"Because in the end, when you lose somebody, every candle,
every prayer is not going to make up for the fact that the only
thing you have left is a hole in your life where that somebody
that you cared about used to be."
you deserve to be with someone who empowers you. find you someone who will love like you. find you someone special. find you someone who ain’t just cute. find you someone who thinks deeper than – who leaves impacts on your heart. find you someone who cares. about the little things.. someone who pays attention. find you someone who’s consistent. someone who reaches out even in the moments when you’re distant. find you someone who listens. find you someone who won’t neglect what you told them about that one time when you loved too hard and how you can’t afford to be hurt again. you deserve to be with someone who never wants to see you hurt again. find you a lover who’s a friend too. who comes to you first because nobody else’s opinion matters. find someone who nobody else compares to. find you someone who loves you like no one else do.
—  Reyna Biddy
  • me: i've grown SO much since 2012! i don't care if people hate on taylor swift anymore! i can just Shake It Off™ and do my own thing! nobody else's opinion matters!
  • someone: i hate taylor swift
  • me: well firstly, here's point #1 of 479728 about why u are Wrong, sweetie,

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People get judged too often on here for liking the music that they like. Music saves lives. Doesn’t matter what type it is. Just because I’m into the more rockier side doesn’t mean I’m going to judge you if you like pop or anything else. Listen to what speaks to you, what makes you happy, what saves you. Music is one thing nobody can take from you. I’m saying this because I care. Don’t let anybody judge you. The haters don’t matter. If that music speaks to you nobody else’s opinion should matter. I care ❤️

I don’t know why people bitch and bash on Sasuke for not wanting to be in Konoha, like can you blame him? Konoha is a horrible, horrible place. Their hands is stained with the blood of his family. They ruined his brother’s life. They were always selfish towards him, no one even tried to understand why he did what he did, why he wanted to leave. why would he want to be there? It’s like being in a room full of people, but you still feel alone. Alone with all those horrible memories.

Why should Sakura be rewarded? For her selfishness? She didn’t do anything for Sasuke, she didn’t try to understand him, because it was all about what she wanted, nothing or nobody else mattered. She doesn’t see Sasuke as a human being, she sees him as a trophy. Like, When has it ever been stated by him that he wanted a kid? It adds nothing to his character, it literally doesn’t. Like this “new generation” only drags it on more long, it’s just boring, recycled drama. Like we all know Sasuke would rather travel the world with Naruto and try to change it for the better, then marry someone who was selfish towards him and never understood him at all.

Like if you really enjoy seeing Sasuke’s plot rendered to nothing, that you’d rather see him miserable and unhappy with someone he doesn’t love and who never understood him, then can you really call yourself a Sasuke fan?

Like, everything was tarnished by Gaiden, after 699, everything was just ruined.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you, no matter if it sounds stupid, it’s the only thing I want, only I want you, forever, you and me, nobody else matters when we’re together.

Live righteously. Forgive. Repent consistently. Pray. Pray even when you don’t want to. Purify your soul with the remembrance of your Creator. Praise Him. Listen. Be patient. Learn. Speak less. Think. Cleanse your thoughts, your intentions, your speech, your actions. Remember details. Step back and look at the entire picture. Be immersed in it. Step closer to understand the intricate details. Understand the wisdom of Qadr. Be kind. Thoughtful. Understanding. Be who you aspire to be. Be good. Do good. Speak good. Live righteously, for His sake. Nobody else matters. Nobody.