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i just finished hxh for the first time
is there a way to keep on living

Imagine an entire Star Trek show about a group of people who aren’t members of the bridge crew or one of the higher ups, and each week it’s them trying to do their job while crazy shit happens that they don’t really understand, like:

  • They get an announcement from their superior officers that goes “You may notice a child walking around the ship in a captain’s uniform. That is in fact the captain and is to be treated the same as always. We’re quickly working on a solution.”
  • A transporter mishaps causes the chief engineer to turn into a vulcan. They try not to stare at the ears, and move on.
  • Shots of them reacting to superior officers running through the background in the midsts of a red alert that they don’t know what it’s in response to.
  • “Did you hear the away team landed on planet that had five years pass before they got them back?” “Man, I’m glad I got skipped over for that assignment.”
  • Trying to figure out if the rumor that their commander got kidnapped by an alien race that considers them their god is true or just something made up by a bridge crewman to mess with them.
  • Popping in and out of existence and taking bets on which All Powerful race it is that’s doing it and why.
  • anytime Weird Shit happens on the ship it’s never explained. why are there chickens in the Jeffrey Tubes? why does the captain have a double? why did the chief medical examiner briefly turn homicidal? they don’t know and neither do you.
  • Each episode ends with them pouring one out for the crewmembers who died that week.
  • reasons rachel bloom should be talked about: writes and stars in her own show, is part of its song writing team as well, can sing and dance, was a web star before all that, all the above at 30 years of age, is fucking brilliant, is criminally underrated, her show would be universally slept on if it weren't for the critics and virtually nobody's watching it anyways, was NOT nominated for an acting emmy but they wanted her over irregardless for a musical number because they're fucking hypocrites, is an unapologetic feminist, talks about mental illness in an honest and refreshing way both on the show and off, wrote and sang an anti-trump anthem your faves could never, isn't here for your virtue signalling bullshit, is a fucking goddess
  • reason rachel bloom is talked about: gucci wouldn't lend her a dress because she's not a size 0

hi yes hello why is nobody talking about the fact that Holly Munro, love of my life, is super duper gay???

i mean like

nobody else in this book is not attracted to lockwood

“You must know there are other possibilities in this world.” wow subtle much hol

“roommate” SURE JAN

anyways holly munro is a lesbian and she has a lovely girlfriend and i desperately want art of them thank you have a nice day


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liv flaherty

Promptis Celeb AU, pt 10~

Previous parts: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

[Ao3 link]

(been sitting on this update a while, wanted to get it out before d23… see ya all later~) 

Did time always fly by so quickly? Prompto honestly can’t remember. There’s a distinct line in his life, and he can very easily separate things into pre-Noctis and now. Life on the ‘now’ side is so much better. Prompto’s busy, of course, with the usual. Work, and school, his visits to his uncle’s, and trying to work around Noct’s schedule. It hasn’t been easy, and lately, it’s been damn near impossible.

Before Prompto knows it, it’s the day before this fancy work event of Noct’s. He’s staring at his phone calendar, at the alert that he’s set for it. Prompto doesn’t want to admit that he’s nervous about it, but, well, he’s nervous about everything. At least everything where he’s gonna be the center of attention. And even though Prompto’s planning on sticking close to Noctis and smiling and nodding and maybe getting drunk. Or, well, maybe not the drunk part, because that doesn’t seem like a particularly good coping mechanism. Not to mention that Cor would be disappointed with him about that.

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I need opinions!! I wanted to release a gift as thanks for my next milestone but I’m sorta unsure about what to give so I want your guys input. I was considering releasing a sim, or a posepack, or both… So I wanna know which you guys would like!! And if you want a posepack, would you want all the ones I’ve made for my edits? The only catch about this is that I make them all with custom rigs, and my male rigs tend to be really tall (6 ft or nothing that’s my motto) and I understand not everybody wants that intense of a height difference so any feedback would be appreciated!! Also, if I released a sim it wouldn’t be any of my main ones because I’m too attached to them, so it would most likely be a sim I have on the side or I might make one fresh! PLZ LET ME KNOW WHAT YALL THINK

“hey, i think there is a conversation to be had around Emily Andras’s behaviour (and the WE/arp fandom’s response to it) - imo the person you’re been arguing with is off the mark, but I also think that Emily’s past actions can’t just be ignored, particularly the transmisogyny in Lost Girl. I don’t much want to talk about it publicly because of some of the responses to criticism I’m seen from the fandom, but happy to shoot you a direct message if you want discuss in more detail.”  

Hello all.

So I had a nice discussion via DM with a person that prefers to remain anonymous, regarding Emily Andras and her behaviour. 

