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Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Oikage | Words: 513 | Rated: G 

For manycoloureddeath, the most amazing senpai I could ask for ♥

Kageyama asks Oikawa to teach him how to kiss. 

“Tobio-chan,” Oikawa whispers, brushing his finger along his jaw, stopping under his chin so he could tilt his head up and made sure Kageyama is looking at him. “You do know what you’re asking of me, don’t you?”

(Because would it be a surprise, if his clueless kouhai went barelling into things head first without thinking?)

But he does, Kageyama’s more than aware of what he’s asking, if the set of his jaw and determination in his eyes are anything to go by.

Always so serious. Always so earnest. 

Kageyama stays perfectly still under his touch, pupils blown wide. It makes Oikawa feel a little devious, as if he had backed him into a corner - when really, it had been Kageyama seeking him.

(And maybe that was the most baffling, the most satisfying detail.)

“I do,” Kageyama mutters, voice slightly hoarse. He licks his lips. “I do,” he repeats, a little more certain this time. It’s kind of adorable, how badly he’s trying to keep his composure. A little futile, too. Oikawa drops his gaze, sees the slight tremor to his fingers.

(Kageyama’s hands never tremble, and hadn’t that been the most terrifying thing in another lifetime?)

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Happy Writers Appreciation Day!!

adsafadfa you are all amazing and the Fairy Tail fandom is so lucky to have you all as writers ❤️


hannah-nobody THE BAEE  ❤️ WHO I’M DECLARING THE QUEEN OF AU’s and the ROYAL KNIGHT OF ANGST!! Her fics are a must read for all NaLu fans!! Especially her new one A War On Two Fronts. She’s so creative AND YOU’RE LIKE OMG WHERE DOES SHE EVEN COME UP WITH THESE IDEAS?? and idk why she even considers me writing goals ‘cuz like i said, I’M JUST A FLOUNDERING MAGIKARP.

proudtobeagingerAND HERE WE HAVE THE QUEEN OF ANGST, HERSELF! But besides being the Queen of Angst, Halie seriously writes cute fluffy stuff that makes you wanna melt like in her fic Beyond the Field. AND HER WRITING IS SO AMAZING AND YET SHE WANTED TO DO A COLLAB WITH ME? LIKE WHATTT??


Stream finally!!!

I know it was like two weeks ago when I announced I was gonna stream, but I have been super busy and didn’t have a chance to until now, okay?

So tonight at, let’s say, 7:00 EST I’m gonna do a writing stream on PiratePad, and I’ll be doing the next part to my roadtrip fic :D if you haven’t read the first part, don’t worry, you didn’t miss much lol

And since the first part took place leading up to Pax Prime, and that’s currently going on, it seems quite fitting as well c:

So come join me! I’ll post a link later for you guys and hopefully I can get at least a couple people in on it (fingers crossed) and fair warning, this is my first time hosting a stream so be gentle with me :*

*WARNING* I may turn it into something slightly smutty, so mature audience only

starryeyedboxes galaxyghosty sunnythelionheart ducking-g–hallatious bisexualjse disfiguroo

You were dethroned for being an idiot, nobody cares about your stupid-ass, racist-ass, tired-ass opinions about how everything is rigged because your favorites aren’t winning. You will literally talk about rigging the vote whenever something doesn’t go your way, and Cycle 6 combined with Mia-Gate is a perfect fucking example of this. The only people I’ve noticed who are listening and still interacting with you are people who do not have two brain cells to bounce off of one another to create a spark and think “hm, maybe I shouldn’t take a statement made by someone who flips and flops depending on her current emotional state at face value”.

You need to step the fuck back, calm your goddamned Laganja-wannabe Cake Moss-wannabe drag superstar-wannabe ass down for like ONE MINUTE, literally ONE MINUTE where you keep your shit together and you stop acting messy, where you stop being passive aggressive towards everything you don’t like for ONE MINUTE, where you don’t create an entirely new competition out of stroking your ego (peppridge farm fucking remembers when it was called Giselle Dijon’s Drag Race) and out of proving that you’re “better” than tdr, where you stop regurgitating anything that you think makes you look cool and unique, and where you sit down, look at how people think of you, and sincerely try to make a change for the better at a time that doesn’t fucking coincide with you dropping a new single. I could have easily given you the benefit of the doubt ages ago, but straight up this is fucking idiot child horseradish bullshit and if you’re gonna reinvent yourself you’re going to have to actually change yourself, and not just say you’re doing it while posting a photo of you in a bad mad max cosplay.

Someone @ Queenmythica for me, I blocked her after cycle 6 ended because I was tired of seeing her bullshit then and I’m not any less tired now

I feel so inadequate to so many of you who write such beautiful and thought out fan fiction. I feel like every word I type out and put out there for you is an abomination and poorly thought out. I feel like every story I have ever wrote in my 20+ years of writing fan fiction are the most horrible pieces of drivel ever written by anyone anywhere. 

