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i really love our generation’s joke trend of like, very calm but incredibly inflated hyperbole. like nobody says “oh she’s pretty” anymore we say “i would willingly let her murder me” and everyone is just like “lol same”

i think “same” is also great and “me,” i love when somebody reblogs a picture of like, a lizard, and just says “me” and we all know exactly what they mean. the current online Humor Discourse is remarkable because we trade exclusively in metaphors and implications and nobody ever, ever says anything outright and yet EVERYBODY understands each other perfectly

Signs she's likely a Lesbian/Bisexual

1. She’s often wearing a snapback (she purchased herself that is not her boyfriends)

2. She has more than one facial piercing (if it’s an eyebrow, tongue, or lip the chances increase dramatically)

3. She’s tatted (and it’s not a infinite sign or anything smaller than a nickel)

4. She mentions or has seen The L Word, Orange is the New Black, Blue is the Warmest Color, or seasons 3 or 4 of Skins (UK version)

5. She knows what “Camren” is (shout out to my Brazilian gays)

6. She likes to shop in the men’s department (not necessarily butch but likes simple plain well made clothes)

7. She doesn’t talk about or share her tumblr in fear of people finding it and seeing all her reblogs of beautiful naked women

8. She wears a t shirt that says “Nobody Knows I’m a Lesbian”

9. She knows of Rose and Rosie, Shannon and Cammie (had mourned over their break up), Jelly and Day, Ally Hills, or watches any other lesbian Youtubers

10. She’s been to a Tegan and Sara concert

Some Thoughts

I’ve been thinking about the argument that “If the electors go against the outcome of this election it will set a dangerous precedent for the future, where electors can do whatever they want” and I think that while, yes, possibly this is true, it doesn’t change the fact that the alternative is waiting four years, or even two years for any real change within the system to take place. In that time lives will be lost. This has already gone too far. This is an extreme circumstance, and while in any other election that would be a perfectly valid argument, this is not a normal election. Donald Trump is dangerous, volatile and narcissistic and he poses a threat to not only the security of the USA, but of that of the rest of the world. Not only that, but his election has encouraged racists and bigots to come out of the woodwork, and however you look at it, America has taken a step backward in terms of equality.

Even if you ignore that, and focus purely on politics, Hillary got the highest number of votes. By choosing to elect her the electoral college would not be doing whatever they wanted, but would be following the will of the people. I think that is an excellent precedent to set. A democracy that does not follow the will of the people is no democracy, and needs to be changed. Do you think the Trump administration will let that happen? Do you think the GOP will? Unfair elections with narrow margins repeatedly favour the republicans. You saw it with Bush vs Gore, and you’ve seen it now. If there’s any chance of abolishing the electoral college and rendering every vote equal it’s with Hillary. If you want a fair democracy, that needs to happen.

Now let’s get real.

I’ve seen the argument that overriding the election results will incur massive backlash from the right, which, honestly, is true. It would. It will. I imagine it will get violent. But here’s the thing. It already is. Violence from the bigots and racists that make up the worst of the republican parties has escalated hugely, and under a trump presidency it will not be discouraged. America needs to send a message to those people that they are absolutely in the wrong, because they will not come to that conclusion by themselves. There is no longer a clean and bloodless option. Either you have angry racist backlash, or you have open racist violence. And there’s another kind of Trump supporter, the kind who don’t approve of the bigotry and racism he spouts but are so encapsulated in white privilege that they don’t see it as anything more than political incorrectness. To them he’s a straight-talking punch to the political system advocating for the middle class. They don’t understand the struggle their fellow Americans with less privilege are going through. They will feel resentful. They will feel like the system let them down. They will feel like their voices don’t matter, and it will be so much harder to convince them of our cause. But lives are at stake. For the past couple days I’ve been trying to look for the positive in this situation, and the best I could come up with was “Well maybe the next four years will open moderate eyes about Trump, and they’ll be less inclined to tolerate bigotry.” And maybe I’m right. Maybe it would. But that is not worth the cost in human lives and trauma that will be paid for it. 

I think for a lot of Americans this has been a wake-up call. But please don’t let the alarm ring for another four years.  It’s time for a wartime decision. Please, America, fight tooth and nail to get this decision overturned. Sign petitions, protest in the streets. Organise. Rebel. Most importantly, Put pressure on the electoral college. There’s no point worrying about things that will happen in the next twenty years when there is a very real danger people won’t surive the next four.

