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Pretty much all my moments are private

Daniel Radcliffe, July 19 2016

“Unless I’m going to an event or a premiere or doing press,” he says, “I’m sort of pleased with the fairly low profile I manage to keep. I manage to keep press on the whole to talking about work, and the little bits I talk about my relationship is all fairly common knowledge anyway. Basically, I try to bore the press into submission. I feel like my life is not that… It’s certainly not newsworthy.”


Radcliffe is off social media, to keep his private life personal and because, he says, “they’re just another thing you have to deal with” and he is “crap at responding to emails.” 

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Headcannon for which social media sites some of the boys would be famous on: Phichit - YouTube, Victor - Twitter, Yurio - Tumblr, Yuuri - Vine (rip) What do you think?

Omg I’m totally with you!!

  • I feel like Phichit is famous on every social media platform and has them all linked together.
  • Victor is definitely Twitter and Instagram famous because basically all he posts about is Yuuri Katsuki and people find #Victuuri absolutely adorable.
  • Yurio is Tumblr famous, but nobody knows what his URL is!! It’s a secret
  • Yuuri is Vine famous but it hadn’t even been his idea to start a Vine account – Phichit had made it for him and, to his surprise, he got a lot of followers right away! So he decides to stick with it. Victor is featured in most of his Vines and they’re always v creative! When Vine announces that it’s shutting down, he’s upset, but moves to Instagram.
  • Christophe is Twitter and Instagram famous!!
  • Seung-gil also has an anonymous Tumblr
  • Mari roasts people on Twitter and Yuuko has an aesthetic Instagram
  • Minami has a Tumblr but it’s not anonymous – he freaks out about everything. He also has a Vine because Yuuri has a Vine!

Lets face it, My Chemical Romance are absolute gods in the punk world and their The Black Parade album is still one of the best albums of all time in my opinion, so if you’re gonna cover them you’ve got to do something spectacular. Nicole Dollanganger has managed to do just that with the bands legendary track Helena (So Long & Goodnight) where she’s turned rousing and powerful punk number into a haunting, soothing and melodic track. Its the type of track that could be used in a horror film or in a dramatic scene where the character just got some bad news. Gorgeous cover from Nicole, even better than her previous ones in my eyes - Jakk

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The draft of Famous changes nothing. Kanye is still a misogynistic asshole, Taylor is still a liar playing the perpetual victim, and nobody on either side gives a shit about the same things being said about Amber.

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Kpop Scenarios: Boy Groups In School
  • <p> <b>Big Bang:</b> That one group of seniors who are forever popular and everyone loves. They come out when they feel like it. Haves a member who doesn't know the definition of clothes and one that is obsessed with furniture and artworks.<p/><b>Exo:</b> The Freshmans who became instant famous for their looks and background. Also have a really big fanbase and crazy fans.<p/><b>2PM:</b> Those chill seniors who are friends with everyone and treat everyone nicely. People either love or hate them, no in between.<p/><b>BTS:</b> Those freshmans who at first were nobodies but became famous overnight. Also hyper and acts weirdly. Big fan of the seniors. *coughBigBangcough*<p/><b>Got7:</b> That group of freshmans who are very hyper and instant famous due to background and also how idiot most of them acts.<p/><b>Winner:</b> The chill freshmans who are really don't give a damn. They are literally meaning peace.<p/><b>Block B:</b> The group of sophomores who are both cool and popular. They are also kind and probably hangs out at those places with trees nearby or something. Warning might be a whole different person once you get to know them.<p/><b>Btob:</b> Those group of sophomores/juniors who are like there. Nobody knows why hut they are there and everyones accepts their presence there. May also be funny and witty when you get to really know them.<p/><b>Shinee:</b> That one really random sophomores who happens to be EVERYWHERE. They are also weird. One member is obsessed with chicken, one is full of himself and a flaming charismatic one.<p/><b>Super Junior:</b> The alumnis who can never leave the school(In this case Kpop scene). They are at anywhere either helping everyone or joking around. Probably unsure of their own age.<p/></p>

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Omg I just discovered your blog and I love it!!!! Now first and fore most. HOW ARE YOU NOT FAMOUS YET and WCIF the off shoulder denim jacket from??? And the white lace lingire that went with it. Thanks 💖💞💯💖💞💖💞💖 I stalked ur mans page. Y'all just goals tho. 😌💖💯

Thank you so much, it means a lot 💜💖 Honestly in my opinion nobody is famous just because they create cc or make pictures. We all do it for fun because we love do to such things, at least thats how it should be. And we all love feedback from other people, nobody is better than the other.. we are all the same :)

The off shoulder denim jacket is photoshopped on the picture, but the lingerie is something upcoming for my followers. I cant tell when exactly, because RL keeps me busy lately.. but i want to finish it as soon as i can.

