nobody wants it to happen k

  • me every time someone talks about something from the 90s being adapted or remade: great but where is my animorphs anything. i literally don't care about what you're saying what about animorphs. i have waited so long. i have lived through so many rumors. am i gonna have to fund this myself? forty years from now am i going to use all of my retirement money to convince scholastic to give it a shot? i don't want it to happen that way. why does nobody care? have we all forgotten the cultural impact? k. a. applegate won't return my calls. i have an andalite in my closet. send help

disclaimer: NOTHING happens overnight, k?
- Keep a neat, nice blog and theme. I mean that is what people are following for, right?
- Ask for blog rates (only if someone will do so), blog checkouts, and promos.
- Make your blog cute or whatever the word is that guys like to call it. Make it stand out.
- Use a good URL, PLEASE! Nobody wants to follow a yung–princessa2636, tbh.
- Be nice and interesting.
- Be original and post your own stuff from time to time. You’ll appear as the source.
- SELF PROMOTE! That might be the reason I have so many followers now. Put some cute emojis, a link, and/or a cute phrase in the caption of every PHOTO post (if you do that on text posts, or videos, etc., people may think that’s hella tacky, thirsty, and annoying).
- Talk to people and gain friends.
That’s all I can think of right now but boost this, especially if you have a lot of followers. 💕