nobody will like it though lol

part of the reason i really love fic/headcanons where the whole main fake ah crew is living in geoff’s penthouse is because it means there’s absolutely no way people aren’t walking in on each other doing weird shit

and i don’t mean “lol someone caught someone else jacking it or banging” (even though i’m sure there’s plenty of that, let’s be real, nobody uses the sock method and even if they did, no one would pay attention to it), or even “dear god someone caught ryan brutally murdering some poor guy” (even though i’m sure there’s plenty of that, too)

i mean weird shit that’s like, the normal kind of weird shit. the shit you do when you’re home alone and confident that nobody’s gonna walk in and see you in your underwear singing into a wooden spoon

so what i’m talking about here is, like:

  • geoff witnesses michael doing a good third of tom cruise’s famous ‘old time rock and roll’ dance from risky business, complete with no pants and a graceful slide into the hallway in his socks
  • jack gets halfway through furiously rapping nicki minaj’s verse from monster before turning around and noticing gavin standing, thrown off and a little impressed, in the doorway (and doesn’t stop, real talk, when you’re on a roll you gotta take it home)
  • ray walks in on ryan weeping openly at ‘all dogs go to heaven 2′
  • ryan catches geoff, drunk off his ass, ordering seven hundred dildos online (”it’s for a prank, haywood!” geoff hollers after ryan, who’s never left geoff’s place so quickly in his life. “it’s for a prank!”)
  • michael catches the tail end of gavin narrating apparently everything he’s doing, including pissing, like he’s david attenborough 
  • jack walks out onto one of the balconies to see ray, stoned as fuck and wearing three pairs of sunglasses, trying to shoot the actual sun with his sniper rifle
  • (bonus: ray hears weird squeaking noises from one of the rooms and walks in to see ryan futilely trying to work a leather catsuit off of himself
  • “it’s not what it looks like.”
  • “it looks like you’re stuck in a leather catsuit.”
  • “…okay, it’s exactly what it looks like, but if you tell anyone, i swear to god the police will never find your body— ray, stop laughing at me. stop it.”)

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Low-key don't know why you don't have a fan club, you're hella amazing and strong and independent and wonderful and funny and adorkable you deserve a fan club dedicated to you

OMG, this is the sweetest thing! Thank you so much, but I absolutely don’t deserve anything of the sort. I truly appreciate that you think so though! 💕

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Hana avoiding drama is like Kim avoiding that romantic drama she's got going on in her kdrama life 😹😹😹 but seriously though, I hope you do avoid drama! Ain't nobody got time for that! 👍

Haha yeah lol tbh I try avoiding that stuff all the time , but sometimes you just can’t ,right lol? 😹😹😹Life is meant to be a drama , but sometimes the drama gotta chill and be decent at some point lmaoo. Too much drama is never good. Choke me jimin is my new catch phrase lol but I’m no where near making him into my bias wrecker 😂😂 I gotta stay strong and jimin gotta face rejection even tho he was “born in Busan first” 😂😂😂SORRY SMOL GOCHU , BUT NOCHU IS STILL HOLDING ONTO THAT WEIRDLY SHAPED THING CALLED “HEART” IN MY CHEST 💟

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youre a year older than me but honestly you seem ancient. in a good way. like ya know how the world works or some shit. we're polar opposites in personality. how tf are you so unapologetic? i cant step one foot into the world w/out breaking out a laundry list of guilt. it's turning into agoraphobia lol

im unapologetic because i feel that my weakness and my guilt is nobodys business but mine … and when you do learn to flaunt your weird you’ll learn that it’s not a turn off,it’s a draw. 

the most important thing though is that if someone doesnt like you … who cares. why would you want anything to do with someone who aint on your team ? 

