nobody wants it to happen k

“my dad never really gave me a lot of support, i’m just… trying to break the cycle” “don’t cut me off when i’m complimenting you” okay so listen,,,,,, he grew up without ever hearing kind words from howard,,,, he knows he’s the closest thing to a father peter has,,,,, he just wants peter to know he’s appreciated,,, that he can do things well and he needs to hear it,,,,, because he knows what can happen when nobody shows you love,,, when you have such a burden and you can’t share it,,,,, he wants to b r e a k the c y c l e


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 You knew that it was for a good cause. The Penetrators needed money, and the auction was the only way to pay their debt.

 You were chatting with your best friends, Eva and Noora, when you saw Chris talking with a bunch of girls. Girls who were dying to hook up with him.

You stared with pure anger and jealousy. You wanted to slap those sl**s and get your man. 

Thanks God, Noora managed to stop you. You struggled and wanted to flee, but your best friend held you tight. “F**k, Y/n, control yourself!” she shouted. 

Your actions didn’t go unnoticed. Even though, nobody paid attention to what happened, Chris saw your little drama. And he was walking towards you.

“Hey, can we talk for a moment?” your boyfriend asked with concern and guilt in his voice.

“Sure” you answered coldly and kept walking next to him.

“What’s wrong?” He stopped and stared at you. You just kept your mouth shut.  “Did I do something wrong, love?” he asked again, more softly.

“No…it’s just…” you searched for your words, but Chris knew what you had in your head. “The auction, that’s why you’re angry” He chuckled.

“It’s not funny Chris…it hurts me” you confessed quietly. Your boy stopped smiling and looked deeply on your eyes. 

“You know, that those girls are nothing to me, right?” he took your hand. You just kept silent. “If you want, I can quit this thing”

“No…you need those money. I will be good, don’t worry, but just so you know if any girl will touch you, someone will be dead tonight.” You smiled innocently.

“I get it, don’t worry” He kissed you passionately, in front of a group of girls dying in jealousy.

Anything for You: Part Three

Pairing(s): Richie Tozier x Eddie Kaspbrak

Warnings: super short (i’m so sorry), making out, FLUFF

Word Count: 1.1 k

Part 3 / ?

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One Year Earlier

When Eddie Kaspbrak awoke, he didn’t dare move an inch. He let his breaths out as slowly and calmly as possible, ignoring the itch he felt crawling up his right leg. He tried not to focus on the weight sprawled across his small frame, knowing that too much thought of it would have him flustered.

The couch was cramped, yet comfortable, against his body. He did not have a blanket, nor did he need one with the human heater, Richie Tozier, snoozing peacefully on his chest. Dark curls brushed along his chin as Richie shifted slightly, sending a jolt of electricity down his spine. Eddie tensed into the cushion to keep from squealing as the hair tickled him.

Eddie’s skin tingled as Richie sleepily dragged his hand up the boy’s chest to rest on the skin of his neck, pulling their bodies impossibly closer. Eddie responded by timidly placing his own hand on Richie’s back, holding him in a tight embrace. Eddie hoped the rapid beating of his heart would not wake the sleeping boy, but it would not slow.

Although, the boys had been ‘going steady’ for roughly three months now, just the thought of Richie liking Eddie sent his mind into a frenzy. Gently craning his neck, his lips rested on the chocolate ringlets, occasionally pressing small kisses to them.

Eddie focused down on the cold pads of Richie’s fingers which were settled on the warm skin of his neck, making every hair on his body stand on edge. Hot breath fanned across his delicate skin, and he found himself absent-mindedly twisting the woolen fabric of Richie’s sweater in his fist.

Eddie flinched as the cold digits began to dance along his collarbone. Richie let out a small laugh, still grazing shapes with his fingers.

“Did I wake you?” Eddie’s voice came out small and soft, as if he’d been speaking to a child instead of a sixteen year old boy.

“Don’t worry about it, Eds,” Richie’s voice was hoarse as he curled further into his boyfriend, “You’re so warm.”

Eddie, now not having to worry about waking him, wrapped both arms snugly around Richie’s shoulders, giving him an affectionate squeeze. One hand trailed up to tangle in Richie’s wild mop of hair, smoothing the locks between his fingers. Richie hummed in appreciation, his eyes never opening.

Adoration swelled between the couple, practically radiating off of them. Eddie’s skin burned like fire with every touch Richie left and Richie fought the desire to scream as he felt Eddie’s thin fingers wrapped in his hair - both of the boys seeming to drown in infatuation.

“I’m going to marry you one day.” Richie promised sleepily, tone completely serious and passionate.

A large grin broke across Eddie’s face as he let out a breathy laugh, giving his boyfriend’s hair another brush. He honestly could have passed out just hearing those words, but instead settled with grabbing Richie’s face and pulling him up to connect their lips.

Woah there, Eds. No need to break my neck, you could just say ‘no’.” The older boy joked as they parted, noses still touching.

“Beep beep, Richie.”

Eddie placed another loving kiss onto Richie’s lips, leaving both of them light-headed. Eddie cradled Richie’s head delicately, his thumbs rolling small circles on his high-set cheekbones.

“I wish we could, Rich.”

Richie’s eyes flickered between Eddie’s matching ones, “We will, I don’t are how fucking illegal it is. I love you and I want to marry you.”

“We can’t just walk up to the courthouse and demand they wed us, nobody wants to see two guys get married.”

“You’ll just have to dress up like a girl, then, Spaghetti Head - because it’s happening no matter what.”

Eddie grinned again, mind buzzing as Richie’s lips brushed against for a third time. Richie held his weight up with his knees, seeing as he was basically straddling Eddie’s small body. The compromising position caused both of the boys to flush bright red.

“If Ms. K walked in right now, she’d be so jealous.”

“Shut the fuck up, trashmouth.”

Loud footsteps began to thud down the hall, nearing the entrance to the living room. Without thought, Eddie shoved Richie off of his body and onto the floor. They both scrambled to look casual; Eddie pulling his legs up to sit criss-cross on the couch and Richie climbing into the leather recliner in the corner of the room.

Just as the latter settled, Eddie’s large mother bounded into the room. She eyed the boys suspiciously, her stare lingering on Richie for slightly too long. He flashed her a bright grin, as if he hadn’t been making out with her son just moments before.

“Eddie Bear, I’m going to pick up your new medicine.” She walked over and pressed a sloppy kiss to his cheek, “I’ll be back in a couple minutes.”

With one last glare at Richie, she hung her bag over her shoulder and stomped back out of the room. The boys let out sighs of relief, Eddie wiping his face with the back of his sleeve. He glanced over at Richie, only to find the boy was already smirking at him.

“What did I tell you, Eddie Bear, she was so jealous.”

“Shut up, Richie!”

Richie let out a loud laugh, relaxing back on the chair. Despite the fact that it had only been two minutes since they had been separated, Richie found himself itching to get his hands back on Eddie. It seemed that Eddie had read his mind as he rushed across the room to settle down on Richie’s lap. The lanky boy’s hands quickly met his boyfriend’s waist, his brows raising in amusement.

“She won’t be back for a bit,” Eddie spoke confidently, “We could make out again.”

“I like the way you think, Eddie Spaghetti.”

Chapped lips met overly-moisturized ones without a care in the world, locking together and moving in perfect sync. Eddie was certain he’d have bruises from the tight grip on his waist, not that he minded one bit. They melted, becoming completely engrossed in each other.

 Seconds bled into minutes, but felt like no time at all - because, when Richie and Eddie were together, the world fell still.

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Part 26 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language, Mention of drugs and Adult themes.)

Summary: Your group of friends have gotten on well for years, but what happens when a divide is caused by joining the wrong people? School AU
OT5- Baekhyun, Sehun, Jongdae, Minseok and Chanyeol.

Word Count: 1,977

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The series is slowly coming to an end.

“What is it?” Sehun frowned as he looked up at you, his eyes wavering slightly. Your breath was caught in your throat as you stared down at your phone screen; tears began to cloud your eyes as your vision became blurry. “Y/N?” Sehun whispered as he slowly rested his hand on top of your own.

