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…you know what, I’ve just figured out the best moment in history that the Legends of Tomorrow ought to go visit.

One of the jokes I have heard most often as a history major when talking about ways in which history (or at least, surviving legends about history) can be sillier than fiction is about how Lichtenstein decided to participate in the Austro-Prussia War of 1866.

They sent 80 men to Italy to fight.

The army returned with 81.

Now c'mon, tell me that isn’t the perfect opportunity to put one of the Legends in there, going "I’m totally from Lichtenstein, yeah, really, I swear!“

i’ve literally seen the longest most dramatic underdog/beating the odds/overcoming all the obstacles/always made fun of posts about 3 out of 4 members of one direction, like please make up your mind, not EVERY member of the most successful boyband probably in history could possibly all have such awful Odds Stacked Against Them™ in launching their solo careers, ya gotta at least stick with one of them

Osomatsu-san VA Cast

Whoever decided to have the sextuplets voiced by an all-star cast is a genius.

Osomatsu (voiced by Takahiro Sakurai)

Ichimatsu (voiced by Jun Fukuyama)

Choromatsu (voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya)

Karamatsu (voiced by Yuichi Nakamura)

Jyushimatsu (voiced by Daisuke Ono)

Todomatsu (voiced by Miyu Irino)

One of the things I like about Pyre is that I haven’t seen remarked on much are the hints we get about imp culture. From the events of the game, we know that:

  • Imps enjoy performing physical labour and understand the concept of working for pay (generally in the form of food), though they don’t seem to have any industries of their own
  • Imps are obsessed with sports, to the point that they’ll construct well-appointed arenas on the off-chance that sports teams of other races will stop by and use them, but they themselves have no sporting culture
  • Imps are willing to pay members of other races to do stupid stunts for their amusement, and nobody knows where they get the money
  • In spite of generally being about as bright as fence posts, a few imps seem to be literate

They’re just deeply weird little critters.


i felt like doing this, too, so here are ryouma’s special skill quotes from heroes

I just find it amusing that nobody close to Camila has yet dared call her Camz. It’s still either Mila or Mimi or idk what else but it’s not Camz. It’s like there’s an unspoken understanding that the nickname “Camz” has been patented by L, and then retired like Jordan’s #23 😂

Or is there somebody who isn’t Lauren calling her that? /p>

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Altruism - Newt

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“Get Y/N in here,” I heard Alby yell. I had just been walking around aimlessly. I was tired from the past few days. It was starting to take a toll on me. Newt had insisted that I take a day off to let myself recharge, which until recently, I had refused to do, but my exhaustion had started getting in the way of my work. I started having blackouts, nosebleeds… I didn’t even want this day off, but at this point, Alby had stepped in and refused to let me even set foot in the medical bay.

So, naturally, when I heard Alby wanted me in there, I bolted in before anybody could even say a single syllable.

“What’s going on?” I instantly let my eyes wander to the patient. “Thomas,” I murmured.

“Y/N, don’t-” Alby began, but I had already bolted to his side. This was one of Newt’s best friends, I couldn’t let anything happen to him. I instantly closed my eyes and put my hand on his forehead. “Call Newt. Now,” I heard Alby whisper.

“If any one of you calls my boyfriend, I am going to end you, heal you, then end you again. So, if you have any care for yourself, I highly recommend you don’t do that,” I suggested not moving as I heard everyone froze. “Good,” I commented.

“Alby, I-” I heard Newt’s voice as he walked in. “Y/N, what are you-” I paused, opening my eyes.

“Which one of you was it?” I growled.

“Don’t get mad at any of them,” Newt asked as I saw Chuck walk in, hiding behind my boyfriend. I sighed.

“Dammit, the one person-” I began when I finally finished my reading. My eyes widened. “Get them out of here now!” I ordered. Them being Alby, Newt, and Chuck. Clint did as I asked. 

“What do we have?” Clint asked me.

“Other than the head laceration and the crush injuries?” I asked nobody, “What the hell happened out there?” I asked Clint, who shook his head. Confidential information. I yelled in frustration. “Okay, there’s fluid around the spleen and an embolized tear. He also has Klebsiella pneumonia… Clint, what the hell happened?!” I asked.

“I can’t say, Y/N! You know that!” He sighed, pacing around. “We can open him up. Start him on antibiotics,” Clint suggested. I shook my head.

“Recovery time would be too long. Chances of infection too high. We don’t have to risk that, Clint! I can heal him! No risks whatsoever!” I told him.

“Y/N, don’t-” I closed my eyes, keeping my hand on Thomas’ chest, focusing on the healing.

I must have been more tired than I thought because it hurt like hell. The last thing I remembered was screaming.

I woke up to the sound of whispers. Slowly, but surely woke up. My vision was blurry and spotty at first but after blinking a few times, it cleared up. I groaned as I tried to sit up.

“You bloody idiot. Stay down,” Newt ordered. He was beyond pissed.

I looked around. I was in the clinic, on a bed, strapped down.

