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I could write my name across the sky, and it would be in invisible ink - “We Are The Ants” by Shaun David Hutchinson

a ridiculously troubling part of bpd is the fact that we usually have so much love for so many other people but we cannot feel loved in return. for me it’s like my entire life is a one-sided relationship. like one long unhealthy uneven relationship, where i’m doing all the loving and the other person doesn’t even wanna be with me anymore. and i can try and try to shove them out of my life and move on, but it never happens, because i have absolutely no control over my emotions. it hurts.

This fandom needs anti tags. So we can vent, argue and be salty without killing the positivity in the main tags. reblog this so can we release our saltiness in safe spaces and bond over our hate

[EDIT]: you can suggest names for the tags so we can find content easily. For characters without last names with could use name + book they’re in; for ex: #anti drake trr, #anti abbie tf, etc. For books with generic names is the same except we put “pb” or “playchoices” ( i personally prefer pb since is shorter) ie, “#anti hero pb”. Feel free to suggest! I’ll probably make another post with the tags we agreed upon

for more useful everyday tutorials, follow zyx and all of his #relatable activities.

Ughhhh maybe I should stop writing for a while… school is killing me and barely anyone is even reading any of it…..

I’m gonna go on a writing hiatus for a while then.

Sorry :/

Maybe I’ll try again during winter break?

the malfoy name comes from old french and translates as ‘bad faith’. like many other progenitors of noble english families, the wizard armand malfoy arrived in britain with william the conqueror as part of the invading norman army. having rendered unknown, shady (and almost certainly magical) services to king william i, malfoy was given a prime piece of land in wiltshire, seized from local landowners, upon which his descendants have lived for ten consecutive centuries.