just smiles at your bikini bod with no lust whatsoever
  • being the pure angel that he is
  • “mc-sama looks very beautiful in this painting”
  • what is this paper?? 
  • wait this doesn’t look like paint
  • realizes that wasn’t a painting
  • ooOoOoooOOOOoooHHHhhhHhHH 
  • the curiosity: extreme mode has been activated
  • he sits down and reads through every article
  • MC finds him in his immovable state with the magazine in his face

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Cybird Ikemen Sengoku All Characters’ Profiles

Note: I’m sorry for any wrong and off translation since I’m a learner, please advice and correct me for any mistakes *bow* 

“Do-S x Self-Conceit/Self-Centeredness” 

Nobunaga Oda

Don’t you want to become woman of the *person who would unify this whole country?

*tengabito = the person with ruling power/have the world/have the country/descend from heaven

VA: Tomokazu Sugita
Birthday: 12 May
Height: 179.7 cm
Blood Type: B

Aspiring to unify the whole country, the cruel and inhuman Sengoku warrior. A real ideologist, his thinking and thought is separated/different from an ordinary man. Being called ‘demon king’ due to his cold-blooded behavior, and he should be someone to be afraid of, but…?

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Unprecedented x Hedonist/Pleasure-seeker”

Masamune Date

Don’t be bored. You would satisfy me, don’t you?

VA: Kazuki Kato
Birthday: 5 September
Height: 180.3 cm
Blood Type: B

Unprecedented and aggressive hedonist. He believes that he won’t dishonor his way of life as Sengoku warrior. With his frank personality, he makes fun of/playing/trifling with you, as he drawn near to you out of curiosity.

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Ore-sama x Tsundere”

Yukimura Sanada

Hide behind my back. I’ll protect you without fail.

VA: Kensho Ono (Original: Yoshimasa Hosoya)
Birthday: 7 July
Height: 177 cm
Blood Type: O

A Takeda retainer who’s burning with revenge on Nobunaga. Loyal and devoted, he respects Shingen who shares similar motives. Although he is masculine/manly and has overbearing/pushy/high-handed personality, there is also a shy side of him that is weak/not good with women…?

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Popular with women x Elder brother temperament/type”

Hideyoshi Toyotomi

Can you listen properly to things I’m going to say? I cannot leave someone like you alone.

VA: Kosuke Toriumi
Birthday: 17 March
Height: 179.2 cm
Blood Type: O

Nobunaga’s loyal retainer. With caring personality and always taking care of people, not only he’s being loved by other retainers, but also popular among women. He won’t forgive those who harms Nobunaga, and he’s being wary/cautious of you too.

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Ambitious person x Perverse/cussed person”

Ieyasu Tokugawa

In that case, do as you please. Since I have no interest for weak people.

VA: Toshiki Masuda
Birthday: 31 January
Height: 174.1 cm
Blood Type: A

An ambitious person who is a contrary and uncooperative. Very patient and hates to lose; dislike weak people. Behind his stubborn and obstinate attitude, he seems to hide a sad past…?

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Adult x Womanizer”

Shingen Takeda

…Come here. I will teach you the tactics/strategies of an adult love.

VA: Yūichirō Umehara
Birthday: 1 December
Height: 185 cm
Blood Type: B

Sengoku warrior who is feared as the tiger of Kai. He’s aiming for Takeda Clan revival. Although he’s being deeply loves by the retainers for being broad-minded, however he’s a cold person to his enemies. A lady-killer who gives off an adult vibes and charms.

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Charisma x Yandere”

Kenshin Uesugi

My live and death is in war. I have no spare times for the likes of women.

VA: Hiroaki Miura
Birthday: 18 February
Height: 176.2 cm
Blood Type: AB

A man called ‘God of War’ who’s carrying an overwhelming charisma. His love for war is unrivaled/incomparable, and his victory is always expected without any doubts. There are seems to be some reasons for his attitude of refusing bluntly/thrusting away women…

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Mysterious x Malicious”

Mitsuhide Akechi

No? You’re lying. It seems you like it I’m being mean to you.

VA: Shunsuke Takeuchi
Birthday: 4 October
Height: 181 cm
Blood Type: AB

Nobunaga’s right arm who is malicious and mysterious. Carrying suspicious atmosphere, he’s someone to be feared even by allies, and his relationship with Hideyoshi is like dogs and monkeys. There is also rumor he’s having a secret meeting with the enemy,  and his true mind and feelings are enveloped in mystery.


“Pheromone x Keen/sharp/brilliant mind”

Mitsunari Ishida

Whenever you are in trouble, please depend/rely on me…Promise me, alright?

VA: Yoshio Yamatani
Birthday: 6 November
Height: 175 cm
Blood Type: A

Hideyoshi’s close aide with sharp mind and excels in arithmetic. Someone with gentle manner, he does not aware of his sex appeal to make women fascinated of him. Liking war tactics research and study, so much to the point he neglects his life whenever he’s being immersed in it…


“Cool x On pace”

Sasuke Sarutobi

Don’t worry. It’s really fun to get adapted/familiarized with Sengoku live.

VA: Kenji Akabane
Birthday: 10 April
Height: 176.7 cm
Blood Type: O

Originally a graduate student with Astrophysics major. After the time slip, he’s getting an employment as ninja. Expressionless, but optimistic with a character that cannot lie. He’s searching for a method to return to present time by studying the theory of time slip.


“Ruthless x Revenge demon”


Well…how about I make you cry? Ojōsan (Young lady).

VA: Tarusuke Shingaki
Birthday: 7 January
Height: 178 cm
Blood Type: O

A revenge demon who resents Nobunaga. A man who is willing to become a demon himself in choosing the means in order to achieve/accomplish his revenge.