nobody understands how disappointed i was

Okay so here have a post saying why they are my favourite characters that nobody asked for.

Reasons why I love Lance:

I actually understand how it felt like to be a seventh wheel.

Always wear a mask

Would always care and support friends

Reasons why I love Keith:

Everybody he loves has disappear from his life
(They didn’t disappear from me, they just find someone new and replace me, now I got my bff beside me, she is just the best)

Hates people giving disappointing glares

Hate people thinking that he is weak

They are the most relatable characters out of the show though.

That’s the reason why Lance and Keith are my favourite characters.

Also don’t worry anymore, I’m not a seventh wheel anymore and I just moved to another school that makes me feel comfortable so yeah.

Lords switch bodies w/ MC

So instead of working on the giant bowl of word soup that I have been stirring for probably over a month now (My very first attempt at any sort of fic, ever), I have decided to completely avoid it by drumming out some more HCs! These ones are mainly SFW (unless you work at a church or something), and were just a fun idea I was thinking about yesterday. I have the nagging feeling that there may have been an event story or someone else’s HCs involving this topic, but this trope is in pretty much everything, so hopefully if it’s been done by someone else it’s not too similar. Let me know if there’s another I should be aware of so I can link it!

Anyway, the title pretty much tells you what you’re getting. MC and Lord _____ wake up only to find they’ve swapped places! What ever could happen next???

Proofreading? What’s that? Grammatical errors ahoy!

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Nobunaga is thrilled. Now this is the kind of amusement he’s been looking for. He doesn’t care one whit about how you being in his body might make him look, but he is definitely delighting in making you take actions much bolder than you normally would– sauntering up to the dais and plopping yourself in his lap during mealtime where everyone can see; winking and licking your lips at him from across the room.

You just know this dude would jump at the chance to get jiggy with himself, and that he does. And boy does this end up being embarrassing for you– seeing him maintain composure in your body much more easily than you do. “You always scream just from this? I’ve taken it easy on you all this time thinking you were feeling it much more intensely. I’ll have to keep that in mind once we’ve switched back.”

Mitsuhide wholeheartedly believes that this is divine retribution. Penance he must do to atone for all the times he has been rough with you in bed. “Take me now as I have done to you, so that I might feel all the pain I’ve inflicted upon you.” You kind of roll your eyes because if you switch back anytime soon, it’s still your body that will be sore in the end. Instead you suggest showing him the way you like it. You proceed to do your best mimicking exactly the way he always makes love to you.

Yukimura is predictably flustered asf when he realizes the state of things, but once he gets through the arduous challenge that is changing into day-clothes with minimal nosebleeds, his focus shifts swiftly to his comparative lack of physical strength. “How can you do anything like this? What if you’re attacked and I’m not around to defend you?” He gets straight to training to build up your core muscles and hopefully forge some muscle memory for some defensive moves. You think it’s sweet that he’s going to such lengths for you, but secretly curse him once you’ve switched back and your whole body feels like jelly. It doesn’t help that he never lets up on your training after this. (Though you do feel more confident in your ability to sock any would-be-attacker.)

Saizo is absolutely going to take advantage of this learning opportunity as a means to improve upon his Lover’s Guide. What other expert on the art of love has had the chance to experience sex with both sets of anatomy? You can be certain he is going to have sex with you in this state, and will likely convince you to utilize this time to improve your own skills in the bedroom by experiencing firsthand what feels best. Rest assured that there will be no escaping Saizo once this ordeal is over with, because you just know he has fine-tuned his already uncanny ability to pinpoint every last weak spot you have and unravel you. 

Masamune stares back at his own face in quiet shock. You have no idea how long he’s been looking at you, but by the time you wake, he’s still watching with a worried look on his face. The two of you watch each other for some time after that, and by the time you snap out of it and realize it’s not a dream, the first thing he does is say “Sorry.” You tell him not to apologize and that it isn’t his fault, that it’s just some weird thing that happened and you’ll just have to try to cope with this reality until some way out presents itself. 

Fortunately, both of you are rather shy and quiet, so it isn’t too difficult to maintain an aura of normalcy. The closest you got to being found out was when Shigezane swung his arm around your (as Masamune’s) shoulder, and Masa scowled and batted his hand away. Shigezane chuckles and assures you “Doll, is that jealousy I detect? Don’t worry– I’m not trying to steal your man away, no matter how adorable he is. He is my own flesh and blood after all.” You watch as your own face flushes from across the room. You’re not sure whether Masa’s more embarrassed by the cheeky wink he just received, or by his own temporary lapse of self control. Things go pretty uneventfully after this and before you know it, you’ve gone back to your room. It gets a little hot and heavy, but you don’t get very far– both of you agree that it’s just way too weird looking at yourself, so you promise to make up for it once you’re back to normal.

Kojuro is much less perturbed by the switch than you are. “We’ll just need to take on each other’s duties until we can figure out how to get back to our old selves.” There may not be any particularly challenging duties to fulfill on his part for the time being, but there is no way in seven hells you are allowing him to set foot into your kitchen. Although he insists he can manage, he doesn’t concede until you threaten to tie him up. He finally agrees to stay in your room for the day, and you explain to the retainers that “MC isn’t feeling well.” However, Masa’s gotta eat. You sneak off to the kitchen when you’re sure there will be no one there, and prepare some quick bites. You think you’re off scot-free, but learn much later that Shigezane witnessed the whole thing. To this day he brings up the time he saw Kojuro cook something edible, but nobody believes it happened.

Toshiie can hold his own in a kitchen and ensures things remain running somewhat smoothly, but he keeps absentmindedly running your hands over your hips and/or grabbing your butt, and it’s driving you nuts. When you hiss at him to stop doing that, he gets embarrassed and stammers out an apology, but sure enough, five minutes later, he’s doing it again. You retaliate by acting particularly dog-like around others, but much to his chagrin, nobody seems to notice anything being off about him. This makes you feel bad so you stop.

Hideyoshi also lets your hands wander wherever he pleases, but he is completely unapologetic about it. “How often is it that I get to spend the whole day within reach of you? You’re just so cute I can’t help it.” Once again, you try to get your revenge by making him look especially silly, but everybody is already used to Hideyoshi playing the fool for laughs. Even he joins in, clapping and requesting you do this trick and that dance. Later, he pulls you aside and gives you a kiss, telling you that even when you look like him, you’re still the cutest girl he’s ever seen.

Mitsunari is furious and it’s all your fault! How is he supposed to protect Hideyoshi in this state?? Sure, YOU don’t have to worry because he actually knows how to carry himself like a respectable woman, but you? You have all the grace of an elephant and the reflexes of a sloth. This is sure to end in disaster.

After a very intense lecture, you were finally allowed to begin your day. 

Turns out that you ended up being the better actor of the pair. Nobody questioned your behavior even once, while people repeatedly asked him if he was feeling well, and that he seemed a bit stiff. 

Mitsunari is understandably disappointed in himself, agonizing over just where he must have gone wrong, and how on earth was a dullard like you able to pull him off so well?? You comfort him by saying it was just because you love him so much. He blushes and pouts and confesses “Well I love you that much, too– it’s not fair that I can’t portray you just as well.” For this reason, he continues practicing your personality long after you’ve become yourselves again.

Ieyasu has you filled with dread even before you have to go out and face the world. “Make a fool of me and you shall regret the very day you were born.” Well acting like his usual, biting self got him to say some very insensitive things to someone you considered a friend of yours, but being cordial to people got you in just as much trouble! You give up your efforts to put on a facade and just behave as you would normally treat others, and hope for the best. 

Meanwhile, his retainers (with the exception of Tadatsugu, who sheds a single tear of pride that his boy has finally grown up) are very disturbed by their lord’s new demeanor. Yasumasa is completely creeped out, Toramatsu senses impending doom, and poor Tadakatsu doesn’t know what to do with himself now that he is no longer subjected to Ieyasu’s divine cruelty. That is, until he realizes that being deprived of the punishment he desires most is the cruelest punishment of all! He swoons. 

