Nobody Does It Better Ft. Warren G
  • Nobody Does It Better Ft. Warren G
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Nate Dogg Ft. Warren G - Nobody Does It Better

We didn’t care what we did 

Time was nothing to us, we were just kids

Times are different now, I just don’t give a fuck

So if you think you really wanna step to me

Keep this in mind

Nobody does it better than me 


"Someone intelligent would cozy up to the Inquisitor if they could. It’d be foolish not to. He can open doors, get you whatever you want, shower you with gifts and power. That’s what they’ll say. I’m the magister who’s using you.”

anonymous asked:

I just want to thank you for all the thinky thoughts you post about everything. I am certainly not B's #1 fan. But I do kind of see why her character archetype needs to exist. Personally I find her storylines boring. And her emotional changes too sudden. She goes from caring, hope-spot to 'I don't cry anymore' and it just doesn't feel natural to me. It's forced. As always: Stay Safe, and Caryl On!

It’s not even a tiny bit of a secret that Beth is one of my least favorite characters on TWD, and she has been since she first appeared in S2. She’s just not my tea, but to each her own. However, I try to be fair, and it’s my opinion that there are very few characters who escaped S4 unscathed in terms of any sort of character continuity. 

Hershel didn’t change much, but he also got his head lopped off halfway through the season. I guess you could argue that Glenn remained pretty much himself, and Michonne was fine. But truth? She was barely in S4, and she had exactly nothing controversial to do. However, Rick, Daryl, Carol, Beth, and Maggie all behaved in ways that had me smdh to the max at various points.

One of the reasons I don’t trust Gimple at all is because throughout most of S4, he put plot first and good characterization second. He clearly had a set of plot targets he wanted to hit, and he basically morphed the actions of his characters to fit the plot framework he had set up.

And now my bias comes in. From my very Carol-centric perspective, she’s the only person who came through this mess with her character intact (save the disastrous mess of the killer storyline, but whatever, I’m never getting over that fuckery so I don’t need to debate it more here). And that is only because of Melissa McBride’s insanely out-of-this-universe acting ability. Unlike some members of the TWD cast (and a lot of them are super talented — don’t get me wrong!), she can sell quite literally anything.

Because she’s the only one who can do this:

[.gif by wow-david]

I’ll just be over here trying to count the number of emotions crossing her face in this what … two second max .gif?

Thanks so much for the ask!