nobody will like it though lol

“Mr Trump blamed the bill’s defeat on Democrats, who proudly accepted responsibility”

part of the reason i really love fic/headcanons where the whole main fake ah crew is living in geoff’s penthouse is because it means there’s absolutely no way people aren’t walking in on each other doing weird shit

and i don’t mean “lol someone caught someone else jacking it or banging” (even though i’m sure there’s plenty of that, let’s be real, nobody uses the sock method and even if they did, no one would pay attention to it), or even “dear god someone caught ryan brutally murdering some poor guy” (even though i’m sure there’s plenty of that, too)

i mean weird shit that’s like, the normal kind of weird shit. the shit you do when you’re home alone and confident that nobody’s gonna walk in and see you in your underwear singing into a wooden spoon

so what i’m talking about here is, like:

  • geoff witnesses michael doing a good third of tom cruise’s famous ‘old time rock and roll’ dance from risky business, complete with no pants and a graceful slide into the hallway in his socks
  • jack gets halfway through furiously rapping nicki minaj’s verse from monster before turning around and noticing gavin standing, thrown off and a little impressed, in the doorway (and doesn’t stop, real talk, when you’re on a roll you gotta take it home)
  • ray walks in on ryan weeping openly at ‘all dogs go to heaven 2′
  • ryan catches geoff, drunk off his ass, ordering seven hundred dildos online (”it’s for a prank, haywood!” geoff hollers after ryan, who’s never left geoff’s place so quickly in his life. “it’s for a prank!”)
  • michael catches the tail end of gavin narrating apparently everything he’s doing, including pissing, like he’s david attenborough 
  • jack walks out onto one of the balconies to see ray, stoned as fuck and wearing three pairs of sunglasses, trying to shoot the actual sun with his sniper rifle
  • (bonus: ray hears weird squeaking noises from one of the rooms and walks in to see ryan futilely trying to work a leather catsuit off of himself
  • “it’s not what it looks like.”
  • “it looks like you’re stuck in a leather catsuit.”
  • “…okay, it’s exactly what it looks like, but if you tell anyone, i swear to god the police will never find your body— ray, stop laughing at me. stop it.”)
some of my favorite scenes of episode 2, part 2

Still in no particular order.

6. First a sort of lotus pose… 

…then multiplying bread? They’re not skimping on the messiah symbolism here.

7. “You should put on some clothes.”
lol, I wondered if anyone would go there.

8. Just… this whole scene, with the handshake (and Zashunina’s bewildered reaction) and the shortening of names as a sign of becoming closer to one another. Seriously, it’s only episode 2 but the Shindou shipfic already writes itself, either with Hanamori or Zashunina. (Watch this show ending up with no fandom at all.)

9. His outfit is still not good enough, damn it. :D Shindou’s right though, nobody would take poor Zashunina seriously looking like this.

10. This entire sequence was gorgeous. And while yes, the mom reading to her child scene was there to show that Zashunina got the idea for his cape from the artwork, the sentence was also a pretty good fit. The King is going out to his “garden” to speak to the dogs, er, humans. 

(That children’s book looks so cute, too…)

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hey sorry, I'm aware u probably get asked this a lot but I put this account on notifs to follow the zen comic and there's been no news on it for a while. Has it been dropped? I'm only asking because the kid au seems to have become the focus.

Hello! Yes, sorry about that …aside from so many people rushing me to update it, I’m also having a bit of trouble plotting out the next events.

The Zen comic was originally only going to be one part but since many people wanted a continuation I was like “Ok, I have time, why not” … there is really no set plot and every update is just done on a whim (there I said it lol). I’m sorry I’m a bad writer (if i even count as one) O<-<

So yeah I never ever never really expected people to like it and I was very surprised by how well it was received. I honestly have 0 confidence with my writing/comics so I’m always anxious about working on new updates… also, I just enjoy the kid AU so much and I have so many ideas I wanted to draw for it … I apologize if it’s not your cup of tea… anyway….


Now you know the reason why updates are slow :))) I will give you my word though, I will update it. Please give me more time; I need to properly work on the plot for clarity’s sake hehe. Thank you for your interest!

