nobody made out with me

look i know that zexal is the magical boy of yugioh but yusei here done pull the most sailor moon lookin’ bullshit i ever did see in this fuckign card game anime


I guess the hardest thing is having so much love for you and it somehow not being returned. I develop crushes all the time, but that is just misdirected need for you. You are a hole in my life, a black hole. Anything I place there cannot be returned. I miss you terribly. Ci vedremo lassu, angelo

they said that the world is
four billion years old
but mine just turned twenty.


Tom, Wally, and Gus, 1965


“Isn’t that your teacher, Aretha? The one you said had the logic of Wittgenstein and the vision of George Orwell?”

“Affirmative, that is she.”

Oil and Sugar - Chapter 5 - Arrangement

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Jughead was just settling in for the evening when there was a knock at the door.  

“It’s open,” he called out.  The door swung in and Toni leaned against his door frame.  “What’s up?” he asked.

“You have a little problem downstairs.”

“What kind of problem?”

“A half naked one,” Toni said with a smirk.

“What the fuck do I care what someone’s wearing?  There’s no dress code besides ‘cover your assets’.”

“You might care about this one,” she said with a grin and disappeared.  Jughead sighed and got up.  He headed down the hall that led to the stairs leading to the bar.  He walked down and over to the bar, getting behind it and grabbing a beer. He looked out over the crowd and saw the usual.  A classic rock song blared from the jukebox  and people were dancing  and playing pool and darts and drinking and nothing really seemed amiss.  He glanced at Toni with a questioning look.  She tilted her head toward the dancing, a smirk on her face. He looked over and focused and then he froze.

Betty was swaying to the music in the middle of a crowd of leering men who were dancing around her.  She was wearing short denim shorts that showed off her long glorious legs and a denim shirt that she hadn’t even bothered to button and just tied it over her chest.  She caught sight of him then and a challenging smirk appeared on her face.  She lifted her arms over her head, lifting her hair and letting it fall as she swayed her hips to the music.  Jughead raked his eyes over her and felt his lust roar to life.  She was stunning and sexy and so fucking naked.  

Her movements were seductive, her eyes burning into his, daring him to react and when he saw a pair of rough hands settle on her hips, he did react.  Jealous anger roared to life inside him and he became furious.  Betty seemed startled when she was hauled back against a body and he slammed his beer down on the counter and headed in her direction.  People scrambled to get out of his way and when he reached her, he grabbed her arm and pulled her away from the hands that were pawing her.  

“Get your fucking hands off her,” he yelled angrily, shoving the man into the wall.  He turned to Betty and started pulling her angrily through the crowd and she had to run to keep up with his long strides or he would have literally dragged her.

“Who the hell is that?” Juice asked, walking up to Toni.  She grinned and leaned against the bar.

“That’s Jughead’s fuck buddy,” she said.

“Fuck buddy?  Those two are fuck buddies?  Looks like a little more than that to me with how pissed off he is.  Who are they trying to kid?”

“Themselves apparently, because nobody else is fooled,” Toni said as she laughed.

Jughead didn’t ease his grip on her arm as he headed up the stairs and Betty was certain she would probably have a bruise.  She wondered briefly if she had gone too far.  He was fucking furious.  He dragged her down a hall and through a door which he slammed behind them and shoved her up against it.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he growled, his eyes spitting fire.  

“I was dancing,” she said with a smirk, lifting her chin.  Jughead let out an angry laugh.

“Looked more like wagging your ass around waiting for someone to grab it,” he fumed.

“What’s the matter, Jughead?  Are you jealous?” she asked slyly.  His eyes narrowed and his anger intensified.  

“Are you fucking kidding me right now?  You were trying to make me jealous?”

“I think it worked,” she said laughing and he looked so angry, she could have sworn his eye lid started to twitch.  “It’s a strange feeling, isn’t it?  Jealousy.  Just comes out of nowhere,” she said, feeling her own anger rising.  Anger at these fucking emotions and feelings that were overwhelming her.  Angry that he was making her feel them.  She matched him glare for glare.  “Don’t you ever fucking leave me hanging again,” she snapped.   He raised an eyebrow and started to laugh.

“Seriously Betty?  That’s why you’re here?  You come swinging your ass around the bar, trying to make me jealous because I didn’t give you an orgasm?” Jughead said in a mocking tone.  When she actually heard the words, Betty felt a little mortified and it infuriated her.

“Fuck you,” she said furiously and turned and tried to open the door.  It opened an inch before he slammed it shut again.  

“I don’t think so,” he growled in her ear as he pressed her against it.  She turned and shoved at him and she may as well have tried to shove a brick wall.  

