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Seiyuus: Shimazaki Nobunaga, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Kakihara Tetsuya, Masuda Toshiki, Toyonaga Toshiyuki, Miyano Mamoru, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, Kimura Ryohei, Osaka Ryota

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Can yo do ship for Nobunaga x MC ? C:


  • Who’s the cuddler?: Nobunaga, but he tries to act like he’s making a reach to do it. GOSH, MC, I guess if you WANT me to lay on your lap I WILL… So NEEDY… MC is tired af.
  • Who makes the bed?: Nobunaga, but that’s because he sleeps in later than MC. He’s horrible in the morning, but he pays for the good food by cleaning up here and there. He’s grumpy after he’s done his chore, but he eats the whole meal she sets out for him.
  • Who wakes up first?: MC, always–Nobunaga sleeps in as long as he can like a lazing cat. 
  • Who has the weird taste in music?: Oda Nobunaga went through this Emo Ass Phase and was a pretentious 13-year-old who listened to American alternative bands. “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” comes on the radio and he cannot help himself, it’s literally embarrassing.
  • Who sings in the shower?: Nobunaga, but like, MC can’t say anything because he’s actually a really good singer? Could belt a beautiful rock ballad perfectly (he was a choir kid).
  • Who cries during movies?: Both of them, though Nobunaga tries really hard not to–MC lets him hide his face in her shoulder because, “I’m not crying, I just don’t want to watch the rest of this stupid movie!”
  • Who spends the most while out shopping?: Nobunaga because… why shouldn’t he? He has money, he’s gonna spend it. MC sort of wishes he wouldn’t splurge so much, but she looks good in this dress so he doesn’t care? Sold, he’s taking it.
  • Who kisses more roughly?: Nobunaga, but MC quickly learns to bite back to keep up–he likes it that way.
  • Who is more dominate?: Usually Nobunaga, but with his power, he likes to give the lead to MC at times. Nobunaga likes being spoiled.
  • My rating of the ship from 1-10?: I feel sort of half-and-half on this pair. I think there was a lot of possible potential, but I’m not so fond of how his main route actually went about their development. I liked that MC was willing to stand up to him and (despite another caste issue) was willing to defy being swayed by his material way of winning her favor. But I feel MC just didn’t quite steel herself just enough, and I think she lets Nobunaga get away with certain things he shouldn’t? It’s also another issue of a clash of morals (because MC rarely changes from her “war is bad my father died”), so I think the end product of the route was also sort of… bland? Anticlimactic, even. However, I actually quite liked the beginning of the route and some of their moments together, so I find it better than some. I can give it a 6/10.
Free Confession!
Haru and Gou
Free Confession!

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Voices: Shimazaki Nobunaga & Akeno Watanabe

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May Birthday Party (5/5)

The last stop of the cruise is Rome. You happen to pass by Nobunaga on the ship. He wants to explore Rome and rather arbitrarily appoints you as his guide for the excursion… And you think something along the lines as ‘as expected from the Demon King of Sixth Heaven’… ^^;;

Once in the streets of Rome, Nobunaga declares that he’s interested in trying some Italian food. He spots someone eating gelato and asks you what it is. You tell him and he says he wants some. So it’s off to a gelato shop, but the shopkeeper seems to only speak Italian, so you hesitate in ordering. Noticing this, Nobunaga decides to take matters into his own hands. Just as you wonder whether Nobunaga is going to speak in English or whether he even speaks English, he starts speaking in Japanese while gesturing to what he wants. Thus another ‘as expected from Nobunaga moment’ for you. Anyway, he is successful in ordering what he wants. 

After finishing the gelato, you head over to the Plaza de Espana, just in time to watch the sun set. Nobunaga gets rather contemplative and remarks how peaceful everything looks. You are surprised to witness this more peaceful side of the famous warlord. 

Then you give Nobunaga the present you’ve prepared with Mitsuhide’s help. Mitsuhide told you that Nobunaga likes sweet foods so you got him some panettone which you explain is a dessert eaten at Christmas. He’s rather pleased with his gift. 

That night, there’s a grand birthday banquet on board the cruise ship for all five May birthday boys and you reflect on how you had a great time on this cruise and got to spend some private time with all five of them. End. 

Shigezane’s Tweets [1/5]

Shigezane: I’ll be on Twitter for 5 days, starting today! If you send me a message, I might answer you!

Shigezane: Taiyaki has to be filled with fine red bean paste! I won’t accept coarse bean paste!

Kojuro: What on earth are you muttering… You came to say something important today, didn’t you?

Shigezane: Oh, I nearly forgot! That’s Kojuro for you. Actually, my birthday stories are on sale now. If you come and celebrate with me, I’ll be crying with happiness!

