nobody is wired wrong

The Signs as Uplifting Youtuber Quotes
  • Aries: "You are a human with one life and it is up to you to make it the best life you can." -Dan Howell
  • Taurus: "Love yourself because you're the only one who's stuck with yourself. Fall in love with who you are and if anybody want to join in on that: more power to them." -Tyler Oakley
  • Gemini: "Nobody is wired wrong because there's no wrong and right in the way we are." -Hannah Hart
  • Cancer: "There are too many people in the world to let just one keep you down." -Alfie Deyes
  • Leo: "It's a good thing to be strange, normalness leads to sadness." -Phil Lester
  • Virgo: "Be the weirdest little weird in all of weirdtown." -Grace Helbig
  • Libra: "Don't kill yourself, kill the part of you that you don't like." -Shane Dawson
  • Scorpio: "You're all very beautiful for spacious skies, don't let anyone think you're not." -Joey Graceffa
  • Sagittarius: "The world is your bitch. Make it bend and do what you want it to do for you." -Emma Blackery
  • Capricorn: "Life isn't about finding yourself. It's about creating yourself." -Troye Sivan
  • Aquarius: "You have to take an active role in making yourself happy. That's why I say happiness is a choice. Because you have to choose it." -Shay Carl
  • Pisces: "Don't be scared. Just try." -PJ Liguori

“Nobody is wired wrong because there is no wrong and right in the way we are.” -Hannah Hart

I don’t usually post things but this is worth sharing because it’s a part of me now as of yesterday.

Out of the many ideas for tattoos I had, this one stuck on me because Hannah Hart is an amazing person and I use this as a daily reminder that everyone is cool in their own way.

So I'm kinda upset I just got back to find that my mom had a package for me, super siked I opened it and expecting a signed nobody's wired wrong poster I just got a regular one which I great but I paid and wanted a signed one. I don't mean to sound like a whinny person but I saved up quite abut for that poster, does anyone know what I should do


I’m on an emotional rollercoaster and hannah hart’s coming out videos are making me cry. so…

mydrunkkitchen is so much more than just a drunk chef. she is an inspiration and guys I can’t even word how amazing she is. her tour went to food banks. she is always reassuring you and just thank you, hannah. without you I don’t know where I would be. I am forever grateful.