“Get off me,” she stormed and he immediately stepped back, his breathing harsh, his eyes still angry.  “Fuck you and fuck this.  I’m done!”

“Go ahead and leave, Sugar,” he said, his voice cold.  Betty stood, her fists clenched, her chest heaving and she stared at him and she realized the last thing she wanted to do was leave.  She wanted him on her and in her.  Her tongue licked over her lips and his gaze immediately dropped to her mouth.  When they came back to hers, the anger was mixed with heavy lust and she felt herself clench between her thighs.  She doesn’t know who moved first but suddenly she was pressed against the door, her legs around his waist, his hands on her ass and his tongue in her mouth.  

Betty moaned and gripped his hair, pressing into his wet kiss, sucking on his tongue as it ravaged her mouth.  Jughead moved a hand to her hair and tugged her head back, his mouth sucking down the skin of her neck, leaving marks as he made his way down.  He turned and started walking to the bed she had noticed in the corner of the room.  She pressed her aching center against his rock hard arousal in his jeans and whimpered when his teeth dug into her shoulder.

He dropped her on the bed and pulled his shirt off and she untied hers and quickly pulled it off as well.  She hadn’t bothered with a bra.  His eyes were still angry when he came down on top of her.  She moved her hand to his face and he grabbed it and slammed it back on the pillow, not allowing her to touch him, his mouth pressing to hers in a punishing kiss.  She wrapped her legs around him and pressed against him, moaning into his mouth.  He lifted away from her and stared down at her, their chests heaving, the anger and lust simmering.

“What do you want,” he growled, thrusting his body against hers.

“Fuck me,” she demanded heatedly. His hands went to her shorts and in seconds he had them pulled off and glared at her when he saw there were no panties.

“Seriously?” he fumed.  “You’re barely fucking wearing clothes and have no underwear underneath?”  He was furious all over again.  Her hands went to the button and zipper of his jeans.

“Shut up and fuck me!” she demanded again.  He shoved his jeans and boxers down far enough to free himself and dragged himself over her, finding her soaked and ready.  He thrust hard into her and she cried out, her nails raking his back.  He wasn’t gentle and she didn’t want him to be.  He braced on his hands and fucked her, hard and fast and groaned at the feel of her around him.  Her eyes rolled back and she tightened her legs around him, meeting his thrusts, pushing against him.

“Fuck, yes,” she cried out as she felt herself begin to spiral, her release rushing to her quickly as she had been denied earlier.  He felt her tighten and suddenly pulled out and left her empty.  “No, no, please Jughead,” she cried out, her whole body shaking.  

“You want to come Betty?” he asked; his voice heavy and filled with heat.  “That’s what you came here for?”

“Yes, please, I want you,” she begged, trying to pull him back to her.  He once again pinned her arms above her head, not letting her touch him.  Her eyes had a wild, desperate look in them.  

“Does anyone else make you feel like this, Betty?”  He asked, dragging himself against her.  

“No,” she gasped, lifting to him.

“Are you just saying that because you want to get fucked?” he growled against her ear.

“No, Juggie, I swear it,” she cried out.  “Nobody has ever made me feel this way but you.”  Jughead looked down into her face and saw the truth, the need, the want and desperation in her eyes.  He reached down and thrust two fingers inside her, possessive and marking, his whole hand cupping her.  She gasped and pressed closer.

“Let me be clear, with a few rules of my own,” he said harshly.  “While I’m fucking your itch, this is mine!  Nobody touches this, and nobody touches you!  Do you understand?” he demanded.  She nodded quickly.  “I will tell you when this is done and until then, you belong to me!”  She whimpered and nodded, so desperate for release she would have agreed to anything.

He gave her what she wanted, thrusting hard back into her and she cried out in relief.  He took her mouth and moved fast, desperate now for his own release.  It took only moments and he was shocked when she started to tighten on him and he didn’t even have to move his hand between them.  She came apart and clenched on him and he orgasmed with her, heavy release ripping through him.  He grunted and shook against her, their bodies slick with sweat, their gasps filling the air.  He fell on her and she wrapped all around him, her body still fluttering around his length.  After a long while he rolled off her and got off the bed.

Betty sighed shakily, suddenly feeling empty and alone.  Tears stung her eyes and she felt like a fool.  She sat up stiffly and he threw a t-shirt and sweats at her.  She frowned at them and looked at him.

“Put those on and go the fuck home.  And don’t you ever come in this bar dressed like that again.”  He was still so angry, she didn’t dare try to argue.  She hurried into the clothes and collected the pieces she had arrived in and clutched them in her hands.  She didn’t look at him as she walked to the door.  “Go out the back way,” he snapped.  Betty bit back a reply and hurried out.  She managed to hold it together until she got home and as soon as she was in her apartment, she burst into tears and sank down on the couch.  Veronica’s words came back to haunt her.  This had turned into a big fucking mess.