“I think it’s Baek. He must be in trouble.” You panicked as you began to walk away from the bed, but you felt Sehun’s hand grip around your wrist.

“Please no.” His eyes were staring straight into your soul, he was begging but you had to leave him, you had to know what was happening to Baekhyun. You shook your head at Sehun, causing the tears to spill down your face.

“No Sehun, I can’t. I need to find Baek.”

He groaned at you, as he wrapped his slender fingers around your wrist tighter.
“He has the others; they can go and look for him. Just don’t leave me right now Y/N.”

“You’re in safe hands Sehun, I need to go! Baek is in danger!”

“Will you just forget about Baek for a second, I need you here with me!”

“He’s my friend Sehun!” You shouted at him, unable to hold your anger back anymore, you were sick of him always slandering Baekhyun, you were sick of him making out that Baekhyun was the only guilty one in this when in reality he was just as guilty. “I have known Baekhyun for years and yes he has made some stupid decisions, but aside from the fact that I care about him he is still my friend and I deserve to make sure he’s safe. I’m already sure you’re safe, so why are you being so selfish. Baek could be dying right now and you’re preventing me from stopping that.” You hissed as you smacked his hand away from your wrist. Suddenly Sehun’s phone began to vibrate on the table beside his bed, seeing Minseok’s name you snatched it up and answered it immediately.

“Are you okay?!” You panicked, your breathing heavy as you held your hand to your chest.

“Yeah…I’m alive, maybe not for much longer though…” He said in a grim tone.

“What’s that supposed to mean? Where are you Minseok?”

“Listen, I called because I know where Baekhyun is, but I’m not sure I can get him back alone. But we need to be quick I just about escaped—where are you?” He sounded as though he were out of breath and still running.

“I’m at the hospital with Sehun.”

“I’ll come get you, we’ll go by taxi.”
He hung up.

You looked over at Sehun who was frowning up at you.
“I heard everything.” He mumbled an air of anger in his voice. “Don’t go, it’s not safe.” But it was Baekhyun and you needed to get to him. You hurried away from Sehun’s bed, all sorts of negative thoughts crossing your mind.

“Wait Y/N you can’t go, what if you get hurt? Y/N!” You heard Sehun call, but you were already gone. Running down the corridor as fast as you could to the elevator, impatiently waiting for it to reach your floor.
You were going to save Byun Baekhyun.

“How did you know he was here?” You asked Minseok as the taxi driver pulled up a dark slip road, it looked desolate and like a street out of a horror film; you found it hard to believe that somebody lived out there and that the place was inhabitable. You shivered slightly as you looked down at your phone; it had died on your way to the car. “Could we just tell someone where we are?” You pleaded to Minseok tugging on his shirt sleeve. “Please…just in case we don’t get out…just so someone knows where to find us…” He sighed as he handed you his phone, you focused on sending a quick text to Chanyeol and Sehun before handing his phone back to him.

“I knew he was here because Reiji let it slip. I managed to lose him, but I know he knows that I would’ve come straight here, so we need to hurry and get Baek.”
You panicked and gulped hard as you looked at the house that the driver began to reverse in front of, you had no plan, nor did you have the time to make one, the only thing you intended to do was stay alive. You just had to go in there and save Baek.

It didn’t take you too long to get to Tay’s house from the hospital, around 5 minutes maximum, you were just hoping it would take you just as quick to get out, but considering it was taking you about 10 minutes just to get out of the car, you weren’t so sure.

“Fuck I’m scared… I don’t know what I’m walking into.” You whispered “I don’t even know who you are…”

Minseok frowned as he looked at you.
“Don’t say that, I’m Kim Minseok, of course you know me. Why would you say that? I made a mistake in my past that I’m not proud of, you need to allow me to move on from that.” He cleared his throat and looked forwards towards the cab driver. “I’ll pay you double your hourly salary if you stick around for an hour and a half, just stay parked here and keep your headlights off.”
The driver nodded at Minseok through the rear view mirror as he switched his headlights off.

“Let’s go.” Minseok said as he slowly opened his door , you did the same. You were running through all the recent events in your head and found that it was beginning to overwhelm you. You took a deep breath and stepped out of the car, shutting the door behind you. Minseok took a hold of your hand and pulled you towards the front door.
You were at Tay’s house, and you already felt dread sinking to the pit of your stomach. Minseok slipped out the bloody knife covered in Sehun’s blood from his trouser pocket, your eyes widened in horror, one because the knife was still covered in Sehun’s blood and two because Minseok held the knife so expertly that it gave you the chills. “I’m busting in on the count of 3.” He whispered.

He kicked the front door down with a tremendous amount of force, his thigh muscle tensing up as the door fell down to the floor, a loud bang echoing down the street. You heard a few startled shouts from within the house as you and Minseok ran inside. You saw K wielding his own knife and Tay holding what seemed to be a pick axe. But no sooner did your eyes travel to a pale, near-lifeless looking Baekhyun, his eyes were heavy and he was tied to radiator pipes, that were burning his skin, you were painfully aware of the bright red burns they were leaving behind. You were also aware of the similar place in which his thigh had been slit as to where Reiji had cut Sehun. He looked up at you, his eyes weak and soulless. You let a sob pass your lips, never in your life had you seen Baekhyun in such a sorry state.

“I’m so sorry Y/N. I never wanted any of this to happen.”

“Shut the fuck up, nobody asked you to speak.” K spoke sharply as he brought his leg up and kicked Baekhyun in the jaw, his body flopping sideways.

“Look who joined the party, though you didn’t have to kick the door in…Xiumin. I’ve heard a lot about you.” Tay smirked impishly as she took a step closer to Minseok with her pick axe.

“Put your weapon down, we can talk this out.” Minseok breathed, never letting his gaze shift from the pick axe in Tay’s hand.

“Do you think I’m stupid or something?” She laughed loudly making your skin crawl. “Why don’t you put yours down first?” She raised her brow at Minseok, causing him to grunt.

“I just want you to untie Baekhyun, that’s all. Nothing more nothing less.” Minseok walked slowly towards Tay’s direction and you noticed K walking slowly towards you, there was a swiss knife tucked neatly away into your bra, but you were paralysed and too scared to reach for it. Your breathing had increased as K continued to advance in your direction.

“Take one step closer to Byun Baekhyun and I will make sure your friend feels the consequences.” K hissed, as he slipped his hand down your bra and slipped out the miniature knife. “Think of a more original hiding place next time.” He chuckled sadistically. You were stuck in a bind, but they were at an advantage as they now had three weapons and you only had one. The air was tense and your breathing was heavy as Minseok slowly took a step closer to Baekhyun. “I said your friend will get it!” K shouted as he lifted the knife up to your chest. Suddenly he screamed out in pain as he fell to the ground, your initial reaction was shock as you watched him clutch on to his waist, that’s when you noticed a knife sticking out of it. Your eyes widened in shock as you quickly turned your attention to the figure standing at the broken down doorway.

“Sehun!” You half shouted and half cried. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“I told you could get hurt, why the fuck didn’t you listen to me.” He hissed as he bent down and tightly squeezed onto his leg, he was obviously still in an immense amount of pain and he was still a ghostly shade of white, but at this point Baekhyun was whiter and you were becoming afraid that he wouldn’t make it.
Minseok took that opportunity to lunge forward at Tay and stick his knife into the back of her leg. Causing her to let out a piercing scream. You felt sick, you could see blood everywhere and now you were beginning to feel dangerously dizzy, but you tried desperately to push the thought away as you quickly bent down to pick up Reiji’s knife and ran over to Baekhyun to help cut him loose from the material binding him to the radiator. You cried ferociously at the sight of him flopping about as though he were a fish out of water.

“It’s okay Baek; we’ll get you to safety. It’s okay, hang in there.” You breathed as you slowly hoisted him up to rest on your shoulder.