Specifically it all started because I got into a scrape with a sanvers (I think from their handle) fan. Btw is it me or most of the attacks on Emily come from the Supergirl fandom? What gives? 

Anyway - someone was saying that Emily has killed the BYG trope with Wynonna Earp and the sanvers person argued that she still has not apologized for praising Lexa’s death. To which my take is that actions speak louder than words: I can wipe my ass with an apology for words Emily spoke a year ago, and rather take the representation she is giving us in Wynonna Earp. 

At which point the goalposts of the discussion were moved and someone else (another sanvers blog imagine that) said: “but she misgendered someone on Twitter!” 

And here my friends is where my anonymous source comes in. (this sounds like we’re in a spy movie to be honest)

They have a few things to say, in regards to Lost girl and what happened on Twitter (which I don’t have but they were kind enough to supply screens). 

First off thought, they would like me to mention that while they are familiar with transphobia since they are a trans guy, they will defer to trans women on the Lost Girl stuff if they have a different view. This is the POV of a person that came to me to discuss a topic and doesn’t feel safe doing it in public. I thought it was an interesting discussion to be had and I feel like their voice needs to be heard.

I defer to anyone who watched Lost Girl, because I didn’t. What I know is that there was a big ruckus because a wlw was killed on the show, but what the anon also mentioned is that at the start of season 3 of Lost Girl in an episode written by Andras there was a “deceptive rapist trans woman” storyline. Their point is, that while it seems that Emily understands how hurtful the BYG trope is and has seemingly overcome it, they don’t trust her views on trans characters to have changed until she will have written a trans character that turns out to be good representation for trans folks (as judged so by trans people). So the bottom line is that she has improved but isn’t completely there yet. 

Which I think is a fair point. I mean, we do the same with lesbian characters because just putting a lesbian in a show doesn’t make it automatic good rep.

They talked to me about the fact that even if Emily does pull that off successfully (the trans rep) in the future, they would still have that “waiting for the other shoe to drop” feeling in their gut. We should know because we got hurt an awful lot by media too, and frankly trans people have it worse.  They have even less representation than us, so it takes one bad instance to turn them off a writer forever. 

Can we blame them? Who would trust Jason Rothenberg again please raise your hands. Nobody? Thought so.

And anyway who didn’t watch that barn blow up on Friday with at least a sliver of doubt in their heart? I know that afterwards, seing Jeremy, Nicole and Waverly rumpled but unscathed I laughed, and it was liberation and relief because for a moment I thought Andras had finally turned on me after saying she wouldn’t. 

So I get where the Friendly Anon is coming from. 

As for what happened on Twitter - misgendering is bad and Emily’s initial response was probably not the best one she could have had - we both agreed on that. On my part I feel like the apology was genuine, the anon feels like she still tried to downplay a bit but they will take her apology, because at least she admitted she was wrong. 

Personally I also feel like telling someone their writing is crap and making it clear you don’t like their show is needlessly confrontational - but then Twitter may not be the best place to express constructive criticism. But the important part is that she and the person she hurt APOLOGIZED to each other! We can take that positive note away from the incident, and hope Emily will pay more attention to handles in the future… but then again, do we honestly always read someone’s bio on here? Are we sure we never misgendered someone? 

This isn’t an attempt to downplay what she did. People told her the person wasn’t a girl and her responses could and should have been different, but we all are guilty of typing in anger, when we are tired or upset. It doesn’t make our words less cutting, but if we apologize for it, I feel like we deserve the compassion we’d like to receive from others. 

And this brings me to a general observation. 

There is a troubling lack of compassion on this site - people are all too willing to attack others for past mistakes. Sometimes people don’t apologize which probably means they haven’t changed. But when they do…why keep moving the goalposts? 

Apologizing isn’t easy when it’s truly meant, because it carries within the acceptance that we were wrong. Nobody likes to be reminded they can be fallible, but we all are. 

Anyhow…if you made it to the end, well congrats to you! And if I made a lick of sense then congrats to me! Friendly Anon I hope I did our discussion a just summary, but please feel free to drop me an anon ask if you wanna add to it or I interpreted something you said the wrong way.

To everyone else - feel free to chime in or drop me a line in the ask box.

(And if someone can explain to me why there seems to be a war between the WE fandom and the Supergirl one I would be grateful.)


Pairing: Y/N/Soulmate!Calum

Rating: PG-All

Request: No

Words: 2.200+

Previous: Soulmate!Luke || Soulmate!Michael

Summary: In which everyone is born in the world of black and white until they meet their soulmate

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Overwatch Comic Dub Compilation: Gency Galore!
If it ain't obvious I ship these two by now, I WILL MAKE IT MORE OBVIOUS! Credit to the artists below! : http://ecstaticasusual.tum...