After Betty left, Jughead stormed through the bar, his furious eyes on the snake who had dared to touch her.  The man saw him coming and scrambled back with his hands up.

“Listen Jug, I had no idea she was your…..” he never got a chance to finish as Jughead’s fist slammed into his face.  He hit the floor and the bar went quiet.

“If anyone in here ever puts their hands on her again, or even fucking breathes in her direction, you will answer to me.  Is that understood?  Nobody touches Betty Cooper!  She belongs to me!”  Jughead said furiously.  There were quick nods and agreements all around the bar.  Jughead caught Toni’s knowing smirk and glared at her when she started to laugh.  "Shut the fuck up!“ He growled, looking like he wanted to strangle her.  She was smart enough to listen.

Jughead left the bar and took a long ride on his bike to clear his head.  He pulled over along the side of the road and had a cigarette, trying to calm his nerves.  He had lost his head a little and now he wondered if he had scared her.  He hadn’t meant to let it get so rough but God, she made him crazy.  Anger, jealousy, lust, need, hunger.  He was such a mess of emotions, he could barely sort them out.  He hoped to God he hadn’t hurt her.  He didn’t think he had, as she had yelled pretty loud when she orgasmed.  He knew she was satisfied, but he’d been so angry and harsh.  He sighed.  She made him completely lose his mind in every way.  He had no control, no filter, no sense.  It was like she possessed him.

Betty took a long bath and let the hot water ease the ache in her muscles.  She still felt a little weak from the romp they had and she knew she’d feel it for a couple days.  Her arm was bruised and her thighs where his had slammed against them.  Her hips where he had gripped her.  She knew she had cut his skin with her nails, she had the evidence on them to prove it.  She let the water wash it away.  A long while later, she climbed out and pulled on a small tank top and some comfy shorts and was in the kitchen getting some water when there was a soft knock at the door.  Her heart pounded because she knew who it was.

Betty opened it and looked at him.  Jughead stood quietly, holding her gaze.  He brushed past her, taking off his jacket as he went and she barely got the door closed and locked when he swept her in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. Betty wrapped her arms around his neck and held on, burying her face in his neck.  He laid her down gently and came down beside her, pulling her close, his arms tightly around her.  

“Did I hurt you,” he whispered against her hair.  

“No,” she whispered back.  He lifted his head and looked at her.  

“What are we doing, Betty?” he asked softly.

“I don’t know,” she said, sounding small and sad.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Betty just shook her head.  Jughead shifted and pressed his mouth to hers in a soft kiss.  He pulled back and they stared at each other and she touched his face and he kissed her again.  A slow, lazy kiss, his tongue brushing lightly against her lips and she opened for him, her hand sliding into his hair.  His tongue stroked against hers, and she sighed into his mouth, pressing closer, her arms coming around him and holding him close.

Jughead’s hands started to move over her and she didn’t think it was possible after their earlier tryst but her body came to life and she whimpered, needing him.  It was slow, gentle, completely unlike any other time they had come together since the first day on her desk.  His hands caressed her like she was something fragile that could break.  His mouth, so gentle, whispering caresses over her skin.  His tongue, soothing and warm, over her breasts, swirling around her nipples, licking between her thighs.  His hard length, slowly sliding inside her, gently easing back and forth as he kissed her.  Unhurried, lazy, sensual.  He wasn’t fucking, he was making love and her body broke into a million pieces as release swept over her.  Her body fluttered around his, coaxing, hugging, holding as he came inside her.  They fell asleep still locked together, the words that needed to be said left for another day.

Betty woke the next morning, feeling drained and still tired.  She got out of bed and went to freshen up and use the bathroom and pulled her shorts and tshirt on that she had been wearing last night and then climbed back into bed.

Jughead lay on his back, the sheets down around his waist and she took a moment to admire him.  He was fit and marked and beautiful.  She let her eyes roam over his tattoos and her eyes fell on a crown across his heart.  She had never paid attention to the tattoos as she had been a little busy every time he had his shirt off, but she leaned closer and inspected it and then she froze.  She had to look close to see it, as the crown seemed to be made out of tangled thorns and vines but there, woven into what would appear to everyone else as just part of the vines was her name.   She felt her heart twist and wondered why he had done it.  He had no tattoos while they were together, so this was clearly done after they broke up.

Betty lifted her hand and traced it with trembling fingers.  Her name was permanently inked on his skin.  She jumped when his hand suddenly came up and covered hers.  Her eyes lifted and met his, the blue color intense in the morning light.  He said nothing, just held her gaze.  She looked back at the tattoo.

