nobody is ready for this

The only thing the malec kiss anniversary is doing is reminding me of how awful the week before it was. Everyone was either hating or loving Lydia. Promos were released like every day and everybody was trying to dissect them. That one promo that got released at comic con and everyone lost it. Theories everywhere. People were shouting. Nobody was okay. Nobody was ready but we couldn’t wait either. We were all trying to be prepared and find live streams. Trying to figure out when we could watch depending on where we are in the world and how long we would have to go without being on tumblr in case we got spoiled. Everything was chaos.

who you should fight: hwarang edition
  • sun woo: fight him at any given moment
  • ah ro: do not come close, she'll end you. 0/10 would recommend
  • sam maek jong: ok you can fight him and probably win but then you'll see his sad puppy eyes and realise you haven't actually won bc now you feel terrible??? stay away if you have a conscience
  • princess sook-myung: if you want to lose the fight and your pulse, go ahead and fight her
  • soo ho: absolutely. obliterate him or die trying. then now forever
  • ban ryu: he already has enough to deal with please spare him (side note you'd totally win)
  • soo yeon: i mean you could try if you're ready to get your head smashed in
  • hansung: honestly why would you hate yourself this bad do not touch this cinnamon roll
  • yeo wool: don't even think about it, he'll have you fucking exposed with all the shit you did from your 12 year-old phase to present and nobody is ready for that. ever
the elevator scene analysis

so here’s my over-analysis on the elevator scene that nobody asked for. i hope you’re ready for Keith being a pining little shit

so Lance decides to check out the pool. of course he would! he grew up on the beach and is the guardian spirit of water. that’s totally something he’d be all over. he loves swimming.

so it’s kinda interesting that Keith of all people would also want to go swimming. he’s the polar opposite of Lance, he’s the fire paladin. water isn’t really his thing tbh? (doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy swimming though, but you get what i mean)

while it could just be coincidental that he decided to go check out the pool at the same time Lance did, i get the feeling Keith found out Lance was going swimming and wanted to join him but pretended that he didn’t know what Lance was doing ‘cause he doesn’t wanna make it obvious that there’s something else he wants to check out

what do you mean “what do you think you’re doing?” Keith??? he’s wearing swim trunks and a towel and is on the same elevator as you how can you not make the obvious conclusion that he’s going swimming???? you’re a terrible liar 

okay look, i know how i get when i have a crush on somebody. i will find literally any excuse to be around them, but will try to downplay it and make it seem like i totally don’t care. i’d recognize that kinda behavior anywhere. and Keith? totally trying to downplay it right now. “i just so happened to want to go swimming at the same time my crush did and stopped him in the elevator before he could go without me but pffsh i totally am NOT trying to find an excuse to be around him. i’ll prove it by making sure he knows we will be on opposite ends of the pool and i’m totally not interested in being around him!”

okay Keith, i think we get the point ;D (the way he says this line sounds so forced like he’s trying not to make things awkward oh my god)

if you go back and watch this scene, Keith looks over at Lance first. probably because he just realized he got stuck in an elevator, with his crush, while wearing bathing suits. the first thing running through his mind right now is probably “hHOL YSsHIT”

Lance looks over at Keith like “are you fucking kidding me right now” 

and Keith is like “shit gotta keep acting like this is the opposite of the best day of my life”

so anyways we cut back to this scene after a brief moment with Pidge and Hunk, and while i bet Keith would come up with any excuse to get close to Lance, i like to think it was Lance’s idea to crawl up the elevator shaft like this. he’s the kind of person who would come up with crazy ideas like this if he was that determined to get to the pool. i have absolutely no doubt Keith was internally screaming the whole time.

he proceeds to bicker with Lance like usual and they shove each other. if you look closely after Keith shoves Lance back though, you’ll notice he keeps leaning against Lance more than before. probably ‘cause he’s secretly enjoying the physical contact


poor Lance, he just wants to go swimming. let the dolphin boy swim

Keith: this is literally one of the best things that has ever happened to me don’t ruin it

Keith spots the vent shaft and they finally get out of there

listen, i don’t know if it was just intentional but it seriously looks like these two aren’t looking in the same direction. Lance is looking up at the vent shaft like “finally, thank god” whereas Keith looks like he’s just staring at nothing in particular, probably thinking to himself “well this was exciting but now we get to go swimming which is gonna be even better. nice”

tl;dr: Keith found out Lance was going swimming so he wanted to as well but pretended like it was just a coincidence, and totally was secretly enjoying the fact that he got trapped in an elevator with his crush. and based on all the pining!Keith evidence we have so far, i don’t see why this can’t be the case.

