nobody understands how much i ship this

Birthday gift from my two awesome besties evem if they still don’t understand my obsession with Clexa :D

gosh if you’d all know how much I flipped out and how weird all my friends looked at me cause nobody here at my school in Barcelona (Spain) knows about Clexa…
And thank you so fucking much to @waitingforshow for her amazing art!!!


Starting fairy tail: “Oh look at this. This looks like a good anime that’ll bring me out of my crippling depression!”

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Dragon arc: “Oh! It’s getting a little dark but its fairy tail it’ll be fine.”

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Tartorus arc: “They should be fine. I mean what good anime doesn’t have one deep arc? I mean look at hxh.”

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Zero arc: “Fuck! Even the bad guy has a dark story to it. I HAVE WAY TOO MANY SHIPS!:

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After the year time skip: “Lucy doesnt deserve this treatment! What about Natsu’s long hair. RIP Natsu’s long hair. Do you understand how much the changes and natsu leaving has effected lucy. No you don’t! But I do!”

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The war: “First you take jellal’s fist kiss. You KILL macorov. KILL JUVIA. Almost kill lucy. And then whole thing with mavis’s ‘son’? What The FUCK!”

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chapters 538: “I’ll say it again. LUCY DOSE NOT DESERVE ANY OF THIS!

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Chapter 539-544: Nobody die please. Dont die dont die dont die. Lucy hurry up gurl. Holy crap its happening. When is there a count down in now ready for this. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck.

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I think one of the things I love about you is how unapologetic you are about loving stuff, but also you're kinda sneaky and strategic about it- love a character/series nobody's heard about? draw so much and so well people look 'em up. love a character who most people don't understand or have a biased opinion of? draw balanced narratives allowing for empathy about 'em. love an obscure ship? dRAW

now this just looks like I killed you before you managed to spill the final secret of getting people on board with obscure ships what am I going to tell the cops

Nobody will understand how absolutely pleased I am with the turn out of this photo. I’m almost in tears I am so happy with it!!

So if you haven’t been keeping up with @g-drew and my like 102 note rp between these cuties your missing out!

Freckles is the absolute purest bendy ever, I just love him so much! So getting to ship him with Alice makes me die of pure joy!

FreckledAngel is such a pure ship and I will love it forever and ever!!

message for my fellow cb shippers

Ok, it feels like I haven’t posted anything CB related here for 100 years but there have been a few things in this shipdom that have been triggering me and I wanted to rant a bit about them here. So this is the issue: I have noticed that many people seem to have a, I call it “black and white thinking”, when it comes to CB. What I mean is that people immediately get anxious when they don’t interact, panic whenever they aren’t next to each other for a second or when one of them is going out with someone else, claiming that they fought/aren’t real etc. However, even when they do interact, when they get a bit bolder, a bit more open, I still see people doubting them because it’s suddenly “too much”, because this much PDA can only be fanservice in their eyes thus = not real. And this actually triggers me because I cannot believe how everyone claims to be such an expert when it comes to showbusiness and how SM creates ships and forces them to interact (basically things we cannot have any clue about because we are ordinary people) but when it comes to interpreting and understanding the basics of human relationships = something that is part of our every day life, nobody seems to see the many shades between black and white. People focus too much on single occurences that they turn blind to the whole picture. You cannot measure the relationship between two people on one incident. You cannot measure them by using fanfictions/movies as an example either (sadly, this is what I feel many people subconsciously do) as they mostly present a subjective and unrealistic idea of what being together is supposed to be like. Being together is not about being extremely clingy 24/7, it’s not about always kissing and hugging in public, nor is it about constantly screaming how much you love your partner either. Ofc there is nothing wrong with doing all these things I have mentioned above but what I am trying to say is that good relationships are so much more than that. Good relationships are about trust, support, about being in tune with each other, about minds that connect. And these are all aspects I can clearly see in CB. They have a good - no, a beautiful relationship - no matter if you see them as friends, lovers, soulmates or whatever. But this is only possible for you to see if you start seeing their (and generally all) relationship(s) as a whole instead of focusing on one incident. Try to get rid of this idea that they have to be showy 24/7 for them to be real but also refuse to believe this nonsense about every single step they take towards each other being “fanservice” (= avoid black and white -thinking). I generally feel like many fans are completely misinterpreting the word “fanservice” but I won’t elaborate on that now because this post has already become too long. Nevertheless I want to add that, even if CB gets bold - “fanservice” is not the only explanation I personally can think of. Try to think about the “grey zone”, that’s all I can say. Anyways, I am sorry for ranting but I hope I could get my point accross. Be positive!

