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Tuesday night practice at the Astley & Tyldesley Bicycle Speedway Club

On a recent trip to Yorkshire, I visited the A & T club on practice night. I hadn’t seen speedway racing in-person and I was curious about it. This night there were just a handful of local club members practicing, and I wasn’t able to see the races the following weekend. Still, there was a good feeling around the track and a couple of fast kids lit it up for a few laps so I could take some photos. Someday, I’d love to see a competition with a deep field. The moves are really crazy, the bikes being freewheel and having no brakes, the riders sprint into every corner and lay down the bike as much as possible to scrub speed and maneuver around the other riders. Sometimes they drag a foot or even stomp on the ground for quicker turns at a loss of speed. Lot’s of crashing in the real deal. If you’re curious here is a link to a VIDEO.


Cathy Liu, Hong-Kong

This will be a small set of photos of girls who ride in China. I would like to start it with a portrait of a girl, without whom this amazing 2 days in Hong-Kong would not be possible. It is amazing to see that such passionate and enthusiastic people help to make girls fixed scene bigger.

Today I was lucky to try riding in Hong-Kong, and I am telling you, this is not a joke. Girls who ride there are real heroes for me. Thank you so much again, and I see you soon!  

Peace, Love and Bikes