“Why did you do this?” she asked in a whisper, looking back at him.

“You noticed that, did you?” he spoke, a small smile playing on his lips.  “Nobody ever has.”

“Well, it’s pretty well hidden in the swirls of vine, so ‘well done’ to the artist, but why, Juggie?  Why did you put my name on your skin?”

“It doesn’t matter,” he said softly.

“Jughead, you tattooed my name on your chest after we broke up.  Why?”  Jughead grabbed her and hauled her on top of him and kissed her, his arm hand resting on the bare skin of her back.  She lifted her arm and slid her hand into his hair and kissed him back.  God, she loved his mouth.  It was so warm and soft and his kisses made her bones weak.  His hand came up and caressed her hip, his thumb sliding under the bottom of her shorts, stroking her skin.  She was starting to melt into him when he pulled back and she grumbled in protest.

“Stop trying to distract me,” she finally said.  “You haven’t answered my question.”

“Do you want to talk about yesterday?” he asked.  Betty pushed up and looked down at him.

“What is there to talk about?  You made the rules pretty clear, I’d say.”

“And you’re fine with my rules?” he asked with a small smirk.

“You made it pretty clear, if I want to keep you in my bed, I belong to you and nobody touches me.  Although, you didn’t really give me the option of ‘keeping you’, as you stated this was over when you decide, and not when I decide.”

“And do you want to keep me in your bed, Betty?” he asked softly, his hand sliding further under her shorts.

“Yes,” she whispered, moving against him.  

“I would like to clear up though, by saying I decide when it’s over, I didn’t mean like I’m going to force you Betty, if you ever don’t want me to touch you, you just say the word.  But while you still welcome my touch, I decide if and when this arrangement ends.  Clear?”

“If?” she asked with a laugh.  “Are you going keep me as your sex slave for the rest of your life?”

“Maybe,” he said with a smug grin.  

“You seem pretty sure that I won’t want out of this deal any time soon,” she said flatly.

“Do you want me to stop touching you Betty?” he asked gruffly, his hand squeezing her backside, his arousal nudging against her.  

“N…no….” she gasped, feeling the familiar ache start in her middle.  “What if….i mean…Veronica was trying to get me to agree to a date a couple weeks ago….”

“Tell her to ‘fuck off’,” Jughead said, his mouth moving across her jaw and down her neck.  Betty giggled and moved her head to the side to give him better access.

“I don’t think she would appreciate that,” she sigh as he pulled down her shorts and settled both hands over her backside, squeezing gently.  

“You have a great ass,” he muttered against her shoulder.

“Thank you, it’s all the squatting next to cars,” she said with a smile.  They were quiet for a while, just laying together in comfortable silence.  Betty bit her lip and she wasn’t sure she even wanted to know but had to ask anyway.

“Have you ever hooked up with Toni?” she asked quietly.  

“No,” he said honestly.  She was a little surprised at that.

“Why not?”

“Well, first of all, she’s not my type….”

“What type is she?”

“Bitchy and crude,” he said simply.

“Was there a second of all?”

“She fucked my dad,” Jughead said, sounding like he wanted to throw up.

“Jesus, what?” Betty asked in shock, staring down at him.  He made a face and shook his head.  He clearly had no desire to talk about that.

“Why do you ask about Toni?”

“You were right yesterday, I was jealous when I saw her.  Not really about that you might have slept or maybe were sleeping with her, well ok, I was hoping you weren’t sleeping with her, but I guess it bothered me that she was still in your life.”

“Why?”  Betty shrugged and refused to answer.  He didn’t push for one.

“She’s a Serpent, or whatever that is these days, she just never moved on.”

Betty didn’t tell him that she was happy there had never been anything between them.  She really didn’t want the mental image in her head of Toni in Jughead’s bed.  She looked down at him and touched his mouth.  “What if this gets messy?” she asked in a whisper.  He ignored her question and took her mouth in a heated kiss and she forgot all about wanting an answer as he proceeded to touch her just the way she liked.  In truth, it was already messy, but they were too caught up in each other’s bodies to care at the moment.

Later, after Jughead had left, Betty realized he had never explained why her name was inked on his skin.  It didn’t make any sense.  Having a hard time with a break up was one thing, if he had had a hard time, but inking an ex’s name on your skin in a way that made it a secret and hard to even see was something completely different.  Was it a ‘first love you’ll never forget’ kind of thing or was it something more?  She decided that before this was over, she was going to find out.