Reblog if you’d be totally chill with someone making a dubbed video for your ask blog

And like honestly would probably freak out and love that person forever.

btw in case you didn’t know, by dubbed video, I mean a compilation of your (best) drawn responses, but completely voice-acted to bring your muse to life, and often has some basic video editing for funny stuff like zooming or shaking. They’re really simple videos to make for anyone with a microphone and a fitting voice (and honestly even if your voice doesn’t fit, nobody’s gonna care as long as you get the personality down. Like I’m not expecting a teenage girl to do a perfect Germany impression lolol)
skam season one - Google Drive

hi so i know there’s a lot of google drive links on tumblr already, but most of them are at the download/preview limit and nobody can actually watch them!! so i made a new folder with new copies, and you should be able to view them :)
feel free to reblog, share, etc., i don’t mind! let me know if anyone wants me to make new folders for seasons 2&3! xx

(edit, check my blog for season two links)

House of Cards sentence starters

Change pronouns / descriptors as necessary!

  • “I have no patience for useless things.”
  • “We’re in the same boat now. Take care not to tip it over. I can only save one of us from drowning.”
  • “We’re in a very gray area. Ethically. Legally. Which I’m okay with.”
  • “What a martyr craves more than anything is a sword to fall on.”
  • “Nobody can hear you. Nobody cares about you. Nothing will come of this.”
  • “I know all about hate. It starts in your gut, deep down here, where it stirs and churns. And then it rises.”
  • “You haven’t earned the right to be treated as an adult.”
  • “So you think when a woman asks to be treated with respect, that’s arrogance?”
  • “You don’t want to work anywhere you’re not willing to get fired from.”
  • “Treading water is the same as drowning, for people like you and me.”
  • “Love of family: most politicians are permanently chained to that slogan, family values. But when you cozy up to hookers and I find out, I will make that hypocrisy hurt.”
  • “He believes that if a fridge falls off a minivan, you better swerve out of its way. I believe it’s the fridge’s job to swerve out of mine.”
  • “Just making an observation.”
  • “Are you letting pride cloud your judgment?”
  • “I’m the only person who believes in you, but maybe that’s one too many.”
  • “Maybe they were right. Maybe you are worthless.”
  • “I promise you’ll never be bored.”
  • “He was the only one who understood me. He didn’t put me on some pedestal.”
  • “The most you’ll ever make of yourself is blowing men like me.”
  • “I can smell the cock on your breath from here.”
  • “He’d never go for you. You’re too intimidating.”
  • “I’ve been doing this a long time. I know when I’ve scraped all the shit off the shoe.”
  • “Do you get off on this or something?”
  • “There’s no better way to overpower a trickle of doubt than with a flood of naked truth.”
  • “I have to put fear in other people.”
  • “I have to be ruthless, because failure is not an option.”
  • “I’m not going to lie. I despise children. There. I’ve said it.”
  • “Everything is about sex. Except sex. Sex is about power.”
  • “If I didn’t think you were such a liability to yourself, I might even like you.”
  • “I have zero tolerance for betrayal, which they will soon indelibly learn.”
  • “When did that happen?”
  • “You don’t understand. I’m not afraid of you anymore.”
  • “I’ve known everything from the beginning.”
  • “I’m not here to punish you or to tell you to stop. I just thought I should open those big bright eyes.”
  • “I wanted to be significant.”
  • “I envy your free spirit, and I’m attracted to it, but not all of us have that luxury.”
  • “You had a choice. You chose not to be free.”
  • “Success is a mixture of preparation and luck.”
  • “Decisions based on emotion aren’t decisions, at all. They’re instincts. Which can be of value.”
  • “He doesn’t measure his wealth in private jets, but purchased souls.”
  • “Of all the things I hold in high regards, rules are not one of them.”
  • “You have a reputation for pragmatism.”
  • “You can’t purchase loyalty. Not the sort I have in mind. If you want to earn my loyalty, then you have to offer yours in return.”
  • “Now, the humane way to do it is to make it quick.”
  • “I took a chance, showed up at your house and placed myself at your feet.”
  • “I have been fearless. But, you know what? I’m really fucking scared this time.”
  • “Grief demands an answer, but sometimes there isn’t one.”
  • “If we never did anything we shouldn’t do, we’d never feel good about doing the things we should.”
  • “It’s personal for me now. I don’t have a choice, but you still do.”
  • “Stick a knife in its heart and put an apple in its mouth, I won’t shed a tear.”
  • “There is no sacred ground for the conquered.”
  • “You may have all the money, but I have all the men with guns.”
  • “You’re nothing. You’re a parasite.”
  • “I’m not who you want to be your poster girl.”
  • “I’ve never thought higher of her than I do at this moment.”
  • “Do you think I’m a hypocrite? Well, you should. I wouldn’t disagree with you.”
  • “I ain’t one for lookin’ back. Eyes ahead.”
  • “From the lion’s den to a pack of wolves. When you’re fresh meat, kill and throw them something fresher.”
  • “I don’t know whether to be proud or terrified. Perhaps both.”
  • “Seduce him, give him your heart. Cut it out and put it in his fucking hands.”
  • “I’ve done what I have to do. Now you do what you have to do.”
  • “I said I would take the fall for you. And now I give you the means to make that happen.”
  • “Power is better than money, for as long as it lasts. But it never lasts.”
  • “What is wrong with you?! Why can’t you just leave me be?!”
  • “All you have ever done is fuck up my life!”
  • “Such a waste of talent.”
  • “Discuss is probably the wrong word. They talk while I sit quietly and imagine their lightly salted faces frying in a skillet.”
  • “Money is the McMansion in Sarasota that starts falling apart after ten years, power is the old stone building that stands for centuries. I cannot respect someone who does not see the difference.”
  • “Moments like this require someone who will act. To do the unpleasant thing. The necessary thing.”
  • “There are two kinds of pain. The sort of pain that makes you strong. Or useless pain. The sort of pain that’s only suffering.”
  • “Let’s make him suffer.”

