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Also, I liked the way they reenacted the fanart in the first clip in the first episode. But they're continuing to try to please the evak shippers and I feel like they're sometimes planning sanas story to fit what people want to see if Evak. I don't know if that's me being grumpy but ://

hey lovie! hmm, I don’t really see that, to be honest. Isak and Even have been in very few clips, and she needed to end up in Isak’s apartment anyway. I feel like it would be weirder if Even wouldn’t have been there.

thing is, people who have only watched parts of season three in real time are very used to the character almost living in a vacuum and take this as the skam way, so to speak. during Isak’s season, nobody else seemed to have any problems, just him. if characters did struggle, such as Noora with William, it was only very, very briefly mentioned to help Isak’s story move along. and while I get this being nice for many people, there’d already been two season before that in which the exact opposite had happened. the struggles of so many of the other characters were shown during both Noora’s and Eva’s season, which to me seems much more realistic. people talk to each other, they live lives outside of the main character’s one, they are who they are even if it doesn’t help the story of the main character, and that’s what’s happening here now.

Even and Isak are together. they live together, they’re going to discuss who has to do the laundry and who has to buy the bread, because that’s what couples do. it all seems very natural and organic to me and to call the healthy portrayal of a relationship between two boys, one of which is mentally ill, fan service, seems like a disservice to so many of the people who take strength, courage and inspiration from their story.

I don’t understand kissing.
A quick touch of lips to lips, okay, that sorta. I get that but.
Making out??? Do you just eat each other’s lips. Nom nom repeatedly bang your face against the other person’s. Wiggle your lips and tounges get involved somehow idk
What is this madness

Having seen the first two episodes of The Crown I can say that this is quality period piece shit right here, and you should all watch it.


  • the King of England saying “cunt” within the first ten minutes
  • Philip telling a tribal king that he likes his hat only for Elizabeth to hiss “That’s a CROWN darling” beginning the lifelong Windsor issue of “Don’t Let Philip Talk To POC Just… Don’t”
  • King George VI being like “she is the job Philip loving her protecting her that’s the job” and Philip nodding vigorously because holy shit his father  in law is literally holding a shotgun
  • (I died)
  • Margaret being so scandalous you can’t handle it~
  • like???? lots of unexpected medical stuff???? so watch out
  • The quiet but insistent screams of American Netflix viewers going “I DON’T UNDERSTAAAAND” and “DON’T KISS HER FEET THAT’S GROSS” and “WHYYYYYYYY DO YOU HAVE THESE PEOPLE?”

2013 @ sunset boulevard in between songs the crowd went silent for a moment and chester was front & center and i took the opportunity to yell at the top of my lungs as loud as i could “I LOVE YOU” and he actually heard me and laughed the crowd got riled up at that and my brother and best friend shoved me playfully for starting them up again

i’ll never forget that

You’re Safe

Prompt from anon: doing the prompt-thing? If so, I’d like to request 2, 18, 86 and 94 for Jughead. Thanks!

2 - “Hey, hey, calm down. He can’t hurt you anymore.”
18 - “What’s the matter, sweetie?”
86 - “Fine, don’t say anything and make me worry.”
94 - “I had a bad dream again.”

A/N: You guys are going to love this if you like emotional. I also changed “they” from the first one into “he”. Hope that’s okay :)

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Characters: Jughead Jones, Reggie Mantle (a/n: sorry not sorry)

Warnings: Emotionally and physically abusive ex-boyfriend; talking about it; swearing; forcefully making out; mentions of sex

if you’re in a bad situation, know that I love you and you can always talk to me <3

Italics are either a flashback or a dream.


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You woke up in the middle of study hall from taking a nap with a jolt. You scanned the area to make sure nobody noticed and it looked like nobody did. It was always the same memory, the same night just replaying in your head.

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kids are totally afraid of baze when they first meet him but he quickly becomes their favorite space dad because he's so soft inside and gives good piggy back rides and chirrut, the cool dad, is THRILLED and IN LOVE


- At first Baze with kids – I presume Jedha orphans – is like oh god what do I do they’re all small and they keep crying and I can’t fix their entire lives therefore i have FAILED AS A HUMAN BEING but after a while both sides begin to warm up to one another. 

- Baze’s willingness to get climbed on and jumped on and generally beat up by five or six kids at a time in the name of fun is pretty endearing. Sometimes he just flops on the ground and Chirrut comes back to find the kids treating him like a human jungle gym and he’s just like…look love they finally like me

- Nobody dares pick on each other when Baze is around either, he has no tolerance for bullies (too many years kicking asses in Chirrut’s name) so things get extra peaceful once he decides he’s literally everyone’s dad now

- a couple of the little ones have taken to doing his hair but in pairs, so one side will be braided up with flowers and the other side will just be a literal knot. one big one. (she was having such a good time I couldn’t tell her not to!)

- chirrut is the better storyteller but baze will jump in with embellishments when he’s telling one. or he’ll just sit on the floor and become everyone’s favorite chair.

- he’ll seriously do anything to make sure they’re safe, and warm, and fed. Chirrut finally understands why his recklessness scares Baze so much, because now he sees the other rushing headlong into danger too

Words Never Meant To Be Read - Part 1

A/N I want to make this a mini-series, but only if people will actually read it. So if you like it, feedback would make me very very very happy. :)


Lauren finds a journal on the floor one day after class. What she doesn’t realize is that the discovery of the book will change her life. (I suck at summaries. Please, someone else write one for me.)

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The Norwegian team of Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, Tarjei Boe, Johannes Thingnes Boe and Emil Hegle Svendsen matched their female counterparts by taking the Gold medal in the men’s relay ahead of Germany and Canada.