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You know one of the reasons I dislike anti bugheads sfm is because they seem so anti-Betty. OK the scene with Chuck in 1x03 was awful BUT the bashing over that scene is... Weird? It's clear she needs help, and may not have been fully in control considering she though she was Polly in that scene. It was wrong ofc but people say we need to understand Archie's issues with Grundy [true af tbh], but then demonize Betty for being mentally unstable.

Well, apparently a hella cute and hella ripped guy with issues is a totally different story than a girl with the same (if not more) mental issues that hit it off with his best friend way too soon and possibly is being an obstacle between him and his asexuality, right? I went full on sacrasm here but I really can’t contain myself sometimes, I’m sorry. Can the antis just lay off and find better arguements against Bughead because this misogynist crap is getting really annoying? There’s not a scale of importance regarding mental issues and relaying on favoritisism for something this crucial is so out of line. Yes, Betty went off the rails that night. But she can’t help it, she can’t control the darkness in her without help. On the same note, Archie is going off the rails everytime he hooks up with another girl and then breaks their hearts when he moves to the next in line. Why is nobody bashing him for that? And I mean in a serious, critisizing way and not as a joke of how much of a typical fuckboy he is. The core four have all their own issues and, irregardless of how big or small those issues are, they should all be treated with respect and understanding. Ship preferences should not get in the way of rooting for a character to face their issues, seek help and eventually get better.

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I don't understand how AkuRoku is such a popular ship when Axel is mentally 25 and Roxas is mentally 14 and didn't understand a lot and was technically less than a year old. (Nevermind that "Nobodies don't age" thing because he was still alive for those 10-ish years and it seems like that's been ignored).

I feel like there are two kinds of people who ship massive age differences like that.

One, actual kids who legitimately don’t understand how much it matters because they simply don’t have that much perspective.

Two, pedophiles.

And for a long-running series like this, maybe also a three, which is people who shipped it for reason number one way back in the day and still kind of ship it now by sheer force of habit without really thinking about what it means.

- Mod A.


For some reason nobody mentions this precious moment. This one of my favourites, if not my favourite Jihope moment. I don’t understand how this ship is so underrated??? This clearly shows just how much they would do for each other. Jimin doing his best to get Hobi something he really wanted is more than enough to be able to  prove that. And as he said the shoes weren’t even imported to Korea yet ;_;. He went out of his way to make sure Hoseok would have a happy and unforgettable birthday. And you can clearly see that he did. He’s giggling and smiling throughout the whole video and Jimin just looks so satisfied and it’s really more than perfect T^T. Pls appreciate Jihope more.

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Nobody can ever understand how obessed I was over

Icarly seddie
Kim possible- Ron and Kim I mean who else would I ship them with
Hey Arnold- Helga and Arnold (dark period)
Life with Derek- Derek and Casey. Yep I ship those two religiously.
Ned declassified school survival guide- Ned and Moze and Cookie and Lisa
That’s so Raven- Devon and Raven
Hannah Montana- Oliver and Lily.
I miss all these shows so much. Thank you for making me wanna kill myself all the time by fucking with my emotions.