In the end, your punishment is ten years-worth of the most disgusting chores. A small price to pay, you figure, when you notice that Ieyasu gets along just a little bit better now with his people than before.

Kenshin is not fazed one bit. He is delighted to have the opportunity to walk (quite literally) in your shoes. After all, such a chance doesn’t arise in most lifetimes! He is eager to spend the day with you, just exploring and feeling what it’s like to be each other, but is sorely disappointed to find that you feel too guilty to ditch the work Kanetsugu has given you. Kenshin mopes and sticks by you anyway, while Kanetsugu thanks every god he can think of that Kenshin is actually taking his responsibilities seriously for once and has not brought any new junk home today. Luckily, you finish your tasks earlier than anticipated and spend the latter half of the day enjoying one another’s company. After you’ve switched back, Kenshin still mentions from time to time that he misses being so soft, but fortunately you’re still beside him so he can feel whenever he wants.

Shingen is not bothered at all by his condition, much to your surprise. He takes it in stride. “After all, many of the strongest people I’ve known have been women,” he says as he throws a wink to you. He is confident the matter will work itself out in the end, and that for the time being, you may as well make the best of it. He promises he will help you through any duties he has that seem daunting to you, and is more than happy to do his part assisting in the kitchens. He may be a lord, but he does not place himself above any menial work. 

His personality remained the same as ever, though, which grew pretty embarrassing at times, particularly when he decided to step in on a conversation in order to give Yukimura some advice about ladies. Apparently he had forgotten that he was still in your body because you watched on in horror as he began to demonstrate some …things. Poor Yukimura would not speak again for an entire week.

People ask me if I’m okay. I want to tell them how I’m not okay. That, I’m lost in a sea of sadness and confusion. I’m broken And pretty much dead on the inside. I want to kill myself. I’m tired of myself and my life. I’m tired of living and everyday when it hurts to live. Everyday I stand in front of the mirror and ask myself ‘What’s the point in living when you don’t love your life? What’s the point in living when you’re disappointed in yourself and what’s the point in loving when nobody understands you?’ Smiling is hard. Laughing is hard. Going out is hard. Everything feels so fucked up, but eventually, I fake a smile and say that I’m okay because sadly enough, no one understands, and that hurts.

Only for you -Will

Anonymous said to simplysdmn:Please do a WillNE or Simon imagine where you live in a different country and all the boys thinks he’s lying about having a girlfriend until you turn up

A/N: I got help from my friend for the start of this imagine. Jada if your reading this I love you. I’m going to write this in third person though. I haven’t done this in a long time but I hope you like how it turned out.

Third Person 

No matter how many times they all pinched themselves or rubbed their eyes, she was still standing there by the front door looking puzzled at everyone’s stares. Will really wasn’t lying about having a girlfriend but he, including everyone else, swore on their grandparents lives that he was still single. There was enough evidence there to confirm he didn’t have a girlfriend. He ever rarely left his room and he was always able to record videos with everyone. If he had a girlfriend surely he wouldn’t be able to always record with them, right? Buy here she was. In the flesh.

She felt a little scared, a little intimidated when she felt all eyes on her. It was as if she was an alien in their eyes. All Will showed them was pictures but they never believed him.

“Will, mate, you’re not dating her. She’s practically a model and you make videos about a couple of pre teens from Blackpool.” Josh said, rolling his eyes.

“I’m seriously telling the truth though.” The frustration was going through the roof for him. He was sick of trying to get his point across. He was legitimately in a relationship and nobody would listen to him, not even his roommate.

 "If she’s really your girlfriend, will you invite her over?“ Gee asked him, which made Will drop his face into his hands.

“Gee, I’ve already told you, she has uni in America. She can’t come until she’s finished her exams.” Gee started shaking her head while laughing. “These are just excuses Will!”

He didn’t even know that a few of his friends were going to be over, he thought he had the day to himself and Y/N. It was quite a surprise to him when he was greeted with loud laughter. He was embarrassed, he never told Y/N that they never believed he was in a relationship. Frankly, he didn’t know how. It was a difficult topic for him so he kept silent.

Y/N gave him a confused look when they all stood silently, taking in what was in front of them. She kept looking at him for some sort of explanation. She didn’t like being on the spot and the more time passed, the more uncomfortable she got.

What was a couple of seconds felt like hours until Will spoke up. “Hey guys. This is my girlfriend Y/N, Y/N these are my friends.” The redness in his face spoke a lot to her. He introduced her to everyone, one by one. Out of nowhere Gee decided to give her a hug that calmed​ her​ down a bit.

Once she was finally introduced to everyone, Will brought her to his bedroom to put her luggage down and get settled in. She took out her nesessary items that she needed for the day in silence. Will say on the bed awkwardly, not knowing how to explain himself. Once she was done, he gestured for them to go back to the living room.

“No, not until you explain what the fuck that was out there me.” She stood tall looking fed up, with her arms crossed against her chest.

“This might sound really stupid but nobody thought that we were dating. No matter how many times I tried to tell them that we were together, they wouldn’t listen to me. And I didn’t know how to explain this to you and I’m so sorry babe. I should’ve known that this could’ve happened.” Will looked so disappointed in himself which caused Y/N’s heart to shatter. She sat next him on the bed and engulfed him in a hug.

“Hey, get that sour look off your face, it’s fine, I understand. And next time if anything ever comes up just tell me. I’ll try my best to understand the situation, I always do.” She spoke softly while looking into his eyes. They talked for a bit more before making their way to the living room.

“Y/N, I’m not going to lie when Will told us he had a girlfriend, we thought he was crazy!” Stephen exclaimed. Y/N laughed. After a while she felt extremely comfortable wit Will’s friends. They seemed very nice and laid back. In all honesty she felt like they were going to be snobby towards her but they were open to inviting her into their group of friends and made her feel very comfortable.

“Look at you! You look like an absolute model! Why would you go for him? I’m sure that there are so many others that are better than him?” They all laughed expect for Will, who gave her a playful glare.

The night was full of laughter and smiles. His friends went home with stitches in their sides. Y/N felt as if they were life long friends. As she came out of the bathroom, wearing a hoodie and a pair of shorts, she climbed into bed and started going through her social media as she waited for Will to join her.

A few minutes had passed and she decided to go set out to find where he was. She stood in the hall as the low voices of Will and Gee were being exchanged. “Seriously Will, she genuinely seems like such a nice girl. Treat her​ well. I don’t want to see her coming to me because you fucked up. I want to see her coming to me to talk about something cute you did and just gush over you.” Will’s cheek’s turned a slight shade of pink as Gee talked.

“Gee, I swear on Darcey that I’ll treat her​ with love and respect and kindness and all that good stuff.” They both laughed quietly before they said their goodnights. Y/N ran back to his room and jumped on the bed before he could find her.

“You alright? Sorry I took so long." 

"It’s fine babe! Don’t worry about it.” He smiled and lied down on the bed next to her. They spent the rest of the night catching up in person before they were both ready to sleep.

“I heard you and Gee talking.” She looked up at him just as he was switching off the light.

“Oh yeah? What did you hear?” He felt a little nervous which Y/N seemed to notice and squeezed his hand to let him know that everything was ok.

“Just that you’ll treat me with love, respect and kindness. I thought that was very, very cute of you.” She gave him a very bright grin, making his stomach swarm with butterflies.“

"Only for you Y/N.” He gave her a warm smile as he leaned down to give her a kiss.