Thanks so much for your sweet message 💋

When We Were Young

Calum Hood - One Shot

A/N: So this is very loosely based on the Adele song, let me know what you think please! :) xx


 You knew he was here the moment you walked through the door. No, you didn’t feel his presence nor was your body pulled towards him, no. This is real life, not some kind of cheesy romance film, you knew he was here because of the sparkle of excitement shining in each guests’ eyes, a sparkle which can only be caused by the presence of a celebrity. Ugh! You hated that word, but that’s what he was now, a celebrity. Honestly though, his presence always had that effect on people, even before he got famous. Nobody was immune to it, not even you.

It’s been years since you’ve seen each other and your stomach is in knots just thinking about hearing his voice again. Instead of running to him immediately like every other guest here, you stay away. It’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do, but you stay strong with a little help from your drink you just ordered from the open bar.

“Did you go to our school?” A slightly slurry voice asks from behind you, effectively snapping you back to reality, “‘cause I don’t remember going to school with someone so beautiful.”

Rolling your eyes at his pathetic attempt at a pick up like, you take another sip of your drink before turning to face him, “Your Marcus Jensen, member of the wrestling team,” You inform him, almost scoffing when a beaming smile forms on his lips, obviously happy that you seem to remember him, “You slapped my ass once at a party and my boyfriend broke your nose,” You deliver in a sickly sweet voice, smirking as realization dawns on him.

“Holy shit! You’re Hood’s girl!” He exclaims way too loudly for your comfort, his hands coming up to rub the edge of his nose subconsciously as if he’s reliving that night so many years ago, “I didn’t recognize you with that hair,” He says, nodding towards your freshly dyed locks, “You’re still hot though,” He adds with a smirk.

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Nate Maloley Quotes

Nate Maloley Quotes

“Free your mind, dream out loud” - Maloski by Skate

“Old life and we keepin’ it there. It’s the past so forget it, yeah we leavin’ it there” - Don’t Wanna Go Back by Skate

“Ain’t nobody changing, changing from the payment. Changing from all these people that try and call me famous. Man, ain’t nobody famous” I Have A Dream by Skate

“Can’t do it myself so I rallied up a convoy. We know two’s better than one person. But two don’t work if actually one’s hurtin’. See reality. Took away our mentality. Tried to show us morality. All they brought was brutality. And that’s the reason why we still sittin’ right here. Searchin’ for the answer but it’s never gettin’ here. Keep the peace” Little Bit by Skate

“Be strategic about the moves you make. Never be in a hurry. Observe the world.”

“You gotta visualize it. Your mind is powerful.”

“Don’t leave it up to other people for your success, always put it in your own hands, cause YOU are gonna work the hardest for yourself”

“I work for the satisfaction of seeing improvement and becoming great. The money is just an extra blessing.”


I’m black..a nobody…insta famous…and the 2nd most followed fat woman on Instagram after Tess holiday…like wow!!!! Can my life be any more FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!


In the original script (and pilot) for “The X-Files”, Scully had a boyfriend:

ETHAN: You working with anybody…?

The obligatory, though playful, jealous-guy tack. Scully cares enough to allay any fears with a reassuring look, touch.

SCULLY: No. I’m working with someone. But believe me, he’s nobody you need to worry about. His name is Fox Mulder.

Why I Don't Produce for Free. Why I Do Produce for Free.

It was placed on my heart to sit down and write this. I don’t know why. May it will help up and coming producers. Maybe it will create some understanding in the minds of aspiring artists. Who knows? But here it is…

I am a music producer with some decent accomplishments. Platinum record in three countries, one of the most played songs in the world over the summer of 2013, music on video games and TV, created the music for an entire documentary film, and more. In my rapper days I was blessed to perform at legendary spots like the House of Blues and the Key Club on the Sunset Strip in LA. My music even took me to Brazil where I met some amazing people, learned a lot, and got to perform and share my music with the people there.

To get to that point took years of focused action and hard work. When I started producing, I made some okay beats, but I knew I had a very long way to go, and to this day I think that way, I can always get better.

A typical day for me was like this. I started making music right before I graduated high school, so I already had a late start. When I entered college, I would go to my classes everyday. I never skipped because I knew I didn’t really want to study much and figured I could pass by simply going to the class every day and having a study session on Sunday afternoons (I don’t recommend that, but I passed). After I got home from class, I’d sit down at my computer to make beats and write songs. When I got hungry, I’d go to the dining hall, eat, come back and make beats. The majority of my time spent outside of class and hanging with friends on the weekend was spent creating music.

