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Your hands are Really Nice- Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: (requested) Reader is too shy to tell Jughead about her feelings, so Veonica and Betty take matters in to their own hands (mostly Veronica)

Warnings: Swears, fluff so much fluff I couldn’t even deAL


Being in love with your best friend isn’t easy. It feels taboo, like it’s wrong, and unhealthy. You’ll lay awake at ungodly hours of the night, wondering “How did this happen?” You’ll replay every moment of every waking minute you spent with them, wondering how in the world you ended up lying on your floor with an empty bowl of ramen beside your head and imagining what it would feel like to kiss them. You’ll catch yourself admiring the tiniest insignificant things about them, and every detail of their stupidly cute face, and every indent and curve and freckle on their body, and let me tell you, it sucks. Falling in love with your best friend isn’t easy, especially when your best friend is Jughead Jones.

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Eve and Persephone met,
and it was the dynamic duo of the century.

Eve and the apple that cursed so much like
Snow White’s fairy tale, only there was no
prince on a white horse here. There was just
a bite mark in the shape of a heart. A loose
tooth breaking free, falling to the ground,
leaving Eve with a bloody mouth and a taste
that could only be mistaken for freedom.

Persephone and her pomegranate, the juice
down her chin, how easily it could have been
mistaken for the fresh blood of an animal.
Instead of breadcrumbs, she tossed the
pigeons seeds, bloated them full of sticky

The men were the saints,
and these women were our sinners.

God was all man.
The angels, the adoring fans,
they were our girls. If you did
wrong, your wings were robbed in
your sleep. This was what we were
told to worship.

Eve said, “He gave me a mind of my own
but never meant for me to think for myself.
My appetite could not even be my own.”

Persephone said, “I was just a little girl.
He grabbed me from behind and they all
said I should love him because he’s a God.”

Eve and Persephone said,
“They told me I was just a girl,
nothing Godly about that.
I wanted to know why I couldn’t be both.”

Eve and Persephone met,
and nobody was ready for what happened next.
—  Eve and Persephone: The Birth of Witchcraft, angelea l.
who you should fight: hwarang edition
  • sun woo: fight him at any given moment
  • ah ro: do not come close, she'll end you. 0/10 would recommend
  • sam maek jong: ok you can fight him and probably win but then you'll see his sad puppy eyes and realise you haven't actually won bc now you feel terrible??? stay away if you have a conscience
  • princess sook-myung: if you want to lose the fight and your pulse, go ahead and fight her
  • soo ho: absolutely. obliterate him or die trying. then now forever
  • ban ryu: he already has enough to deal with please spare him (side note you'd totally win)
  • soo yeon: i mean you could try if you're ready to get your head smashed in
  • hansung: honestly why would you hate yourself this bad do not touch this cinnamon roll
  • yeo wool: don't even think about it, he'll have you fucking exposed with all the shit you did from your 12 year-old phase to present and nobody is ready for that. ever
the elevator scene analysis

so here’s my over-analysis on the elevator scene that nobody asked for. i hope you’re ready for Keith being a pining little shit

so Lance decides to check out the pool. of course he would! he grew up on the beach and is the guardian spirit of water. that’s totally something he’d be all over. he loves swimming.

so it’s kinda interesting that Keith of all people would also want to go swimming. he’s the polar opposite of Lance, he’s the fire paladin. water isn’t really his thing tbh? (doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy swimming though, but you get what i mean)

while it could just be coincidental that he decided to go check out the pool at the same time Lance did, i get the feeling Keith found out Lance was going swimming and wanted to join him but pretended that he didn’t know what Lance was doing ‘cause he doesn’t wanna make it obvious that there’s something else he wants to check out

what do you mean “what do you think you’re doing?” Keith??? he’s wearing swim trunks and a towel and is on the same elevator as you how can you not make the obvious conclusion that he’s going swimming???? you’re a terrible liar 

okay look, i know how i get when i have a crush on somebody. i will find literally any excuse to be around them, but will try to downplay it and make it seem like i totally don’t care. i’d recognize that kinda behavior anywhere. and Keith? totally trying to downplay it right now. “i just so happened to want to go swimming at the same time my crush did and stopped him in the elevator before he could go without me but pffsh i totally am NOT trying to find an excuse to be around him. i’ll prove it by making sure he knows we will be on opposite ends of the pool and i’m totally not interested in being around him!”