The Dropout

George Washington x Reader

Author: Lil Laddie

Words: 1726

Warnings: Swearing, taunting, sexism, war, stress from school, fear of being a disappointment

Request: May I have a George Washington x reader where the reader was in college, one of the first women to get her education and realizes her lover (George) and family are counting on her, but she gets overwhelmed and drops out. (Kind of like Nina from ITH) - @the-depressed-fangirl

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this! I’ve honestly never listened to or seen ITH, so I didn’t really in cooperate that and I’m very sorry about that. I hope that this is what you were looking for when you requested it. I love writing George Washington! Hopefully, I’ll be able to write more of him in the future. I love y’all! Have a simply amazing day!

“I’m never going to get this done.” You huffed, slamming your textbook shut.

You ran your hands through your hair in frustration. You had been working on homework for hours now and felt like you had gotten no where. You still had 3 more classes that needed assignments done by tonight. Going to college was driving you crazy.

You had agreed to come to the first college to accept women. You had fantasized of the idea of attending what used to be an all male college. Unfortunately, these fantasies you had were quickly crushed into oblivion. Even with the overwhelming work load and the topics that went over your head, you kept attending the college.

You sighed, resting your head in your hands. You felt an unbelievable amount of weight on your shoulders. You had your whole family counting on you. They were so proud when you were asked to attend this college, you couldn’t let them down. You didn’t want to disappoint them by not being strong enough.

“Miss (L/N)?” Your maid knocked lightly on your door.

“Come in.” You responded, standing up from the desk you had been sitting at.

“There’s a letter for you, ma’am.” The maid giggled, knowing it was from General Washington.

“Thank you so much!” You grinned, snatching the letter from the other women’s hands.

“Of course, ma’am. Let me know if I can get you anything.” She smiled before letting herself out.

The smile didn’t fade from your face as you opened the letter. It was a much needed break from all the stress school had been putting on you, his letters always calmed you down. George had been away trying to lead his army in war against the British. It had been misery to the both of you to be apart.

You opened the letter scanning it quickly to find where he and his troop had taken camp at. You could easily tell through his writing, the pain he felt as he sent men out into a battle that seemed almost impossible to win. You longed to be with him again and be far away from this hell you felt trapped in.

A chime rang from the hallway clock, signalling your need to leave for a night class you took. You sighed clutching the letter tightly before folding it gently back into it’s envelope. You straightened out your dress, exiting your home and starting the short walk to campus.

As you walked you could feel the eyes of many men on you. Most of the men that still came to school during the war were loyalists. With George Washington as your suitor, this gave the men on campus even more need to hate you. Not only were you a woman that was out of place, but you were also the significant other to the American’s General in the ongoing war.

The men didn’t even try to hold back the harsh words they thought as you passed. To them, you were nothing more than scum at the bottom of their perfectly polished shoes. They hated the thought of women attending a higher form of education. Many of them had scared away countless of girls, leaving you to be one of the last to stand your ground.

Making your way past a rowdy group of men, you keep your head held high. You would not let them see you suffering as they wanted you to. They didn’t need to know how stressed you were with the workload and the taunting. They had no right to know that the teasing had finally gotten to you.

“You don’t belong here!” One called out, the group of men deciding to follow you as you walked to your class.

“All women are good for is a nice time in bed!” Another one sneered, your fists clenching in anger at their words.

“You’re not smart enough to be here!” Another snickered, the group of men getting closer to you.

“Stop trying to be as good as us men! You’re never going to get there, love!” Another man yelled, the frustration you were trying to hold in was growing.

“Your man Washington doesn’t know how to lead those men. He’s leading them all to their death and eventually his. Why are you wasting your time on that traitor?” A man growled, his breath could be felt on the back of your neck.

“SHUT UP!” You snapped, turning to see the men with surprised expressions. “I deserve to be here just as much as any of you do. In fact, I probably deserve it more, but I’m not going to stay here being taunted by immature boys who can’t grow up. I’m done being treated like shit. I hope you all find some decency in your miserable lives.” You spat at them, pushing past them to go back to your small house.

You slammed open the door, pushing past your worried maid. You sprinted up the stairs, packing everything in your sight as fast as you could. You couldn’t do this anymore. You couldn’t do with the terrible things you had dealt with over the past few months. You were done with college.

“Miss (L/N)?” Your maid whispered, watching you with worry.

“Please get my carriage ready for me. I need to get to Valley Forge immediately.” You said, not looking up from your packing to look at her.

“Yes ma’am. Should I tell your father where you went?” She asked, making you freeze in place.

“No, he and my family must not know I left. I will tell them in my own time.” You said, knowing how disappointed your family would be in you.

“Yes ma’am.” She said, before running down the stairs to get everything ready for you.

You couldn’t wait to see George again, yet you were terrified to see how he would respond to you leaving college.


The journey to Valley Forge was tiring and you couldn’t be more than relieved when you pulled up at the camp. It was a little frightening though, stepping out of the carriage to be met with dozens of men staring at you. They had no idea who you were or what you were here for. To them, you were no less than a threat.

“I need to see General Washington.” You demanded to the group of soldiers that had gathered around you and your carriage.

“What do you need with the general?” A man asked, his poofy hair slicked back into a bun.

“I just need to talk to him, the situation is private.” You said, your confidence never wavering as these men stared you down.

“I can help with that.” A man stepped through the crowd extending his hand to you. “Alexander Hamilton, Washington’s right hand man.”

“(Y/N) (L/N), it’s a pleasure to meet you Mister Hamilton. General Washington has told me great things about you.” You smiled sincerely, Alexander perking up at your name.

“Miss (L/N)! Washington didn’t tell me you were coming to visit.” Alexander exclaimed, beginning to drag you through the sea of soldiers.

“He doesn’t exactly know I came.” You sighed, the nerves beginning to bubble up in your stomach again.

“Really? Well, I’m sure he’ll be happy to see you. He always talks about how amazing you are.” Alexander said, making you blush brightly at the thought of George talking about you with his men.

“He talks about me?” You asked, smiling at the thought.

“All the time.” Alexander stopped outside the tent, opening the door for you. “Here you are, Miss (L/N).” Alexander smiled at you once more before walking away.

You took a deep breath, stepping through the flap of the tent. George was sitting at his desk, his eyebrows furrowed as he studied the map in front of him.

“Did you see what all the commotion was about, Alexander?” George asked, not looking up from the map.

“Well sir, it seems a woman has come here to visit the man she loves.” You giggled, George’s head snapping up at your voice.

“(Y/N)!” George grinned, jumping up from his desk to hug you tightly, kissing you desperately before pulling away to look at you. “Why are you here?”

“I dropped out of school…” You sighed, feeling him stiffen up at your words.

“What?” George asked in shock.

“I couldn’t do it anymore. The workload was overwhelming me, the men said the cruelest things every day and I had nobody to help me understand subjects that I couldn’t grasp easily. It has been a living hell.” You sobbed, tears starting to fall from your eyes as you finally let out what you had been feeling for the past months. “I’m so sorry! I know I’ve let you down and my family down. I didn’t mean to disappoint you.”

“(Y/N), you could never disappoint me.” George whispered, wiping away your tears gently. “College isn’t for everyone (Y/N), don’t feel bad. I’m just amazed at how far you got. No one will be disappointed in you because you tried your hardest. You were part of an amazing social movement that is still taking place. There is nothing disappointing about that.” George reassured you.

“Do you think my family will be mad?” You asked, resting your head against George’s chest as the tears slowed at his words.

“I doubt it, if anything they’ll just be amazed of how long you pushed through compared to the majority that dropped out within a week. And if they are, they are idiots. It doesn’t matter what they will say. What matters is how you feel about it.” George said, rubbing your back in soothing circles.

“Thank you, you always know what to say. I love you.” You whispered, kissing his lips lightly.

“I love you too, (Y/N).” He grinned, kissing you just as gently as you had kissed him. “Maybe when this is all over, you can try college again. Until then, stay here with me? I can’t bare you not being by my side again.” He said, his obvious nervousness showing in his face.

“I can’t think of anything better.” You smiled, snuggling closer into the arms he had wrapped around you.

The weight that had been piling on you had finally been lifted. Thanks to George, you could finally feel at peace again.



