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How would the troupe react to going on a first date, what would they do and how do they act?

Only doing the adults bc Kalluto and Topi are like 9 the only dates they get are play dates.

Chrollo - he would be the classic gentlemen. He seems like he would possibly choose oa fancy dinner or art museums would be his things. He would make sure the date is perfect for his partner, and constantly ask how they enjoy it.

Phinks - partying. Party here party there. He would be all over his date. His main goal would be to go to his house with company if ya know what I mean.

Feitan - totally awkward. Probably freaking the hell out because it a DATE and he has little experience. It’d probably just be watching a horror movie while he just stares at his date, panicking on what to say or do.

Pakunoda - she would most likely enjoy nice walks on the beach and going to small cafes. She would shower them in small sign of affection, but not overstepping any boundaries.


Shalnark - park. Give this boy a date at the park. (I was about to say he would love swings but… Then I remembered) his mood would be very cheery and just happy to be with his date.

Machi - this was a hard one, but I think Machi would be down for anything as long as she sees the effort in her date (as long as it’s not Hisoka) she would be pretty monotoned, but on the inside feel very appreciated.

Shizuku - she would probably like to go sightseeing. Anywhere that’s big so she could admire buildings and landscaping. She would start naming a few facts about what they went to see. Then probably start thinking too much, though, her thoughts trailing off to “did I leave the oven on”

Nobunaga - knowing him, he would probably get annoyed with anyone. No sugarcoating there, unless it was someone he cared deeply for, it would not be good. Though out of all the places, his preference probably would see a movie, so he wouldn’t have to talk much.

Franklin - do we know enough about him for this? Idk, I’m just going to guess that he would show up and leave if he was bored, regardless of where.

Bonolenov - he would be ecstatic. Doesn’t matter where, he would be there for his date and do what they wanted. He has manners, so he would use them.

Hisoka - just… Don’t do it. Don’t go on a date with him he would probably start whipping it out or just start killing you.


Did the couch meme for the Phantom Troupe!

I did the line art and the lovely @rouvere colored them in!



The Phantom Troupe

Finally done! I present to you my poster design set for the band of thieves known as The Phantom Troupe from the anime series Hunter x Hunter. They’re such a fascinating bunch! I fully recommend getting into HxH just for their story alone. Hope you like the set!

If you’re interested in purchasing any as prints, then please message me for the details. Discounts are offered for multiple or full set purchases.


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