okay Keith, i think we get the point ;D (the way he says this line sounds so forced like he’s trying not to make things awkward oh my god)

if you go back and watch this scene, Keith looks over at Lance first. probably because he just realized he got stuck in an elevator, with his crush, while wearing bathing suits. the first thing running through his mind right now is probably “hHOL YSsHIT”

Lance looks over at Keith like “are you fucking kidding me right now” 

and Keith is like “shit gotta keep acting like this is the opposite of the best day of my life”

so anyways we cut back to this scene after a brief moment with Pidge and Hunk, and while i bet Keith would come up with any excuse to get close to Lance, i like to think it was Lance’s idea to crawl up the elevator shaft like this. he’s the kind of person who would come up with crazy ideas like this if he was that determined to get to the pool. i have absolutely no doubt Keith was internally screaming the whole time.

he proceeds to bicker with Lance like usual and they shove each other. if you look closely after Keith shoves Lance back though, you’ll notice he keeps leaning against Lance more than before. probably ‘cause he’s secretly enjoying the physical contact


poor Lance, he just wants to go swimming. let the dolphin boy swim

Keith: this is literally one of the best things that has ever happened to me don’t ruin it

Keith spots the vent shaft and they finally get out of there

listen, i don’t know if it was just intentional but it seriously looks like these two aren’t looking in the same direction. Lance is looking up at the vent shaft like “finally, thank god” whereas Keith looks like he’s just staring at nothing in particular, probably thinking to himself “well this was exciting but now we get to go swimming which is gonna be even better. nice”

tl;dr: Keith found out Lance was going swimming so he wanted to as well but pretended like it was just a coincidence, and totally was secretly enjoying the fact that he got trapped in an elevator with his crush. and based on all the pining!Keith evidence we have so far, i don’t see why this can’t be the case.

Reggie x Reader: Fingers and thumbs, baby. (Epilogue)


Samantha stole another glance at the tall, gorgeous boy that seemed so keen on listening to everything that was coming out of their boring professor’s mouth. He was popular and friendly but still somehow remained a mystery, always kept to himself. Everybody was practically in love with him because aside from his well-built physique, friendly nature, and willingness to help those who need it he had this certain aura of vagueness around him which seemed to drag everyone in, makes them want to unlock more. As if there is so much more to be discovered aside from the glimpses of personalities he shows the world but nobody ever had the chance to be that close. Everybody knew him but at the same time nobody actually did.

When their professor finally ended his discussion Samantha stood up, ready to take the first step to become the first person to have the honor of actually knowing Reggie Mantle.

Or so she thought.

“H-Hey, Reggie?”

He looked at her before gracing her with a smile, making her heart beat twice as fast. “Hey, Samantha,” He adjusted his gym bag on his shoulders, probably preparing himself for his daily training. “Need anything?”

“Y-Yeah, actually, I was wondering,” she closed her eyes for a second to gather some courage. “Would you – would you like to get some coffee with me? Some time? If you’re not too busy.”

She swallowed as she waited for his response, afraid to look at his face for any sign of rejection. Then she heard a sigh and knew it was game over. She heard the stories, the rumors, how no one stood a chance because:

“Sorry, Sam,” Reggie really sounded sympathetic and she hated it. “I – I have someone –“

“I know.”  Samantha smiled, sadly, successfully cutting him off. She looked up at him despite the pain. “What a lucky girl.” She whispered more to herself than anything but Reggie seemed to hear it.

Reggie smirked before shaking his head. “You got it all mixed up, Sam.” Reggie said. “I’m the one who got lucky.”

He patted her head before walking away.

