😂😂😂😁😁😁 haha #nobueno for girls @shaym
Bts of her challenge video with @fouseytube2 for #youtubeshay ••••


When your spirit is genuine, nothing can’t taint your image. #Aaliyah #AaliyahMovie #NoBueno👎 #LifetimeTV #RespectTheLegends #MoreThanAWoman #RipAaliyah #OneInAMillion #BabyGirl

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Snapped a #sweatyselfie before passing out and dying in my car 😭 killed abs and then cardio killed me. I don’t particularly enjoy training in the evenings, I’m more of a morning training person - I have more energy then and my body isn’t awake enough yet to realize what’s going on 😂 got to see an old friend @rynocerousss which was nice 😄 he most likely saw me dying in between sets 😣 chugged the rest of my gallon thanks to my new yummy Xtend pineapple flavor BCAAs 😋🍍🙌🏻 and I’m seriously that monkey haha I did a few sets and practiced my front pose in the mirror but after seeing @jzeff and @tarakoenke’s ab post I decided to never take my shirt off again 😁😂 I hold water like crazy so unless it’s am abs I won’t be showin em off 😝 #absandcardio #deathbycardio #latedaygymsesh #nobueno #didmybest #unleashthebeast #girlswithmuscle #pushyourself #nevergiveup #BOOM 💥


I want to play airsoft with locals in my town… but idk anybody other than 3 people in my town that go airsofting. Frustrating and annoying seeming as I want to start an airsoft field in my town because the closest one is 2 ½ hours away