Genya: It’s way too lonely to say that yourself. Ah, the new event starts today. I took a peek, and it looked pretty good~

Shigezane: Genya, thanks for coming all the way here! I heard that Masamune is appearing in the event.

Genya: Oboro wouldn’t leave me alone about it. Ah, I heard it’s your birthday. I’ll just say it now. Congratulations. Well, I’m going back to my mission~

Shigezane: Hey, aren’t you a little too early? You’ll celebrate for me on the actual day too, right…?

Shigezane: Actually, now I’m getting interested in the event… H-hey, Kojuro, why do you look like you’re about to cry?!

Kojuro: ……I’m not crying. But everyone should read this. It’s very moving.

Nobunaga: You disappearing… That’s what I fear the most.

Shigezane: What is this… Isn’t this too heartrending?! Ugh, I didn’t intend to cry over this! At this rate, I won’t be able to make fun of Kojuro…

Inuchiyo: I’m with you, so it’s all right.

Shigezane: So cool~! …I’m a man, but my heart skipped a beat.

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Recording of Shimazaki Nobunaga and Yonaga Tsubasa in Taiwan FREE! event. Sorry, I don’t know Mandarin well enough to translate it!!

MC: Please start with your introduction.
Shimazaki: Oh, okay. I’ll read from the card. [Reading] Hello, everyone!
Crowd: Konnichiwa~!
Shimazaki: Wow, much Japanese, thank you! I voice Nanase Haruka in FREE!, I’m Shimazaki Nobunaga, thank you for having me today!
Yonaga: Hey, everyone! [Reading] Hello! I voice Hazuki Nagisa in FREE!, I’m Yonaga Tsubasa, thank you for today!

Shimazaki: Thank you for waiting so long!

MC: We have a surprise for you! Please come in!
[Haruka and Nagisa cosplayers coming in with flowers]
Yonaga: [looking at Nagisa cosplayer] Oh wow, he’s cute! The look is great on you! He looks cool! I–I’m kind of in a fix here, aren’t I? [goes behind Nagisa cosplayer] I think I should be behind him so I can be his voice.

Yonaga: Wow, this is amazing.
Shimazaki: Yeah, it is!
Yonaga: There’s even cosplayers in the crowd, thank you! 謝謝!
Shimazaki: 謝謝!

[MC asks them who they would want to perform as]
Shimazaki: [after thinking some] I would have to say Haruka! [looks at Yonaga] Sorry, I went in that direction.
Yonaga: Yeah… yeah. Rin-chan, Mako-chan, Rei-chan, Ai-chan, Mikoshiba-senpai– everyone’s voices in FREE fits them perfectly, so if I were asked what role I’d want to voice, naturally that role can only be voiced by that person… so I do consider this a difficult question, but…!
Shimazaki: Oh?!
Yonaga: If I could… I’d want to voice Mikoshiba-senpai.
Shimazaki: Ohhh!!
Yonaga: Only because I can’t do it!
Shimazaki: Would you like to try it?
Yonaga: “Oh, Matsuoka!”
Shimazaki: Wonderful!
MC: What if Haru imitated Nagisa?
Shimazaki: I see. This won’t be as Haru. This will be me, Nobunaga, voicing Nagisa. “Haru-chan~!” “I love you!”

Shimazaki: I don’t know how Haruka would respond, but if I, Shimazaki Nobunaga, were a girl and wanted to go out with one of the characters in FREE!, I’d want it to be Makoto.
Yonaga: [looking away from Nobunaga] …
MC: [laughing] And what about Nagisa?
Yonaga: :T
Yonaga: “Haru-chan, you dummy!”
Yonaga: If I were a woman… [looks at the poster that has the characters] I don’t know who to choose but… it would probably be Makoto… Mako-chan or Rei-chan. Rei-chan seems like the type who would take really good care of you.

[Taking pictures with cosplayers and voicing the scene between Nagisa and Haruka]

Shimazaki: While it was a very short time here, it’s thanks to all of you that I had a really fun, heartwarming visit. I would really like to spend a longer stay in Taiwan next time, and enjoy it with you all again. In closing, I’d like to say a few words from me and Haruka. “Wo ai ni.” Thank you!
Yonaga: As Nobunaga-kun said, I’m very happy to have been able to meet you all. Next time, it would be great if all of the FREE! members came along as well to see you, especially since season 2 has been confirmed. I think there will be a chance to see all of you again because of that, so when that time comes, we would be really happy if you were able to come see us, and it would act as part of our motivation to make FREE! exciting for you, so please continue to support us. Now, from Nagisa. “Everyone! Wo ai ni!” Thank you!