“We need to get him out of here!” Minseok shouted. “Taxi now!” He helped you drag Baekhyun along, towards the doorway and out of those, Sehun limping slowly besides the two of you.
You both lowered Baekhyun’s limp body down into the car as Sehun slowly climbed in beside him. You let out a breath of relief but too quickly, as you saw some headlights coming towards your direction. A car stopping in front of you. You frowned as you took a step back. Minseok doing the exact same. Both of your eyes widened when you saw who stepped out.

He looked at Minseok’s slightly bloody hands.

“What the fuck have you done Xiumin…WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE?!” He ran past you and into the house, you heard a shout of shock and anger echoing from inside.

“Get in the car.” Minseok hissed at you, you nodded hurriedly as you ducked your head inside, lowering your body and hurriedly shutting the door, Minseok mirroring your actions.

“I’ll kill you for this Kim Xiumin!” Reiji screamed as he stood at the doorway, your car was in motion and you were slowly edging forward.

I’ll kill you and Ten Lee, by the stroke of midnight I’ll kill you both!”

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Alright y'all seriously need some tea to wake up and smell the fresh air. A LOT of you guys seem to still believe that “what you see is what you get” smh 😒 Produce 101 is a REALITY SHOW. it exists for one reason, and one reason only, to 👏 make 👏 money 👏

Mnet is famously known for being that television company everyone loves to hate. Why? Cause they’re unfair, manipulative, and don’t care about anyone. Year after year, people who participate in their shows like SMTM, Unpretty Rapstar, Superstar K, they all try to expose them. But nobody listens. Because we’re simplistic sheep who live of drama, and Mnet thrives off of that.
But now they went too damn far, they targeted my Hotshot babies and I’m NOT gonna take that sitting down 😤

What y'all don’t seem to understand is that you 👏 don't👏 know 👏 what happens behind the scenes. You don’t. You only see what the COMPANY wants you to see. And I’m emphasizing the word company because it’s Mnet’s decision at the end of the day, not the actual people on the show. Duh right? Surprising how little of y'all seem to grasp that… Reality shows are practically all scripted. (if you’ve watched the first season it’s disgusting obvious lol not funny) A show like Produce 101 basically chose the final winners as soon as they do their auditions. And by auditions I mean the ones before the show even started recording. And they will manipulate and distort their footage to ensure that those 11 will win no matter what.

Y'all remember when the Konic girls did the lit performance for the ranking evaluation but got shit on because they couldn’t act cute? What kind of damn sexist shit was that?? But y'all let it slide.. Because Mnet had already showed their favorites down your throat, and y'all ate it up.

Now Mnet knows they have to show SOME screentime of Sungwoon & Taehyun, because they’re amazingly talented and got A both times. Like Kings 👏 But Mnet sure as hell ain’t gonna be nice about it. Y'all fans zoom up on your biases faces to drool over their stubble but can’t realize when clips are being obviously cut and twisted together? Sungwoon is trash to them, so they can easily throw him under the bus and blame him, as if his whole team just stayed quiet when they made these decisions. Like Samuel, Jihoon and the center guy (I forgot how to spell his name asfddlgk) weren’t practically about to start election campaigns when they had to discuss who would be center. But um y'all ain’t woke. Or when Mnet made it seem like Taehyun was this stuck up jerk who thought he was better than the others because he had already debuted. And y'all flip flopped from praising to spitting on them straight quick like y'all disgust me honestly.

I’m heated 😤 but lemme give y'all some more examples before you start calling bluff and bias on me. Remember how Chanmi was a Queen and KNEW it, she was in rank A too, and yet she didn’t fit Mnet’s “innocent cute” pedophile pleasing concept, so they turned her into a damn witch and they never had to bother with her ass again cause y'all roasted it to hell. Remember that “misunderstanding” with Soyeon and Yebin? It’s practically the EXACT same thing that’s happening now. Mnet thinks they slick… Yebin didn’t “hear” what Soyeon said and turned into a pissy baby, making Soyeon look like some kind of dictator. Soyeon was in A too both times, and slayed ALL of her performances, but she didn’t fit the image so bye bye to her.

Mnet is so OBVIOUSLY alienating the people they don’t want, and favoring the ones they do. And you guys seriously just believe it all and it’s lowkey gross af. The kid who said “rappers have to be judged on their singing, but vocals don’t get judged on rap” was so right tf!! But y'all AND the judges calling him whiny and shit, and yet!! When Daniel said “I think they shouldn’t complain, an idol should be able to do everything” he’s hailed as a king, like what the actual fuck?

ANYWAYS, stop being fake and wake up fam 👏 and keep my boys Sungwoon & Taehyun’s names out of your hypocritical mouths if you ain’t got anything nice to say ok :)


Food for thought……….sometimes coincidence is a plan in disguise….

Dear Maya
WOW! Our girl looks like a goddess in the new photo shoot! What a treat to see her in Coco’s abode. She mentioned serving dinner and I do wonder what she would cook, Maybe her pasta or even a grilled cheese. I had one with Brie and cheddar yesterday that was delicious but hard to beat a croque monsieur in Paris! Meanwhile her handsome man is having a GREAT TIME with Good Time in NYC (one of my fav places you know). Hard to beat a New York hot dog! (hold the mustard for me though)

R: I miss you

K: You just saw us

R: so I can’t miss you?

K: Miss you more

R: It was amazing. No one even knew you were there.

K: you and your affinity for disguises

R: they served us well. We had a good time

K: a GREAT time! You know she hasn’t put that doll down

R: it was a great time except that you stopped me from buying more

K: DUDE. You can’t buy her everything in that store! I thought the whole point was not to draw attention to ourselves. If I let you buy all the shit you wanted they would ask for some kind of ID. You can’t just pay in wads of cash like you just robbed a bank

R: you said I made a good robber

K: I said rad robber

R: that was a rad ice cream sundae

K: still can’t believe she ate the whole thing

R: still can’t believe they didn’t have grilled cheese. That’s her favorite but your grilled cheese is the best. They make me melt

K: you are such a dork! You make ME melt

R: she ate the pigs in a blanket because you told her they were mini hot dogs. And…….
I have a hot dog for you

K: um. That’s hardly a mini hot dog

R: can you eat the whole thing?

K: omg stfu

R: thanks for being there

K: you think I would have missed it? I’m so proud of you

R: you know I love you more than hot dogs?

K: speaking of……….your twitter groupies were salivating over your hot dog short

R: I told you honey. There is nothing short about my hot dog

K: stop reminding me how much I miss you

R: you have a Twitter acct now?

K: FUCK NO. But apparently you do……….. Or was that just a “rumor”

R: who comes up with some of that shit?

K: dude. You tell so many stories nobody knows what’s real

R: that’s the point isn’t it? let the stories be told. They can say what they want

K: chaos. confusion. disguises. Let the good times roll! Got it

R: you’ve always had it honey

K: you have too

R: by the way Happy Anniversary

K: ????

R: it’s on Twitter so it must be true

K: WTF are you talking about

R: today is Bella and Edward’s anniversary

K: oh shit. Sorry dude. How could I forget.

R: you wanna play honeymoon?

K: yeah. you wanna nibble my neck?

R: I wanna make you melt. Sounds kinda cheesy

K: I happen to have a thing for cheesy and yeah you always do. I love you

R: yeah. I love you more

So sweet Maya
Here’s a great song by The Cars. Have you ever heard it? Love the lyrics. Let The Good Times Roll. It’s going to be OK.

Aug 2017

  • me every time someone talks about something from the 90s being adapted or remade: great but where is my animorphs anything. i literally don't care about what you're saying what about animorphs. i have waited so long. i have lived through so many rumors. am i gonna have to fund this myself? forty years from now am i going to use all of my retirement money to convince scholastic to give it a shot? i don't want it to happen that way. why does nobody care? have we all forgotten the cultural impact? k. a. applegate won't return my calls. i have an andalite in my closet. send help

For @yoichooseno, who wanted dad Jason. Sorry this took so long (and is so short)! I had a bit of trouble with details so it’s purposefully ambiguous about a lot of things.

What the hell am I doing?

He used to think that a lot in the early days. Still does, sometimes. When there’s nobody else around except this tiny child who trusts him so much. And he wonders.

What did I do to deserve this?