At the end of the following week, Betty was going over her bank statement and was confused because her numbers weren’t adding up.  She had more money than she was supposed to and after a while she realized what the problem was.  Jughead hadn’t cashed his paycheck.  She frowned.  She had given it to him a week ago and the funds still hadn’t left her account.  She checked the time and saw it was still early enough and she pulled on some torn up low riding jeans and a tight tank top and smiled in the mirror.  May as well make it a fun trip.  It was Friday night and she hadn’t gotten drunk in a while.  Drunken sex with Jughead sounded fun.

When she got to the Whyte Wyrm, she parked next to Jughead’s ever present bike and headed inside.  She noticed a bit of a shift in the noise when she walked in and that a lot of people stopped what they were doing and watched her.  Nobody came near her though and she wondered if that had anything to do with Jughead.  When one particular man with a fading black eye actually scrambled away from her, she knew it definitely had something to do with Jughead.

Toni was behind the bar and smirked at her as she walked up.  Betty ordered a shot of tequila and wondered if smirking was a Serpent prerequisite.  Toni set a shot glass in front of her and poured the poison.  She raised an eyebrow when Betty threw it back and swallowed without so much as a flinch.  She held up the bottle with a questioning smile and Betty nodded.

“Is Jughead around?” Betty asked, settling down on the bar stool.  

“Juice,” Toni called and the man came running.  The way he tripped over himself to get to her made Betty bite her lip to keep from laughing.  “Get Jug.”  The man nodded quickly and headed up the stairs.  Betty turned back to Toni and smiled at her.

“So how have you been?” she asked brightly, throwing back the second shot of tequila.

“We friends all of a sudden?”  Toni asked with a laugh.  Betty motioned for her to pour again and Toni lifted the bottle.

“That’s enough Toni,” Jughead suddenly called out, coming down the stairs.  Betty rolled her eyes.  She grabbed the bottle from Toni and poured her own drink and made it a double.  She shot it back and slammed the glass down before Jughead could get to her.  He reached her and threw the glass at Toni, who caught it with a smirk and slinked down to the other end of the bar.  

“You trying to get drunk?” he asked, his look telling her he wasn’t impressed.

“Yes, and as soon as all three shots get going, I will be.”  

“Three shots?  Jesus Christ.  What are you, like 110 pounds, soaking wet? If that?  Im pretty sure you can’t handle three shots of tequila in quick succession.”

“Well, then you can take advantage of me,” she said with a giggle.  

“What are you doing here?” he asked with a sigh, leaning against the bar.

“I have a better question.  Why haven’t you cashed you paycheck?”  Jughead motioned to Toni and ordered a shot of his own.  She left the glass and the bottle and he poured the drink and drank it down.  He winced and then looked at Betty with a raised eyebrow.

“How the fuck do you drink this shit without making a face or coughing?”


“You drink a lot?” he asked, surprised.  

“Not really, I just always pick tequila when I do and after a while, you get used to the sting.  So again, why haven’t you cashed your paycheck?”

“You worried about me running out of money?” he asked, taking another shot.  Toni came over at that point and leaned her hands against the bar, staring at them.

“We having a drinking contest over here?”

“Go away,” Jughead said.  

“Asshole,” she muttered under her breath as she walked away.

“You have cash stacked somewhere, money bags?” Betty asked with a laugh.  Due to the fact that she hadn’t eaten since breakfast and like Jughead said, she was small, Betty was starting to feel her shots and the relaxed numb feeling that came over her gave her a little naughty courage.  She slid off the barstool and sidled up to him.  “You look real good tonight Juggie,” she whispered in his ear as her hand brushed boldly against the front of his pants.

“Ok, easy there Sugar,” he said, grabbing her wrist and pulling her hand away.  "You saw me all day, I only look good now?” he asked with a smile.  

“Oh God, no.  You were so fucking hot all day.  Covered in oil and sweat, I wanted to have you right there on the work bench again,” she admitted, biting his jaw.

“Why didn’t you?” he asked, almost groaning at the thought.

“Too busy,” she sighed.

He poured another shot for himself and threw it back before taking her hand and pulling her with him.  She stumbled on the stairs and he helped steady her and somehow got her upstairs.  He paused in the hallway when she grabbed his arm and she pressed against him, kissing him.  Her tongue snaked between his lips and he groaned, falling against the wall, his own shots starting to make his head spin.  He had never been good with the hard stuff and he should have stuck to beer.  He turned her and pressed her against the wall, pulling her shirt up a little so he could feel her skin.

“Take it to your room Jug,” Toni yelled and he pulled back and realized they had only gotten about a foot into the hallway and were in full view of the bar below.

“Ahh fuck,” he muttered and ushered her down the hall.  They stumbled into his room and she pushed him back against the door.  

“I think I’m drunk,” she stated as she placed sloppy kisses on his neck.  “Are you drunk?  I’m definitely drunk,” she stated again.