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Something I don't get, is why current-day children's cartoons have that feeling of being half-assed? I mean, I've given cursory glances at what passes off as entertainment for kids, and it's just... jesus. The effort barely shows, more often than not. We, as a species, don't half-ass other children-oriented products, be it booster seats, toys, educational manuals, etc. - so why do children's cartoons just HAVE to get the axe like this?

I get it perfectly well - companies want money. It’s that simple. And nobody is easier to exploit than kids - purely because companies know if a kid kicks and screams, many parents will just give in. Why do you think Frozen merch is still as popular as it ever has been since it first released nearly 4 YEARS AGO?

That’s beside the point though lol, that just illustrates the rehashing and laziness behind kids entertainment companies - and for a lot of kids shows (especially for younger kids who’ll be entertained by jingly keys), they need to process as much as they can as fast as they can and as cheaply as they can to maximise profit. I’d argue the original Thomas the Tank Engine series will never get old, but the new one? Seriously? It looks/sounds/plays out cheap and shitty now and will hold up even worse in a few years. But that’s the attitude - kids don’t care, so why should they? Unfortunately that’s true, however - kids generally like whatever is thrown at them at a young age and unless you expose them to better things and explain to them why they have more effort and such put into them, they equally understand and apply that understanding to everything else they ever absorb with media (I don’t literally mean you have to force kids to like one thing and not another but there’s absolutely nothing wrong in explaining the differences between how shows are made and compare shows together etc). You need the highs to appreciate the lows and blah blah blah.

Unfortunately though lots of parents don’t have the time nor knowledge to show their kids better stuff (not even from the past but also today) - and since kids watch whatever is thrown at them - companies make cheap shitty low-effort crap on a daily basis and kids will all just absorb it, followed by begging and screaming to have merchandise from it. Nobody’s fault, it’s just whatever makes money - it’s been tried in the past lots of times as well but with the advent of Netflix, DVD and satellite TV being more available than ever nowadays it’s easier than ever to shit something out, especially if it’s remade from an already-established and cherished IP.

4/23/2017 Edit - Wanted to clarify that I was picturing 10-RANKAI’s before the massacre version of kid Sasuke while I wrote up the dialogue. I also tagged this as the kid Sasuke moves in with kid Naruto before Team 7 AU.

AU where kid Sasuke makes friends with kid Naruto after the massacre because it’s really lonely.

H-hey, do you you want to play with me?

Uh. S-sure, what do you want to to play?

Um- how ‘bout ninjas?

Yeah! Ninjas are strong! I want to be strong.

Hey, me too!

Awesome, let’s get strong together!

Okay! Come with me!

So, what do we do?

Let’s practice shuriken!

(Kids shouting when they get excited lol)

Hey it’s getting dark, don’t you need to go home?

There’s- no one at home anymore.

What happened?

They died. My brother- he killed them.

That’s terrible! Who takes care of you?


That’s like me! Well- except I never knew my parents and the old man checks up on me sometimes.

Old man?

They call him Hokage, I just call him old man though.

The Hokage checks up on you? He lets you call him old man?

Sometimes, he’s really busy. Hey, want to come over?

Is that ok?

Yeah! No one is at my house either. That way we don’t have to be alone!

I- I don’t want to be alone. Let me get my stuff.


Hey, let’s go then, come with me.

Oh! Yeah, ok!

Got it!

Do you think that’s everything?

Maybe. Can I stay longer?

Yeah, I don’t see what not. We can play every day!

Yeah! Ok, that’s everything! You take this.


Yeah, we need to eat vegetables!

You sure?

Yeah, my mom said so! We don’t want to be short forever.

I don’t have a mom so ok, I’ll trust your mom too.

It’s scary when it gets dark.

Yeah, let’s be quiet so they don’t catch us.

Is this your house?

Yeah, I have the whole place to myself.

I don’t like my house anymore. It’s too big.

Yeah, it was really big. You can stay here with me.


Yeah! No one tells me what to do. So we can live here together. I mean, if you are ok with that.

I’m ok with that. You’d really let me?


Thanks! Uh.


Thanks Naruto.

Hey that’s right, what your name?

Sasuke. I’m Sasuke Uchiha.

Nice to meetcha, Sasuke Uchiha. I’m Naruto Uzumaki.

Can we be friends?

I never had a friend before.

Then you can be my best friend!

