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I don’t mean to brag, not at all. We all have body issues that we have to contend with. Sooo… Anywho, usually I always wear jeans in public so I won’t draw any unwanted attention to myself. On my days off I prefer to wear track pants or sweats, put I can’t in good taste wear them out in public, for obvious reasons. So today, I went shopping to buy myself some new work jeans. While walking by the Adidas store, I decided to see if maybe i could find some new track pants, because my usual pair of off day track pants were getting old and worn. I was looking on the racks and i had no problem finding my size, but I can’t wear my size in public so I decided to see if I can find an XXL which was difficult to do. But low and behold, I found a pair! I swear I thought I won the lottery! So I rushed home, and tried them on and PREFECT! No eggplant! So what do I do to show off my new comfy everywhere pants, I promptly walked my happy ass down to the corner sto’ all comfortable, loose, and not showing off what’s bouncing around down there! I know it’s a little TMI but that made my day!

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Ok feeling a mix of emotions but primarily a bit annoyed in the beginning but mostly amused now 😂😂😂. After going to my orthopedic surgeon today for my new check up I ended up with a cortisone shot 💉💉💉and he ended up ordering a second round of my Synvisc-One shot that I’ll be getting the beginning of next month. The doctor insisted that I needed to lose 60 more pounds so my knee would feel better. At that moment I think I blanked out & all I could think was damn!!!! Why damn??? I guess mentally and physically I’m tired!!! Also necessarily it’s hard to hear when the other person saying it doesn’t know how hard I’ve worked. So that would mean that he would want me to weight just about 100 pounds??? I know I’m short but seems extreme even for me!!!! When is enough…enough??? Don’t get me wrong I do want to continue shedding but psychologically it could be hard when so much work has been involved in less than two years!!! But I do see his view point to a certain level. And I will continue at my own pace and stop when I’m satisfied not when I hit his magic number!!!

So as I was leaving, and walking off the shot I bumped into one of these waist training stores and decided to try one of these little bad boys on to see if this would give me that extra push I need (and wanted to amuse myself)……NOT!!! I could be wrong on so many levels but OMG how the hell can anyone work-out with this??? This cannot be healthy I felt my organs inside crush. Give me healthy eating, interval training, and weightlifting any day. Again this is just my opinion and I could be wrong but this is so not me. This might not be for me & might be for someone else, but I thank God it’s not for me!!!! And omg this could be pricey between the waist trainer, gels they sell to apply to put under, detox teas, and wraps you’re lucky to come out there wasting less then $200!!! No Bueno I love my liver too much thank you!!! I personally find that the wrong message is being sent here. There’s no quick fix just only hard work and a lot of pain if you decide to buy one. Hope I’ve entertained you!!! #nobueno #notforme #lovemyorganstoomuch #painful #fitness #havingfun #protein #waisttrainer #weightloss #weight