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Name: Will
Gender: Male
Star sign: Libra
Hogwarts House: I’ve never gotten into Harry Potter
Favorite color:
Various blue-greens
Favorite animal:
Current time: 2:39 PM
Cats or Dogs: Dogs, I care about both too much though
Favorite Fictional Characters: Ayano Tateyama, Shintaro Kisaragi, Yato, Maki Nishikino
Number of blankets I sleep under: 2-3, depending on how cold it is.
Favorite singer/band: Jin, Hachi,  μ’s
Dream Trip: France, although I would like to see all of Europe and a large portion of east Asia.
Dream Job: History professor, a lot of my friends say I give off that kinda vibe, but nobody has explained what part of me causes it lol
When has this blog hit its peak: Probably around the new year, I made a few kagepro shitposts
Why did you decide to get a tumblr: One of my friends spent 3 years asking me to get one.
When was this blog created: Spring 2016
Why did I pick my URL: I make stupid puns and like kagepro

I can’t think of 20 but anyone who wasn’t listed can give it a shot as well.

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Of course, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.

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OK why is it taboo to not want a Richonne baby? It reminds me of how people take it personal when Women don't want children. Nobody is saying anyone else can't want it. I wish people didn't get so bent out of shape over an opinion, that's what were all here for isn't it? I don't care either way, just want Richonne happiness but no one is trying to rain on the parade. Its the topic at hand!

👀I feel like I missed something, lol. (I don’t go in the tag, so let me know, sis.) I agree with you, though, opinions are just opinions. I think when you have a contrary one, it can be perceived as an attack, but so long as you’re not shitting on someone else’s opinion/being condescending about it, have at it! That is why we’re here.

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4, 11, 44, 55

4. what are you looking forward to?

Like, in general I’m looking forward to being not a mess, and having something figured out, and having irl friends to do things with, and also every Friday because that’s tabletop day. Nothing really specific though.

11. are you listening to music right now?

Not my own music, just the background music in Rebels.

44. age you get mistaken for

Nobody’s ever really told me how old I look, although I imagine people assumed I was older when I had my beard. How old would y’all guess I am, ignoring the fact that my age is in my description lol?

55. tumblr friends

@tir0 , @vajra-furor, @pseudowolf69 , @yawgmoth-lord-of-sin, you, tbh pretty much all my mutuals/anyone who I’ve interacted with counts as a friend.

@queen-elenya-hawk said: Hey, I notice you!

T_T Omg, thank you, that’s so crazy to me though because, like, your writing is wonderful and I didn’t know you had a Tumblr and I’m always so shocked when awesome writers or artists follow me and talk to me. Like, I’m a nobody, what have I done to garner the attention of all you awesome people? lol

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For the following questions tell me if you think its more Tessa or more Scott. Makes breakfast in the morning? Downs coffee like nobody's business? Pulls the other into a hidden space for a quick kiss? Is more focused at practice? Has already planned what they want to do for Valentine's? Asked the other one out first? Needs to have the last word in a disagreement? Picks the music for road trips? Is snugglier? Likes to hold hands the most?

Makes breakfast in the morning: Scott… Tessa has said he is the better cook and even though he makes fun of her about poached eggs, I feel like he’s the one who makes them for her!

Downs coffee like nobody’s business: Tessa because she’s always sleepy!

Pulls the other into a hidden space for a kiss: Scott

Is more focused at practice: Scott for sure! Lol, I feel like Tessa gets distracted easily

Has already planned what they want to do for Valentine’s: Scott! Maybe he already has a surprise planned in Korea…

Asked the other one out first: Scott because Tessa would just giggle and blush

Needs to have the last word in a disagreement: Scott! I bet Tessa just lets him have the last word so she doesn’t have to deal with his pouting

Picks the music for road trips: Tessa for sure!

Is snugglier: Scott likes to hug the most but Tessa looks very snuggly!

Like to hold hands the most: Uh… obviously Scott! All those practice videos prove it!

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Just wanted to let you know that you seem like an awesome person, and that nobody is perfect. So you should just keeping being you and keep striding through life as an awesome babe.

