nobody text me

  • Friend: *repeatedly pointing out typo I made*
  • Me: shut uo
  • Friend: UO

I suspect that McGonagall was very forthcoming with her opinions about Cornelius Fudge’s decisions over his tenure as Minister. The addition of a Permanant Sticking charm and a strange hex that made the frames fly over to the nearest blank space on the wall and firmly attach soon became Cornelius Fudge’s worst nightmare. 

(After all, having twenty different needlepoint frames scattered across the Minister’s Office with ‘Cornelius, You Gormless Twit’ and ‘Fudge the Nincompoop’ in intricate embroidery didn’t exactly inspire confidence in his leadership.)


This has probably been done before but you can never have enough Jekyll and Hyde memes

Hello :) just to say i wont be here as always bc guess what? I’ve got a job :)))) today was my first day and i think was good, and in this new job i cant use my phone so probably my time here will be just at the night :) and probably just weekends since i came home tired and sleepy lol (i need to get used again to wake up early). I wont continue to edit 23doh or at least i hope just work on some days. I will still checking out here and visiting blogs to cacht up anyways, is just I dont feel with any wish to turn on my computer after be on one all day in the office (im old) so that is it.

I’ll see u someday :)