You want me to be your best friend? Wow. That’s- yeah! Are you my best friend too?

Yeah! If you want me to be I mean.

Yeah! Sa- what was your name again?


What’s my name?


Wow, you’re good with names. I’ll keep practicing. Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke!

I’m hungry.

Yeah, me too. Let’s make ramen.


Do we really have to eat vegetables?

You said you trust my mom.

I did, yeah ok, I’ll eat it. I better get taller when I grow up or I’m blaming you.

No worries, we will definitely get taller! My mom never lies.

Sounds good. Was your mom pretty?

Yeah! She was the prettiest!

I wonder if my mom was pretty?

Hmm. She must be. People used to tell me I looked more like my mom than my dad. If you look like your mom, then she was pretty too.

No one ever mentioned my parents.

Maybe your dad was pretty too?

You think so?

It’s possible. Maybe you have two pretty parents. Hmm…Yeah, my mom was the pretty one.

What’s wrong with your dad?

I don’t know what was wrong, but he wasn’t pretty like mom. Actually, he was kind of mean, he made me feel bad but I know he loved me too.

That's​ really lucky they loved you.

Yeah, I miss them.

I miss my parents too but I don’t know if they miss me.

They definitely miss you. Every parent misses their kid. Maybe they are dead too?

I think so. Why else wouldn’t they be around right?

Right! They definitely loved you, every parent loves their kid!

Thanks Sasuke.

Hey, you remembered my name!

I practiced remember!

— The older years.

Hey, Naruto.


Why did you kiss me?

Oh shi- You were awake?!

What do you mean I was awake? Of course I was awake stupid.

I- I didn’t know. I wouldn’t have-

Wait, did you kiss me when I was asleep? When did you do that?

When we went camping last time. It only happened once, I swear! When were you talking about?

When we were kids! You took advantage of me when I was asleep? Wtf was wrong with you.

I don’t know, I’m sorry! I liked you ok?!

No, not ok, you don’t kiss people when they are asleep. That's​ fucking creepy you idiot!

I’m sorry! Hey! Stop that- What?

You still haven’t answered my question.

It was an accident! Some kid pushed me and I fell over.

Wha- why didn’t anyone tell me that?

Wait, you thought I did it on purpose the whole time?

I thought you had a crush on me like all the other kids!

Well, I didn’t! …At least not before.

Why did you chase after me?

I already told you bastard.

No, did you like me when you came after me?

Of course I liked you, why would I chase after you forever and be willing to die with you if I didn’t?

You moron.


I liked you.

T-that, makes me really happy! I liked you too.

Do you still like me now?

Yeah… I’m going to keep liking you Sasuke.

…Thanks Naruto.

So…we good?

I guess. Hey Naruto?


I like you too.

Thanks Sasuke. It would suck if this was one-sided.

Yeah. Want to get ramen?

Of course! When does Naruto Uzumaki ever turn down ramen?

I don’t know, have you?

I don’t think so. At least none that I can remember.


Hey. I just thought of something.


Is this a date?

Do you want it to be?

Yeah. I’ve never been on a date before.

Me neither.

So this will be our first date, huh?


We had our first kiss before our first date. Moved kinda fast, didn’t we?

Out of context, maybe.

Better late than never.


Thanks for asking me out.

You’re welcome. And…thanks for saying yes.

Of course. Who could say no to the great Sasuke Uchiha?

I would.

Damn, you’re tough. Can’t even meet your own standards.

I’m not my type.

But I am, yeah!

…Now you’re just bragging.

Hey, you’re my type too! I can’t imagine you with blond hair and blue eyes.

I don’t want to imagine you with black hair and black eyes. You know it’s not just looks right?

Of course not. We’re soulmates, like, literally. You’re just lucky my brand of awesome comes in this sexy package too.

Do you hear yourself talk?

I didn’t say you weren’t hot too. Don’t worry, Sasuke, I think you’re smoking.


What, how could you ever think you were less than hot? People fall over themselves for you.

It wasn’t important and I never told them to.

Which probably made you cooler. Sasuke was too cool for school. That’s why you ran away right?

Shut up.