I’m just me lol. Thanks though! I tend to try to see the good in people and I wish other people would do the same before judging. idk

i dont think i could ever delete my blog cuz i have so much of my life and my journey though mental illness documented on here (even if it IS cringey as heck)

plus like………. tumblr does wonders for my mental health like it feels great to just vent and complain abt stuff even if nobody responds like…………idk it feels a lot better than just complaining to myself in my head lol

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scenario: hinata's super bloated and has a stomach cramp, but he just cant burp. and hes so absolutely miserable and nobody knows whats wrong. then kages decides to be nice and looks him in the eye like "whats wrong" and i think you know what happens next friendo. kages is pissed and hinata nearly falls asleep

lol, hinata burps in his face and kags just goes RED. it’s possibly the most terrifying sight the team has ever seen, and that includes the times kageyama has tried to smile.

but he gets no sympathy. everyone is like, “you kind of brought it on yourself. this is why being nice doesn’t suit you.” (though if kageyama had grabbed hinata and shaken him it probably would have worked out just as poorly.)

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I was just coming on here to say that MWBY was the song deleted from B's setlist, not My Eyes. My Eyes still sung together with Lonely Tonight cause that's the 2 songs he gets the audience to duet with him LOL. I like that he brought back The more I drink cause that's the kind of tongue in cheek B does so well. Nobody but me is still part of his acoustics set. So the casualty this time is MWBY and KMCA, to make way for AGWAG and EIHTS which B does SO much better now than at PCA.

Oh yea EIHT sounded a lot better last night than at the PCAs. I’m still sad about MWBY though… Can’t he replace a different song? And also Lonely Tonight seems like a weird song for singing along because it’s not really a sing along.

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  • favorite male character(s): Jughead!
  • favorite female character(s): Veronica
  • least favorite character(s): Ms. Grundy, that bitch can choke
  • best looking character(s): omg they’re all so attractive though??? I have to go with Jughead or Veronica here, with Archie being a SUPER CLOSE second.
  • funniest character(s): Nobody has said anything really funny yet other than “It’s called necrophilia Reggie.Can you spell it?” Although I have to admit Betty in the boys’ locker room was pretty funny too.
  • favorite season(s): Well, we’re only three episodes in, so that remains to be seen!
  • favorite ship(s): I gotta be real, I ship everyone with everyone on this show. lol I like Jarchie, and Beronica the most though.

Leave a fandom in my ask and I’ll tell you…

College AU: Truce is the resident prankster who pulls the fire alarm at least once a month, but also has really good grades which pisses people off. Maybe a physiology major. Dove is a good kid who tries to stay out of trouble, but always gets roped into Truce’s antics out of sheer bad luck. He’s in the drama club, and gets decent grades. He’s secretly very unmotivated with his grades, but forces himself to keep up anyway.

Ocean is one of the 7 mysteries of the college. They take a bunch of science courses, and their grades are kinda shit, but somehow they absorb all the content like a sponge even though they’re doing shit like folding paper airplanes in class. Someone asks them what the professor said in class right after and they’re like “lol idk something about the cornea,” and then later when nobody’s even talking about anything college related, they’re like, “Hey you know the professor said the cornea bends light in this way as it enters the eye and so (…rambles for like 2 more seconds) anyway I’m hungry wanna grab a sandwich?” So no one can tell if they’re actually paying attention or not??????????? They also might be shit at literature but then somehow understands Shakespeare specifically on a surprisingly deep level and everyone is like “what the fuck”

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I saw @janieGAR tweeted a link to B's complete setlist for Rabobank. 25 songs which include 4 from IIH. That's a long setlist, i was expecting B to cut down to maybe 20 to make time for 2 openers . At first look I think B has left out Nobody but me, My Eyes and Kiss my country ass (maybe a nod to the political climate atm?) this time around. Over , Baby and Goodbye time has not made a comeback. Unbelievable how many hit songs B have. I don't care for Over or My Eyes tho.

Hmm interesting. Looks like Blake likes changing up some of the songs. For instance, he put The More I Drink back in. I don’t think there was any political reasons for the songs he excluded though lol. Blake is definitely not a political guy. But at least he had to come up with a new joke to put before AGWAG.