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LeviHan for the headcanons/ship thing please. I need some happy after that pic about Mike made me cry x(

-Hange never drinks tea and it’s not because she doesn’t like it, but because Levi always insists on making it for her and, little known fact, he makes the worst cups of tea on the planet. Nobody can understand how he drinks so much of it. Hange doesn’t want to hurt his feelings so she drinks coffee instead; the caffeine boost is an added bonus. 

-Levi thrives on physical affection (he likes cuddling and he melts when Hange plays with the shaved hair of his undercut) but he malfunctions as soon as things become vocal. The first time Hange said ‘I love you’, he kneed the underside of the table, crushed his tea cup, dribbled tea down his cravat, and stood on his own toes as he tried to leave with what little dignity he had left. 

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this isn't angst but I just wanted to say I've been thinkin that Brian is mute probably?? and Danny learns how 2 sign so he can communicate with him. this has probably been brought up before but I haven't seen anything about it so.

I THOUGHT I ANSWERED THIS!!! i’m so sorry. but yes, in universe ninja ship party where Bran is mute is like, my favourite thing EVER and i don’t think i’ve seen much of it ether? but man, it would be so cute. especially with dan learning sign so they can have like, these stupid little conversations that nobody else understands. and even if brian makes dick jokes 9 times out of 10 when they talk, it’s the best thing danny’s ever done because now they can have a two sided conversation and I LOVE IT

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When I ship SansFrisk romantically my mind doesn't immediately turn to sex. I like the connection they have, and their relationship. But for some reason the people who are against it think that is all there is to the ship, which greatly angers and confuses me. There is more to romance than just sex!

Yeah. Well..there undeniably sex pictures out there for the ship and some straightout NASTY stuff that I won’t support ever in my life. But there’s this side to all the ships out there. I see sansfrisk as platonic, can be friends, can be more - because I can’t see sans as human. Also can’t apply human age on him >_<;; to me he can’t be defined, he’s simply a monster/magical being… He can be a guardian, a friend in need, a helping hand…. (I can’t see him as father figure either, it just doesn’t suit him imho, idk why). There are many possibilities how to portray sansfrisk in pure way and the relationship is so very interesting to me personally. I also dont’see weird if Frisk were to grow to like sans more. They share secrets already that are unknown to everyone else. And I think Frisk would nicely understand sans’s pain and be support. I find it also mindboggling that people are angry about aging Frisk up in stories?? O_O like….isn’t Frisk ever allowed to grow up? I like to explore the possibility of them growing up and seeing the relationship change, even in romance way, why not? At some point Frisk will get older than sans too. If they stay together… I find it extremely touching. I seen people ship REALLY nasty things and nobody seemed to bat an eye much…so I am surprised this ship gets tons of hate, even though there’s so many good, pure arts with deep message… and people getting hate for growing Frisk up so they can tell a different story about them, without sex. Sometime I really don’t understand what people want. Sorry for the rant…I just…can’t help it.

Headcanon of the day--heart-to-hearts

Here’s a thing I dashed off totally appropriately during work:

What happens if you’re on the Ghost and you need a shoulder? 

Hera’s a good person to go to. She’ll listen. She’ll offer fair advice or keep her mouth shut, depending upon what you need. She usually lets you handle your own business, but if you’re in a horrible pit, she will step in and fish you back out and punch whoever pushed you down there. 

The only drawback is that Hera keeps a sizable store of information about all subjects, and she will remember what you say to her. And she’ll watch you, if she’s worried, even years later. How will you react to this potentially stressful situation? She never interferes, but if you’ve twigged onto what she’s doing, and if you’re sensitive, it can be really irritating. 

She drives Sabine and Kanan nuts sometimes. Ezra hasn’t picked up on this yet, and just thinks Hera is the warm blanket of the ship. 