Harry had been home for about a week and in those few days we made sure to spend each day together. We’d been a couple for almost half a year and so far everything’s been great. A few petty fights here and there but we never let each other sleep without making up.

Harry. Oh how sweet that boy is. He’d call every night to ask me how my day was whenever he was on tour, he’d send me chocolates or flowers whenever I’m feeling sad and all sorts of things I didn’t ask of him. I tried telling him to stop but he just waves me off and tells me he likes to spoil me. ’It’s the least I could do when I’m far away from you.’ He’d say. He is always there to support me and lately he’s been extra clingy because of his nearing flight back to L.A.

I was sprawled on my side of the bed as I waited for him to return from the bathroom. Out of nowhere, I felt an unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach and it’s not because of his departure tomorrow but of something else. Recently, a thought occurred to me while I was scrolling through twitter. I was recounting all of Harry and I’s escapades in the course of our relationship when this certain thought came into mind. I knew Harry noticed my odd behavior but he didn’t ask about it. He knew better than to pry. Ever since that certain thought appeared on my mind, I couldn’t shake it off. It made me restless and moody that sometimes I didn’t felt up to par to join Harry whenever he suggests going out. We always remained inside the house either watching a movie or doing our own things. And in those days, I missed him. He tried cheering me up. Sometimes it worked, other times not so much. But nonetheless, he made the effort and I appreciated it. Somehow, I grew a little bit distant from him.

Harry emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist as he shook his hair out of his face. His curls had gotten long that it touched his shoulders and he still managed to look good. Hot even. Only Harry. I thought to myself. I couldn’t help but stare at his glistening body as he pulled on a pair of boxers and hung his towel on the back the chair before walking towards the bed. “Hey,” he smiled at me, crawling on the bed and shuffling towards me until he was close enough to pull me into his arms. He plants his face on the crook of my neck and places a kiss there as I run my fingers through his damp hair. “How was your day?”

“Good. How about yours?”

“Same as usual.” He yawned and rubbed his eyes before continuing to tell me what his day consisted of. I liked listening to him ramble endlessly about work because you could hear the passion leaking in every word he said, his eyes light up and over all, his face just glows. He truly loved his work along with the boys who share the same passion as him.

Not long after, Harry fell asleep mid-story due to the evident exhaustion in his eyes. I smiled at his peaceful features before detaching myself from him, feeling a bit hot. As I rolled on to my side, that unsettling feeling appeared again. I sighed. I am starting to hate this feeling because my anxiety levels are rising and it’s not helping me fall asleep. I tossed and turned trying to find a good spot for me to sleep in but I couldn’t find one. Frustrated, I reached for my phone and decided to do a bit of reading but was greeted with a ton of notifications on twitter. Basically, it’s just fans tagging me pictures of Harry and I or just Harry. I clicked on one video that showed a brief timeline of our relationship. It seems so long ago when I first met Harry and right now everything feels natural. In some way, that thought didn’t sit well with me and caused me to overthink things. Again. (Unfortunately, I was a pro at overthinking.)

I felt restless. I faced Harry and started drinking in his features. All those slopes and dents, those eyebrows pulled low on his forehead revealing a little crease in between. How did I get so lucky? I sighed. I hadn’t realized how much of a ruckus I was making until Harry shifted and stretched his arms out, reaching for me. “Baby,” he wiggled his fingers. “C'mere.”

I scooted closer to him and he immediately enveloped me into his warm embrace. Even though his arms were comfortable, it didn’t solve the battle happening inside of me. I couldn’t enjoy nor relax and it’s driving me crazy.

Sensing my discomfort, he asked “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I’m fine. Go back to sleep.”

A frown etched upon his face when I looked up at him. “What’s bothering you?”

“It’s really nothing, Haz.” I tried to convince him. “You have an early flight tomorrow, you need to get some rest.”

His brows were pulled even lower on his forehead as he studied my face. “It’s because I’m leaving, isn’t it? I told you-”

“No!” I interrupted, causing him to widen his eyes in confusion. “It’s fine. Really. It’s not like I won’t be seeing you in a few days. You have to go to work and I just have to finish up here before flying to you.” I said more calmly.

“I know. But it feels like you’re hiding something from me.”

“It really is nothing, H.” I smiled. Hoping that he’d finally give up and drop the subject. “Don’t worry about it.”

“If you say so…” he sighed. “Turn around.” I did as told and he pulled my body close to him, spooning me. His familiar arms sent a wave of warmth through my body that somehow eased my mind. I missed his snuggles in bed whenever he’s away. I tend to grab a shirt he had worn and spread it on the empty space beside me. Of course, it doesn’t compare to the real thing.

“I wish we could stay like this forever.” I couldn’t help but sigh.

“What, cuddling? You know you could just ask for some and I’d be happy to give you a lot.”

“Yes and no,” I giggled. I am very much aware of his love for cuddles. But our light mood suddenly died down when my mouth started talking on its own. “I meant this phase that we’re in.”

“I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about.” He gave a nervous laugh and tightened his hold on my body, placing a lingering kiss on my bare shoulder. It only made me feel worse.

“This ‘new-in-the-relationship-phase’ where everything is sweet and perfect. Where we’d go the extra miles for each other just to make one of us happy.” A lot of things were swirling through my head, I’m not even sure if I’m making sense.

“Is that what you think this is? That all of this is just in the beginning and that somewhere down the road I wouldn’t go the 'extra mile’ to make you happy?” His voice was full of confusion and hurt. Suddenly, he retracted his arm making me turn on my side and face him. “I don’t know where all of this is coming from but you are wrong.” He pursed his lips and exhaled through his nose as he tried to reign in his anger.

“It’s not like that,” I started. “But I can’t help but think something is bound to go wrong. There’s always a glitch in the system, Harry. But I know I’d always go that extra mile for you.”

“And you think I won’t?”

I didn’t know what to say. All of these thoughts are messing with my head and it’s clouding my judgement. All of my pent up emotions that I’ve been feeling ever since Harry’s arrival came crashing down on me. The frustration, anger, sadness and doubt fought its way to my system demanding to be felt. On top of that, I made Harry angry and he’s leaving soon adding to the stress I’m feeling right now. I burst into tears.

Harry’s eyes widen at the sight in front of him. He immediately pulled me up into a sitting position and started rubbing my arms and back, trying to calm me. “I’m s-sorry!” I blurted out. “I shouldn’t have doubted you. It’s just that I’m afraid that far into this relationship you’d get too comfortable. A-and when that happens it’ll be just like a routine and it’ll feel like it’s out of obligation t-to do things for each other. It always turns out like that, Harry. It’s always like that.” I was a blubbering mess. My arm flailed around while my hands kept making wild gestures that I’m sure did not made any sense.

“Hey, hey” he smooths my hair and wipes my tear streaked face. “Calm down, love. Don’t cry.” His expression was pained at seeing me in this state and he didn’t know what to do. “What are you talking about?”

I tried to calm down my breathing before I voice out my thoughts to him. “6 months, 7, 8, a year into the relationship, you both get too comfortable around each other that the other just doesn’t feel the need to win you over anymore. Because they got what they wanted. They got me so they don’t feel the need to impress me, show me they’re worth my attention because they have met their goal. I don’t know if I’m making sense but in the long run everything just starts to die down instead of growing into something more.”

A flash of pain flickered behind his eyes. Suddenly, his jaws clenched and his features hardened. His angry glare made a shiver run down my spine. “You are being afraid of nothing. I won’t turn into those douche bags you’re talking about. I will always love you. And I will do everything just to make you happy because seeing you happy makes me happy. If you’re afraid that I won’t make an effort-”

“No, you don’t understand, Har-”

“Then explain it to me!” He yelled. My eyes widen at him. I had never seen him this frustrated before. The veins on his forehead and neck started popping out at how much he’s trying to control his temper. “Because I haven’t got a clue on what you are talking about!”