Nobody asked for it, You got it anyway! (AN OVERWATCH COMIC DUB WAS BOUND TO COME EVENTUALLY, COME ON.)


Special thanks to the following artists!:


As well as my favourite fella, my partner in crime, @idofunnyvoices! <3

bangtan badguys!au - 01

“i honestly don’t think this is a good idea,” seokjin says, trying to keep up with namjoon’s stride. “using criminals to catch criminals? what are you thinking? what is police chief bang thinking? they’re in jail for a reason.”

“and i’m taking them out of jail for a reason,” namjoon replies. he levels a look at seokjin. “sometimes the good guys can’t catch them all.”

seokjin stares incredulously at him. 

namjoon smirks. “and that’s where the bad guys come in.”

“so you’re not going to tell me where you’re taking us?” jimin drawls. the driver ignores him and jimin’s eyes narrow to slits. “ayo driver! i’m talking to you!”

“you’ll know in due time,” the driver says. 

“will i know if i beat the shit out of you now?” jimin sneers. 

“no. and then you’ll never know where i’m taking you. so you best just wait quietly.”

“just wait it out.” jimin turns to look at the only other occupant in the car, dressed in the same blue prison uniform jimin’s in. 

“who’s this bastard of a blondie think he’s talking to,” jimin mutters but he sits back anyways and looks out the window. 

jimin steps off the bus and into the middle of nowhere. blondie follows him off and jimin is vindictively pleased that he and blondie are about the same height. 

that is, until he comes face to face with three other guys taller than them both. inwardly, jimin gives them all nicknames. black hair, brown hair, smiley face.

“what are you fuckers doing out here?”

smiley face shrugs, smile never leaving his face and jimin wants to punch it with a good right hook.

black hair blinks at jimin.“same thing you are, most likely.”

“you’re here for the same reason,” a voice cuts in and they all turn to see who. “i’m officer kim seokjin.” he eyes the group of them. “now, follow me.”

“why should i?” blondie asks and jimin jumps, having forgotten that blondie had been there at all. 

seokjin quirks his lips. “do you have a ride back home?” 

“fucker,” jimin grumbles before shoving past black hair, brown hair, and smiley face to follow after seokjin. 

the five of them follow seokjin to what looks like abandoned church out in this middle of nowhere. seokjin walks straight up to the heavy wood door and pushes it open. it yawns wide and even with the bright sunlight shining in, the inside looks entirely dark and black.

“in you go,” seokjin says dryly and after a quick look at each other, the five of them step inside. seokjin follows at the rear and the door slams shut behind them all. 

“have a seat,” seokjin gestures at the rows of pews.  

they each pick one, nobody sitting anywhere near anyone else.

seokjin positions himself near the door. 

“so now what?” jimin asks crossly. 

“now, i welcome you,” a voice says and goddammit, these weirdoes better stop melting out of the shadows or someone’s going to get hurt. courtesy of jimin. the man that comes into view smiles at them all. “welcome. you may be wondering what you’re doing here.:

“no shit, sherlock,” jimin mutters under his breath. 

“i’m detective kim namjoon. and you’re here for one reason and one reason only.” namjoon grins. “to help me catch criminals.”

“and why would we do that?” blondie asks. 

“to lessen your own sentences. how much time do you have left to serve, min yoongi?” blondie stiffens. “couple more decades? half a century, maybe more?” namjoon smiles. “that goes for all of you. you all are the people south korea worked so hard to put behind bars and now i’m giving you a chance to escape those bars.”

“for what purpose?” this time, it’s smiley face. he’s still smiling and it’s weird.

“criminals know best how other criminals think,” namjoon replies. “we’re trading one evil for the other.” he looks at the five of them. “whoever catches the criminal we’re chasing will be the one whose sentence will be reduced. you’ll be let out each time we have a case and put back in when it’s over. nobody in the legal chain of command will know about this team.”

there’s a silence as everyone takes it in. 

namjoon gives them a moment before spreading his arms. “you’re allowed to walk away right now and we’ll put you back in your cell, nice and cozy. so,” he eyes them all. “what do you guys say? any objections?”

the church is silent and namjoon smiles. 

“excellent. then our team is formed.”

“what kind of team is this?” jimin asks. “the criminals team?”

namjoon laughs. “mm…let’s call it…”


seokjin roves his eyes over the room. 

park jimin. mob boss.

min yoongi. contract killer.

kim taehyung. scammer and thief.

jung hoseok. drug lord.

jeon jungkook. serial killer.

the worst of the worst all gathered here together. to catch other criminals.

“a team of bad guys,” seokjin says bitterly. “you guys are out of your minds. both you and chief bang.”

namjoon grins. “maybe we are. care to join us?”

“i’m out of my goddamn mind,” seokjin mutters under his breath.