Ok so this is totally random and I’m just throwing this out there, but I always feel like nobody really reaches out to others using studyblr networks? Maybe its just me idk? Anyway, would you guys be interested if I made a homework help study network? Like, specifically so that people could get help with schoolwork? Idk, I’m just throwing this out there. Anyway a reblog or ask or message or reply or something to let me know that you would be interested in this would be super helpful

xx Tobi


[Me, yelling into the void about a Voltron / Star Wars TFA au that nobody except me cares about and playing around with increasingly random art styles/new brushes]

KE-3147, “keep it - it suits you” Klance edition, Allurey, BB-1U, Hunk as the successor to epIV’s Gold Leader, Pidge and their bffl, and a Shiro of unknown allegiance. (PS: if u Do care about it please give this a like/reblog!!❤️)


Under the cut is one-hundred and twenty-one ship tags inspired by lyrics from the band The 1975. Anyone that knows me knows that I am in love with this band and I think all their songs are just gorgeous and eloquent! There are plenty of tags that fit otps, brotps and notps all alikeMy favourites have been italicized !!

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No reblogs///// because I’m not starting this fight with anyone but it is so wild to me that so many people are very willing to acknowledge there is a current massive wave of detransitioning women, there have been these waves before, and we will probably have another one, or at least waves of reidentifying/reidentified women like myself, like huge numbers, to where you can’t be involved in any lgbt scene and not know a gnc cis woman who at some point identified as trans or nb or both, etc, but NOBODY is interested in an honest discussion of what forced so many women into disidentification in the first place. Like even if you thought all these women were just stupid and “got it wrong” for themselves, you’d think you would at least honestly acknowledge that this happening in scenes all over the country means soooooomething must be connecting them. Couldn’t possibly be the way we think about gender nonconformity right? Couldn’t possibly be unattainable standards of femininity for people to not stop telling you to consider that maybe you’re not really a woman after all. Couldn’t possibly be politics in queer scenes explicitly stating that it’s both cooler and more politically radical to be something other than a woman. Couldn’t be discomfort with adult gnc women.