“It’s not something you could easily promise, Harry! You don’t know what will happen! You won’t know when you’ll eventually be tired of me and-”

And it dawned on him. His features visibly changed, immediately understanding everything. “Tired of you? Is this what all of this is about? Me getting tired of you?”

“I’m a nobody, Harry.” I averted my gaze to the floor to avoid his intense stare. I was surprised at how long I was holding his gaze throughout this argument we’re having.

“You’re reading those damn articles again, aren’t you?” He accused, voice full of disappointment. “How many times do I have to tell yo-”

“I know, I know.” I exhaled. The anger was gone from me now. All I felt was hopelessness. “But I can’t help it. I’m a girl. I will always have insecurities.”

He ran his fingers through his hair and grunted lowly. “But that doesn’t give you the right to doubt my love for you.” He mumbled. I didn’t say anything in return because I know he is right. I hate this. I shouldn’t have let my insecurities eat me up. But can you really blame me? He’s a freaking popstar for god’s sake! He could have any girl in the world and why he chose a common girl was beyond me. “Is that why you’ve been avoiding me for days?”

“I’m not really avoiding you. Just minimizing our contact so you won’t get tired of seeing my face.”

“That’s enough!” He yelled and grabbed my face into his hands making me look at him. “Listen to me okay? You are an amazing girl. Saying you’re beautiful won’t do you justice because you are more than that. You exceed the limitations of being beautiful inside and out. You are funny, talented, generous, kind and most of all, you are the best. You give so much love to people who do not deserve it. You are selfless. And that’s not even half the reasons why I love you. I could go on and on but that would take us forever. I won’t get tired of you, of us. I will always love sleeping next to you, waking up next to you, going on in a day with and coming home to you. You are one of a kind and I’d be damned if I let someone like you go.”

His words stirred my heart and made me feel more horrible for doubting him. My tears started flowing down my face again as I let what he told me sink in. “I’m sorry…” I whispered.

“Stop thinking like that, okay? Give yourself some credit. Your parents love you, the lads adore you, your friends care for you. And most of all, I love you with all my heart.” He smiled, finally being able to fix me again. He slid his hands around my waist and brought me closer to him, engulfing me in a heart felt hug.

I circled my arms around his shoulders and buried my face into his neck. “I don’t know what to say, Harry. That’s the sweetest thing someone has said to me. Thank you.”

He pulled away to look at me. He brought his hand to my face and ran his thumb over my cheek. “You deserve it, baby. And I’m not saying all those things to make you feel better. I want you to realize all of that.”

I nodded. “I’m sorry for doubting you. I should never have. I should have known you’d always be there for me.”

“I will.” He promised. “And please stop reading those tabloids, yeah? You don’t need them.” I nodded again and smiled. Happy that once again, he reassured me that everything will be fine as long as we have each other. “There’s my girl.”

I gazed into his eyes and saw how it lit up when I said, “I love you.”

A wide grin spread across his beautiful face, making his dimple pop out. “I love you more, baby.”

We stared at each other until I closed my eyes when I felt him lean in. Our lips brush, nose bumping and finally, he kissed me. Pouring every emotion into the kiss, filling all the words that were never said but most importantly, expressing our love that only he and I could feel.

It was overwhelming, the kiss and all the words Harry told me. He knew what to say and how to make me feel better again. I know that we could both do this. This would work out if we have each other. And I know that this part of our relationship isn’t just a phase but an obstacle we were to overcome. I’m happy to say that I think, we just did.

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OMG 18? Like shawn is crying and y/n comforts him????? Ahhhh im already dying!


“it’s okay to cry…” 

lately things have been hard for shawn. he’s been getting frustrated with everything and he’s just been over all stressed out. you weren’t really  sure what was causing him stress, he’s refused to tell you anything. every time you asked, he answered with a simple “i’m fine.” and walked into his office. 

you thought maybe it was something you did, but you couldn’t recall doing anything to possibly upset him. maybe it was work again, he had a new tour coming up and he just released new music. 

he came home from the studio about an hour ago at a late hour, locking himself in his music room/office and he hasn’t come out since. 

deciding you’ve had enough, you get up from your shared bed, wrapped a blanket around you, and went to find him. you knocked first, but after not receiving an answer, you barged in.

you found your boyfriend staring at his computer, with tears falling down his face. your heart broke at the sight. he noticed you as soon as you walked in, and quickly wiped his tears away. 

“y/n, i thought you were sleeping. it’s late, you should rest.” 

you sighed, “i could say the same to you shawn.”

you stood behind him, starting to massage his shoulders and back. he sighed contently, “that feels nice.”

you noticed he had about 15 tabs open on his computer and a massive stack of paperwork on the desk.

“shawn, what’s up?” 

he takes one more look at his computer, his eyes already starting to tear up again. 

“hey,” you said soothingly as he pulled you onto his lap. “it’s okay to cry.” 

he wrapped his arms around you, nuzzling his face into your neck. you felt your shirt slowly becoming damp from his tears. you continued to rub his back as he cried, you weren’t sure what to say but you wanted to let him know you were there. 

“there’s just so much to do in so little time,” he sobbed. “everyone is going to be disappointed in me. i feel so alone, nobody understands how much pressure is on me right now. i can’t take it anymore y/n.” 

“nobody is going to be disappointed in you shawn, the fans will understand and so will everyone else. you’re not alone, you’ve got so many great people supporting you. i know there’s a lot of pressure with the new song, but all that matters is what you think and what the fans think, right? and they love it.” 

you knew he wanted everything to be perfect for his fans, but you also knew they would understand if thing’s ever got too much.

he raised his head so he was eye level with you, his eyes were still red and puffy and there were a few tears still coming down his face.  you quickly wiped them away, pressing a kiss to his forehead. 

“i love you, you always know what to say.” he whispered, kissing your lips a couple times. 

“i love you too.” you say, standing up. “now, let’s go to bed, and tomorrow i’m talking to andrew about getting you a few days off.” 

If you’re going to disappointed about the novella news, just remember this:

• Feysand narrating does not mean that it’s centered around them.
• if it is, damn we’re getting two more.
• if all you want is Nessian, patience will be your new best friend!
• nobody forces you to fucking buy the book.
• and last but not least, if you ruin the excitement for anyone else, just because it doesn’t fulfill your wishes, I will call you out on it. You have no right to tell others they can’t be happy or that you don’t understand how they can be. Don’t ruin this for others, please.

And given what Sarah’s been through it’s amazing we even get one.

INTJs and Love Language

The love languages system has five different, “love languages” that help people understand how they personally express, and comprehend love and affection. There’s, Quality Time, Physical touch, Gift giving, Acts of Service and Words of Affirmation. As we all know, INTJs aren’t usually into emotional expressions in general. This naturally suggests that INTJs prefer Acts of Service as their love language because it is a practical and often has no direct emotional input. However the love language that I find myself and the other INTJs around me preferring is not Acts of Service, as much as Quality Time.

Quality time though, in my opinion, is more complex than people think. Essentially, quality time is sharing in something. It’s experiencing something together. Quality time is about having your thoughts and feelings be in sync with someone else’s. To me that is a profound connection that is something that I both want to share with people I care about, and use to bring myself closer to people I don’t know very well yet.

One of the main expressions of quality time, I find, is humor. At first it seems like a strange place to get to from “Quality Time, but the object of humor is essentially to share a connection with someone. When you crack a joke that you think is funny and someone else laughs, you are instantly on the same emotional and intellectual wavelength. The same goes for things that are more intellectual. I find myself constantly sharing back and forth with the INTJs I know. You-tube videos music and even philosophy all work towards getting us on the same wavelength.