I set a goal for myself early on. I told myself that when I listened to something from a 6-8 weeks prior, what I was currently making had to be noticeably better. That was my only goal, get better, learn, and perfect my craft. I think this is where a lot of folks fail in the process, no matter if it was beat making, rapping, a sport, or learning something new. They get impatient. They want to make the money now, they want to win now, but they don’t want to invest the time and energy needed to really take the steps to get to the level they desire to be at.

I’m sure you heard the quote “It takes 10 years to become an overnight success.” Well, for the most part that is true.

So I spent a lot of time getting better at what I do. I would stay home making music while my friends were out partying. When I graduated from college, I took the entire summer off and I set a goal for myself to be involved with 100 songs in 3 months, whether it be mixing albums for other artists, making songs myself, or remixing. I improved greatly over that summer.

After that summer I spent about 6 months saving up and then I hopped on a one way flight to LAX and started grinding there, building up a name for myself which led to all the opportunities I mentioned earlier. So as you can see, I sacrificed a lot and took some big risks to get some big rewards.

Why I Don’t Produce for Free

I get hit up all the time from people asking for beats. “Yo, I love your beats, they sound different than everything else, I want to work with you, send me some beats.” There is also my favorite “Let’s do biz” which is always funny to me when they don’t want to pay because money must be exchanged for a good or service for a business transaction to take place.

It amazing me how many times I get this, and I know I am not the only one who gets messages like these. Let’s just break down why you shouldn’t send these people free beats.

Now that software is at the forefront of music production, the ability to produce music is a lot cheaper than it was in the past. Even if someone uses a bootleg copy of FL Studio, they still had to buy the computer. They may get tired of pointing and clicking, so they may buy a MIDI keyboard and maybe a drum pad too. Then they want to hear what they are making, so they will buy some headphones and monitors. All this costs money. It is an investment, and with all investments you’d like to see a return on it.

Imagine if you had some money laying around and you thought to yourself, “It’s hot outside and I make really good homemade ice cream, I bet I can sling some ice cream cones today.” So you invested that money into an ice cream cart and ingredients, whip up several batches, and go to the park and set up. After you were there for a while people start coming up to you saying they like what you have to offer and as you to give them a scoop of chocolate. You tell them it will be $1 they look at you like you are crazy and say “It’s not free? It’s hot out here, you should give this to me for free!” What would you do? Probably put the ice cream back in the freezer and serve the next person.

Now translate that to beats. You purchased this gear and you put in YEARS to learn how to make something worth listening to, and then (insert rapper name here) comes up to you like “Yo! Let me get that beat.” and you tell them they can visit your site and purchase it, or that they can send the money via Pay Pal and they are like “Oh, you don’t understand, I am the hottest thing out, when I’m on you’re gonna be on and I will even put your name on the track.” Think about that for a second.

I have come to learn if they don’t respect what you do as a producer, the time you put in, the money you invested, then chances are they don’t value their own career either. Let’s say you are leasing beats for $25, if they aren’t willing to invest that into production for themselves, they aren’t serious, it is almost like a music career litmus test.

Why I Will Produce for Free

Now there are time where I will produce for free (or below my normal rate). Let’ say an artist is serious about their career and they come to me and say that they want to work with me and have a budget of X amount of dollars for a project $X is going to pay for the publicist who is respected in the community and gets results (major blog posts, interviews, etc.), and $X is going to the mixing and mastering of the album, and $X is set aside for tour (they have 15 shows lined up), and they only have a little left for production of the last few songs on the album, what do you think I would do? I will work with them. Why? Because they are INVESTING in themselves and they have shown that they have invested in their career in the past.

You are not going to drop thousands of dollars into a project if you don’t believe in it. When someone like that approaches me they are essentially saying to me that they are putting all they have into this and they would like me to be a part of their project, their team. That is a long way from “Send me these beats and I will put your name on it, it’s free promo for you.”

Another way is if someone has purchased beats from me in the past. I do this all time time, someone gets two or three beats from me and said they want (insert beat name) next, they just have to get their money together, they may find that beat sitting in their inbox shortly after. At the end of the day, if someone has invested in their career and project, and chose me to be their producer for it, I am honored, so I try to look out for them in every way I can. Not only will I send them free beats here and there, but I will also connect them with people I know who can further their career.

Those are two of the ways I will produce for free, there are many more and if you’d like to know about those feel free to hit me up.

So there it is, that is why I don’t produce for free, and why I will produce for free. If you are just starting out, my suggestion is to pay your dues and learn your craft first, and above all just stay humble. If you are doing these things and handling the business side of things like networking, marketing yourself, and building your brand, you will find some success as a producer.

Also, don’t limit yourself in terms of genre and opportunity. There are more ways to make money from music than just producing for artists, there is film, TV, video, games, etc.

Hope this helps in some way!