I find both the idea that women are biologically defined but somehow also have the same relationship to patriarchy (like I guarantee you Buck Angel and I do not have the same experiences of walking around the street, although I think we were on a good path in the 80s with some solidarity between butches and trans men because have a loooooooot of the same experiences and sometimes the exact same ones and just use different words to describe them, even though our bodies started in physically similar state) and the idea that it’s wrong to say your body has anything to do with your womanhood (like, my experience of womanhood has been shaped by being raised in a world intending to shape me into a woman, and my all the things that come from menstrual stigma, and when I disidentified nothing materially changed about my life, as is often the case for women who don’t pursue a lot of transition measures) to both be preposterous. They are both ways of evening out experiences that are the same in places we may not want to acknowledge, and of totalizing in ways that write other people out- like trans women are obviously not walking the streets making huge paychecks or safe from violence from men, but also for a lot of women there’s nothing we feel like a gender identity (I do not have one, I do not need one) and the idea that all women relate to womanhood that way is demonstrably false, and the idea that all should is deeply offensive.

It is no surprise that so many women who reidentify at least temporarily claim really easentialist politics that I object to myself, when their bodies are sometimes the only thing they can offer up in the face of gender identity politics as legitimizing their womanhood, and often bodies to which we have done permanent, physical changes in ways some of us are happy with and some of us find traumatizing. I think (I hope) that most eventually find their way at least a good bit from those politics, which attract them because they genuinely make much better sense of their experiences than many other popular alternatives (like those that pressured them to transition to begin with) but just don’t hold much political weight. Either womanhood is a material class or a biological category or a mixture of the two, but radfems who want to have their cake and eat it too there by saying those are the same thing are just kidding themselves- gay trans men and I do not have the same life experiences, especially if the guy in question is able to go stealth, and our paychecks will be different, and our odds of receiving male violence on the street will be different, even if we have a lot of the same feelings about our bodies.

But I saw a post the other day saying some nonsense like “Anyone who says there is pressure on gnc cis women to transition is a terf” and like, alright, pull the wool further over your eyes if you want, but more women are going to get hurt in the meantime and also, just literally ask those you know, and also I guess all these dykes having the saaaame experiences and experiencing the same pressures are just making it up and we are crazy and not to be listened to! I guarantee you they’ve also been straight up told they should call themselves nonbinary for liking ties and not liking pink and shit, I guarantee you they’ve told someone to use she/her and had that person use “they” repeatedly, like this shit will straight up make you feel like you are literally going insane. This is why I don’t touch those scenes anymore. But many women are still in them and okay, we can put the conversation off. But girls and women are going to get hurt in themeantime. I don’t even think there is anything wrong with new terms popping up to describe experiences, but the idea that there are natural lines to be drawn between them is very harmful and encourages us to pick a side. And when one side gets you respect from your friends, you pick that one.

♥⇢ Ok so I’ve never done one of these and I actually appreciate all of my mutuals… Even if we’ve never actually talked, I want you guys to know that I’m here if you ever need to talk, rant, have me reblog your selfie/edit, anything really (even if it’s not hp!! tag me on your photography!!). Y’all are amazing and I hope you have a lovely 2017!!

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Old Woman Josie

swear to god if some 17yr old whose blog is just full of porn makes a post making up some new rules for which members of the lgbtqia community are ALLOWED to self-identify as queer everyone fuckin reblogs it and is like “omg my bad ur so right im sorry for calling myself q*eer when im only a lesbian!” because nobody on this goddamn website can form a complete opinion for themselves

just a reminder that wlw with ocd are valid and you’re all wonderful and deserving of love. i know we don’t get much recognition on here but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve it. your intrusive thoughts and obsessions don’t define you and you should never have to feel guilty about them or your compulsions. keep being strong, i love you all 💖

I’ve actually been working on Inktober things!! Sorry I’ve been pretty absent. Wasn’t gonna post them because they’re Wester AU themed since it seems to be what I’ve fallen into but I really kinda like these… eh.
These were drawn on 3 separate pieces of paper I just combined them since they’re in sequence. This is a bad dream Bane is having.
Yes, its slashy and gay and Bane is weepy and ooc but it’s sort of a dream…? can’t hide your emotions in a dream I guess?
Hope everyone else who’s doing Inktober is trudging along!
Sorry again it’s this pairing I know nobody is really into. Just scroll!!

OH and drew these all with a ball point pen, no pencil sketch which is why stuff is insanely off and sketchy.