While a good indication of what your love language is comes from how you treat people you care about, another one is how you react when your love language is abused. People who prefer Physical Touch are extremely sensitive to physical abuse. People who prefer words of affirmation are sensitive to Verbal abuse etc. I can’t speak for others but I find that not being able to share ideas and humor with someone immediately snuffs out a chance of a close relationship. I think this is why INTJs can be so lonely. When no one cares about our thoughts and ideas, when nobody respects our desire for an intellectual connection, we disconnect from them emotionally. Even with people I’m close with I find myself having to push down disappointment when they don’t laugh at a joke or don’t find an idea of mine interesting.   

Unfortunately the combination of INTJs strange approach to love languages and their unorthodox interests makes it very difficult for people to understand that they care, and more importantly, how we care. People will tell you that an INTJ gives you advice if they like you, but another sign to look out for is whether they want to share ideas and experiences with you. With the abnormal way INTJs tend to think about the world, letting you know what their thinking and dreaming about can be a big leap of trust.

SF9 React to their girlfriend being insecure about her smile

Anonymous requested: Haii, can I request sf9’s reaction to ther girlfriend being insecure about her smile because she has crooked teeth or a teeth gap??? Thank you in advance 💝

So body positivity message: You guys are all beautiful, especially when you smile. If anyone says anything else, they have their own insecurities and are just trying to channel those emotions towards you. Ignore it. You’re beautiful the way you are and you deserve to know that!


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Can you please do a imagine with Luke where he overworks himself and gets really stressed and ends up in the hospital where you take care of him. F l u f f y please. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your work. 💗

Thank you so much for the lovely request! So, I kind of wrote this leading up to why he was taken to the hospital… if anyone wants it, I can write a part two about after they come home with Ashton, Michael, and (Y/N) being like the three mothers Luke never wanted :) but I hope you like this! xx

“Luuuuuke,” you whine as you lean your head on his broad shoulder. “You’ve been at this for hours. Why don’t you take a break and come upstairs with me?”

Your boyfriend has been downstairs with his guitar all day trying to write music for his band’s upcoming album. Normally, he and his band mates would work in pairs to get the songs done, but the other boys are all taking a well-deserved break from music. They’ve just finished a year long world tour and so they’ve been spending a lot of time with their families and friends.

Luke, on the other hand, has thrown himself into writing new music. You love his passion for what he does, but it’s been a long time since the two of you have had the opportunity to spend any quality time together. It seems like he’s hardly even looked at you since he got home and you’re honestly starting to worry about him.

He’s not sleeping or eating properly, and the only time he even moves from the couch is when he has to use the bathroom. You don’t really know what’s going on with him, but you know that he’s spiraling. Fast.

“Let me just finish this song, babe,” Luke mumbles as he places his hands on the guitar strings.

He strums a few chords, but then stops and leans down to scratch something out on a piece of paper.

You sigh. “Luke you said that five hours ago. I’m worried about you. You’re overworking yourself.”

He just shakes his head and continues playing the same chords over and over again at different tempos. Tomorrow you think you’ll have to call the boys and ask for their help if Luke doesn’t snap out of it. This behavior has been going on for over a week now, and it can’t be healthy for him.

You don’t move from your spot on the couch. The bags under Luke’s eyes and the fact that some of his bones have become worryingly prominent makes you feel like he might disintegrate if you leave his side. You yawn a few times, but he doesn’t seem to notice. His mind is on the song in front of him which clearly is not coming together the way he wants it to.

You’re on the verge of falling asleep on his shoulder when he suddenly sets his guitar down. You sit up and take your head off of him because you assume he must have to pee. When he doesn’t move, though, you gently place your hand on his thigh.

“Luke?” You ask softly. “Are you okay?”

When he turns to look at you, his eyes are wide with panic. His chest is heaving rapidly and he suddenly falls onto your lap. His arms wrap around your small body and he clings to you like his life depends on it.

“I- I can’t- breathe,” he whispers.

You start to panic at the sight of Luke panicking. You pull him a few inches away from you so that you can look at his face. You can see beads of sweat beginning to fall down his forehead and you quickly wipe them away with your hand.

“Babe, I need you to take some deep breaths for me,” you say, trying to keep your voice calm. 

You count out some breaths with him, but it hardly seems to help. You reach over to the coffee table and grab a water bottle that you’d left for him earlier in the day. You unscrew the lid and hand it to him, urging him to take a sip.

His hands are shaking so much that he can hardly hold onto the bottle, and he ends up dropping it on the couch, and it spills all over the floor. You reach for your phone to call an ambulance at that point. You’ve witnessed panic attacks before, but nothing quite like this.

You dial the emergency number and wait for the operator to pick up, but before they do, Luke suddenly slouches over and falls onto the floor. You panic and begin screaming his name as you kneel down beside him. He’s unconscious and no amount of screaming on your part is going to wake him up.

When you remember the operator that is now waiting on the phone, you begin quickly explaining the situation to her and she immediately sends an ambulance to your house. She stays on the phone with you and tells you a few things to do to try and help Luke, but none of it works. He’s lying in a heap on the floor and you’re desperately sobbing as you attempt to hold his large body in your arms.

The ambulance arrives a few minutes later and the paramedics waste no time in loading him into the back. They allow you to ride with them and you keep your hand firmly clasped around Luke’s limp one as they perform all kinds of tests on him and hook him up to a million different needles.

Your mind all but stops functioning, and everything starts to blur together. You’ve never been this worried in your entire life, and your brain starts working through a hundred scenarios in which Luke doesn’t make it through this.

You hardly even notice when the ambulance comes to a stop and they unload Luke on a stretcher. They push him through some double doors, and you try to follow him, but a paramedic restrains you. He takes you to the waiting room and tells you that you’ll have to wait there while they figure out exactly what’s wrong with Luke. The paramedic seems hopeful that Luke will be fine, which gives you a tiny bit of relief. You won’t be able to really breathe, though, until you see him again with your own eyes.

An hour passes, and you’ve texted everyone close to Luke to let them know what’s going on. His parents have been on vacation in Scotland, and you had to do some hard convincing to get them to stay there. When you told his mom that he was in the hospital, she tried to hop on the next flight to Australia, but you told her that he would be fine. Even if you don’t fully believe that yourself, you don’t want her to worry too much. Luke will call her if he wants her to come home.

You also texted the boys to let them know what’s going on. Ashton and Michael got back to you right away and promised that they’d come stay with you and Luke in the morning. They’re both on the other side of the country doing god-knows-what, but they insisted upon dropping everything to take care of their friend. You haven’t heard back from Cal yet, but he’s in America spending time with some friends, so he’s on a completely different time schedule than the rest of you.

You try to keep yourself occupied with talking to Ashton and Michael so that you can’t worry too much, but it hardly works. Thankfully, a nurse comes to get you a few minutes later and leads you back to Luke’s hospital room. She explains the situation in as much detail as she can before you see him.

He’s been overworking himself and the mental and physical exhaustion finally caught up to him. He hasn’t been sleeping most nights or eating like he should, and that contributed to his massive panic attack and are also the reason he passed out. She says that they’re going to keep him here overnight and give him some fluids, but he should be good to go home tomorrow.

You still have tears rolling down your cheeks when you’re finally able to go into his room. He’s awake and as soon as you walk in, he smiles weakly at you. He’s got a bunch of needles still stuck in his arms, and he looks so pale and weak. You can’t believe you let him get to his point. Right now, you feel nothing but heartache and guilt.

“Baby,” Luke whispers when he sees the tears on your face. “Come here.”

He opens his arms and you quickly walk over to him and crawl into his bed. You curl yourself up against his chest and he wraps his arms around you as best he can without pulling any of the IV’s out.

“I’m so sorry, Luke,” you say, your voice slightly muffled by the fabric of his hospital gown. “So, so sorry.”

You’re sorry?” He asks, clearly confused. “For what? I did this to myself.”

“I should’ve noticed the signs earlier,” you tell him. “I never should have allowed you to get to this point.”

He shakes his head and places a gentle kiss on your forehead.

