nobody said it was hard

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You always say you not on T and its offensive fr fr I work hard in the gym too

🙄🙄🙄 my nigga

ppl come in my inbox all the time cus they don’t think they can get top surgery without being trans or don’t think they can get the body they want without being on T cus there’s no representation. nobody said u don’t work hard but it affects your body differently. your gains are going to be quicker than mine cus I have to deal with a monthly period that bloats my body , gives me cravings , && I don’t have the added cushion of added testosterone feeding my muscles.

stay the fuck out my inbox with this shit.

Tig Trager - Saving Grace


You’re emotionally unstable and Tig tries to comfort you.

Nobody ever said This Life was easy. But nobody also ever told you just how hard This Life would be either.

You were at your witts end.

Your father, brother, and sister-in-law had all died within a two year span. You were left mentally broken and shattered. Your best friend Jax Teller, was going on a war path to get revenge on your elder brother Opie and to get his club out of drugs.

But during that time he had left you behind.

You needed your friend now more than ever and he left you like you were nothing.

And that’s where someone else came and stepped up to the plate.

“Hey, doll?”

Tig called out as he stood in the open doorway of your room in your home. You had given him your spare not long after you lost Opie. Tig was there for you where Jax lacked. You felt as if Tig could understand what you were going through – just a little bit – because he too had lost someone he loved dearly; his daughter Dawn.

You glanced over at him. His tall and lanky body stood in the door. His bright baby blues looking at you as you were spread out on your bed.

“Hey, Alex.”

You called out, your voice showing just how tired and mentality drained you were. Tig walked into your bedroom and lingered by your dresser right at the foot of your bed.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?”

He asked, his wrinkles that showed worry appeared on his face. You gave a weak smile and just looked at him.

“It’s nothing, hon. I’m fine.”

“Fine my ass. Don’t lie to me.”

Tig said moving from the dresser and sitting down on the edge of your bed by your head. He leaned over you, his eyes locked with your own.

“Don’t you dare lie to me. It’s not fine. Now what’s wrong, baby girl?”

His words brought the tears you were trying so hard to fight back. His hands came to your face and smoothed over your skin slowly as he shifted to where your head was in his lap. You heard him sigh as your felt his fingers run through your hair.

Tig might have been a savage with the Club. But with you, he was your saving grace.

johnny; trust

requested by @taeminshincten again, ffs she’s so obsessed w/ me

summary; any pent up feelings you and johnny had towards each other finally all came out in one huge argument that left your relationship on the edge of even existing.

genre; angst ft. fluff

a.n// send in requests if you wanna, I’m not at college for another week so you might as well lmao

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