Kanan is…not quite as good a confidant. See, he cares too much. Or maybe that’s not it. Maybe he just understands injury and can’t stand to see it in someone else. …No. I think he cares too much. He’ll listen. He’ll sympathize. But it’s really hard for him not to get deeply upset, himself. Over the years, he’s learned NOT to show how awful he feels when a member of his de facto family is hurt, lest they stop talking to him. Nobody wants to make him feel worse. To Kanan’s credit, he doesn’t ever attempt to avenge these kinds of wrongs anymore. He’s figured out that payback doesn’t help. 

But he is deeply hurt whenever anyone else hurts, and he is deeply ashamed of what he sees as his own inability to protect them. And he’s still not great at hiding it. 

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Well you can't say Homeworld has never EVER told lies to its people when we have Pearl overcoming that "But I'm just a pearl" thing when Pearls are told and programmed to be nothing more than servants and slaves when they are so much more than that.

There’s a difference between bad information and lying. I’m not saying that it’s true what the caste system leads them to believe, but here’s where I draw the line.

Lying would be “I know, personally, and believe, personally, that these Gems are capable, but I’m going to tell them that they aren’t so that I can keep control.”

That ^ is unsupported. What we do see Homeworld doing- and make no bones about it, this doesn’t make it better:

“Everyone has a place that they’re Meant For, and taking a Gem out of their place will just make that Gem unhappy, because they can’t thrive anywhere outside of their place.”

The difference is, one is maliciously withholding information to further your own agenda, and the other is espousing and advocating for what you think is the right way to go about things, based on your understandings. 

In this situation the Pearl that we’ve followed most closely, Crystal Pearl, would be seen not as evidence that they were wrong as much as a total fluke- it’s something about that particular Pearl, not about the nature of all Gems. After all just because someone successfully swims across the English Channel doesn’t mean that we as humans assume drowning is a myth. 

What we have seen from the Diamonds suggests that they genuinely believe that every Gem deserves their particular place and should stay to that place. And the biggest thing that makes me say this is, while it’s certainly different from the plight of the Pearls, the Diamonds have hurt themselves in this. Something I’ve discussed before, I’m willing to bet a lot of what’s eating Yellow Diamond at present is that there is really no ‘place’ in Homeworld’s system for a traumatized Diamond. 

Because the Diamonds’ “place” in Homeworld’s structure is to be Perfect. It’s to be the eternally unaffected decider. This is what Yellow Diamond is trying to be, very, very hard- and failing, because she can’t stay unaffected. She can’t even pretend she’s unaffected. She’s a ball of nerves and unmanaged feelings and it doesn’t take much poking to set her off. 

If the Diamonds were specifically lying about this- going “I believe in my heart that all Gems are equally capable but it serves me better if you think you’re garbage” we’d see them being hypocrites to comfort themselves. But that isn’t what we see. Which to me, suggests, that, yeah, the caste system is garbage, but the problem isn’t that the Diamonds are willingly and knowingly feeding their populace that garbage. The problem is that they believe that, weighing advantages and disadvantages, this is the best way to do things, which, it’s not really, this is not a fun ride, we need to get off the ride.

They don’t really have a ready-to-go proposed alternative structure, though, and dismantling the caste system and replacing it with something else is going to be a massive undertaking- so it’s not as simple as Steven running around YD’s room with streamers going “Individuality~!” “Free will!!!”

Like. The situation does need to get fixed because the caste system’s really doing absolutely nobody any favors, yeah, but I think the fandom is simultaneously overestimating how much we understand Homeworld (we’re just now learning about the resource crisis) and vastly underestimating the complexity of changing it. 

The reason why Steven was able to talk around Peridot and Lapis was because he listened to them and figured out what was important for him that he could help them with while still protecting himself and his own. He’s not going to let Peridot kill the Crystal Gems back in Friend Ship, but he is going to listen when she starts hinting that she’s fearing for her life. 

Peridot was motivated by her own survival. Okay, says Steven, I also don’t want the Earth to blow up and kill everyone I know, let’s deal with the Cluster together.