He told Stephanie first. Certain members of the family - he doesn’t want to point fingers but, what starts with D, ends in k and rhymes with stick (in the mud)? - never quite forgive him for that. But, in Jason’s defence, he had no fucking idea what to do and according to rumours (aka Oracle) Stephanie is good with kids.

She also happens to be half-way through his window when he realises just how out of his depth he is. Like free-swimming to the Mariana Trench kind of out of his depth.

“Thank god,” Jason breathes when the blonde Bat tumbles off his kitchen bench to land in a crouch on the floor. In the living room, the screaming child throws a book at the TV. Jason winces. “I need your help.”

Stephanie straightens slowly. “If it involves holding a kid for ransom, I’m not interested.”

“I didn’t kidnap him,” Jason snaps. “He’s mine.”

Stephanie blinks, tips her head to the side so she can glance past Jason into the living room. Whatever she sees must satisfy her because after a few seconds she nods her head and peels off her mask. “How can I help?”

Between the two of them, they get the boy calmed down. Then Jason sends Stephanie on a grocery run for child-appropriate food and toys while he child-proofs the apartment. And figures out how to explain the new living arrangement to a distraugt, confused and frustrated toddler.

“Hey sweetie, what’s your name?”


“And how old are you?”

“Three and two quarters!”

“You have to tell B.”

It’s been four weeks and a handful of days since Stephanie rolled through his window, and so far she’s kept her promise not to Bruce or Alfred or his brothers in exchange for letting Cass in on the secret. His sister is currently sitting on the floor with Noah, playing some kind of clapping game that has both their faces taut with concentration.

“I don’t have'ta do anything,” Jason snaps, turning away from the scene on the floor to glare at Stephanie.

“He’s noticed you haven’t been patrolling,” the blonde counters. “And he knows you haven’t left town. So how long d'you think it’ll be before he drops by to check on you?” She nods toward Noah, now showing Cass how to stack wooden blocks to build a bridge. “You really want him to find out you’re affiliated with the Big Bad Bat?”

Jason sighs, runs a hand through his hair. “Not today.” Stephanie opens her mouth to argue and he hurriedly adds, “Soon, okay? Just not now. Let me have today.”

Noah clings tightly to Jason’s hand, both of them staring up at the Manor. One with awe and anticipation. The other with trepidation.

Tim answers the door when Jason finally works up the courage to ring the doorbell, an apple in one hand, his ever-present tablet in the other. He treats Jason to a wary look, eyes widening when they drift down to his small companion. Then he takes a step back. “Um. Come in.”

Noah tugs on Jason’s sleeve so he lifts the kid to sit on his hip as they follow Tim through the Manor to the kitchen. “B here?” he asks.

“He’s in the- uh, he’s downstairs.”

They end up in the kitchen, Jason pausing in the doorway as Alfred turns toward them from the stove and freezes. “Master Jason,” he says, delight overshadowed by surprise. “We weren’t expecting you.”

“Yeah. I…” Jason adjusts his hold on Noah so he can put the kid down on his feet, a reassuring hand on his shoulder when he presses back against Jason’s legs. “Just thought I’d stop by. Wanted you to meet someone.”

Alfred wipes his hands on his apron and comes over to smile down at the child. “And who might this someone be?”

“I’m Noah,” the kid pipes up.

“Hello, Noah,” Alfred says. “I’m Alfred.” He looks up at Jason, question in his eyes, and Jason can only nod. Not like he can deny it; the kid looks enough like him for the relationship to be obvious. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Jason just hopes the next meeting goes half as well.


“Well, Bruce, when a man and a woman-”

“Jason. Do you know who his mother is?”

“What makes you think I’d tell you if I did?”



“How’d he come to you?”

“She died. Child Services called, said I’m the only one she listed as family. No idea how they even got my number, but I wasn’t gonna say no. He’s just a kid.”

Having the rest of the family know about Noah certainly makes Jason’s life easier, if only because it gives him an army of babysitters to choose from whenever the need arises. He’d been unsure about leaving Noah with them at first since the kid had seemed reluctant to form attachments to anyone. But he’d adjusted to having a slew of new aunts and uncles a lot better than he’d adjusted to living with a father he’d never met before.

The first time Jason left him with Alfred, he’d come back to find him colouring with Damian, both of them sitting on floor in the den with Finding Nemo playing in the background and Dick snoring quietly on the couch behind them.

“Uncle Dami’s fun,” Noah had confided to him in the car on the way home. “He showed me how to draw horses.”

The scribble of orange crayon that, if you squinted, did indeed look like a horse, found its home on the fridge in Jason’s apartment. The first of many childish drawings to be collected there.

The first time Noah calls him Daddy, they’re both so shocked they just stare at each other across the table for several long seconds. Then Noah huffs and holds out his hand, demanding more emphatically, “Salt, daddy. Please.”

Jason obligingly sprinkles salt on his pasta.

And later that night, after Noah is safely tucked into bed, he calls Alfred and freaks out because holy shit I’m a father what am I doing?! Alfred just chuckles and says, “Something right, it would seem.”

They settle into a kind of routine. Jason cuts his nighttime activities to almost none, only going out when it’s absolutely necessary and there’s someone free to take care Noah for him. These days his nights are spent cooking and eating dinner with Noah then watching a movie or reading before the child’s bedtime.

“What did I do to deserve you?” Jason’s whispers to the child cradled in his arms, nuzzling baby-soft blond hair that tickles his nose.

Noah turns away from Snow White’s singing to look up at him with serious green eyes and says, “Mama said you made her safe and that made her so happy she had me to always remember.”

Jason chuckles at the innocent explanation, bumping their noses together. “I love you, kiddo.”

“I love you too, daddy.”

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Hello, for some reason when i see that serial killer jensen tag I think about jensen as a nurse who likes to kill his patients with lethal injections like Charles Cullen. No one suspects it of course. Especially not his boyfriend jared, the doctor who willingly turns a blind eye to the alarming number of patients that have died in jensen's watch. They were going to die anyways he figures.

Jensen gives Digoxin kisses.

He works the night shift under the moon but everyone knows he’s part sun. The machines beep dully and the bags inflate metrically and Jensen can be a good-ghost on tiptoes when it’s time to get vitals. 

He’s pretty and gentle and his patients like to get things from him. They all call him words that sound like the letter K.

Mr. Hirota, after his third heart attack, says Jensen is careful.

“So kind, so considerate,” 79-year-old Evelyn in 506 says, fussing over Jensen’s lopsided badge.

One of the youngest on the floor deems him cool out loud and tells her furry lock-diary that really she meant cute. Abby’s a 2nd grader and knows with astute storybook wisdom what princes are.

They want small stuff, usually. 

A harmless hug or a sneaky sugar-free sucker, a look at his centerfold face. And Jensen gives liberally; everyone gets something. But only the special ones get kissed.

It’s maybe 50 mcg but ordinarily a little more. Sometimes 0.2 mg is all it takes. They never taste his lips, but they get to spy on his secret-soul. They’re in the big time then – however briefly it lasts.

Jared doesn’t know any of this, won’t for a long time, but crush is shaped like K, too.


“It’ll be you that gets me caught,” Jensen says. It sounds like he’s blushing.

Jensen is tucked and bent down near the tile, re-looping the bunny ears on one of his shoes. Jared’s studying the round scoop of his butt from this angle, thinking about the excessive ways in which people love. Matching jewelry and matching names. Jared doesn’t love like any of those things.

“It’ll be you that catches me,” Jared says mildly.

It’s genuine, but he’s distracted by his favorite nurse’s fondest places. He only gets a half-peek of the joggled look on Jensen’s face before it mists gone.

“My nametag was backwards today,” Jensen says, like scolding. Like he’s a shushy librarian and Jared’s a virile teen.

Jared’s head feels backwards a lot. It’s Jensen-specific. And he means to say, “I’ll do better tomorrow,” but says instead, “I’ll fuck you softer tomorrow.”

Jensen makes the blush-sound again and his neck goes blood-pink under gold skin. He’s Jared’s good sunset boy. And he wears scrubs with little sea turtles printed on the pants.

