nobody touch my princess


Jack always make sure to have “The talk” before anyone takes his baby sister on a date. What a good brother!

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Oh my gosh I love the MysMes scenarios that you do! I hope it's no trouble, but could you do one where MC comes home, looking rough after she got robbed? Thank youuu~ <3


You slowly opened the door, your hands shaking. You were unable to even process what had happened just moments before. It happened outside your workplace, you were working a late shift and was closing up the store when some guy came and snatched your bag off of you. You tried to fight back but he pushed you to the ground and ran off.

Yoosung heard the door open and paused his LoLoL game. “MC! You’re home!” He chirped, removing his headset and going out to the living room. His eyes widened when he saw the state you were in. “W-What happened?!” He held you close as you began to sob

“I-It happened so f-fast-… H-He took everything!” You stuttered. Yoosung stroked your hair, gently whispering sweet nothings into your ear. “It’s okay now… You’re safe. I promise I won’t let that happen again…”


Luckily your phone was in your pocket when you had gotten robbed. The fucker took everything else, but your phone was safe. After managing to get to your house, you called Zen. You knew he was at a rehearsal, but this was an emergency.

“Babe! What’s up?” Zen smiled, expecting to hear your sweet voice. Instead he was met with sniffles and tears. “I-I just got mugged-” He hung up.

He arrived not long after on his motorcycle. He hopped off and held you close. “MC! Are you okay? Do you remember what he looked like?” Zen was in full attack mode. He was ready to track this lowlife down and end him.

“I-I’m okay. He didn’t hurt me, just… Took my bag…” You sighed. Zen huffed, kissing the top of your head. “We’ll find him, and he’ll go down for this. Nobody touches my princess.”


She was snuggled up on the couch when you came in, hair messed up, clothes torn and tears running down your face. Jaehee jumped out of her seat and rushed over you to. “MC?! What happened to you?” She asked, sitting you down on the couch.

“Someone mugged me at the bus stop…” You sighed, wrapping your arms around yourself. Jaehee held you tightly. “The bus stop you say?” She inquired, you nodded in response.

“Well, I’ve made up my mind. I’ll be taking you back and forth to work from now on.”

You looked at her confused. “B-But what about your work?”

Jaehee smiled. “Mr. Han can wait. Your safety is the most important thing to me, I think even he can understand that.” She kissed your forehead softly.


He was in an evening meeting when Jaehee quietly entered the room. Jumin glanced over at her. “Assistant Kang, what is it?” He asked, wondering why she had decided to interrupt the meeting.

“Mr. Han, MC is downstairs. She needs to see you immediately, it’s an emergency.” Jaehee’s expression said it all. Jumin rushed out of the meeting room and rushed downstairs to the waiting room, to be met with a roughed-up MC. “What happened to you?!” He exclaimed, rushing over and taking you into his arms.

“I-I got mugged…” You hicupped. You could see the scorn in Jumin’s eyes. “We’ll catch whoever did it… They won’t get away with this.” And trust me, they didn’t.


You were coming home from a late shift at work when a guy came and tried to snatch your bag off of you.

Whilst caught up in the fight with the mugger, you didn’t notice a car pull up beside you and a redhead get out. Without saying a word, he punched the guy square in the nose, KOing him instantly. 707 turned to you, holding your bag in his arms. “I saw him stalking you from the moment you left work. I got a bad feeling so, I thought I’d come just in case.” He grinned. You hugged him tight, thankful to have a boyfriend like him.