Throwback to this time last month when I had literally nothing to do but bask in the glory of the Robron wedding and how much they love one another whilst writing Robron week fic and devouring this incredible view. Actual Emmerdale Heaven™️️

Running Lines- Jungkook Fluff

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Request: Hiii!! Can I request a scenario with Jungkook where he falls for a actor who’s a foreigner(but she knows Korean) and a ‘00 liner? Sorry if it’s to detailed I’ve just always wanted to read one like this😅 take your time!!

Word Count:1155

Genre: Fluff

Member/Group: Jungkook of BTS

A/N: I’m finally off for spring break, guys! I have a bunch of time to write for the next week, so send me requests. Of course, after spring break I have my end of the year testing and I’m only slightly dying while getting ready for my Algebra EOC. I hope nobody minds that I made the reader from America for this, I am from there and it is just easier for me to write this way because I know the cultural mannerisms. Anyway, I hope ya’ll enjoy this!

 Lights flashed and camera shutters clicked as you walked out of the airport.

“(Y/N)! Look over here!”

“How is your new movie?”

Please, let us interview you real quick, Ms. (Y/N)!”

 You tucked your hair behind your ear and held your face down as you speedily strutted out of the exit. The black sunglasses you wore did little to block the camera’s flashes, but you still tried to look up and smile every once in a while anyway. The blinding flashing, the yelling of reporters, the screams of fans, this was your life now.

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ML x Lala Land

A Miraculous Ladybug x Lala Land AU where Marinette plays Mia who is desperately trying to audition for the role of Ladybug, and Adrien plays Sébastien.

Mari finally gets the role of Ladybug, and ends up going on a PR thing where she dresses as her character and visits local attractions. Ends up wandering into Adrien’s popular jazz bar and Adrien ends up meeting her. He and Mari (as Ladybug at that time) fall in love, but Adrien doesn’t know who the actress playing her is, because as part of the movie PR Mari is not allowed to publish her name as the lead actress in the movie series (to make it more realistic or smthn idk). Basically, Adrien (playing Sébastien) creates a pseudonym named Chat Noir and becomes part of a band (with John Legend ofc), and his band ends up being the soundtrack artists for Ladybug’s movies. Chaos ensues.

actually nobody asked but here i am, ready to talk abt my science kids for whom i would lay down my life, aka the wylan/kuwei parallels that are never discussed but should be 

  • i mean first of all, the most obvious similarities: the two youngest of the group, the ones that are most on the outside by virtue of arriving last with no pre-existing connection to any of the other dregs (aside from having done odd jobs for them, in wylan’s case), them spending the majority of ck not only looking identical but also given the role of ‘scientist’ by default because they’re the two with the most knowledge
  • i mentioned this in the tags of my other post but kuwei is to ck what wylan is to soc.  they’re both kept around to serve a purpose, neither get pov chapters so we learn about them exclusively through interactions w other characters, neither features quite as prominently as the others do (although wylan does more towards the end because like.  wesper build-up) but are nonetheless a crucial part of the storyline 
  • both of them have complex relationships w their fathers, this came to a Tipping Point for both of them around the same time (they were only like 15/16 someone protect them??).  kuwei had a father who loved him and wanted to keep him safe but inadvertently put him in danger; wylan had to escape because the danger was his father.  this leads to both of them ending up on their own in a strange place which they’re ultimately taken out of by the dregs
  • this is presumably also around the same place in the timeline for them both since by the start of soc wylan’s been in the barrel a few months and yul-bayur was killed (presumed captured) several months before, at least to the best of my knowledge
  • they’re the only two out of the dregs who don’t have an immediate (or any) connection with friends or family that they actually want to return to outside of the dregs.  wylan is reunited with his mother in ck but spends all of soc believing she’s dead, and doesn’t seem to have anyone else he wants to reunite with, certainly nobody he mentions.  kuwei is set on going to ravka, but not because there’s anyone waiting for him, just because it’s safe and he’ll be able to work on a parem antidote with other grisha.  he never talks about friends or family and given his description of shu han (“we live a frightened life … it was never home”) it’s not a stretch to imagine he doesn’t really have anyone to talk about
  • following on from the last couple of points: they’ve both inherited issues from their fathers that neither of them asked for but have to live with.  wylan, the van eck heir who’s talented at so many things except the one thing his father wanted him to be able to do, made to feel like a failure because he couldn’t read, unable to live up to the Ideal Heir van eck wanted, and then almost killed because, through literally zero (0) fault of his own, he couldn’t do it.  and then kuwei, son of the chief chemist who invented parem, held prisoner and made to recreate something he didn’t even come up with, that he couldn’t fully remember the formula for (while trying to stall progress because he knew the damage that would come if he succeeded), he’s still being held up to his father’s legacy but in a very sinister way.  
  • (kuwei does say he thinks he can do it, but there’s still a vast difference between the experience of a 15 yr old inferni who helped in the lab versus a scientist/fabrikator with decades of experience, you can’t just ask the former to do the work of the latter and expect the same result)
  • and neither of them fully escape from it - when people do business with wylan, they know they’re doing business with van eck’s son, he’s carrying on from his father even if he’s leaving the corrupt business side behind.  and what’s the whole reason kuwei wants to go to ravka in the first place?  to develop an antidote to parem, a problem he didn’t cause that he’s not even fully qualified to try and cure but he’s going to anyway
  • they’re both coming from situations made more dangerous for them because of who they are, something they try to hide - wylan’s being raised to follow in van eck’s footsteps but he can’t read, something he keeps secret for as long as possible because as far as van eck’s concerned, that makes wylan useless.  he literally tries to have wylan killed because of it.  not for any other reason than that he can’t read, something that’s neither wylan’s fault nor does it make him any less good at basically everything else.  meanwhile kuwei’s being kept in the ice court, where they torture and murder grisha, trying to recreate something that’s going to do even more harm, but he’s grisha too, something he obviously has to keep hidden from the fjerdans (remember what happens to grisha who don’t use their powers?  how hard do you think that was to keep secret in the ice court of all places??  not to mention he had to do the same thing in shu han.)