“Oh, well… isn’t this even just a little funny?” I asked. To which, the boys around me just glared at me. I suddenly felt very small. “No?” I asked, “Not even a little?” I wondered, “Come on, I mean, healer ends up unable to heal herself after healing someone else? That’s not the least bit amusing?” Nobody answered. Instead, Newt crossed his arms. “Tough crowd,” I muttered to myself, lying back down.

“Can I have a moment alone with her?” Newt asked the others, who nodded in return before leaving. He looked back at me. I rolled my eyes and groaned.

“Don’t look at me like that,” I told him.

“Like what?”

“Like I’m a child who broke your favourite china set and you’re waiting for me to ‘fess up even though you know I did it.”

“You almost died-”

“I saved Thomas’ life,” I cut him off. “Come on, Newt, you can’t seriously be upset. Isn’t this a situation where you thank your girlfriend for saving your best friend?” I asked, still trying to be a bit funny. He just kept looking at me. “Okay, I don’t expect a thank you, but maybe just a little chuckle?” I asked, “I’m hilarious!”

“You weren’t so funny when you flatlined,” he sighed, taking a seat next to me, burying his face in his hands. My eyes widened.

“I… what?” I asked, “I died? For how long?”

“The longest 3 minutes of my life,” he said, a bit muffled. He looked up at me and he didn’t seem so mad. He was upset, but he wasn’t mad. He was terrified.

“Newt… I… I’m so sorry,” I apologised. I meant it. If the tables were turned…

Well, the tables were turned once.

“You’re sorry? Y/N, you were dead! Sorry doesn’t cut it!”

“I know,” I murmured. “God, Newt, I know.” I remembered how furious I was when he jumped off the wall. I couldn’t even think. I was so emotionally distraught that I couldn’t even access my powers. Just the memory of it… I tried to wipe a tear off my face, but I was reminded that I was restrained. 

Newt never knew that I was there when they had to break his leg to set it and try to heal him normally. He never knew I saw him flatline. He never knew I was there, frozen in sheer terror while people were looking at me, expecting me to be able to heal him. He never knew I heard him scream. Instead, he thought that I had been lost since nobody told me. That’s what Clint had told him. That’s what I begged him to tell him. Newt would never know how much I blamed myself for his limp.

“I was there, Y/N! You don’t know! I was there! I saw you die!” He yelled. I looked down, unable to look at him. I did know. I knew it all too well. You feel it, you see your life with them flash in front of your eyes. You see the potential future you could have gone be destroyed. You see their smile, the way their eyes crinkle a bit when they smile… And you tell yourself that you’ll never see it again. I knew it like nobody else did because what was different was that I knew that if my feelings didn’t get in the way… I could have healed him… “And I wouldn’t have been able to heal you like you could have healed me if you were there!” At that, a sob escaped my lips as a few tears began to fall down my face. My heart rate had began to pick up as my breathing quickened because of the rate of my sobs. “Y/N?”

Clint rushed in. He saw Newt and then me and put two and two together. “Dammit, Y/N. I told you that lying would come and bite you in the ass.”

“Lorazepam,” I demanded from him. “Now! Please… please!!” I begged.

“Y/N? Lying? What’s going on?” I heard Newt as I began to lose consciousness again.

I woke up again, this time, free of my restraints. Newt was sleeping next to me. I recalled what had happened before I went under. I played with his blond hair.

“Y/N?” His brown eyes began to peer through to look at me. “You’re a bloody idiot,” I chuckled, a few tears running down again as I quickly wiped them away. “Why didn’t you just tell me to shut up?” I bit my lip and looked down for a moment before looking back at him.

“And say what?” I asked, assuming Clint had told him at this point. “That I was there? That I… That I couldn’t…” I took a deep breath as Newt sat up and put his hand on my cheek. “If I could have just pulled myself together, dammit, I would have been able to heal you. And you wouldn’t have that limp… And-” Before I continued, Newt embraced me.

“Stop blaming yourself,” he murmured. “You can’t save everyone, though you try, you can’t,” he whispered before kissing my forehead. I nodded. “I don’t blame you the least. I mean… when you flatlined…” He choked. I nodded, understanding.

After a while, Newt pulled away and stood up.

“Where are you going?” I asked, my voice hoarse.

“I’ve got work, love. I’ll be back. Don’t worry,” he told me. I nodded. “And, I hope you don’t mind, after you get out of here, you aren’t gonna be back for at least a month,” I gasped.

“A month? Newt, that’s a bit unfa-”

“No. I won’t hear it. No arguments. You have a month off. Appreciate it,” he chuckled. He kissed me, putting his forehead on mine. “I love you.”

“I love you.” He pulled away from me and I sighed. “You better not get in an accident in that month or any time that I’m here! If you get so much as a paper cut-”

“I know, I know. Lecture of the century,” he grinned. “See you, Y/N.”

“See you.” With that, he left.


a series of unlikely crossovers:  So.  You’re going to get off your spoil-sport balcony in three minutes and come dance with me. Be warned: birthday girl trumps king every time.  Your move.  

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