Very few actors have the stage presence of James Spader. He is the Blacklist. Whether it’s dialogue or just a look nobody does it better. There is however a young actor on that show that has the potential to be on Spader’s level given time. Love him or hate him Ryan Eggold is creating characters with depth and dimension. Comparing a similar aged Spader in Stargate and Eggold in Blacklist might add clarity to this post. Master vs apprentice. Yoda bs Luke. Whatever the endgame I am enjoying the ride.


VIDEO: Ariana Grande - Nobody Does It Better (Audio)

Duran Duran Appreciation Day hangover.

It was great to see all the posts about this fabulous band we all love!!

Much love to all Duranies here on Tumblr, my Duran Duran paradise.

@duranduranofficial You gentleman have been the highlight of my day for 33 years and nothing lifts my spirits higher than a Duran Duran song! And to see you guys live… Phew!! Love you to always! 😍❤️