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Can we talk about the beauty that is Blue Sargent some more? I feel like nobody in the fandom appreciates her enough... even though she is literally so great????

blue is great and very underrated. i know i’ve talked before about wanting more for her in canon and i do/did, but i rly love what we have of her. i think her character growth in bllb is really slept on? that book is all about her becoming more independent and strong and sure of herself and such. like i was talking about the other day, she’s hugely compassionate and kind (but not nice– that’s a quote from canon, lol) but she’s also a ten thousand year old brat with a switchblade. luv my daughter.

Work vent

Im currently out of town for work and my Job without my permission or blessing decided to make me rent a SUV so i can be one of the people responsible for driving co workers to work and miscellaneous stuff and my team lead played dumb like he didn’t know anything about it YET the night before I was confused why he was texting me directions to where we’re working because his ass isn’t usually that pro active about stuff, but today he’s all acting surprised and confused. SO instead of picking up an SUV I got a mini SUV Jeep with absolutely no leg room in the back just to be a bitch. I then played dumb like him like jee I don’t know why they gave me this its just what they gave me. I already know he did this shit because he has a SUV and decided he doesn’t want to be responsible for people even though he’s the fucking boss lol oh well nobody’s gonna want to ride in the back of this car lol

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Writing is not supposed to make you sad or feel useless so pls guys dont be sad if nobody reads your stuff. So, people who see this, I will personally read your story (I have some spare time thank god) and tell you what I like about it ^^ (keep in mind I'm not a professional and I'm barely fluent in English though lol) I'm feeling nice today take advantage of it while it lasts lmao. Hope you don't mind this message!

Not at all! *preps megaphone voice*


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The realest headcanon: Lance is actually great with kids

bro u mcfreaking KNOW IT.

Lance is amazing with kids because he is 1) a child at heart, and 2) has like forty nieces and nephews making him the ultimate uncle.

I’ve been meaning to make a post abt this, so here are my headcanons for Lance’s family:

  • Lance is a middle child/one of the younger kids which explains Lance’s… everything.
  • Lance has adopted siblings, blood siblings, step siblings, think the Brady Bunch but nobody is white lol. I think I read somewhere that it’s implied Lance is Cuban? I could get behind that. The specifics don’t matter atm though, all you need to know is that Lance comes from a multiracial, multilingual, very loving and close knit home.
  • Lance has so many cousins also lmao. Lance’s family (and extended family) has fostered like dozens of kids over the years, all who stay in contact and show up for the holidays. Also people are always coming in and out of Lance’s house; people who are friends of his siblings, or are his neighbors, or are his neighbors friends, or are the relatives of someone’s friend, like. If you need a place to stay then you go to Lance’s house.
  • I want an episode where the team has to crash at Lance’s house for whatever reason and there’s like a DOZEN people of all ages just lounging around. Pidge gets roped into a conversation with some kids playing pokemon and when they finally exit the conversation two hours later Pidge goes up to Lance and is like “your little siblings are so cool!” and Lance is like “oh, those aren’t my siblings, those were the kids of the veterinarian who saved the life of my dog a few years ago, we send them a card every year they’re really nice.”
  • Team Voltron is so shocked to discover that Lance is actually Uncle Lance.
  • Lance has an INFINITE number of nieces, nephews, and random little kids who just love him to pieces. It’s honestly because Lance just gets them because like! He also feels overwhelmed a lot! He also feels like people talk down to him or don’t think he can contribute a lot! He is like, the ultimate emphasizer for anyone middle school aged.
  • Also, Lance is just a fun guy?? He’s overdramatic and changes voices when he’s reading a bedtime story, he’ll play games at the drop of a hat, he just loves goofing around and little kids appreciate that.
  • But the most surprising thing is that… babies love Lance? Lance loves babies?? Like the team is hanging out at Lance’s house, chatting with people who may or may not be actually related to Lance, when they hear the unmistakable noise of a baby throwing a tantrum. Within moments of the wailing begin, one of Lance’s mom bursts through the crowd, carrying a swaddled infant who looks ready to explode. She shoves the baby into Lance’s arms, to the immense confusion of the Voltsquad, but the McClain gang is like ‘haha oh yeah here comes the baby whisperer’
  • Lance like, boops the baby’s nose and gives them a lil forehead kiss and in seconds the kid just goes silent. They gurgle a little, tug Lance’s hair, kick their legs until Lance frees them from their blanket. 
  • The baby spends the rest of the night on Lance’s lap, riding the high of life. Team Voltron stares. 
  • Lance doesn’t know whose baby this is, but they are his baby now.

