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anonymous asked:

Recently in one of your streams you mentioned some books you read. What were the ones with the artist comic compilations, and the one (i think in greece? Guy finds person in ice??) That started with a "P"?

Ahh the book ur describing is Peplum by Blutch! The other ones i mentioned were Last Look by Charles Burns, American Blood by Benjamin Marra, Nobrow 8 published by Hysteria, Spanish Fever published by Fantagraphic Books, The Wrenchies by Farel Dalrymple, Monsters by Ken Dahl aaaaaaand i think that was it?


Good little haul from ELCAF today with Doug! Bought some really cool zines and prints! The venue was much bigger this year, but boy did it get crowded! I spoke briefly to Dilraj Mann, it was great to meet him in person, I love the way he draws curvy fashionable ladies! I bought a zine by the amazing Elliot Alfredius and he drew me as a badass warrior lady! Today was great!