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[003] Hanyu, Y.

I swear, that darn 4CC gold just keeps eluding me!!! How is it possible that I somehow managed to reel in the one from the flippin’ Games but not this…?

Yuzuru HANYU, speaking to whoever’s listening at the leading scorers area @4cc 2017 (Shoma, probably…but just as likely was talking to himself like the raving lunatic that he’s capable of being)

Tanaka Minami WUG Blog: 8/16/17

Title: Jimemi~(虎>ω

Hello, it’s Minami!
Lately I’ve had the privilege to record a wonderful song! I’m so glad to have completed it! I really want everybody to listen to it as soon
as possible! I can’t stop all this excitement!

The latest chapter of Scorching Ping Pong Girls! It’s being serialized in Tonari no Young Jump but the last chapter with Ariga-chan! She was so cool that I got goosebumps! I really hope it gets animated again so everybody can watch it!

It’s summer vacation time now! Although the Obon Festival holiday has already passed… I wonder where everybody else went? When I was a student, I used to stay over at my grandmother’s house for a while and play games with my cousin. I remember riding my bicycle along the rice paddy roads too~

Putting aside all that nostalgia, I went bowling with the cast of
Assassination Classroom!
***TL Note: Minami voiced Okano Hinata in Assassination Classroom

I-i-it was lots of fun! 

It was the best! Back then my scores used to be filled with gutter balls, but… This time around I kept on getting spares, and by some miracle I got a strike! I was so happy!!! Next time I hope to get a score over 120!
Later that day we had dinner which was so delicious!

I’m glad we were able to keep up with each other share our stories with each other ever after we finished recording for the series. Those days back then with Assassination Classroom were really great. I was so nervous back then, but I’m so glad to have gone through such a meaningful experience.

So I heard that #OurHolyGrailWar was trending on Twitter. Some time ago we did a group pull in FGO including Kana Ueda and Mafia-san. During that time I was the first to pull Caster Nero, heheh. I usually do pulls by myself but it was really pleasant doing it together with other people. I don’t have a Twitter account, so I was really grateful that Takahashi Rie-san could put out my gacha pulls! I’m thankful.

So the result was Caster Nero, 2 Fran-chans, 2 Nobus, and a bunch of event craft essence. Umu, I got the whole rotation.
As soon as I pulled Caster Nero, I could feel the entire room shaking because of Kajita Mafia-san lol. Even though I rolled Nobu multiple times, I could only draw Nito just once…

Before I knew it I had already done 20 ten rolls since the first day of the event and max leveled Nito as soon as I could. In total during the group pull, we had 10 Sheets Nito pulled. But then overnight, Bun-san had drawn 5 Nitos (You did it!) Also, when Abe-san got Waver, he sent it to Mita-san. Kana-san just got Holmes. And Shimazaki couldn’t really get anything… Overall it was such a chaotic but fun time! I was pretty happy!

I got Nero to NP lvl 2! Woooow, kids these days sure grow fast! However, I still haven’t given up on getting my Nito to Noble Phantasm level 5! I’ll report it as soon as I do! I’m looking forward to the second part of the event! I hope you all enjoy it too!

Now then, on the 11th I went to the Rara Maji event at Summer Comiket! I was so glad to see lots of Tuners there! I love Tsubasa! Quite a few people told that she was their oshi! I also got her t-shirt! So many people tried pulling for Yukata Tsubasa, I could feel their overflowing love!

So when looking at Tsubasa’s story… There’s some part of her that even I’m still not aware of. Hurry up Tsubasa’s story! Is how I feel lol. I was glad to have talked a lot about the game. Thanks for sticking around during the hot weather! Please continue supporting Tsubasa-chan!

And then on the 13th, was WUG’s 4th Live Tour in Oomiya!

I really love our white one piece dresses. Whenever we did spins it’d go “HIRA HIRA~~~!” Occasionally I’d get blown away a little lol.

It was our 2nd time there but I was so glad so many people came!
Yup yup, after going through so many venues I can see everybody quite clearly now. In the past I was really frantic about myself and I couldn’t get a good view of everyone. With that in mind, I tried relaxing a little more at lives. Yoppi, on the other hand, told me that it’s very unlikely for me not to cross eyes with anybody at a live lol.

At the Oomiya performance I felt the audience even more. I want to try my hardest at lives and have everyone enjoy it! I’ll do my best! And that’s that!

So this time around a new gacha has started! Granblue Fantasy Swimsuit gacha! There’s Swimsuit Diansa along with Linaria too! But anyways there’s a ton of voices on that card! Linaria’s swimsuit is so cuuuute! Everyone is so cuuuuuuute~! My eeyes! Please please try hard to get them!

Another thing!
The DVD of “Wake Up Girls, Pajama Party Ganbappe!” was released at Comiket! I wonder if there were some people who bought it?? It has me acting how I usually do outside of work, so I hope you watch it! It sure was fun playing a werewolf lol.

Also the PriPara Christmas Dream Live is out now on DVD and Bluray too! In it I sang in the units Triangle and NonSugar! 
***TL Note: Minami’s characters in the series are Pinon (aka Non Manaka), Junon, and Kanon. Those 3 characters make up the entirety of Triangle, while Non Manaka is part of the newer unit, NonSugar.

My performance with Triangle was… Interesting. I was pretty frantic there too, yep lol.
It was Non-Sugar’s first time performing so we’re looking forward to more performances! Thank you very much!

Come forth to everyone, Swimsuit Nitocris! 

Her 2nd swimsuit form is really “dangerous” lol

Okamoto Nobuhiko talking about his character in Sengoku Night Blood.

Okay here come my shitty subbed video.
I thought that I don’t want to post it but awwww I already done it so…..

As I was saying, I really love this game and I’m totally in love with Nobu’s character..
Last week on Radio4Gamer Nobu and mafi tried this game and I really love their reaction. And moreover Nobu said some narumi-chan line that really make me die.

I don’t know I will posting more of this. But for now.. I will just leave it here .


Guys, can we talk about the new Gintama 2017 trailer?
I mean seriously, there’s is so much amazing stuff to see!

We got another look at the most precious child in the world (not counting baby Kagura and Kamui for obvious reasons…)

My precious Nobu-chan is back and beautiful as ever!

The sleeping beauty is waiting for her Prince Charming 😉

The most gorgeous Psychopath in all anime is ready to fight and he brought his Abuto Nanny with him. (Not gonna mention the nanny’s lost of age, but HOT Dawn!!!)

And of course the king of pussy slayers is back to fuck everything up!

And so much more! :’)
Our final season his gonna be beautiful 😭😭😭


kagura: Nobume isn’t a bad person.
Nobume: Oh really? Even if I kill you right on the spot like this? You don’t know about anything , I am a person who can commit such acts. That’s right. I can kill anyone, as long as I’m ordered to do so. That’s how I was raised. That’s how I learned to survive