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Day 30: Hogwarts AU

(wow much punctual. whatever. I have never read or seen a Harry Potter in my life so I counsulted many wikis and my wife for all the info therein.)

you know, i was joking when i suggested you jump into the lake and see if there really is a giant squid, and i’m still not sure why you needed to take your clothes off to do this

Melinda’s not really trying to get into trouble. Or rather, she’s not actively trying to get herself in trouble. It’s not really her fault that she’s good at pranks. Or that, as a sixth year, she has a lot more free time. Or that her housemates are so susceptible to dares.

Phil’s especially easy because he’s so earnest that he’ll basically do anything you tell him to. Up to and including telling him to give Grant Ward a Nose-Biting Teacup as a present at the prefects’ meeting. Nobody else had minded that, though, and she still hears people giggling about it in the halls sometimes. Ward’s got plenty of enemies, and she’s happy to let Phil take the credit for that, even though he’ll insist it wasn’t him if asked.

He’s not as fun to mess with as some of her other friends, though. She can’t dare him to do crazy, ridiculous things, like transfigure Snape’s quill into a banana. Kara’s the best one at that. (Honestly, it’s probably just because she and Phil have been best friends since they were first years that he hasn’t put the two of them on permanent detention. That, and they’re both smart enough to avoid getting caught most of the time.)

Kara’s a year younger, but she and Melinda got on almost immediately. Kara’s also quiet, clever, and good at keeping herself out of trouble. They both got sorted into Hufflepuff, which Kara is pretty sure was because the Sorting Hat didn’t know what else to do with them. “It should’ve known better than to put us together,” Kara often says with a grin. “We’re dangerous.”

They’re walking near the lake one day when Melinda says idly, “I think they probably just made up the thing about the Giant Squid to keep us here.”

“Definitely,” agrees Kara. “Hell, even if there is one, I’m not scared of it.”

“Oh yeah?” Melinda raises an eyebrow. “I dare you to swim in it for five minutes. No getting out.”

“Deal,” Kara says, smirking. She ambles down toward the shores of the lake, shucking off her robe and then starting to unbutton her shirt as she walks.

“Wait,” Melinda calls, eyes widening, “what…what are you doing?” The lake is freezing cold, and she definitely wouldn’t get in it, clothes or no clothes, but it’s not like anyone’s first instinct would be to strip naked to get into it either. Also she was mostly kidding and now she’s regretting making the dare at all, because of course Kara would accept it.

“Getting ready for a swim,” Kara calls over her shoulder, reaching back to unhook her bra. “I hate wet clothes.”

Melinda makes a yelping noise, gathering up Kara’s clothes as she sheds them. Finally, the other girl is completely nude and turns around briefly to grin at Melinda. “Wish me luck!” she says.

Melinda’s trying very, very hard not to stare at her, and so doesn’t have time to explain that she was just kidding before Kara jogs up to the edge of the lake and then keeps going until she can swim. She hears Kara’s shocked gasping from the shore, and calls, “Are you okay?”

“It’s so fucking cold!” Kara yells. “So cold! But I’m doing it! Time me!”

Melinda rolls her eyes and takes out her pocket watch. There’s no stopping Kara once she’s decided to do something, so she might as well oblige her. Melinda keeps an eye on the time while also trying to keep an eye on Kara, while not staring at any of Kara’s naked parts. (This is more difficult than she would’ve thought, because she’s always thought Kara was pretty, but she doesn’t want to be a creep.)

Kara swims in small circles near the shore, whining the whole time about how cold it is, and when Melinda calls out that it’s been five minutes, she comes back to the shore so fast that she’s almost a blur. “I did it,” she crows, shivering. “No Giant Squid today!”

“You sure did,” Melinda says. She can feel her cheeks getting hot and she quickly thrusts Kara’s robe at her.

Kara smirks at her. “What, you’ve never seen a naked girl before?”

“I have,” snorts Melinda. “It’s just…” There’s no good way to explain, so she just stops.

“I know I’m pretty sexy,” Kara says, slipping her robe on. “But right now, I’m also freezing. Help me get back to the showers?”

“Of course,” says Melinda, cheeks still hot. She’s still holding all of Kara’s clothes, and she glances down at them. “What should I…?”

“Oh, here, I’ll take them.” Kara grins. “So what do I win? You didn’t set a bet.”

Melinda coughs, trying (and failing) to seem less flustered than she is. “I could buy you something at Hogsmeade?” she offers. “Lunch or something from one of the shops.”

“It’s a date,” Kara says with a mischievous grin.

Draco X Reader: The Prefect Bathroom

Prompt: You’re one of the school prefects so you’re allowed to use the prefect bathroom. One day, after bathing, you found some words on a steamy mirror, left by the previous user. ‘Draco Malfoy loves (Y/F/N) Goddess (Y/L/N).’ You see it as a joke, but never know it was written by Draco and he actually means it.