if i think of more points i’ll add them later, but tl;dr please stop and consider the similarities here for a second because i did and haven’t stopped crying since

i have this headcanon that Heather Duke gets severe cute aggression and one day when mcnamawyer do something too cute at the lunch table like nuzzle noses and give each other tiny kisses Heather Duke just starts screaming and punches the goddamn wall and Veronica and Heather just sit there like what is going on

i wasnt ‘born ready’ but nazi science has solved that problem for me

Parents have three settings when going out

1: You must be 100% ready to go before they start to get ready.

2: They are starting to get ready. Why aren’t you all done?!

3: Nobody mentioned to you you needed to get ready. Why aren’t you ready?!

Throne of Glass

A retelling of Aelin’s story, from the beginning to the end of Empire of Storms

In the beginning, she was in love with it. The fire in her veins and the wild heart screaming to be free. But soon she became afraid, afraid of the power gifted to her.

When everything changed, she was relieved. Then came the darkness. When they came for her she ran, ran and took that fateful leap.

Soon enough, she left herself behind and embraced the darkness. For years, she shaped herself to be someone else and never looked back.

When her world collapsed for the second time, she tucked him into her heart with the others and swore that she wouldn’t be afraid. She swore it every day.

Then came her chance for freedom. She had never known freedom. So she took her chance and ran with it, towards the chance to be nobody.

When the fight came, she was ready. She fought against her demons and reburied her past and emerged victorious. She was almost there.

Then her world shattered for the third time. There was no more room in her heart so she changed herself again. She had to go now.

When she got there, she was broken and afraid. Afraid of the power she now had to call upon to save everything, though she didn’t know it would come to that.

So he built her up, just as she did for him. They put the pieces back together and embraced the past, the darkness and most of all the light.

When she got back she started. She saved he whom she remembered from the past and soon enough her Prince came to join her.

Together, they worked with the Prince of Ice, the Loyal Friend, the Wolf of the North, and the WIld Girl to break the darkness. But it was only the beginning.

When she returned home at last, she was denied her crown. So she led her friends to the coast and the islands for help. She would prove that she could do this.

They fought the demons and the gods and emerged victorious. All the while, she was still working on something they couldn’t know, not yet.

When they set sail in search of the key to the future, the Red Witch and the two Fae joined them. Together, they searched the marsh and found it.

But all was not well, the girls discovered. So when she let herself go and erupted into the sky, they didn’t stop to think about it.

When everyone returned to the ship they found the Dark Queen waiting. So she gave everything for them.

Now trapped and broken at last, she can only wait. She knows her friends will be okay, she saw to that. But he will not be okay.

And deep down she knows. Knows and is finally afraid. Because the Queen of Fire will never be the same after this.


“I may look like a person who’s living just because he happens to be born, but I’m trying very hard and trying my best to become a better person. So please keep an eye on me for a long time.” BOYY😭😭😭