“A little,” he groaned when her hand rubbed against his erection.  God, she always turned him on so fast, even fucking drunk.

“We only had sex once this week,” she complained, pulling his shirt over his head.  He grinned and then grunted when she bit his chest.

“Were you counting?” he asked laughing.  

“Yes,” she murmured.

“Well, why didn’t you jump me at work?”

“Too busy, and I think you already asked me that,” she replied, her hands lifting her own shirt over her head.  Right, he had.  She was right, it had been a very busy and tedious week and they barely had time to eat, much less have sex.  She stepped back and blinked as she swayed a little.  “I see two of you right now.  Like, I should get drunk more often.  I get to fuck two Jughead’s,” she said gleefully.  He started to laugh and back her towards the bed.

“You told me a while back that you didn’t like me,” he said, pulling off her bra.  He filled his hands with her breasts and she moaned and stumbled.

“I lied,” she breathed, her hands going to his jeans.

“Interesting, what else did you lie about?” he asked with a smile.  She giggled and helped him undo her jeans.  She pushed his down and stared eagerly at his arousal.  Suddenly she gasped and furrowed her brow.

“What did you ask?” she wondered, having already forgotten.

“I asked what else you lied about,” Jughead said with a smile as he pushed her jeans down.  

“Ohhhh right,” she giggled again and pressed against him.  “I didn’t actually need help at the shop, I just wanted you around so I could taste you,” she whispered and covered her mouth to hide her grin.  Jughead laughed and pushed her back on the bed.  He came down on top of her and she wrapped her legs around him, arching against him, her bottom lip between her teeth.

“I have a secret too,” he said, moving against her.  He lowered his head and took a nipple between his teeth and tugged gently.  He soothed it with his tongue and she moaned and pressed closer.

“What’s your secret,” she asked breathlessly.  Jughead braced on his elbows and smiled down at her.  In her drunken state she was completely carefree and almost innocent, her green eyes sparkling up at him.  He leaned down until he was a whisper from her lips.

“I didn’t need the job.  I own the Whyte Wyrm.”  He swallowed her gasp with his mouth and soon she was more interested in what his hands and mouth were doing then in what he had said.

batlosers and social media presence

dick: posts selfies and pictures of tim’s debate team meetings on facebook. all comments are some variation of “so proud of you xoxoxo” and “give my best to helen and the kids”. also maintains bruce wayne’s okcupid profile

tim: live-tweets agents of shield. profile picture is a selfie with chloe bennett kissing his cheek.

jason: stalks the av club’s comment section.

stephanie: keeps a tumblr exclusively to reblog stephcass smut. tim’s only twitter follower.

cass: uses instagram to let the world know how ripped she is. 5 followers, 3,056 requests.

damian: known in the youtube comments section as the One Man Dixie Chick Defense Squad.

bruce: see dick

anonymous asked:

When I was a child I used to tell myself stories. Like, I would walk in the streets and narrate stories out loud. It's incredible nobody ever made fun of me for that. And I got so excited because I was creating something, so I'd just jump all around. Happy times.

So cute! I was lucky to have younger siblings to tell my stories to :D When I was walking around, I’d usually just daydream excessively (I still do that. It’s not always very safe). 

Enchanted starters:
  • “It’s like you escaped from a Hallmark card or something.”
  • “Is this a habit of yours? Falling off stuff?”
  • “I don’t dance.”
  • “He knows the song too?”
  • “Now she thinks that you and I…”
  • “Forget about happily ever after, it doesn’t exist.”
  • “ I’m gonna ask her to marry me.”
  • “Kiss her, [NAME]!”
  • “I will rescue you!!”
  • “Ow!! Ow.. I’m fine.”
  • “Nobody has been very nice to me.”
  • “You made a dress out of my curtains?!”
  • “She told me it’s just beyond the meadows of joy and the valley of contentment.”
  • “Please don’t leave me.”
  • “Well, I’ll just have one sip.”
  • “ You’ve met your match, you foul bellowing beast!”
  • “Hello, Worthless.”
  • “He was on the bus this morning.”
  • “He tried to kill me.”
  • “Whoa, I gotta lay off da nuts!”
  • “Does she miss her terribly?”
  • “Take these flowers to [NAME] please.”
  • “I was just taking her out for a little fresh air.”
  • “How come people keep giving you free stuff?
  • "You are NOT a very nice old man!!”
  • “The shower! The shower is magical, [NAME]!”
  • “[NAME] likes the way I leap?”
  • “What do you say, you ready to kick it?”

