nobody wants to be lonely anniversary


papa III alpha omega air earth and water are characters underneath the costumes are beautiful men with families you can thirst your ass off to the characters but never ever disrespect the men behind the masks and their families they are real people under the masks they walk like us talk like us live like us do you have any clue how heartbroken they would be to read “i hate his wife” or “I’m not a fan anymore because he’s taken”? what does that do to them? what does that do to their families who read it? respect the men respect their families I personally hope they all have someone to adore and that adores them back so they can feel and give love like humans do I don’t want them to be lonely do you like being lonely? no nobody does you can’ t expect someone just because they are famous to not have a desire to have a family if we aren’t capable of complete solitude how can you expect a celebrity to do it? I love the guys in ghost I hope they have someone to celebrate holidays with go on vacation with celebrate births birthdays and anniversaries with just because you can hide your identity when you say crap like you don’t like their families etc doesn’t mean it’s hidden from their eyes how do you know they or their families or both aren’t on here? you don’t know please be kind and love our boys like they do us I would be so heartbroken to read bad stuff about me or my significant other they are too so be kind write how much you love them that’ll put a smile on their precious faces and that’s what I want… thank you.