Warning(s): None :)
Note(s): Takes place during sixth year.

You sigh quietly as you walk through the halls, your (House Color) prefect badge glimmering brightly on your chest. You were very proud to be a prefect and polished your badge at least once a week. You never thought you’d be a prefect until your badge came with your school letter at the end of the summer. Your grades were only average, and sure, you stayed out of trouble most of the time, but you were just ordinary and thought there were other people in your house who deserved it more than you.
Shivering, you swiftly walk across the courtyard to get back to the (Your House) common room. Of course, no one else is out there. No one in their right mind would go outside today. It was mid-December and freezing with snow everywhere. But it was the fastest way back to the common room and you decided it didn’t matter how cold it was outside. The faster you got there, the faster you could change into warm clothes and it wouldn’t matter.
Once you got back inside, your robes were soaked with snow and your shoes were filled with little puddles, making squishing noises every time you took a step. You were desperate for warmth and quickly forgot about the common room, making a bee-line for the Prefect bathroom. Crossing your fingers that no one else would be in there, you walked in.
Thankfully, you were alone and quickly stripped your freezing clothes off and hung them to dry, starting up a warm bath. Once it was ready, you hopped in the warm water. It still wasn’t satisfying, so you decided to up the temperature a little bit, causing steam to accumulate around the room. Not that you minded, though. You’d read somewhere that steam is good for your sinuses and pores.
It was getting close to curfew, so after a few minutes, you decided to get out and empty the tub. Wrapping a fluffy towel around yourself, you went to look in the mirror to make sure your makeup hadn’t smeared. What you saw was shocking.
There was little message written in the steam across the mirror. It read:

Draco Malfoy loves (Y/F/N) Goddess (Y/L/N).

You chuckled, shaking your head. ‘Draco Malfoy? The Draco Malfoy? Likes me? I mean, come on. I’m a nobody. Sure, we’re both prefects, but that’s about the only thing we have in common,’ you thought. Besides, you were one hundred and ten percent sure that the Slytherin Prince would never use the word ‘Goddess’ or leave his little message there for anyone to see. It was obviously a joke. You thought maybe your friend, Hannah, a Hufflepuff prefect, had left the message there, knowing you’d find it sooner or later and think it funny.
After wiping the steam (and the message) away, you found that you had smeared your makeup and rushed to fix it. After that, you examined your robes, which were still wet. Performing a drying charm on them, you slipped them back on, your badge glittering on your chest once again. You took one last look in the mirror and was just about to leave when you happened to glance down and see something gleaming next to the faucet on the sink. As you walked closer, you saw that it was a prefect badge. Not only that, but it was green.
Meaning that it belonged to a Slytherin.
You gasped, running out of the room at record speed. There was no way Draco Malfoy liked you. No way. Speaking of Boy Wonder himself…
“Hey, (Y/L/N), what are you doing?” You instinctively roll your eyes at his cold tone, but remember to keep your cool and pretend you have no idea about his little crush.
“I just took a bath, Malfoy. What’s it to you?”
“I lost my badge,” he explained.
“Oh, yeah, I may have seen it on the sink in there,” you said. He went to enter the bathroom and call after him in a teasing tone, “That was a really nice message, Goddess.”
His cheeks turned bright red and you smirk, turning to leave.

A/N: Yeah, I know Prefect badges are all the same color, but I changed it. Get over it. And I know that the prompt said, 'You didn’t really know it was written by Draco,’ but that didn’t satisfy my writer glands.


Jessie J and Vince duet ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ - The Voice UK - Live Final - BBC One (by BBC)

Nobody's Prefect
Chris Brown
Nobody's Prefect

Nobody’s Perfect - Chris Brown.

You And I Too Sweet Not Just Beautiful

Cause You Follow Your Heart
It Makes Even More Special That You Don’t Know How Damn Lovely You Are
I Would Kiss A Mirror Every Single Day
If I Wake Up With Your Face
What Are All These Doubts Fall Spinning In Your Head
Don’t You Look So Sad

Won’t You Come Right Here
Set The Mind Off You
Nobody Nobody Nobody’s Perfect But You Yeah
You Mean The World To Me
I Can’t Believe You’re True
Cause Nobody Nobody Nobody’s Perfect But You

Nobody’s Perfect But You

When You Stand Close To Me I Get Paralyzed
I Forget How To Breath
Every Place Is The Sake, Ain’t It Feel So Wrong
Every Time That You Leave
You Catch Me When Im Falling
You Bring Me Back To Life
When Im Dying You Rise
What Are All These Doubts Fall Spinning In Your Head
Don’t You Look So Sad

Because Nobody’s Perfect But You

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