nobody talk to me im suffering

i just read a post that says niy/arke is the best thing to happen to b/arke bc niylah serves as a “rebound” for clarke to process her grief and be prepared to love bellamy im SCREAMING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“ Jumping from CL to BC would be a huge mistake, because Clarke would be getting romantic with her soulmate while still suffering from the loss of Lxa. So she’d be thinking about Lxa, wanting to talk about Lxa, mourning Lxa, needing closure with Lxa, all while being with Bellamy. And Bellamy, as her romantic partner/best friend, would have to listen to her feelings. Nobody wants to see that. “

bellalm gyh h her soulat mes f/mate??????

“ Luckily we have Niylah, and she has been providing that service. With Niylah, Clarke has slowly been getting over Lxa and moving on. Niylah provides emotional comfort, a listening ear, and the healing for Clarke that she so desperately needs. Clarke being able to talk about Lxa with someone helps to give her closure, and Clarke being intimate with someone who isn’t Lxa provides a rebound. By the time Clarke is ready to be with Bellamy, the audience will not have to deal with any residual CL bleeding over into their relationship like it has with Niylarke. “

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