nobody talks about our girl like that

honestly rukia was probably the most formative asian heroine of my childhood. nobody else could burn with kindness as fiercely as she could. who could snarl with such disdain, who could hunger so much to be a warrior, stalking across the battlefield with a sword glistening in her fist like a raw diamond.

i mean. here you have a dead girl, talking about justice. demanding for all spirits to be protected, demonstrating to our Male Shounen Protagonist what it means to be selfless, and a hero. she was thoughtful, earnest, and spoke her mind, and she never apologized for it.

What if the reason nobody has talked about Junior all this time is because every time they bring it up Tucker pulls out like 14 pictures like “This is him at his first trip to the dentist. He almost bit the guys arm off but had no cavities, fucking savage, right?” “Here’s his first dance. He got asked by like, 40 girls, because my son’s a fucking player” “ Here’s our first Christmas. I didn’t know what to get him so I just got him a puppy. He killed it, but was pretty happy, so it’s whatever.”

Bastille defends nude video

Bastille have defended the use of nudity in their video for ‘Good Grief’.

The band - comprised of Dan Smith, Chris 'Woody’ Wood, Will Farquarson and Kyle Simmons - have been slammed for featuring naked women in their latest video but Smith insists it is “intended to be artistic”.

Dan told Digital Spy: “In the video, there’s moments of violence that nobody cares about. I think that’s more interesting. I read one comment that was like, 'Why is everyone talking about nudity when there’s a bank robbery that’s quite full on.’ That says a lot about our reactions. It’s intended to be artistic.

"Some people are bringing up the nudity and other people are immediately jumping to its defence saying it’s not sexualised and it doesn’t feel exploitative.

"The music video takes scenes and tropes and flips them on their head. One of which is a girl and I think it’s interesting to see the reaction it provokes. In some countries and some societies, female nudity isn’t remotely controversial.”

Will was equally baffled by the controversy, adding: “It wasn’t gratuitous. I think it’s well in keeping with the tone of the video.

Meanwhile, the band will release, 'Wild World’, the follow-up to 2013’s 'Bad Blood’ in September and they previously revealed that they have experimented with different styles of music this time around.

Dan said: "When we started the album it was alternative R&B, a lot more electronic, then we went down a heavier rock route as well, then we almost came full circle back around to what we did the first record, more cinematic, then we did a load of horns. So it could be a lot of different things. But we just want the songs to be good and memorable and we want the album to be fucking interesting and a good progression from the last record, something that we’re proud of.”

95% of the support for darkskin girls is coming from other darkskin girls so that’s why whenever people scream about “how much there’s so much love and support for black women but not the same support for black men” I’m like….where? talk about colorism and the clear prejudice darkskin women face from our own people every day and nobody can see or hear a thing suddenly. love and support my ass

It must be pretty frustrating to grow up as a boy

To have all these problems related to gender expectations and to have nobody acknowledge them.

I am not saying girls have no issues. There’s double standards all over the place growing up as a girl . Have sex young and you’re a slut, don’t put out and you’re frigid. Like getting dressed up? you’re just doing it for boys. Don’t bother dressing up? you obviously take no pride in yourself. No - it’s not easy. Sometimes it’s almost like girls can’t win.

Thankfully these issues are widely acknowledged. From our teenage years onwards these issues will likely be talked about. If someone is sexist towards a girl they are immediately called out on it. It is simply not acceptable. Of course there are still some people who will be sexist towards women, but people are overwhelmingly conscious of this and avoid doing it. You will see men in particular actively rethinking what they were about to say in order to avoid being sexist or causing offense. People may have underlying sexist thoughts, they might have an idea in their head about how women should be based on gender roles, but they are so aware that it is wrong to be sexist towards women that they actively stop themselves from verbalising it. That is how conscious people are that misogyny is wrong. 

So what about the men? 

There’s also double standards all over the place growing up as a boy. If you lack in musculature you’re a wimp, but if you focus too much on working out you’re a ‘meathead’. If you don’t express your emotions your’e uncaring, but if you do express your emotions you’re a namby-pamby. Boys can’t win either.

The difference is that these issues are not acknowledged in the way that similar issues for girls are. They are not talked about. People don’t avoid being sexist towards men, in fact in many cases they thrive on it. People don’t avoid saying ‘you need to man up’, they don’t feel any guilt for that sort of thinking. They are not conscious of how reinforcing gender roles can damage men because we don’t talk about it in the same way as we do for women

The longer this continues the worse it will get for boys. They must be aware of the focus given to the problems of girls. They see it all around them. And sooner or later it’s going to sink in that they just don’t matter as much.

So I’m not saying girls don’t have issues or that we shouldn’t talk about them. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing that we consciously avoid being sexist towards girls and women. I’m saying it’s about time boys and men got the same effort.

Nobody talks about how like 80% of girls these days are smoking fuckin hot because we work at it every second of our lives, but we have like 5 naturally hot guys in the world to fight over, and a planet full of ugly slob-assed fuckboys crying about how girls are shallow and won’t date them. Like bitch if you spent 2 hours every morning to be beautiful we’d fight over you. Man up and get some god-damn foundation and a nice shirt and we’ll talk.

  • Ubisoft Employee Man: Every year we're the laughing stock of E3, everyone always makes fun of our presentations. They say they're bad and cringe-worthy. They all hate Aiesha Tyler and say Assassin's Creed is boring and that nobody likes it. What do we do?
  • Ubisoft President Man: Hmm... How about this year... we put her on stage with that quote everyone love so much, what was it? Girl Wood? We put that on a gold chain, have her swear even more, and talk about memes?
  • Ubisoft Employee Man: I don't think you were liste-
  • Ubisoft President Man: And! And! We'll make a new Assassin's Creed game in a setting NOBODY has ever used! Victorian London!
  • Ubisoft Employee Man: I can think of three games that just-
  • Ubisoft President Man: This is gonna be so fucking good. The crowds are gonna love it. Let's also find the most untalented dancers we can find and have them dance to Gangnam Style to show that Just Dance can be played by EVERYONE! No matter HOW bad you dance!
  • Ubisoft Employee Man: I don't think that's a good idea.
  • Ubisoft President Man: I don't think you have a job.