“W-What’s her name?” Samantha asked. Curious as to who got this beautiful boy’s fancy and got him hooked that he couldn’t even look at another girl ever again. Reggie’s mind immediately went to the memory of your smile, the way you’re hair danced messily in the wind when you were in the passenger seat of his car, the echo of your laugh in his room as you wore his shirt while running your hand across his hair, your beautiful 5 o’clock shadow as you stared outside the windows of Pop’s with the neon lights making you look ethereal and seraphic.

Samantha noticed that Reggie’s mind seemed to disappear to a happy place because he beamed, almost shining with happiness. Another glimpse, she thought, Reggie was really full of surprises and secrets.

“If I tell you, I might have to kill you.”

All the boys stared as Cheryl and (Y/N) walked together, with their arms crossed, talking quietly among themselves. How the meanest and nicest girls of the entire building managed to become bestfriends was beyond them but they would be lying if they say they weren’t a sight to behold. Especially (Y/N), known to be the kindest soul to ever grace their halls, who was always willing to extend a helping hand and always treat everybody with respect. A lot of boys tried to win her heart but none was very successful, in fact not qa single one even came close, because aside from the Red Widow by her side, a nickname she earned because of her careful yet poisonous words and her dedication to guard the little angel of New York University everybody gets the same response from her every time: a kind rejection. The kind of rejection that makes them feel bad for even trying and putting her through the dilemma of even rejecting them.

One poor soul gripped the bouquet of roses in his hands before daring to walk towards their table and try his luck, eyes on the back of (Y/N)’s head. He gave himself a mental pep talk trying not to chicken out but all of those words of inspiration and prayers were obliterated when he caught Cheryl’s eyes.

Cheryl seemed bored and emotionless, head resting on her palm, as she stared at another clueless boy trying to vouch for her bestfriend’s affection. She gave him the smallest glare, which usually meant ‘scram’ or ‘fuck off’, and smirked as she saw him make a 90 degree turn before walking out straight out the library.

“Cherry, stop scaring people.” (Y/N), who apparently wasn’t really focusing on her advanced reading, chuckled. “You’ll never get a boyfriend if you keep that up.”

Cheryl scoffed and flipped her long, almost fiery in this lighting, red hair. “Nobody deserves me, darling, and we both know it.”

“No we don’t,” You stared at her. “You should give them a chance.”

“That’s rich coming from you, sweetie.” Cheryl shot back making you blush. “Why don’t you give those unfortunate souls who are just begging for a glance from the angel of their dreams, a chance?”

You blushed even more. “You—I – You know I’m not into that, Cherry.”

“Uh-huh, yeah, who you tryna fool?” Cheryl smirked, crossing her arms across her chest and leaning back on her chair. “And please, he was carrying roses, how cliché right? The right man would know you’re more of a sunflower girl.” She smirked. “Too bad the right man is in a far far away kingdom.”

You managed to give her a glare despite the heat on your face but she just laughed at your effort in looking mad. You just rolled your eyes, heart beating a little too fast at the memory of him.

“I’m just, such a good friend.” Cheryl dramatically fanned her face, as if she was about to cry, speaking a little too loudly in the library. “That bastard better be fucking grateful and buy me a Victorian-inspired mansion for all my effort in making sure his lil’ lovebird doesn’t get snatched by worthless peasants.”

“Cherry stop,” you whined trying to remove the attention away from the two of you, knowing nobody would have the guts to try and make her quiet but you.

“I’m gonna guilt-trip him his whole life, you just wait.”

“We don’t even know if he is still single.”

“Oh, we know.”

“How? I mean have you seen him? Boy’s like that doesn’t stay single for very long time in college.”

“Because I know him, and that boy is about as gone for you as you are for him,” Cheryl stated confidently. “And if you weren’t sure he is single, why are you still rejecting everybody left and right? Unless …”

“You are crazy.” You shook your head, not wanting to feed yourself any more false hopes. You don’t even know where in God’s green Earth he was staying at right now. You haven’t talked for almost four years now. You could but you decided not to because getting a little taste of that heaven will make you want him and miss him more and you don’t want to be running back to him when you are this close to your goal. That reunion will have to wait, and it seems like he was thinking the same thing, too.