Sorry guys, I had too many problems trying to export a gif out of this.. so if anyone else wants to!,  go ahead. I need more practice though. 

sasuke coming back home and sakura huging him like crazy…because love is just like that, aint nobody cant do shit…(antis)

Ill practice more. the animation is horrible lol (used reference)

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Prompt! Yui becomes a Precure!

Finally getting around to another prompt that has been sitting in my inbox for forever- I was going to get a bit more into it, but decided against it because then I’d feel obliged to actually design a Cure form for Yui before I got any further. I may still do that someday, but not today!
(It’s also on AO3)

“Something like that is your dream? Hilarious!”

There was something about those callous words that outright incised her. Though she wasn’t the type to usually get that angry, today seemed to be something of an exception. After all, if there was one thing that she couldn’t abide by, it was the mocking of someone else’s dream- and judging from the way her new roommate had been acting before, this wouldn’t have been the first time she had such a thing happen to her.

Yui didn’t know if Haruka could actually hear them from within the cage that she had been trapped inside- nor even quite what the deal with that was. But one thing was crystal clear to her- that whoever this person was, they needed to shut their mouth, at once.

“Haruno-san’s dream isn’t something to laugh at!” She had to admit, she was afraid, standing up against someone like this, someone who clearly wasn’t human. Not to mention, they had even gone so far as to summon something that looked as if it were a monster- one with a glittering princess dress, as if it’s very existence served to mock Haruka’s dream.

If someone had told her that her first day at Noble Academy would have involved dealing with a mysterious, badly dressed stranger and her new roommate being trapped in some kind of dream cage, she probably wouldn’t have believed them. That wasn’t even touching on the talking dog and parrot that she had met just minutes earlier- though they claimed that they were actually some kind of fairies.

In fact, there were any number of things going on today that Yui, quite frankly, did not understand. But she didn’t understand to know that she couldn’t just sit idly by and allow something like this to happen- even if she wasn’t sure what she could do to stop it.

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Tractor Attractor


The cities on Earth were nice but no where near as grand and complex as the Republics home world. It was relaxing, it eased her into the human life passing by shop after shop alone as her sister stayed out of town. Today it was only the command bridge that walked the streets, and though she could not operate her rig without her sister. She at least had one ability.

Hand casually sticking out from her side to tractor beam in a small drink off a stand, sliding it down and low so nobody noticed. She like her sister didn’t have the ability to replicate anything, and without an identity or a job, she was stuck resorting to small theft to simply live. Though this was only the second time she did it, the first was for an apple. Hopefully no one would notice such an odd thing she hoped.

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Lmao you act like being mature is something that people have to do all the time. I respect you and all but I'm gonna enjoy the rest of my youth while I can. You act like adulthood is some great thing lmao sike

