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What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
What is a bubbly carbonated drink called?
What do you call gym shoes?
What do you call your grandparents?
What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
What is the thing you change the TV channel with?
Choose a book and read a passage from it.
Do you think you have an accent?
Be a wizard or a vampire?
Do you know anyone on Tumblr in real life?
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I tag nobody because I am alone in this world


captainoftheteas asked:

I don't know how often you check the TAG tag but there's a whiny post crying about the mirrorverse being triggery and corrupting kids and stuff. I ain't part of that crew. I'm sorry if it's made you feel shit on or anything. Some people on here just like ruining stuff for everybody because if they don't like it NOBODY SHOULD BE ABLE TO SEE IT ugh

I’ve just gone through and put all the things under a cut so no one has to read them if they don’t want to.

but I’m probably not going to write any more for it, even though like

there are no kids on tumblr. You’re all over the age of 13, in the very least and I’m p. sure no one in this fandom is that young on here anyway… and if you don’t like it then don’t read it, I guess. It’s all tagged up so people can block it if they need to. leaving me hate in the thunderbirds tag is a bit low…

like if you have a problem YOU CAN TELL ME and I WILL DO MY BEST TO FIX IT FOR YOU

but yeah

I’m probably not gonna be doing any more mirrorverse stuff, as much as it was fun to write

sorry guy’s

I saw a post on here circulating around, saying “it’s okay if someone’s mental illness is too much for you to handle. There’s nothing wrong with walking away!” and you know what I say??? fuck that, if someone you love becomes sick with an illness of ANY type, you don’t go walking away. Read up on that shit, learn how to care for your friend, grow some stronger shoulders. Damn, nobody says that about people with more acknowledged illnesses. Oh right, because they aren’t mental illnesses!
If you walk out on someone because they have a mental illness, then wow, you suck. It’s not even like mental illnesses are anyone’s responsibility but the person and their doctors.
If someone is abusive and happens to have a mental illness then you leave because they are ABUSIVE.
People who don’t have to suffer this stuff have no right to be placing this kind of guilt on others. 

To this day, I still continue to die inside whenever I see somebody trying to type in Sollux’s typing quirk but leave out ending punctuation like hAS NOBODY EVER EVEN READ ANY OF HIS LINES


I am thinking maybe I never posted any Cosplay pics from the very few things I’ve been to this year.
A few things first (because nobody is gonna read this AHAHAH). I’ve been a cosplayer for over 13 years (AHAHHA SOME OF YOU PROBABLY WERENT EVEN BORN YET IM CRYING). I sew most of my Cosplay, especially because I want to and need to. I LOVE making things. I’m not perfect BY ANY MEANS. So basically I love Cosplay. I like generally how I look in Cosplay. I am a short, stout, stocky gurl UGH. So I am that person who cosplays the tall people despite being 5ft tall.

However. I generally really hate how I look normal but have a lovely photo anyways :D

And in case it wasn’t super obvious, cosplayed Hiro from Big Hero 6 and Lord Hater from Wander over Yonder. Got pictures with astromechs and I DIED OH GOD. The Star Wars nerd in me almost peed myself I was so embarrassed with me…

Hoping later this year to jump into my first Star Wars Cosplay. I can’t figure out how to do Bane, so the person I chose to figure out is Hondo. I love him XD and I choose a Cosplay by how much I like a character and by how much I wanna make it… I WANT TO MAKE HIS PIRATE COAT.

So if you guys also Cosplay… I’m gonna smile and admire it and secretly tell you I am also a cosplayer ;u;

anonymous asked:


i have like zero interest in any of this but in case someone else does…it reads like a sweet valley high novel - briana and ashley went somewhere with oli and louis and took pics with someones cousin….blah blah blah….like if someone cares about this…here ya go LOL. personally aint nobody got time for all these randoms…this is as bad as me trying to piece together the chloe/lana/eleanor stuff LOL

Midnight Speed-Bumps

“Pull over. Let me drive for awhile.”
» jungcoups ;; g ;; fluff

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9GAG posted this on their Facebook page, and some comments are just.. ugh:

To the world being without money, people can’t have access to music. Thanks to Taylor, the rich are more fullfiled and the poor becomes more deprived.
Okay, do you even know why she did this? Did you even read her post? No? I tought so. Do you like working and not getting paid for it? No? So what do you want? Nobody likes working for nothing. You think like “oh it’s just music, why do we need to pay for it you greedy people”. You know, you don’t pay the music, you pay the amazing people who worked so hard to make it. Taylor didn’t do this for her. She did it for many new artists that are waiting to be known. When they start making music, they basically don’t have any money. And they have to stream their mucis for free? Just because they are new in the buisiness and they don’t have enough power to speak up, and if they do they get shut up immediately. So Taylor spoke for them. She changed the whole music industry. She most certanly did not do ANYTHING to poor people. So shut the fuck up. 

hmph, I’m not listening to Taylor Swift unless apple pays me to.
Nobody asked you for your opinion on Taylor, bye. 

