nobunaga's ambition


updated version of non-unique warlords perfect link guide

I found one of the warlords I was missing (Katsuyori–he’s in the headband-sama section), and discovered that Kazumasu’s link info was wrong (axew, not shieldon). This guide is still incomplete since I’m now missing TWO warlords (instead of three!), so if anyone knows who those two sneaky jerks are I’d love to find out and fix this thing up. 

Happy Conquesting, everyone!

edit: holy crap how did Yoshikiyo keep not getting in this thing WHOOPS

Ransei Constitution. A list of rules drafted to protect people and Pokémon in the land of Ransei.
  • Rule I: Pokémon are to be treated as one's equals and not as a tool of battle. Conquering kingdoms is not permitted.
  • Rule II: One should refrain from summoning the Legendary Pokémon unless there is a disturbance of peace or emergency. They are strictly forbidden to use the Legendary Pokémon's power for malicious purposes.
  • Rule III: In which case, a Warlord has permission to bring all 17 kingdoms under their control. Large, drawn-out battles are not allowed for this temporary unification, each Warlord must be informed of the disturbance, reminded that it is a temporary conquest, and asked to willingly hand their kingdom over.
  • Rule IV: If the Warlord does not return the kingdoms to their original Warlords after peace is restored, then they will be imprisoned for 2 years.
  • Rule V: Battles for sport and not conquest are permitted between Warriors. The friendly competitions will be conducted under the watchful eye of a Warlord.
  • Rule VI: Pokémon are not to be abused physically nor emotionally. Anyone who abuses a Pokémon will be fined 10000 Gold; the fine may increase depending on the severity of abuse. Warriors who abuse Pokémon that they have linked with will be fined 50000 Gold.
  • Rule VII: The Warlord of Aurora and Oda Nobunaga are the only ones permitted to revise these rules. Suggestions from citizens and fellow Warriors are accepted.
  • Rule VIII: Vandalism during battle is not permitted. You must use the battlefield in the kingdom's castle designed against damage from Pokémon. Warlords watching over battles must make sure spectators do not get injured as well.
  • Rule IX: Respect your fellow Warriors during battles.
  • Rule X: All except Oda Nobunaga shall be denied entry to the Infinity Tower unless it is necessary.

Nobunaga’s Ambition for the NES / Famicom was the very first strategy game that I ever played as a kid.  I’m not even sure why, but as a 12 year old I saw this at the video rental place and decided to give it a try.  At first the game was overwhelming, but after some practice I managed to become mildly competent.  From here I became increasingly interested in Koei, and have been following the company ever since.  It was also my first exposure to the Sengoku period of Japanese history, and got me curious to learn more about that era and the people who shaped it.  ^_^