Don’t come for me like that. I’m too irritable and you don’t want to test me, trust that. You can live however you want, nobody has to live with your regrets but you lol. Even though I’m slightly pissed with this message, I’m going to be nice and give you some advice that obviously no one has ever given you. Let me just let you in on a little something, okay. Maturity is a state of mind. It’s not an age. It’s not how many things you’ve been through. Maturity is learning lessons from situations and applying the knowledge to the present. Maturity is being able to handle situations easily due to clear thought processes and being in tune with your inner self and heart. People know right from wrong; that’s not the issue. The issue is people don’t think about the repercussions of their actions, if it will hurt anyone, including them. They just act irrationally and never think anything through, as if they don’t have a conscience. Maturity is the opposite of that. It’s always doing what’s right, it’s knowing what’s right. That has absolutely nothing to do with adulthood. Sure, being mature helps you balance adulthood well. Becoming a mature person, challenging your self and your own thinking will do nothing but benefit you and your life. Your relationships will ultimately become better with others. People will look up to you and trust you more. You will be more happier and not feel like you’re carrying emotional baggage. Things in life become more clear. The path between your teenage years and adulthood becomes easier for you to transition through. Being reckless and not caring about how you act at all, that just leaves you with more baggage and holds you back more than you realize. You might feel like you don’t care now, but when you’re older and you have clearer realizations, you will. So, would you rather be better or possibly have to deal with that later in life? Also, teenage years and early adulthood years go really fast. A lot of people think the time goes slow and that you have forever to figure shit out. That’s the biggest lie I’ve ever saw people tell just to give teenagers an ease of mind. I’m not going to lie to you. It flies so damn fast. You won’t have a huge period of time to be better, to do things that will benefit for your future. The sooner, the better. Another thing it seems you don’t understand is that happiness in life and our futures is not something we spend our time thinking about when we’re young. We dream of getting married and having kids, sure. We think about what we’re going to spend the rest of our lives doing and get our careers going, but we do not think about what it takes to attain what we want in the future. It doesn’t happen overnight, it takes change and building ourselves up over time as people before we’re able to offer our best selves to someone. If you plan on having that before you’re 30, you might want to think about what kind of person you are now and what you have to offer someone. As you get older, standards get higher and people will expect more from you as a partner, so putting off maturing won’t really help you in your love life. The important things in life are family, having someone to come home to. That is what makes the stressful parts of life unwind. A lot of youth grow up not understanding that and I know it’s because of the situations their parents have put them in. They have parents that do not teach them this, because they make irrational choices too. They aren’t good role models; sometimes you outgrow you own parents, I know I sure as hell did. Just because they didn’t show me how life was meant to be lived and how love was supposed to impact it, doesn’t mean I wasn’t smart or curious enough to figure it out on my own. That’s why I’m glad I am the way I am, so that I can pass that knowledge on to my child. I will not settle until I find someone that is the absolute best for me. I want my child to learn what love should look like. You never know what could happen in your life that may need your maturity to rise. Please change your mindset, because that will ruin you. You can still like things young people like. Take me for example: before I got pregnant, I drank so much. I partied downtown at the bar every weekend and I’ve always been a outgoing, social butterfly. I was still mature. However, I will say that even though that life was fun, it won’t make me feel complete and satisfied every night. It won’t bring me love or genuine happiness. I can have fun so many other ways in life other than numbing myself temporarily. Numbing yourself is not living. I was practically an alcoholic and even though I had fun temporarily when I drank, that’s not what is most important in life. It’s okay to have a little fun sometimes, but don’t let it take over you. That is not how the happiest people spend their lives.

I Love Zelda Games

I’m a bit Zelda crazy at the moment (not that that has ever not been a thing - Link has been my avatar most of my internet going life for a reason lol), but at times like these, I tend to make lists. Because I love lists! So, because I have been lethargic all day and I could, here are 35 random Zelda facts about me. Feel free to ignore (or even steal if you’d like lol).

  1. Games Played: The Legend of Zelda, The Adventures of Link, A Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening (original and DX), Ocarina of Time (original and HD), Majora’s Mask, Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Minish Cap, Skyward Sword, A Link Between Worlds, Breath of the Wild, Four Swords Anniversary

  2. Games Beaten: Link’s Awakening (original and DX), Ocarina of Time (original and HD), Twilight Princess, Minish Cap, Skyward Sword, A Link Between Worlds, Breath of the Wild, Four Swords Anniversary

  3. First Game Played: The Legend of Zelda (I was always terrible - I watched my brother more than I played myself)

  4. Favorite Handheld: Link’s Awakening (yes, that includes BotW - I adore this game)

  5. Favorite Overall: Ocarina of Time (cliche, I know, but it genuinely feels like the best Zelda package, even if individual aspects are better in other games)

