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“The strongest and bravest in history! You’ll be surprised when you hear!”

Ken ga Kimi: Enishi

Finished my second route in the game yesterday~ So today I want to talk about him a bit. I will not be summarizing Enishi’s route as much as I did for Kuroba because uh he’s not my husbando. :’D SO MUCH FOR THAT LMFAO THIS IS LONG AS HELL However I did end up enjoying this route a lot more than I expected to so I did want to get some words in.

Spoiler-free impressions: once again, the route went in a different direction from what I was expecting. In a good way, of course! I had my suspicions about Enishi based on some hints from the common route and Kuroba’s route, but I was still pretty surprised at some of the things that happened and I ended up getting much more attached to Enishi than I wanted to. XD Okiayu’s voice-acting was great! Enishi shows a lot of range in emotion throughout his route and yet Okiayu was able to portray all those subtle (or not-so-subtle) shifts in tone and emotion very well. I did feel that for Enishi, the Ken route was better than the Kimi route even if the endings were sadder. To me they made more sense and I enjoyed them a lot more. Ending his playthrough on the “best end” felt really jarring to me because I felt the character development was more rushed there. But overall I did enjoy the route quite a bit, which is great considering I had very low expectations and only wanted to get this character out of the way since he wasn’t my type. (this always happens to me lmao)

SPOILER TIME from here on out!. There will be some CG spoilers in here, too, so tread carefully if you haven’t played this route yet.

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Daigo Kiryuu’s Great-grandson. The younger brother of Amy-nee-san. Transforms into Kyoryu Navy using the Tobaspino Beast Battery. In great contrast to Daigo, he’s a coward. He’s the unmanly type who often hesitates. 


Seems to be Ian Yorkland’s descendant. Transforms into Kyoryu Silver using the Bragigas Beast Battery. He’s found popularity as a musician, and his singing and self-accompaniment with the acoustic guitar is considered second to none.


A young man who seems to be descended from Nobuharu Udou. He transforms into Kyoryu Blue using the Stegocchi Beast Battery. He’s pretty much the only one who takes after his ancestor. As he seems to have come from the Tohoku Area, (north and east of Tokyo) he has a very strong Tohoku Accent.


Souji Rippuukan’s great-grandson, he transforms into Kyoryu Gray using the Bunpachy beast battery. He’s got a short temper and is easy to provoke, he’s a member of the future oriented leisurely generation. Somehow, his great grandfather Souji is still alive and kicking, even in the year 2114!


Amy Yuzuki’s great granddaughter, and Dai-kun’s older sister. She transforms into Kyoryu Cyan using the Ankydon Beast Battery. She’s always getting into the coward Dai-kun’s business. She’s a very dependable older sister.


Utsusemimaru’s descendant, he uses the Plezuon Beast Battery to transform into Kyoryu Violet. In the year 2114, Bowling has become hugely popular, and Uppi is a Professional Bowling superstar.