Still Katy> Taylor no tits!!
What the actual fuck man? Who even cares if Taylor does or does not have large breasts? And why do you even bring out Katy here? Just… Go away, please. 

People actually pay to listen to Taylor swift?“ 
I am sure they do, but there is one question, do they pay to listen to you? No Okay. We made it clear here.

An apple a day .keeps the taylor swift away.

With 10 cents a day you can save Taylor Swift….#thinkaboutthesingers
- This was about new singers not her. She has enough money to live off for a long time, but up and coming artists might not (a reply on that comment)
-  If you read her letter she said she doesn’t really need the money she has more than enough for her whole crew just from her live shows. But its for new musicians who has debts to pay and what not (another reply on that comment)
Enough said. 

Umm these artists including her are disgustingly rich. Not saying they aren’t entitled to get paid but if you get so upset over your music being heard for free then don’t put it out there. Or simply don’t work with Apple. She’s so annoying.
- If you read her letter she said shes grateful that she doesn’t really need the money, she has more than enough for her whole crew just from her live shows. But its for new musicians who have debts to pay and what not. (a reply on that comment) 
Enough said. 

“F*cks sake. Im singing her songs in my head now. Hope she doesnt demand money from me!” 
I…. Just…. Can’t….

“Gold digger”

she’s all about the money
Have you even read her letter??????????

She said: Do it or i’ll write a song abt you guys
Ohhh, we don’t want to go there.

I thought she was already complaining about everything

will she make a song about this?” 
I have no words to explain how dumb you actually are.

“That greedy piece of garbage”

and then there we have comments like this:

You mean Taylor swift power knows no bound!
Taylor Swift for president
This explains that Taylor Swift is powerful,in a good way.
Taylor swift is the modern day Aladdin! (Girl version tho’.) 😑😑😑
In solidarity with taylor swift”    
Thats why you gotta love Taylor!
Thx taylor we alll love you!!!
No, Taylor doesn’t need the money but other artists do”  
She is so huge! My queen Tay!” 
Taylor for president!”  
You da real MVP
She’s the queen.
That’s our Taylor.
she can totally change the world
That’s our Queen!!
Taylor made for president”  
Make her next president” 
Taylor can run for president.
Whatever she says will be heard and put action upon because she is relevant.”

Let me just add that all of the mean comments were written by guys. All of them.  

  • Hey guys. So, I usually don't post on here, but I've recently been writing, but it's been poetry. I'm horrible at writing, but my emotions have just been so bottled up. So, I thought this would be the best way to let them out since I've always been good at deciphering poems. Nobody has read them, so if any of you guys want to, just let me know. But they don't rhyme at all, and I've kind of started writing then in German...I don't know. Let me know. I can post them or just send them to you individually.
#These Generation Posts Be Like

-Women don’t get any respect in generation like the used too back then D:

-Black people kill each other nowadays, never been that way before

-Everybody wanna cheat, nobody is faithful anymore like they used to be

“Do-do any of the people who make these posts ever read anything in American past history of the 1900s to now?

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Every amount of donation gets you something in return.

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when i was like 12 or 13 i used to have a livejournal where i would post things like “I’m gonna get hate for this, but I don’t give a fuck: younger hetalia fans should be afforded the same respect as older hetalia fans”
but nobody read any of my posts
and i would refresh and reread them over and over like “damn these are some good points about the treatment of young hetalia fans, i can’t wait to change people’s minds about young fans with my excellent writing and debating skills” but nobody responded lmao

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a cis white straight male winning this season is unrealistic and will not happen on MY watch

this isn’t even me delusionaly stanning for him like he’s literally just in the best position right now and is playing the smartest because he’s a shoe-in for any kind of sloppy seconds alliance but also doesn’t have any of the major alliances after him and is also a superfan, which nobody knows about, so he’ll be able to protect himself from the twists without anyone knowing

anonymous asked:

I have 2 questions. 1) When you finish your novel, are you going to publish it (if you do, which you should, please don't use amazon, please I beg you, you can't get the book in the Netherlands that way) or will you post it on the internet? 2) In 'an education' what was Stan's life like between camp and the epilogue? Aside from the band thing, I mean.