Nobody uses the break room in the South wing by the elevators. 

The vending machine eats a lot of quarters, but the couch in the corner is sympathetic on knees and backs.  


Someone dies on a Thursday morning.

A bad liver comes in, a body bag goes out.

Time of death is 8:05 a.m. when Jared calls it. Jensen’s already gone home from his shift, cool death-skin day.


Jared loves like this: wet teeth, bare cock, his hands at Jensen’s hips, Jensen teething at his throat. In the back of Jared’s SUV in the security-monitored parking garage, Jared loves like no other.

He tried to tell Jensen once, early on. Two nights after he put his dick in Jensen for the first time.

“Look,” he’d said, careful to hold his clipboard in front of his chest and speak neutrally. “If I wanted to keep—“ you, he’d thought, wild, reckless, “doing this.” Jensen’s eyes cut sideways. And Jared reformed his wants. “Do you like pasta?”

It’s hard to fuck up pasta, he knows how to make like six different dishes, he has a spice rack the size of—

Jared can still feel Jensen’s halting hand on his mumbling mouth. Can still hear the way Jensen said, old-man frail, “Relationships are a handicap.” How he’d said he couldn’t do that – but he could do this. “You can fuck me any time you want.”

Jared thinks he maybe fell in love the day Jensen quietly walked in for his first shift. Butterscotch drops on his cheeks, dad-glasses on his nose.

An oxygen tank would’ve been useful then.

Now not even the defibrillators could help bring Jared back.

It’s okay when Jensen sits in his lap and rocks like a baby. It’s okay when Jensen takes a gut-deep breath and says, “do me,” into Jared’s ear, softly begging. It’s okay when Jensen puts his tongue in Jared’s mouth and gives him things that nobody else in the hospital gets.

Jared’s husband-heart takes what it can. It doesn’t really feel like he’s Jensen’s boss.


Dr. Padalecki doesn’t waste time doing the math.

He doesn’t check administered doses or timecharts and it’s not at the back of his head to wonder over precisely how many minutes certain pharmaceuticals take to kick in. 


“I know you don’t want to hear this,” Jared says, on their marital-couch in the dark break room, the TV mounted in the corner spitting bluefire light against Jensen’s shoulders. “And I won’t say it again.”

Jensen’s belly-down, shirt pushed high up along his ribs, and Jared’s got him in a ridiculous pose – ass pulled up like a bitch, bare from the waist down, so he can feel it the moment Jensen panics.

Jensen hates heart-talk, and trapping him like this is unfair. But Jared can’t be kind. His brain feels like a clot.

“Just, you should know,” Jared says, quieter now like maybe it can be smudged out later on, his dick still spitting sloppy inside Jensen’s puckering ass. “I’m having a real hard time not telling you that I love you.”


Jared sees color-blurs sometimes. Pale hair the shade of dry cornstalks, turtle-pattern material Jared’s hands have tugged to threads before. Lots of befores. 

He sees movement flitting between quiet doors of patients not assigned to Jensen and half-convinces himself it’s an illusion borne from lack of sleep and intense adoration.

Jared starts seeing Jensen everywhere he goes. 


It’s 6 months before anyone mentions the fact that deceased patient folders are piling up and the morgue’s breathing down their neck.

It doesn’t look good for the ward and it doesn’t look good for Jared. The last few weeks alone have seen a spike in farewells.

He catches Jensen by accident in the locked supply room with a pulled-up page on the monitor that he shouldn’t have access to, and a couple of precision glide syringes in his hand. Nobody requires insulin tonight.

Jensen watches him carefully, dampy at the lashes. Before Abby went to meet God and the angels she told Jared that princes aren’t ever supposed to cry.


“Okay,” Jared says. He swallows dry and nods hard. It’s okay. It’s still okay.

He hugs Jensen handcuff-tight and stays holding on like a cloud of morphine.

Jensen finally sniffs, curls in against Jared’s neck and says, “I’ve never— I don’t know how to—“ Love. It’s choked and puny and Jared stares at the wall and wonders how long Jensen’s been ill.


The investigation comes and goes and any thoughts of foul play are snuffed out when nothing substantial turns up. 

Some of the staff says there’s a peculiar janitor, but nobody can settle on anything specific. The hard drives have been too recently purged.

When Jensen moves into Jared’s house and hangs his turtle scrubs in Jared’s walk-in closet, sucks Jared’s dick like his good wife, tells Jared it had to happen, he had to prevent any suffering, the only things that match between the two of them are hidden behind their bones.

The kisses Jared needs taste only of sweet-mint.


Jensen’s a K word and Jared’s just lovefooled enough to not care. Not when he has everything he ever wanted draped naked on his bed, cock soft and wet in Jared’s mouth, fairytale face gone smooth.  

He’s still nervous for the day he’ll catch a common cold, what’ll happen, if Jensen will frown worried-eyes at him and say, “oh no, are you getting sick?”

But Jared has always known that beautiful things are never harmless.

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you criticize people who talk about the ships they hate but spend all your time talking about klance.. sorry if we lgbt latinxs want to see some good representation (bi lance + klance bc if lance ends up with a girl nobody outside tumblr will unknowladge him as bi) lol???

1. no offense buddy but I seriously think you’re hallucinating because I basically never talk about k*lance since I don’t like it and don’t give a single fuck about it
2. y'all keep making it about “representation” when we all know you’re just upset about k*lance not having a single chance to happen.
I appreciate people who are honest about it a lot more tbh! it’s okay to be upset if your ship has no chance to become canon, but making it a political issue is so fucking stupid oh my god y'all don’t care about representation at all, grow up
3. I’m totally fine with people headcanoning lance as bi (even thought it’s mostly because in this way they can ship him with keith. anyway), but… I personally think it’s pretty clear he only likes girls? writers created lance in a way that doesn’t necessary fit with the idea you have of him and you have to accept it, period
4. voltron is a damn CARTOON and lance is a CARTOON CHARACTER, same for the other paladins. they’re all stereotyped in a way and you can’t seriously expect idk how much depth in a fucking cartoon. stop
5. I can’t escape discourse, can I? lmao

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Why do people think kaisoo shippers are annoying

I’ve answered this before, they’re loud, they’re persistent, and they swarm in numbers. Some are unapologetic about it all, (me!), some are emotional and that tends to get messy. Some have a tendency to exaggerate and misconstrue everything and that just looks weird…

Half the fandom is really young, really childish in general, so when discussing stuff, they giggle about ‘sex’-related things and are so fascinated about it all. And fight about trivial members (omg I’m so top!kai or top!soo, nobody cares that much, moving on) And it’s just, overwhelming. I don’t care about when KD lost their virginities, I just want to discuss their dynamics together. Which drew me into the ‘shipdom’.

But k-pop fandom in general will take what you say the wrong way and I’ve seen that happen to a lot of KD shippers, period. It’s wild. And then they run with it.

Also people in this fandom just like to harass others over ship stuff, because it makes them look edgy or cool and gets them followers. I used to get a lot of anon hate. Either I’ll troll back, look you dealing with a bitch that likes to fight – you’re not going to win this. Or ignore, which tends to make them sad, I think. Because they’ll send you 2 or 3 more anons in a row to egg you on and you just catch this ip address block. So like it’s literally all the above. This group don’t necessary find them ‘annoying’, but attacking KD shippers makes them forget that they don’t have friends in real life.

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In the original golion, allura falls for keith but is one-sided, and it's only in the american version that they force a romantic arc between them. Do you think they might keep that aspect? I wonder if the show could end up with both lance and allura pinning for him and keith choosing none of them

I don’t want to get too focused on one particular story arc happening, because honestly, I don’t know? I really don’t have a clue as to who Keith will fall in love with. However, I don’t think he’ll end up with nobody. Personal ships aside, and just focusing on theories, I think there’s a chance that Keith may get with Allura at some point - but whether he stays with her is another question entirely. What could happen is a mutual break up, followed by Keith getting with Lance. That way, they satisfy any die-hard K/A shippers from the old show (or any new ones now) by paying homage to the relationship, but also do their own thing by not having them be endgame - basically, what they’ve done (and continue to do) with the entire show.

