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Cirque PSA: How a No-Call/No-Show affects your tattoo artist.

Picture this scenario: You arrive at your place of employment on time, prepared to do the job you enjoy and do well.
But when you arrive, you are told there is no work for you to do. Now, if you’re on a salary, it may mean “Yay!! I can cruise the internet all day!” But if you are service industry, it means you have just lost a whole days pay. And if you are a tattoo artist, it means the time you invested in discussing and taking notes, researching and doing several sketches before creating a design that works as a tattoo and meets your customer’s criteria AND THE TIME YOU SCHEDULED TO DO THE ACTUAL TATTOO IS NOW GONE. It’s not a “free” day for us. It’s a day AND THE PREP TIME BEFOREHAND, that we have invested and suddenly have no income to show for. This is why the deposit (which does little to cover this time) is NON-REFUNDABLE. Contrary to what you may see in the media, most of us are not rock stars who run around in high dollar automobiles from club to club, sipping champagne with PBR backs and rubbing elbows with the latest celebrate-dudes. We’re regular people with families who have needs just like yours. And yes, we LOVE what we do, but that love doesn’t put dinner on the table or pay the mortgage when someone decides that there was something better to do that day OR enjoyed all the buildup to the tattoo, only to bail in the end without so much as call to say so. 
The deposit is not a scam, it’s a good faith assurance that states “I understand what we have discussed and come to an agreement about how my art will proceed. I have chosen you as my artist because I comprehend you work in a style that is appealing to me. I trust you and, as an adult, I am ready to engage your services.”  Please don’t make an appointment if you do not intend to show. We understand emergencies happen, but no shows are no bueno.