  6. Most Underrated: Minish Cap (I swear I never hear people talk about this one and I don’t know why)

  7. Favorite In-Game Art Style (2D): Minish Cap (this game is so pretty you guys)

  8. Favorite In-Game Art Style (3D): Skyward Sword (THIS GAME IS SO PRETTY YOU GUYS)

  9. Favorite Story: Ocarina of Time (simple but satisfying; heroic but melancholy)

  10. Favorite Gameplay: Breath of the Wild

  11. Favorite Mechanic: Climbing/Paragliding (Breath of the Wild)

  12. Least Favorite Mechanic: Stealth/Timed Events

  13. Favorite Common Weapon (sans Master Sword): Hookshot/Clawshot/Longshot/etc

  14. Favorite Unique Weapon: Spinner (Twilight Princess)

  15. Favorite Soundtrack: Twilight Princess

  16. Most Underrated Soundtrack: Link’s Awakening

  17. Favorite Song: Gerudo Valley (Ocarina of Time) (this was so hard to narrow down… so many could go here honestly)

  18. Favorite Cast: Skyward Sword

  19. Favorite Character Designs: Breath of the Wild

  20. Favorite Design of Link: Oracle of Ages/Seasons

  21. Favorite Design of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (et al)

  22. Favorite Design of Ganon: Twilight Princess (Ganondorf)

  23. Favorite Race: Zora

  24. Favorite Link: Skyward Sword (oh gosh he’s such a cutie in this one lol)

  25. Favorite Zelda: Ocarina of Time (one word: Sheik)

  26. Favorite Ganon: Ocarina of Time (I just really loved how he played into the story)

  27. Favorite Overall Character: Midna (Twilight Princess) (excuse me while I cry)

  28. Favorite Non-Companion NPC: Marin (Link’s Awakening) (EXCUSE ME WHILE I CRY)

  29. Scariest Overworld Enemy (as a kid): Redeads (Ocarina of Time) (…I don’t think I can properly explain how terrified I was of these)

  30. Scariest Overworld Enemy (now): Guardians (Breath of the Wild) (*piano music intensifies* NOOOOOOOO)

  31. Favorite Boss (sans Ganon): Stallord (Twilight Princess)

  32. Most Disappointing Boss: “final boss” (Breath of the Wild) (exact spoilers withheld)

  33. Most Hated Boss: The Imprisoned (Skyward Sword) (FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF)

  34. Favorite Ganon Battle: Twilight Princess (SWORD FIGHT. ON HORSEBACK)

  35. Favorite Ending: Ocarina of Time (another hard one, but OoT won out <3)

(…I was really bored today but too tired to actually do anything thanks to going to sleep too late and my nephews waking me up way too early lol.)

alltootay  asked:

selena , little mix , the 1975 !!


i’m actually in love with so many selena songs it’s so hard to pick but honestly me & my girls is SUCH a jam it makes me want to grab my girl gang and dress up in leather jackets and stab men tbh

i don’t think this is a very popular one, but I think nobody like you is absolutely stunning and i’ll fight anybody who disagrees (even though i’m 5″2)

chocolate is such an oldie and super mainstream lol but everytime i hear the guitar riffs i fall back in love with it

send me an artist/album and i’ll pick my fave song?

anonymous asked:

You should have a pic of JUST abel for your icoooooon...I do like how he looks in your icon tho 😂😂😂

nobody’s ever asked me to do that before lol. how do y'all feel about my icon on here? should I change it or nah? I absolutely love that picture though. what’s Abel without his best buds? legendsss

anonymous asked:

Oh no it's okay that you can't make gifs neither can I! Lol I have nobody to discuss radiant office with so I'm just gonna ask the big question 💃🏽 What do you think about Chief Seo? Do you ship him with Eun ho won?

ahh hello again lovely anon! you’re welcome to come and discuss kdrama with me anytime!

hmm captain seo? i like him; he’s not a terrible bad person. he’s worked hard to get to where he is, he asks the best of everyone and even himself. he appreciates a job well done. though he’s flawed- he’s not a total asshole.

i mean how funny was that scene when she had found that big ass screen of him in his house and she realised who’s house she was cleaning and she hid in the closet because he came home and he was being an idiot when he thought there was an intruder and brandished that stupid mop or brush like an idiot and finally when she emerged from the closet she’s all like “are you going to hit me with that?” and he kicks the mop away and is all like “what? nooo!”

i do ship him with ho won, they have this mutual understanding and respect and caring for each other now which i rather like and it makes sense that she would take to him seeing as she now knows that he was once like her- started from the bottom. and they do have lovely chemistry together on screen and i really like how the actor managed to play this type of “jerk” again but played caption seo as less of a caricature and more of a human. i like the slow burn of the romance here, and i like how they’re progressing from just co workers to friends to more all mixed in between… i mean the way he fusses over her is so sweet and he gives her the truth and what she needs to hear and she hears it as it is without any drama. get what i mean? 😊🌻

thank you for stopping by! be sure to come again!!