This tack wouldn’t work with Lapis, because Lapis is motivated by other things. Lapis, at this point, wants a lot of things that she doesn’t completely feel comfortable telling Steven about, and some of which seem to be unattainable at this juncture (her going home) but in Same Old World she opens up about some smaller goals: she wants to feel safe, and free, and she feels trapped on Earth because of her history. 

Steven can’t help her go back to Homeworld- he has no say there- but he can give her somewhere safe that she can claim as her own space for a while, and get away from the Crystal Gems and Jasper and just sorta sort out her feelings. (And I think this drove part of his motivations in Barn Mates, he didn’t want to just call it good enough and leave until he was sure Lapis and Peridot could at least coexist with some modicum of comfort)

So, we aren’t really gonna get anywhere with Homeworld until we actually get to hear their point of view, and understand what’s motivating them to make the choices they are.

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Hi!! It's been a while since I've sent a message your way. How are you? So from your most recent post, did I understand that The Dreamvellers gang are all oc's for an original story you're working on??? If so can I just say that based on your amazing & cute art I already ship Andrew Curic-Smith & Mouse (the center 2 in your group shot right?) like nobody's business!! ^_^

Aww thank you so much!!! (Especially for asking about my story! That will feed any artist’s ego.)

I’m SO glad you ship them, because I ship them tooo. Here’s another lil sketch for you:

Mouse is a timid little cinnamon bun, and Andrew’s a kind, but oblivious soul ;)

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I've become convinced that some people decided they didn't like Hook right off the bat, and have been out of the room getting a Coke or something during every single scene he's had since. It's the only way for me to explain the *complete* lack of grasp on his character some folks have. They certainly skipped, "I would go to the end of the world" for a woman he's not even sure has any feelings for him.

Everybody has their own preferences when it comes to characters and ships.  And that’s fine.  I understand that Hook isn’t for everyone even if I adore the character.

The problem comes when people think that just because they don’t like something NOBODY should.  And when that character they don’t like interferes with the hopes they have with their ship they start to inflate and twist the things they don’t like about said character to try to convince everybody else how terrible that person is.

And yes, you are so very right - people then begin to watch the show with blinders on. So much so that they ignore any new information or growth for that character.

The thing about Hook though - he WAS introduced as a romantic interest for Emma.  Everything about Tallahassee made it ridiculously obvious that this was the direction the show was headed:

  • two ridiculously attractive people who have both suffered from love and loss go on an adventure ALONE together,
  • they share information about their tragic backstories 
  • they discuss love,
  • romantic music plays,
  • there are tons of close up shots of them face to face,
  • sexy first aid scene
  • and the flashbacks show the first glimpse of Emma’s past - which purposefully explains why she can not let herself get involved with this new man in front of her, whom she is clearly drawn to and obviously attracted to.

I get if people don’t like Hook, but if you didn’t see this coming then I have to wonder if you have ever watched a movie, seen a TV show, or read a book that had a love story.  Because Tallahassee was filled with too may romantic tropes to list (see below).  Some people may have been, or still are, hoping that OUAT will take a more original approach with Emma’s love story, but the reality is that the character of Hook is immensely popular, and has been since the beginning, so it’s certain that the writers will continue with the plan they laid out in Tallahassee (because it’s working for the majority of the fan base).

I won’t try to convince people who don’t like Hook to appreciate his character.  If, to them, he comes across as a misogynistic stalker so be it.  But that isn’t what was written and it’s not what the majority of the fandom, cast, or media sees.  So I find it laughable when they try to act like he wore Emma down.  Because we get it - they don’t like Hook…but Emma clearly did from the very start.  The haters just choose to ignore that fact, and every other detail of Hook and Emma’s interactions since then, and convince themselves that their ship was going to happen.  Now they are just being sore losers.

Note: If you are actually interested in reading the very extensive list of tropes present in Tallahassee then you should check out this incredible meta done by gentlesleaze a few months ago :)