Kerry Washington informing us all that Tony Goldwyn sleeps in a freezer [x]


Here’s 6 pics of me as a munchkin! Not all baby pics but I hadn’t actually realised that was the point I was tagged by khatchi7lima I tag zaughtymoy boricuenx zummeroflike edwadrules2 jsfhr asadakahawk sex-and-metaphors the-black-bolin nearlyuniverse fullweedcommunismnow and anyone else who wants to tbh :)

So, essentially, I wanted to try an experiment, in which we start with a model to base an OC off, and then people in the fandom begin to contribute ideas to the post. Like, we’re talking the craziest shit you can think of. 
    Put in the most exaggerated or unlikable traits or the weirdest or most boring backstory you can think of. 
   This OC is a completely blank canvas. All we know is the general appearance. There’s no confirmed gender or biological gender, sexuality, ranking, stats or name. 

     Have at it. Reblog this, write it down & go nuts.