EX Reaction to their GF forgetting their birthdays

I would feel so bad… but probably would happen to me. I’m the kind of girl that remembers the whole week that your birthday is coming soon and the day it comes it just vanishes from my  mind ._. Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“What am I doing? Well.. I’m giving myself gifts because why not? It’s mah day” *Too busy with his presents*


*Acts like he is upset but deep inside he knows you didn’t mean wrong* 


“Eleven minutes already passed… why hasn’t she called? Did she forget?” *Been staring at his phone since midnight*


*He’ll be fine as long as you treat him with many cakes*


*Gives you that puppy stare that eventually will make you feel something is wrong* “Remember jagi… I know you can…” *Pouts hopefully* 


*Waits up until very late for you* “I wonder if something happened… she had a lot in her mind, it probably was that…”


*Crashes your place* “So.. jagi… we have a problem and we need to fix it asap” *Byun boy is getting his birthday present, yes or yes*


*Looks at like this until you finally realize* “It’s okay… I know you didn’t mean it… I’ll forgive you if you play soccer with me”


“So she remembered Sehun’s birthday but not mine? What did I do wrong?” *Endless wondering until he realizes he told you he didn’t want anything special*


*Even when he says he is okay, we all know his little heart is too delicate. Yet he would never tell you because he doesn’t want you to feel bad*


*Since there’s nothing planned for the day probably sleeps the whole day* “Maybe tomorrow we’ll do something special…goodnight”


*Nobody hears from him in days, feels a little disappointed but knows it can happen anytime. It’s just that no matter how many people congratulated him, the only one that really mattered was you* (Not wanting to make the reader feel guilty tho xD Sorry if it sounds that way)

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

a bunch of seijou hcs i made bc i Cannot Contain myself

i’ve had most of these for a while tbh and i didnt wanna post it until i had Absolutely no more headcanons to create but that is just Impossible™ so i’m just gonna post it now and keep adding on whenever i think of anything else lmao enjoy these idk if they’re any good or not:

-matsukawa knows how to play guitar (and a little bit of the bass too), and sometimes when he’s alone he’ll practice singing as well
-he probably sounds like Charlie Puth or smth
-he really loves jack johnson like he has probably every album by JJ himself
-hanamaki can play keyboard, and a little bit of the harp
-he learned how to play the harp when he was little because he’d visit his grandma’s house a lot and she’d just have a rlly old one sitting in the middle of the floor
-hanamaki Cannot Sing to save his life but dang can he make up lyrics someone give this guy a medal
-one time mattsun and makki were hangin’ out at makki’s house and makki started playing bohemian rhapsody on the piano which of course led to matsukawa belting out the lyrics
-halfway into the song hanamaki joined in and by the end they were both completely out of breath (they sang the guitar solos as well)
-that was the day they both discovered each other’s talents
-“dude what the fuck why didnt you tell me you could sing” “um excuse you since when did you know how to play bohemian rhapsody”
-they formed a “Two Man Band” called The Spicy Jalapeños
-eventually they debuted themselves to the rest of the team
-“who the fuck decided on the name” “it was a joint effort actually”
-nobody knew until one Seijou Movie Night was hosted at his house and they all saw the GINORMOUS drum kit that took up like half the space in his room
-hanamaki and matsukawa immediately tried to recruit him into their “band”
-watari agreed on the condition that he could change the name
-it actually took two days for matsukawa and hanamaki to agree to his condition
-“wow r00d we worked really hard in the two minutes it took us to think of that name” (they were actually daring each other to eat jalapeños from a jar when they had their epiphany)
-watari renamed the group The Homiesexuals
-hanamaki and matsukawa had tears of joy in their eyes upon hearing their new name
-“we’re sorry we ever doubted you man holy shit”
-they started dickin’ around with their instruments at watari’s house like hanamaki leaves his keyboard there and matsukawa always brings his acoustic and they just jam out
-every friday night makki and mattsun stay really late @ watari’s just to practice
-they all agree to host a talent show just for the volleyball team (makki and mattsun use their third year privileges to get everyone to join)
-they host it at kindaichi’s house because damn kindaichi’s got moNEY
-The Homiesexuals dont participate in the talent show they are the judges
-iwaizumi was the first to go up
-he literally got away with just taking his shirt off and flexing that’s all he did 10/10 iwa-chan
-kindaichi and kunimi went up next; without consent from kunimi
-kindaichi can beatbox like a pro god damn
-“alright what do you have for us today” *kunimi starts aggressively rapping freestyle with kindaichi laying down a sick beat*
-that was the moment the entire team realized kindaichi and kunimi are the real Ultimate Duo™
-“kunimi what the fuck” “i only rap free”
-right when oikawa got up to perform makki said “its a no from me”
-he still performed anyway
-he sang Emotions by Mariah Carey and almost broke every single piece of glass in the kindaichi household
-no one even knew he could sing that high like oikawa what the fuck
-he still got a 6/10 tho lmao rip oiks
-“that’s all i get!?” “we deducted points because mattsun wanted to personally say ‘get rekt’” “get fuckin re k t”
-kyoutani was next to go up
-hoo boi This Child™
-he brought his own electric guitar and amp and noBODY NOTICED IT UNTIL THAT MOMENT
-once he set everything up he totally went all-out like he was even head banging and shit
-right after his performance he sat down like nothing happened while everyone looked at him like he was insane
-“kyoutani did you really just fucking play Get Scared” “i like their songs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”
-yahaba was the last to go up because “the best is always saved for last”
-it was agreed by everyone at that moment that yahaba was a Literal Angel
-makki actually had tears in his eyes by the end of yahaba’s song
-he sang Love On Top by Beyoncé and got a perfect score from all three judges
-“he really was the best” mattsun had said and nobody disagreed
-yahaba and iwaizumi won the talent show (no one wanted to think of a tiebreaker so they just both got first place)
-after the talent show The Homiesexuals tried to get the entire team into their band
-everyone agreed, if only to stop both the constant complaining and screaming from the original band members (matsuhana and watari are like the pettiest people ever i’m crying)
-eventually the seijou vball team started doing concerts as fundraisers and stuff for their club
-iwaizumi is used as the security/manager for the team’s band
-he does not trust anyone on the team with handling money or other people
-sometimes makki’s harp makes a surprise appearance at concerts and rehearsals and everyone gathers around just to listen to him play
-its Literally the most soothing thing anyone has ever heard like yea u go makki play that harp
-one time makki got too emotional and he vented using his harp and when he turned around he saw mattsun like silently bawling his eyes out
-mattsun of course gave him a hug and tons of love and support and makki gladly accepted it all
-sometimes makki prefers to use his harp during practice and everyone just goes along with it because really who doesnt wanna listen to hanamaki playing the harp
-it also somehow ties their music together like no one knows How he does it but it all just magically fits into place makki you magician

i’m probably gonna add more stuff to this and use it in one of my fics but for now this is all i have lmfaO

Today I’m all purple, Kenny Omega and- I mean, I’m like “My neck, my back and my broken heart”. I was listening “Join the Club” (Bring me the Horizon, men -> ) while I did that and now I want to share my mood with you all.

«Do you wish that you could cut yourself out of your skin?
Well, join the club, yeah, join the club.

Whatever the fuck it takes to feel like you fit in
Well, join the club; yeah, join the club.

Life is a song with no one to dance to.
The same old shit happening and nobody knows.
My heart is a dead horse, there’s no point in beating.
Just let me sink, let me sink into the fucking ground.

Fuck it.

You’re scared;
I can see you tremble,
Shaking like a dog,
Shittin’ razor blades.
Feel the shadows like a stranger;
Well, join the club, yeah, join the club.»

I join the /Bullet/ Club, men. 
Bang bang, you’re dead. 

Goodbye and goodnight. 