nobody knows what is out there

Made Me Realise Remix - “Thats” Technique | Intro - The XX | Call - The American Dollar | Warm Thoughts - Flume | Tessellate - Ellie Goulding | Radio Protector - The American Dollar | A Day in the Graveyard - Sunset Rubdown | Glass Eye - Drawn Ship | In the Pines - Janel Drewis | The Mending of the Gown - Sunset Rubdown | I’ll Believe in Anything - Wolf Parade | Resuscitate - Wintersleep | Derezzed - The Glitch Mob Remix | Midnight City - M83 | Seven Devils - Florence and the Machine | Strange Fruit - Billie Holiday |

Grand Theft Autumn
Sparrow Sleeps
Grand Theft Autumn


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Dean One Week Writers Challenge

Friday, November 27 – Hospital

Dean x Reader

Words: 1,462

Warning: None just pure sweetness.

A/N: Third of the seven’s stories, I’m very glad everyone is doing and enjoying this challenge. Hope you guys enjoy this lil fic and if you want send some feedback, those bright the writers days. ;)

Tagging: @spnashley, @the-mrs-deanwinchester, @deanouement because they’re cupcakes and @aprofoundbondwithdean for helping me spread the word about this challenges. 

Imagine you having to give birth on of a crisis. 

“Dean…?” You muttered holding up your very pronounced almost nine months belly, Dean instantly stopped bickering with his brother about how the darkness abducted Dean out of the car and throw him a mile away. Your boyfriend is by your side, holding you and your belly.

“W-What’s wrong? Are you guys alright?” He asked quickly, his eyes fluttering up and down.

I shook my head, and whispered “I-I think it’s time”. I think Dean’s heart stopped for a second by his facial expression, jaw dropped and widened eyes. Next thing I know he’s driving like crazy towards the nearest hospital. For our not so luck, there was a crash in the middle of the street, leaving lots of cars there yet no people around.

“Go check it out.” I groaned under my breath thanks to the contractions.

“But, the baby?!” Dean asked

I looked at him, “I’m fine, go check them some people could be hurt.”

Dean thought about it for a long second before kissing my forehead and getting out of the car to see what’s wrong. Sam and Dean walked towards the crash and checked the people inside the cars. I knew there was something wrong when nobody walked out. The sound of gun fire made me grab my gun, pointing at the woman who’s with the boys.

“Hold up!” Dean shouted running my way.

“Who is she?” I asked, noticing her wound.

Sam helped the woman sit on the back seat, “She needs help.”

“I’ll explain on our way to the hospital.” Dean’s hopped quickly inside the driver’s seat and hit the road. He told me there were some monsters that caused the crash. I didn’t paid attention to the other words since the pain of these contractions. “We’re here.”

I let out a sigh; Dean hopped out and helped me to get up from the car, while Sam helped the woman. For our surprise the entire place was quiet and solitary, except for dead bodies all around. Another contraction came and I grunted holding myself on Dean, “What happened here?”

“I don’t know, maybe the same things that caused the crash passed through too.” He muttered as he walked me to one of the labor room. Quickly putting me on top of the bed, the woman is sitting not far from us,

“Dean there’s no doctors or anyone, anywhere.” I heard Sam told his older brother.

Taking a deep breath in you looked at Sam, “Then you’ll have to play doctor and bring your nephew to this world.”

Sam and Dean stared at me not believing what I just said. Another contraction, “NOW!” I’m trying my best not to yell because I read somewhere is bad for the baby but these contractions are slowly killing me. Sam stood there in shook, his eyes widened at the task I’m asking him to do.

“You heard her Sammy! I trust you.” Dean told his brother.

“O-okay” Sam voice is very shaky, “Y-you, um… you need to change,” he turned and quickly grabbed one of the hospital gowns, “put this on, I’ll be right back.”

Holding in my screams and doing the breathing exercises, “Dean you do it?” I whispered in pain.  

“Sure baby.” He said softly, taking my clothes of and gently putting me the gown. I can tell he’s worried about me and his son “Where does it hurt?”

“Everywhere” I scoffed, trying to get comfortable but it’s worthless.

Dean caressed and brushed my hair slowly, rushed boots steps came our way, and Sam’s tall body blocked the view on the window. “We have a problem” he panted.

“What’s wrong?” Dean asked

“Those things, there’s one of them around.” Sam said. Another contraction, I grunted keeping myself from screaming. Sam quickly sat on the end of the bed and slipped the gown up, then popped his head up, “I can see his head, I think is time for you to push Y/N”

“Come on baby, you can do this” Dean cheered me up, holding my hand and helping me with my legs. I don’t know when but Sam put his hair backwards, one of the robes and some globes on very quickly. I pushed with everything I had, feeling the pressure between my legs bigger by the second push.