“You tried,” he reminds you. “I just felt so much pressure to get this third album out, and to make sure that it’s perfect, and I let it consume me. I know that I should’ve gone on break with the rest of the boys, but I thought that if I did, then the fans and the media would be mad. I never want to disappoint anyone.”

“You’re not disappointing anyone, babe,” you say. “Everyone understands how exhausting that tour was for all of you, and nobody is going to blame you for taking some time to yourself. You can’t put so much pressure on yourself, okay?”

He smiles again, and some life returns to his beautiful, blue eyes.

“I’m so lucky to have you,” he whispers. “So damn lucky.”

You let your lips curl into a smile as your phone beeps to let you know that you have another text.

“Oh,” you say, remembering Ashton and Michael. “I texted the boys to let them know what’s going on, and Mike and Ash insisted upon coming to stay with us tomorrow.”

Luke groans. “Great. They’re going to treat me like a child, you know.”

“I know,” you giggle. “But maybe a little love from Mama Ashton and Mama Michael is just what you need right now.”

You can’t help but laugh at the annoyed look on his face. Tomorrow should definitely be interesting, but for right now, you just focus on Luke. You have your arms wrapped tightly around him, and you don’t plan on letting him go any time soon. He thinks he’s the lucky one in this relationship, but you definitely know that it’s you.

D'aww, ableism! How adorable.

We didn’t “choose” sh*t. We’re just observant and knowledgeable enough to call it out. Because, unlike you, we don’t take what we’re given and accept it at face value.

I can believe that Concrete was a perfect storm of bad decisions and it would be different if this was a one-time thing. It f*cking isn’t though. It’s just so bloody egregious that we have to address it.

Ain’t nobody here harassing or silencing anybody and I can’t even understand how you twerps fix your fingers to type such ignorant, hypocritical nonsense let alone press send. What do you think you’re doing here?

But, long story short, you can catch this block. Good day.


No one is here harassing Abrams. No one has sent him degrading messages or threatened him. We’re just disappointed with his choices.


I am utterly disgusted with the state of this fandom right now.

So this will be a pretty long rant, and I apologize in advance for the gradual amount of cursing. However, in light of recent events, I just could not stand the things that are happening in this fandom any longer. I’m someone who has just been lurking around, not paying much attention to any of these anti-ship wars, but enough is enough. I’ve been quiet for too fucking long, and this needs to end. 

So for one, I’m not someone who really supported a certain ship in Naruto. However, when I read the final chapter, I was really happy that Naruto ended up with Hinata, obtained a beautiful family and achieved his dream of being Hokage. I can honestly say I’m now a huge supporter of NaruHina. I like the other couples too, like SasuSaku ShikaTema (if anything, this was actually the couple I wanted most to get together), InoSai, etc.. All good? Okay.

Now, this is where it gets ugly. It apparently seems that the ending of Naruto created a large amount of angry antis—especially the NaruSaku supporters. Okay, fair enough. I can understand their disappointment. I guess I would be disappointed too if I was that invested in fictional characters getting together just for it to all go down in flames. Whatever. They can create their fanfics or fanart or whatever the hell they want. They have every right to, ain’t nobody gots a problem with that.

Now this is the part that made me truly, absolutely, 100% disgusted. To the point where I don’t even want to be called a Naruto fan anymore because of how disgusting and immature these NaruSaku creatures (I won’t even call them people, because they lost the right to even be called that at this point) are acting. It started with this:

1) NaruSaku fans calling and harassing SP, sending his assistant death threats through twitter and various forms of media, etc. Harassing Kishi and HIS WIFE, telling them they’re going to kill him…because of a fictional character.

This happened quite early on, right when the series had just ended, so I just brushed it off. I reasoned, “Oh, okay. Well the ending just happened a few weeks ago, I guess they’re still pretty angry. Decent human beings shouldn’t act this rude or offensive to ANYONE, but they’re angry. And people lose sight of themselves when they’re passionately angry. Some of these shippers have been shipping this couple for years; I guess it’s sort of understandable. Sort of.”

2) Then the bullshit conspiracy theories (Chatte) and attacks on Kishi based on feminism happened.

First of all, do not fucking DARE bring feminism into this. Do not fucking DARE. I am a huge feminist, to the point where I’m a women’s study and political science double major. These crazy fans bringing feminism into the picture and claiming that the ending was “anti-feminist” because of Sakura’s newfound role as a “housewife” is what seriously started to grind my gears.

Secondly, if you’re an actual “feminist” like you claim to be, you would fucking go out there and try to make a change in the real world, not hole yourself up in your house and waste your time sending angry threat letters to people in Japan (who believe it or not, do not give a single fuck about your opinions).

Do you even know what’s going on with the recent Supreme Court decision regarding Hobby Lobby in the US? Or the increasing amount of human sex trafficking cases exploiting young girls in the Middle East? Yeah, didn’t think so. Bet you had to google it.

If you’re such a “feminist” and care so much about women rights, you would be trying to change what’s happening in the REAL world – the world you fucking LIVE in – not some fictional ninja world. So don’t you DARE pretend you’re all of a sudden a feminist, when it’s convenient for you, because those are the worst type of human beings. Don’t you DARE try to drag your poorly constructed “feminist” argument into convincing others that Naruto had a terrible, anti-feminist ending. I’m sorry, but with your same skewed logic, Naruto should have been an “anti feminist” series the minute Sakura was designated “healer,” because that is literally the role that at least one female character in every fucking Shonen gets because it’s considered “weaker/more feminine.” I didn’t see you complain then. So why are you trying to make feminism a valid argument now? Bullfuckingshit.

Thirdly, where the fuck did it ever say Sakura was a housewife? Where?

Because she dons an apron and cleans? Seriously? A girl can’t even clean her home without you jumping to assumptions that she’s a housewife now? No wonder you thought NaruSaku was actually ever going to be a thing. Constantly making assumptions and never basing your logic on reason/facts. This is proof of your horrendous reading comprehension.

And then, as if that wasn’t enough, you BASH Sakura because she’s a housewife?

You claim you’re a Sakura fan, but the minute she decides to make a career change, suddenly she’s useless. Are you saying powerful women can’t be housewives? That is one of the most misogynistic things I have ever heard my entire life. Suddenly because Sakura made her own choice to become whatever the fuck she wanted (because surprise, surprise it’s HER life), and that happened to be a career society deems a “female job,” she’s useless and her entire character development was ruined? Are you fucking hearing yourself right now? Are you? You are a walking contradiction, and please excuse yourself out.

Even with all this boiling anger, up to this point, I did not want to get dragged into this shipping war. I thought, you know what? It’s just a fictional world. Let it go, self. 

3) But then the website dedicated to thanking Kishi happened. And all hell broke loose.

A website dedicated to thanking Kishi for spending fifteen - let me reiterate that - FIFTEEN FUCKING YEARS working on Naruto for his fans, was spammed with the most horrendous, offensive and nasty messages from these so-called “fans.” These messages were not only disgustingly rude, crudely put, but they were extremely self-entitled. Don’t even get me started on their grammar, or rather, lack thereof.


ESPECIALLY not to “fans” that harass him simply because he told his story the way he saw fit.  

I don’t even care about respect anymore. No, I’m seriously so utterly disgusted right now. Words cannot even begin to explain how disgusted I am. Kishi sacrificed his own honeymoon, limited spending time with his own family and spent countless nights staying up to reach deadlines for his readers. He put fifteen years of his life down to tell a beautiful story about friendship, acceptance and love, to give hope to any lonely or depressed person out there that things will get better, and this is how his so-called “fans” repay him? Telling him to go kill himself? That he’s a terrible person because he “tricked” them? That Naruto dying would have been a better ending? That Naruto would be disappointed in Kishi?

Lmfao, yeah because you definitely know what Naruto wants, right? Not the CREATOR of Naruto, but some crazy delusional fan that clearly lacks the ability to interpret words properly.