You are all amazing and I bow down to your talents. I wish I could write as well as you all do. Sadly, I don’t think that will ever happen. 

My head’s been pounding since the scoping and I’ve been bleeding like crazy. I showed my mom and she checked my eyelids. Apparently, if I was to go to the ER right now, I’d most likely be hooked to a blood bag.

I get surgery in two days. I don’t want to go to the ER, and it’s my choice since I’m 19. So for the next two days I’m just gonna play possum. Last time I went to the ER, it was because of an abscess my specialist wanted checked out because it was above the PICC line and he didn’t want it to go toxic or something. The doctor was going to drain it without bothering to knock me out, then argued over the phone with my GI doctor when I absolutely refused to let her do something that had me throwing up out of fear hours before, especially since the hospital I usually went to planned to do it while I was knocked out while the ER “doesn’t waste big medicine on such a small cut.”

Amazing. Just, amazing. according to the spoilers, Urie saw Kanae’s face. Fantastic, really. It is possible that he will connect the dots, and will remember that he has already seen him - in Shuu’s presence. (And no, Kanae, wearing a hat and sunglasses doesn’t mean nobody can you you idiot). So if that’s gonna happen, and Sasaki will find out,i’ll loose my mind. Fucking Kanae. How can he be so stupid. Just now, the whole family, including Shuu, well … ESPECIALLY Shuu is in danger because he somehow came to conclusion, that hiring Aogiri to kill Quinx is somehow a good idea, and not only that, why not help them, when there is a investigation ROSE going on ?? KANAE WHY.

The only thing that positive is that (as my gf suggested) Urie is a little shit, and it’s possible that he’ll keep that information to himself, if it could bring him an advantage, or help him to be “the saviour of the day” later on.

From an anon…

People say you’re a BA because you are. You use triggers against people and you say things that trigger people and you laugh at it. You spread lies and try to make people look bad because CS is canon and your shitty ship isn’t. You’re such a bitch. Nobody except the few idiot mouthbreather buddies you have likes you. Someone needs to find you and teach you lesson about not being a bitch and what rape really is so that you stop triggering people with your whining.

Again, I ask, how am I BA? How is avoiding the blogs of the people I clash with and have a problem with, not going into the tags I disagree with, not mistagging posts, and responding to messages as respectfully as I can being a BA?

When have I ever used someone’s triggers “against” them? Was it all the times that I’ve recognized all triggers as valid? Was it all the times I’ve said that I completely understand why someone would find SF triggering? I have recognized that someone being triggered by something doesn’t mean their interpretation is canon, but that is not using someone’s triggers against them. Recognizing when someone is understandable unable to be objective about something is not malicious, it’s not mocking, and it’s not using their triggers against them.

I have never laughed at people’s triggers. Never. This is a blatant lie.

As I said in response to the last anon hate like this I got, if I’ve been operating at any point under misinformation, then I apologize. But I don’t intentionally lie, and I don’t have to try to make CS look bad. People like you, sending messages like this, people accusing others of being stalkers simply for responding to their posts, people who copy past people’s posts when they’ve been blocked so they can mock them, these people make CS as a community look bad all on their own. Which is a shame for the vast majority of CSers, who are lovely, reasonable, and mature.

Not surprised by your use of gender slurs considering the overall content of this message.

I hope you realize how serious it is to threaten someone in the way you have. Tumblr doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

I know you don’t care about whether or not you’re hurting me and other people. I imagine that’s probably your intent. But I hope you care about how much you’re hurting yourself. This is not the behavior of someone who is happy and healthy. It’s not healthy to make threats of violence toward someone. It’s not healthy to wish rape on someone. It’s not healthy to actively try to hurt someone. You need to take a step back and examine why you feel the need to do these things, why you think it’s okay to threaten things like, why you seek to cause people pain. There is something in you or in your life that’s leading you to do these things and it’s hurting you more than anyone else. I understand. I’ve been there. Acting this way toward other people is hurting you. It’s not healthy to want to cause people pain. It’s not healthy to live with the mindset that people deserve this kind of treatment. And the longer you continue it, the longer you hurt yourself. I really hope that you find someone or something that helps you get on a healthier track. You can send me a message or an email ( if you ever need to talk to someone.


How come nobody is talking about this idiotic hate crime, so called, “Donald Trump-Inspired”?

According to “The Atlantic” , It says how two brothers urinated on a 58 year old homeless Hispanic man and also beat him up that caused a broken nose and other injuries. (According to ‘the Atlantic’)

The Atlantic says, “ According to the Globe, Scott Leader told police it was OK to assault the man because he was Hispanic and homeless” 


“Police in Boston say that one of two brothers who allegedly beat a homeless Hispanic man cited Trump’s message on immigration as a motivation for their attack. “Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported,” Scott Leader, 38, told officers, according to a police report cited by The Boston Globe. “

Donald trump is not joking around. I know it might be fun to make fun of this pathetic man that believes he is a great deal, but its scary how he is influencing people so much with words. Now imagine who would happen if he here to become President?