Prince Charming - Shawn Mendes

Crap. I am running late to (Y/F/N)’s party. She is going to kill me and burn my dead body. I had over napped and had accidentally taken the wrong bus. I had realized my mistake on the seventh stop so I had to catch the bus back. Thankfully her place wasn’t too far from the main road.
After a ten minute walk, I reached her place. Music and laughter had filled the air around her neighbourhood.
I went into her house trying to get through the bodies that were blocking the passage, muttering excuse me. I stood on something that wasn’t flat. It was someone’s shoe. I looked up to see who was the owner of that shoe.
He was tall and really cute. He was wearing a grey tank top that showed off his amazing arms.

“Sorry!” I yelled over the music.

“It’s okay! You don’t need to be sorry!” He yelled back with a smile.

“(Y/N)! Where have you been I need your help!” (Y/F/N) screamed.

I looked at her and stared desperately at the cute mystery guy.

“Hopefully I get to see you later!” I yell at him as I go to help my friend with her issues.

She went to the back yard and I followed. The music wasn’t as loud as inside so we didn’t have to yell.

“Thank god you’re here. I would kick your ass if I didn’t need right now. Can you please look after the place? I need to buy more chips and soda. Please?” She begged.

“Sure. But if something breaks its not my fault.”

“Thank you! I’ll be back in a few minutes. Oh, and the guy you were talking to is so cute!”
She rushed into the house and vanished into the crowd.

I stand there blushing like crazy thinking about that guy.
I go back inside and get myself a slice of pizza. I clear a few spills and food on the floor but I soon got bored. I looked around a little for mystery guy but I couldn’t find him.

Instead, spot a few people I know on the dance floor so I decide to join them. I’m an awful dancer but it’s fun.
A few people give me odd looks but I respond with my best smile as I attempt to do a move that I saw in a K-Pop music video. It didn’t workout as well as I hoped. I jumped and landed badly on my foot.

I silently cussed and prayed nobody noticed my failure, but someone did. Mystery guy came up to me and held me close to him. His face moved closer to mine.
My breath became shallow. I couldn’t help but think he was going to kiss me. I closed my eyes because I was scared about what was going to happen. I barely know the guy and yet, I want him to kiss me. Am I insane?

“Are you okay? Can you walk?” He whispered in my ear.

I felt like an idiot for thinking he’d kiss me but he actually just wanted me to hear him better.
I tried to put some weight on my foot but it hurt too much.

I motioned for him to come close so I could answer him.
“I’m fine. Thanks for worrying but I can hop around so please enjoy the party.”
I tried to give him my most reassuring smile. It didn’t work.

“No, you don’t look fine. Let me help you.” He pressed.

“Go have fun, I’m fine.”

“(Y/N) I’m back. Sorry it took- oh hi I’m (Y/F/N)!”
She looked at me with an impressed look on her face. I rolled my eyes at her.

“I’m Shawn. I think (Y/N) injured her ankle but she doesn’t want my help!” He yelled over the music.

She gave me an are-you-crazy? look.

“Go take her to the room on the left upstairs. There’s a bandages up there!”

“Wai- AH!” All of a sudden I was off the floor. Shawn had lifted me up and carried me bridal style in his arms. Really amazing arms.

I looked helplessly at (Y/F/N) but she was smiling happily possibly congratulating herself on becoming a successful Cupid.

“I’m sorry I’m heavy. You don’t have to carry me.” I tell him.

Shhh was his reply.

He carried me up the steps and into the bathroom. Quite a few people saw us so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was going to blow up in school on Monday. It didn’t matter though, I didn’t care about what others thought about me.
Shawn gently set me down on the side of the tub and went out.

I carefully took off my shoe and sock to clearly reveal a large red bump on my ankle. God it looks awful.
Shawn came back with a pack of frozen peas and a towel. He closed the door behind him which dimmed the music. He wrapped the pack with the towel, carefully placing it onto my ankle.

“It that better?” He asked looking up at me.
His beautiful brown eyes made my heart swoon.

“Yes. Look, I’m really sorry that you had the need to help me. Thats really sweet of you.”

“Stop apologizing. How about a thank you?”

“Thank you, Prince Charming for helping a damsel in distress.”

He smirked.
“Was that much harder to say than sorry?”

“Excruciatingly hard.” I tease.

He stayed with me in the bathroom and chatted about nothing and everything. We talked until we realized that the music had stopped playing.

“I think it’s late. I should probably get going.” He said but he hadn’t moved yet.

“Can I ask you one thing before you go?”


“If you could do something that you might regret if you don’t but if you do it, someone’s heart might break, would you still do it?

“Take your shot, it might be scary. Heart are going to break because we don’t have the time to be sorry so don’t regret anything.”

“Okay. I’m going to kiss you.”


I pulled him closer and kissed him. His lips tasted sweet and amazing and better than I anticipated. I started to think it was a bad idea but then, he kissed me back and it was magical.

- - - - - - - - -
Inspired by the Life of the Party if you hadn’t already guessed.

I’m so happy that so many liked my previous imagine. I hope you guys like this one too. Xx

Jungkook X Reader BTS imagine


Hiii fellow armies! Firstly I want to say a huge huge thank you to every person that liked and read my Suga imagine I really didn’t expect that many likes and it gave me a reason to smile all week. ily all!! <3

I wrote a new Jungkook smut, it took me ages and i’ve decided to make it more Jungkook-like because he is quite shy but gets confident later so I hope you enjoy. xoxo FIGHTING!!!

Rating: M, read at your own risk.


“ Finished.”

You stood up, hands clamped over your mouth as your teeth bit into your bottom lip to hold back the laughter. You analysed your boyfriend, Jungkook, who had a face coated in glittery make-up with an embarrassed facial expression.

His black hair was tied into two mini pig tails at the top of his head with yellow bow hair bobbles, his eye lids were covered in sparkly pink eye shadow with thick winged eye liner and his cheeks and lips were paintedpink. He looked like Jin hyungs dream come true.

Immediately you burst into a fit of laughter, hysterical tears pricking at the corners of your eyes as you clutched your stomach.

“ Ooh- my-god- Jungkook-I can’t I can’t-” You gasped for air, the words not forming properly.

What have I done to him?

Jungkook huffed and gave you a strange look: “ Y/N can I look now, you’re scaring me.”

You didn’t answer and continued giggling at his confused but adorable expression.

He looked ridiculous.

Jungkook spun around and looked at his reflection, his jaw dropping and his eyes widening in horror: “ What the hell!?”

He pulled a face and turned to you, scrunching his nose in disgust.

He quickly rubbed his cheeks and his hands were covered in pink powder. He stood up, crossing his arms over his chest and whined like a baby:

“ Y/N,  I don’t like.”

You burst out laughing again and placed a hand on his chest: “ but it’s pretty!” You giggled and he wanted to smile at your cuteness but hid it.

Jungkook pouted and ran away into the bathroom and you shook your head, still giggling.

You walked over to your queen sized bed and found Jungkook’s spare t-shirt; it had been four months that you had both been dating and nobody had found out your relationship yet, most people thought he was dating a k-pop idol or something but nobody knew he was dating an ordinary girl who happened to bump into him one day and from then on was history.

You had sex with Jungkook a few times but it was quite awkward because you were  both shy and nervous when it came to these things although sometimes you wish it wasn’t.

Without thinking you slipped Jungkooks navy blue t shirt over your body, noticing that it reached just above your knees like a dress. You breathed in his minty scent and wrapped your arms around your waist, hugging the soft fabric to your skin.

The door opened and Jungkook walked in. A light pink blush tinted your cheeks because he was completely shirtless, his midnight black hair was fluffy with strands falling over his eyes and he was only in his black boxers with the red waistband. He was cute but also very handsome.

“ Y/N have you seen my t shirt-” He paused and his eyes scanned your body from head to toe, a deep red blush rising onto his cheeks.

“ I’m sorry, I should have asked-” You started but Jungkook was already in front of you, and his fingers were playing with the hem of your, or his, t-shirt.

He licked his lips and smiled shyly:

“ Cute.” He mumbled, his dark eyes timidly flickering up from your body to your face.

Your face flushed a crimson red and your heart started to beat fast, then a thought flashed into your mind.

A dirty dark thought and your pulse rate increased.