The best message of them all?

“Give Naruto justice for his hard work.”


Let’s just let that sink in:

“Give Naruto justice for his hard work.”

L M F A O.

So apparently, according to you, this “justice” is killing off Naruto with Sasuke or making him marry Sakura.

So basically giving Naruto the justice he deserves is marrying him off to a girl who never loved him? Or is it marrying him off to a girl who is madly, crazily in love with absolute devotion to his best friend? Or wait – is it just killing him off?

Apparently Kishi did the oh-so-terrible injustice of giving Naruto a beautiful wife who truly loved and believed in him when no one else did, his lifelong dream of being Hokage, AND two adorable ass kids to come home to. OH MY GOD WHAT AN INJUSTICE. WHAT AN ASSHOLE KISHI IS! How *dare* he give Naruto everything he ever wanted! What blasphemy!

I’m not sure exactly what the definition of “justice” is to these NaruSaku fans’ warped heads, but if justice is marrying Naruto off to a girl who does not love him, and injustice is Naruto being happily married to the love of his life, having two beautiful kids, and achieving his life-long dream of being Hokage, then I know for a fact I don’t want to live in any form of government they construct.

This whole NaruSaku thing must be a joke. It just has to be. I refuse to believe such ignorant, rude and selfish people exist in this world. These people did not give a single flying fuck about what NARUTO was about. They simply watched the series to craft their own fucking weird ass bullshit love story where two characters THAT THE AUTHOR HAD CONFIRMED AGAIN AND AGAIN DO NOT HAVE ROMANTIC FEELINGS TOWARD ONE ANOTHER have to get together and then whine and bitch about it when it inevitably didn’t happen.

To whichever insane NaruSaku fan reading this: You get the FUCK out of this fandom right the fuck now because you cannot call yourself a fan at this point. The majority of NaruSaku fans are fucking delusional, crazy, psycho pieces of shits that have no fucking gratitude to the man who fucking slave drove himself for 15 years to create a meaningful, beautiful story about friendship, love and acceptance. Get the FUCK out of my fandom, and you get the FUCK out of my face with your crazy tumblr posts. I’m not fucking sorry for my cursing, and I’m definitely not fucking sorry for your fucking ship not being canon anymore. I do not pity a single one of you crazy antis. I can’t even feel sympathy for the nicer, calmer NaruSaku fans because of all this fucking bullshit this ship is causing. Why aren’t the nicer NaruSaku fans putting some sense into the crazios? Aren’t you guys a “family?” If someone in the NaruHina fandom was acting this crazy, I would put them in their place. A single one of these NaruSaku fans have enough loony to fill up ten mental institutions.

I’m not even going to bother mentioning Hinata or Sasuke, because clearly these antis don’t give a flying fuck about either of these two characters and it would be absolutely pointless. I’m basing this entire argument solely on their “love” for Naruto and Sakura and NaruSaku ship.

Let me just end long rant/post on this beautiful note:

Just a few months ago they were making fun of NaruHina/SasuSaku shippers about what will happen once “NaruSaku definitely becomes canon” and saying how immature these actions are…AND THEY FUCKING GO DO IT THEMSELVES. How fucking hypocritical and pathetic. I am legitimately so done with this fucking bullshit.

I’m not here to argue because clearly most of these NaruSaku fans refuse to listen to voice of reason. I’m just here to voice my opinion on how utterly disgusted and ashamed I am of the Naruto fandom because of these people, and how they’re ruining Naruto for everyone. Do not fucking DARE call yourself a Naruto fan anymore because you have lost that privilege. I refuse to believe any actual Naruto fan can have so much hate and animosity towards Kishi and the series simply because they didn’t get their wackass ending.

And for any NaruSaku crazy who stumbles upon this post (further proving they’re idiots by being in a NaruHina/anti NaruSaku tag) I have but two parting words for you: BYEEEEE FELICIAAAAA! 

anonymous asked:

Someone I follow says 'Go Outside' is a pathetic attempt to make money. And that we should be 'disappointed' in Dan and Phil. As if this is some evil plot to steal money from their audience, instead of something they genuinely believed we would enjoy. I don't know if I'll buy it, but nobody should ruin it for the people who will.

i don’t think people understand that this is how dan and phil make a living, they are a business and they have to make money one way or another. however, that doesn’t automatically make them greedy sellouts and people shouldn’t be demonizing every effort they make to monetize certain things. i understand that some people may not be able to afford the book and are upset for that specific reason, and i hope that there will be a way for those people to see the book for themselves, but this is mainly addressed to the people who are making bullshit claims against dan and phil just because they can. the production value of their tour was massive, and they need to make a profit in order to continue doing what they do. professional equipment, professional cameramen, props, bodyguards, licensing venues, none of those things are free. dan and phil aren’t only doing this for themselves, they’re doing it for us. it’s the end of an era, dan and phil brought us some of the happiest days of our lives and this book is their way of embracing it and reminiscing about this wild adventure with us. dan and phil have accomplished more than they could have ever dreamt of, be happy for them

lunarofessence  asked:

Hi, it's me again. I feel like I have been hit hard with the realization that we are only flesh and bone. That after this life, we are dust, we are dead and there's nothing else. Our souls don't carry forward because we have no souls. Yet this is the biggest contradiction because I feel it in my heart that there is more to this than living and dying. I feel it in my heart that I do have a soul. I meditate, I am deeply spiritual. I've spent the last year of my life dedicated to meditation and

Trying to understand who I am, what I am. I am starting to lose hope, death is starting to scare me. What if there is nothing else? What if? What if? What if? It is freighting. Nobody knows what happens after we die. No one. But pie old make all these claims. I don’t know. I feel like I have been living a lie. I am disappointed and afraid. What if we are empty? Soulless beings? How do you live not knowing? [Pt. 2]

I had many of these same thoughts when I started on the spiritual path. If anything, they are what led me to the path. These are important questions to ask. Do not be satisfied with any verbal answer. You must experience the truth for yourself. And you must not be afraid to discover the truth, whatever it may be. 

Here are some handy insights I picked up during my own exploration of these questions:

  • It is important to really and truly understand that we are just flesh and bone and will die. This is what will give your path a sense of urgency. There is no time to lose. You must meditate, you must practice, you must experience. Again, do not be satisfied with words and explanations alone. 
  • Whatever happens after death is no different than what was before you were born. 
    • In fact, the Buddhists describe the nature of awareness as being Unborn. It exists but it was never born. What is not born does not die. This is true even in this moment. 
    • Remember that buddhists do not believe in a “soul” in the commonly understood sense. They believe in “no-self.”
  • Whether we say we have a soul or whether we say we are empty, it actually amounts to the same. 
    • We are empty in the sense that we do not exist as individuals. We are the Soul in that we do exist as something
    • That something is neither One nor Two but something altogether indescribable. 
  • “The dead are not living and the living never die.” ~ Jesus, Gospel of Thomas
  • “The Real does not die, the unreal never lived.” ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj
  • How do you know that you exist?
    • Do you need your thoughts to know you exist? 
      • During indescribable moments you have experienced aliveness without words. You know you exist even when thought does not exist. 
    • Do you need your physical senses to know you exist?
      • Although you don’t remember dreamless sleep, still you know on some level that you existed during that time. 
        • One does not feel as if dead and being reborn every time we go to sleep and awaken. 
    • That deep inner knowing that you exist is the same as the Soul, the Self, the Divine, the Unborn Awareness, Emptiness, or whatever you want to call it. 
      • This is the part of yourself that you begin to become more aware of during meditation. 
        • More precisely, it becomes aware of Itself. 
  • Read these books:
    • I Am That by Nisargadatta Maharaj
    • The Four Requisites for Realization and Self-Inquiry by Nome
    • Self-Knowledge by Nome
  • Keep up with your meditation practice. 

You are in a good spot. Continue forward, don’t turn back now. 

Namaste my good fellow.