1) Yeah, I hope so! I did decide against Amazon after talking to some friends who have worked in publishing. I’m so glad you want to read it!! Hopefully I can sell it to a small press that publishes m/m supernatural romance. If nobody buys it, I’ll eventually post any original stuff I still like online for free.

2) I think it was a positive time for him, and while he was worried about what happened with Kyle that whole time, he did start to become a healthier and more confident person. Playing music for a living really helped with that, and he had a few low key romances with partners who were not as domineering as Craig (or as temporarily inappropriate as Kyle :B). Basically, it was a good time for him, but also kind of a transient one where he didn’t entirely find his niche in terms of building a future, so reconnecting with Kyle when they’re both older and more grounded is really thrilling for him, because Kyle is someone he feels deeply connected to as soon as they’re together again ;_; Thank you for asking!

Call it greedy or something, but I hate posting things on Twitter and Facebook and getting 0 responses.
I barely have any friends/followers but I just, you know, look a little bit stupid making statuses that nobody reads.

It doesn’t make any sense

You can’t allow yourself to be worried everyday. You can’t allow yourself to be stressed everyday.

  • you’re going to like this (yes/no)
  • you’re going to hate this. (yes/no)
  • you’re going to read it anyway (obviously)

Patience and timing always play a role. You don’t get to decide what happens next. I don’t get to decide. The decision isn’t yours. isn’t mine. isn’t oursNot this time. Whatever the outcome, believe in it. Believe it’s for the best and that something greater is near.  But it really is. It is!

  1. “Where are we going? Are we even moving? (Yeah) oh okay." 
  2. “Whatever the position. It’s all the same. HERE.”

                            SURPRISE! Where… what exactly is it?

Happiness comes in many forms but your laugh and smile soothe one’s heart. (Sappy sap sap)

"You can’t be mad over something that has nothing to do with you” since when?

The fading flavor of Bubblegum is life defined. What?

~you you~~~you~~~you remind me of the way gin makes me feel. And I really like that~~~~that that that that~~~~~

Listen to Smiley Faces by Gnarls Barkley. Listen to it.

“I miss you. I want you. and I’m not ashamed of that!”
“I missed you. I needed you. I’m terrified of that!”

why do we pretend like we don’t get jealous? Why do we lie? It’s a fear of vulnerability one thinks. “I’m afraid to say that I don’t think about anyone else the way I think about you” but why? Or what about in terms of exclusivity? Is it a fear of being perceived as too possessive or that you don’t want the person you like/love/whatever to think you’re trying to take away their freedom? Does this even make sense?

  • Why are we afraid to live in the moment?
  • Why are we afraid to live for the future?
  • Why are we afraid to just live?

Go listen to it again. Then listen to Around the World by John Legend and listen to Smiley Faces again.

Can we honestly say that we trust someone 100%? Ehh. But how about 90%? 85%? 60%? What are the deciding factors of trust? What makes you trust someone but not TOO much? Can there really be too much trust? When a great deal of trust isn’t there, it’s easy to feel hurt about the slightest things.

This isn’t about me. This isn’t about me. This isn’t about you. This isn’t.

We’ve wondered about how things will be months from now. Yeah?

“Is it only me? Because it’s only you. If I’m not, it’s cool. But… Am I weird for that? Oh well. I don’t care.” We know you do.

Curiosity makes us overthink and overthinking makes us anxious. But to be calmed down and reassured is a great feeling. Whether it’s real or not. Why is that?


“I’m not going anywhere, you know? I really want to be here. Don’t fight me on this. I’ll get angry and still be here. Do you want me to be here? Does my presence matter to you? It’s not impossible for me to walk away. And I’m sure that’s why me choosing to stay scares you. Well I’m scared too you know ”

I am not a door! You can’t shut me out! Have a exceeded the corny joke limit?

Sometimes we exist just to make someone else’s life better. It’s not about you. It’s not about you. It’s about them. Don’t be selfish. It’s not about you.

Don’t just question these questions! Answer them too.

“Are you tired? Exhausted? Sick yet? Well I’m still here. ”

Oh but it really is! Is it not? Doesn’t everything that’s anything tie back to something? And somehow that means you too? It does.

“I’m venting. I don’t want to keep any of it in anymore. I’m sharing everything. I’m telling you everything. Can you Will you listen? I need you here.”

Every word. All the words.

What’s the point? Cleanse the mind. These aren’t sad thoughts. Or happy thoughts. Or anything. It’s nothing now but it’s the basis for what’s to come. What exactly? I don’t know. It’s not about me. It’s not about you. us. US! Don’t be selfish. Don’t be. I won’t be. please.

you we It don’t   doesn’t make sense and you’re we’re it’s perfect.