nobody should have allowed this

To all you boys and men out there

You are allowed to say no, too. Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you always want or have to want sex. Saying no doesn’t make you weak or whatever others want to tell you. Nobody, man or woman, should be allowed to manipulate you into having sex. Whenever you are uncomfortable, say no. Even if you said yes at first, if you are uncomfortable at a later point, you don’t have to go through with it if you don’t want to. You have the right to say no and to stop just as much as any woman.

idk if this has been said but kevin day is a slut for granola 

by this time tomorrow the literal nightmare person that is robert jacob sugden is going to be someone´s dad and while i´ve had months and months to prepare myself for this, i still can´t wrap my head around it. 

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I like the daily anon questions. They are what made me feel like I could ask questions too :) So lighthearted question then: Connor, what's your next move to get a cat? Maybe you could just happen to pick up a stray?

@ daily anon: see

as for the cat thing. actually me and zoe convinced our parents that since i’m an adult, and nobody in the house is allergic, i should be allowed to have a pet if i want. which worked, somehow.

we’re gonna go to a shelter, soon.


Let’s talk about this for a second guys—just a second. Why is weight gain automatically presumed to be to do with pregnancy in concerns to a female? Does that make it ‘acceptable?’ It is important to know that gaining weight shouldn’t be negative unless it is endangering somebody’s health. Health and weight don’t go hand in hand. Taylor is glowing right now, she is happy, she works out and is doing well. If she put on a little weight, it is fine and shouldn’t bother us or the media. And maybe articles like that are normal for her (although that does not make them fair or right) but I don’t like them. Not at all. As somebody who has been to the doctors, to the hospital etc with eating disorder related issues, I don’t find the media pressing the idea that gaining weight is only allowed if you’re pregnant. Nobody should have to succumb to the pressures and feel ‘not good enough’ or ‘uncomfortable’ in their body because the stigma around weight gain. All we should care about is health. These kind of articles, although bland and repetitive to some, are what lead to mental illness. It is time to realise that 15lbs shouldn’t be 15 more reasons to hate yourself.

Change starts small. Erase the connotations and encourage a positive mindset.

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This presentation that Perez has concocted is a joke. The Bernabeu should be full to the brim with supporters wishing him well as he steps onto the pitch to play his last game. Not some quickly strung together 'oh lets throw all the trophies he's won us on the pitch to shut his supporters up'. I have never been so angry in all my life.

He stands there in front of Iker, in front of his FACE and says nobody should have slung mud at him, when as President he ALLOWED the mudslinging, and fucking encouraged it. Not only was this presentation a farce, it was offensive, malicious, and disgusting.

Fuck…Perez is so vindictive but so much of his plans wouldn’t have worked if Iker wasn’t a good person who doesn’t want to burden others with his problems. If I was Iker I would’ve shown up just to flash two middle fingers at Perez and left.

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What are your thoughts on the homeless spikes?

I just discovered this whole thing yesterday on my dashboard, so this has the potential to be super uninformed. But here are my thoughts.

1) As Christians our first response should always be love. How can we love the homeless and the business owner? How can we submit to authority and respect the property of others? How can we make the risky, uncomfortable choice that gives the homeless what they really need?

2) It’s a business owner’s prerogative to do whatever legal thing they want with their storefront. If they have a problem of gangs or homeless or youth trespassing on their property it’s their right to put up spikes. It’s nobody’s right to hang out on someone else’s property. It’s the city government’s choice what they do with their benches and overpasses. To go around breaking things is vandalism, and no Christians should be doing it.

3) I’ve heard that there is an unmeasurable amount of homeless folks that refuse government and charity help, and choose to live where they do. I cannot imagine why this would be, but maybe not having a bench to sleep on means a few of them will go have a conversation with someone that cares about them? 

4) Calling them homeless spikes is obviously inflammatory. They keep the general public from loitering as well. They keep gangs from hanging out under overpasses. It’s a reminder that a window sill is not an appropriate place to sleep and that those that are tempted should go where there are beds available, as well as food and medicine. 

5) Jumping on a tumblr frenzy bandwagon before we’ve given any money or time to help homeless people doesn’t do a lick of good for them. What are we doing to solve the problem of homelessness in our city? If our only response is the midnight smashing of spikes, then we’re just putting them back where they were, which was homeless. 

6) Allowing people to sleep in dirt and grime is enabling self-destructive behavior. And nobody should be allowing people to die because they feel like they have to sleep outdoors. Sleeping outdoors shouldn’t be an option for a lifestyle. There are clean, dry places available. I hear homeless people ask for money all the time. Why aren’t they asking for a place to stay the night? If we get homeless people into a home, wouldn’t that be a bigger step towards solving the problem? Let’s make gospel missions more attractive and window sills less attractive. 

7) To read this, it sounds like entire cities have covered every horizontal surface with needles and spears, but in truth we’re talking about less than one spot per city block in just a few cities. Yes, more are probably showing up every day, but to say that we’re removing all benches, overpasses, alleys, window sills, is just not accurate. Let’s use our inside voices on this one, folks.

8) If you still disagree with me and think the “defensive architecture” has to go, then organize a boycott on those establishments and don’t shop there. You can write a letter to them as well. That’s about all you can do legally to persuade them. It’s their window. You could also put a sign up on your window sill that says, “Homeless, sit here” but I don’t think that would be very Christian either.