You peeled the t shirt off and dropped it onto the floor, kicking it away and a voice that didn’t sound like yours spoke: “ Maybe I should leave it off.”

Jungkook’s eyes grew wide at your words and even wider at the sight of you in your white lace bra and panties. You looked so innocent and pure and Jungkook couldn’t help but marvel at your body. He wanted to fuck you then and there and he felt his pants grow tight.

He gulped and his neck flushed a deep shade of red.

His silence started to make you nervous and regret your choice of words:

“ Um Jungkook sorry I-” You stuttered then in a quick flash you were suddenly pushed back onto the bed.

Jungkooks body was hovering above yours and his soft lips were placing gently kisses along your shoulder and collarbone, so careful that it was almost like he was afraid that you would break like glass under his touch.

He placed his lips near your ear and whispered: “ Maybe we should take everything off right?”

Your cheeked reddened and your lips quivered in anticipation, what was he up to?

He didn’t know what came to him but the sight of you in front of him was enough to send him over the edge to try something almost daring on his girlfriend.

Your fingers instinctively threaded themselves through his silky black hair strands as his lips brushed against your skin around the neck area. He grazed his teeth across it then bit hard, releasing a loud, surprised gasp from your lips.

This only drove him further as he continued biting in lust and sucking hard at your delicate skin, his warm tongue stroking the dark red marks as his hands gently roamed around your waist, fingers skimming along your trembling thighs.

He nervously unclasped your bra and brushed his hand across your breasts, placing a kiss just above them. You didn’t know how many love bites had been branded on your skin but you knew there were a lot by the time his lips were connected back to yours, his tongue exploring your mouth and you responded instantly in need.

Slowly he started to grind his crotch erotically into yours and the contact made your hips involuntarily buck up in arousal, you felt yourself getting damp down below and urgently wanted him inside you.

Jungkook groaned lowly and detached his lips from yours, trailing shy kisses down your shaking body; from the valley between your breasts to your lower stomach until he reached your panties.

“ Jungkook what are you doing?” You asked anxiously, feeling your body grow hot as his fingers played with the waist band of your panties, pulling it then snapping it back.

He looked up at you, hair wild, lips puffy and pink as dark glint passed through his eyes. He looked like a hot mess.

“ You’ll find out baby, be patient.”

Were his last words before he grasped the waist line of your white panties between his teeth and seductively pulled them down your legs.

Your heart thumped rapidly in your chest, never had Jungkook been like this, he was usually so shy and nervous but tonight, something changed within him. This was a whole new, confident side of him.

He tossed the panties away and his eyes darkened at the image of your beautiful body fully exposed to his hungry eyes only.
He wanted to try something and placed both hands on your thighs, pushing them wide apart.

You were embarrassed and tried to shut them but he only pushed them apart farther and pecked your lips:

“ Relax,” He assured, smiling coyly.

He dipped his head down between your thighs and pushed his tongue out, tortuously stroking your wet centre up and down, you whimpered in delight and your hands fisted the white bed sheets.

Jungkook noticed and continued in desperation, his wet tongue slowly circulated around your clit, twirling it around the dripping wet area before pushing it deeper and coiling his tongue inside you.

“ Fuck!” You moaned from the thrill and agony of it all and tried to push your legs together from the excitement but he held them firmly apart with his hands and continued his work.

It felt amazing, you moaned louder and your hands gripped his hair so his tongue pressed deeper inside you.

The dirty word that fell from your innocent lips drove him crazy. Quickly his tongue rotated around your sensitive area, pushing it in and out and without warning he entered a finger.

“ Oppa-” You mewled and he watched you, the dark pool of his eyes swirling in lust and excitement as he drew his finger out then inserted in back in, in out in out, the sight of you moaning and breathing his name under his control made Jungkook’s bulge grow tight in his boxers.

“ You like that baby? Feels good yeah?”

He placed a second finger in and you cried out, your breaths increasing as he pumped his fingers in and out, biting his lip to hold back a moan himself. He felt your walls tighten around his touch and he pulled his fingers out.

Jungkook leaned back and took his boxers off and placed a condom on before crawling on top of you. The small amount of confidence that appeared increased and the need to please you was like an obsession.

Your neck and face grew a crimson red at the image of him pushing his cock into you and the need for him was almost unbearable.

“ Are you sure you want to…?” He asked, nervously raising his signature eyebrow.

You nodded shyly and placed your hands on his biceps as he looked down into your eyes.

“ Show me what you’ve got.” You whispered and he did.

Instantly, Jungkook pushed his hard cock into your seeping wet clit and slowly rocked his hips against yours, scared that he might hurt you. But when you moaned his name, he stopped, his heart beat racing fast.

“ Is something wrong?” You stammered in panic and he shook his head and smiled.

“ It’s just…when you said my name…”

The sound of his name falling from your lips gave him the boost of confidence, grinding his hips harder into yours, fore arms placed either side of your head, he thrusted his cock fast into your centre.

“ Jungkook, please go harder Jungkook.”

You gasped for air as his hips bucked into yours, his large cock was pounding ruthlessly into your clit and the sound of his name drove him insane. He fucked you harder when you moaned and lifted your right leg over his shoulder so that he could pump his cock harder into you.

“ Please, Jungkook.” You begged even though you didn’t know why.

“ Say it again baby, say my name.” He breathed raggedly, beads of sweat racing down his temple to his neck.

Your finger nails were piercing marks into his biceps and he hissed as it stung yet he still enjoyed the sharp sensation.

He pulled his cock out and you whined from the emptiness and as soon as you did he pushed it back in, his lips leaving fiery wet kisses all over your collarbone before sucking hard at the dark bruised skin, releasing another light moan from your swollen lips due to the burning sensation.

He pulled out: “ Bend over Y/N.”

Your body was screaming in exhilaration as you bent over and you felt his hands grab your waist firmly. He placed a light kiss on your shoulder blade and ran his hand through your damp hair, placing it all on one side.

She’s so beautiful he thought to himself as he admired you from behind. She’s all mine

“ I think I’m going to…” You admitted as you felt the head of his cock brush against your centre.

“ I know, I think I am going too.”

His face and chest was glistened in sweat but neither of you cared.

Jungkook wore a silly grin before slowly pressing his cock deep into you then thrusting in a fast rhythm, the smacking sound of skin against skin reflecting from the four walls and your light whimpers and gasps mixed with his quiet grunting being the only thing heard in the room.

He gripped you tighter as his cock pumped in and out, in out, fast and hard and the intensity and fire through you into a chaotic spiral of euphoria.

“ Oppa- i’m going to come-” You panted as you felt your walls tighten around his cock which continued to mercilessly drill into you, pushing hard in and out.

“ Come baby, come on.” He encouraged and you did, squirming as you felt yourself about to come and when you tried to pull away he held you closer and pumped fast, helping you to ride out your high.

Moments later Jungkook spilled himself into the condom and threw it away, collapsing beside you, panting out of breath and your muscles ached.

You lay under the thin sheet and Jungkook pulled your back to his chest so that you were facing the opposite direction.

His fingers drew lazy patterns on your shoulder and you smiled tiredly, enjoying the comfortable silence.

“ Jungkook?”

“ Hmm?” He mumbled, pressing soft kisses along your shoulder and neck, eyeing the purple love bite he left you in pride.

“ Where did you learn to do that..thing?” You asked curiously.

“ What thing?”

“ You know,that thing you did with your tongue" You bit your lip, embarrassed.

You felt Jungkook grin against your skin: “ I’m twenty, I know what I need to know.”

You erupted into a fit of giggles and turned over so that you were facing him, looking at his toothy grin.

“ And what else do you know, you shy baby bun?” You giggled teasingly, tucking your hair behind your ear. Jungkook smiled.

“ I know three things, I love you is the first,” He kissed your cheek and your heart skipped a beat at the small gesture.

“ The second being that i’m an adult now  not a shy baby bun.” He frowned mockingly.

“ And the third?” You pressed on.

Jungkook wore a wolfish grin and skimmed your waist with his fingers: “ That you’re up for a round two.”


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