Sam peeked out and glanced at us, “Just another one and he’s here, Y/N.”

Breathing in, holding Dean’s hand more strongly, once again I pushed. This time it was different, I felt a weight of slipped under me but everything changed when I heard my son’s first scream of life. Pushing myself up to see my baby, I noticed Dean’s one single tear when he reached his brother and new born son. He cut the umbilical cord and helped to clean his son, I’m exhausted but I want to see my baby boy.

“Meet your beautiful mother Bobby John.” Dean whispered, holding his son on a baby blue blanket.

Smiling I looked at my son, instantly my entire self was filled with joy. The tears dripped down my cheeks, but everything clicked when Bobby hold my finger with his entire fist. “He looks just like you.” I said, glancing at Dean whose eyes are brighter than usual.

“You made it, Y/N” Dean kissed my forehead and then lips.

I put my baby on my chest, which instinctively started sucking his first meal. Another smile, “I love you.” I kissed my fingers and placed on his little arm. Suddenly a weird groan came out of the hallway, Dean and Sam looked at each other. “Go, leave me a gun.” I told them.

“But- I can’t leave you guys.” Dean muttered.

“We’ll be fine.” I looked down to his hand that has the gun, “Give me the spare gun, just in case and go kill the thing and then take us home.” Dean quickly kissed my lips, leaving the gun on my hands as he drifted away with Sam. When both of them were out I stood up, carefully and protectively holding my baby. I felt Bobby stopped sucking so I put him down for a second while I put my clothes back on. Once dressed I took my baby on arms, there’s when I heard it, the growl; preparing to shoot I slowly turned, “Back away” I warned at the man standing in front of me. Something in me got furious when he stared at my son, I was about to shoot when Dean appeared and fight him off, couple shots and he was back next to me.  

“You guys alright?” Dean reached my side.

I nodded, checking on Bobby John who’s crying his lungs out, “He’s just scared cause of the shot’s.”

“Let’s get you guys out of here.” Dean said escorting us out

Dean walked in front of me, holding Bobby and sweetly shushing him. I smiled at this picture, staring at them the longest; I don’t want to forget any second of it. Sam’s holding our bags walking up front to open the doors.

“Welcome home Bobby,” Dean whispered, “here’s the where the cool stuff happens. There’s the control room.” He pointed at the couple of computers and kept walking into the library, “Here’s where you geek uncle spends more of his time.” Taking a couple steps more he stopped at the whiskey collection, “Ah, thanks to this grown up juice your mom said yes to me….” He chuckled glancing at me, “I’ll tell you the story when you’re older.”

“Hey” I chuckled approaching my boys, “I have to feed him.”

“Ha” Dean said placing our baby on my arms.

I smiled at him, and said with a baby voice; “Hi baby, let’s get to eat.”

Leaving the boys at the library I went inside his room in the bunker. Reminiscing how Dean and Sam helped out to make this amazing for Bobby. Couple of vivid memories rushed through my mind; one was when they were painting the room. One of my favorites is the day Dean was building the crib, he looked so focus it made me love him even more. After feeding Bobby and signing lullabies putting him straight to sleep, I left his bedroom, meeting Dean outside the room.

“Hi” I whispered, taking in his whiskey mixed with leather scent while I hugged him.

Dean wrapped me around with his strong arms, “Is he asleep?”

“Mhm,” I said briefly.

I felt Dean’s arms pulling away, so I looked up, “I’m so proud of you Y/N”

Smiling I kissed him, slowly yet effectively, pulling him towards our room.

  • Eadlyn: I am the better twin, Ahren!
  • Ahren: You took more than 10 boys out of your Selection in one day!
  • Eadlyn: Nobody is more powerful than me.
  • Ahren: You made out with Kile even though you consider him the most annoying person in the world!
  • Eadlyn: Nobody is more powerful than me.
  • Ahren: You insulted me and Camille so harshly I went to France to be with her!
  • Eadlyn: *smirks* But, Ahren, you need to understand, nobody is more powerful than me.
  • Ahren: *facepalms*
I guess everybody’s path is different and you can only come out of the closet when you feel ready. Like when I was doing Spring Awakening, I was not out. I was living with my “roommate” and I was not talking about my sexuality in the theatre, in my life, with anyone. And looking back now, I didn’t realize how unhappy I was at that time until I came out. That being said, I also really respected that nobody in that company forced me to come out, nobody made jokes about me being gay. They all knew that my roommate was obviously my boyfriend, but they never pressed me to talk about it. I guess when I think about actors in general, everybody does it in their own time. The thing about being in the closet is that you don’t realize the negative aspects of it until you’re out. But you can’t come out until you’re ready and you let that go. I’m just breathing so much easier now.