Is he treating himself well?

Is he surrounded by good people?

Is he happy?

Does anything remind him of you? Even for just a second?

“(Y/N),” Cheryl was staring at something in her phone, eyes wide in shock. Whatever it was must be something big to actually surprise Cheryl. Cheryl shoved her phone at you as you read the article about a certain raven-haired boy that just won the Nationals in Indiana. “Point six hundred million for Cheryl. God, I hate being right all the time”

You ignored her as you read how Reggie Mantle, the captain, basically carried the whole game towards their victory with his agility, strategy, and strength. You reread the last paragraph of the article:

Mantle is not only a spectacular athlete but he is also an outstanding student with his top marks which will result to the possibility of him graduating as the top of his class. How he managed to balance his responsibilities, Reggie Mantle gave us an answer that left more questions than answers:

“You could say I have a pretty solid foundation and inspiration.” He said with a grin. “Though she is probably studying hard in New York too.”

Who is this mysterious lady that snatched Reggie Mantle’s heart? The world may never know.

“Hey man,” Reggie returned back to Earth when he heard his roommate, soon to be ex-roommate, in their toga with a big grin on his face. “I’ll see you around, yeah?”

Reggie took his hands and gave him a half-hug and a pat on the back. “I’ll see you.”

Jake plopped down on his bed, one last time probably. “Can’t believe you’re going pro, man. That’s big.”

“I know,” Reggie chuckled, picking up a football from the ground. “Even I still can’t believe it.”

“Well, as for me it’s the boring old office work.”

Reggie gave him a look before throwing at him the football which he caught with a lot of effort. “Shut up, Jake, you got a girlfriend who’s smart. She got you.”

Jake smirked. “Yeah she’s still pretty bummed about not getting that journalism job. She really wanted it.”

“I can’t believe someone actually beat Janine. Must be some miracle.” Jake’s girlfriend, Janine, was like a machine when it comes to her studies. So it came as a shock to everyone when she came barging in their room crying about how she did not get accepted to her dream job.

“Yeah, she told me it was taken by some monster that graduated from New York,” Jake chuckled. “Kept whining how the world is unfair cause the said monster was drop dead gorgeous, smart, and is now holding her dream job by the neck on her first try.”

“Wai- wait, back up,” Reggie stood up. “Did … did Janine say what the name of this said New York monster was?”

Jake seemed to think for a second and Reggie was literally on his tiptoes from the suspense. “I forgot man, I guess it was (Y/N) or something? I forgot the last na—“

Jake was cut off by Reggie’s jaw dropping in shock before genuinely laughing. Throughout their four years of being friends Jake has never seen Reggie this happy, even during his championship game. Reggie looked at Jake who was looking at him as if he grew a second head.

“Holy shit! I’m so sorry, man.” Reggie laughed once more, patting his shoulders sympathetically. “In behalf of her, let me apologize.”

“What do you mean?” Jake asked, genuinely confused.

“The New York monster that took the job from your girl?”

“Yeah …”

“That’s my girl.”

You just finished face timing Cheryl that was now living in London for some business transaction and she couldn’t stop bitching about the rain ruining her hair, which, in turn, just gave you something to laugh about.

“Good morning, stranger,” your favorite barista greeted you as you leaned in the counter.

“Hello, outsider,” You greeted her back. “Can I get my regular and a muffin?”

“Oooh muffin, you’re being a rebel today, huh?” she snickered as she handed you your favorite drink and a fresh muffin.

“I like to remain unpredictable.” You said as you handed her the exact amount and placed a twenty on the tip box.

“See you tomorrow, outsider.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.”

You sighed as the hot drink touch your tongue, fucking heaven. As you were about to go in your car you felt a small tug on your coat. You turned around and saw a cute little kid that had gorgeous curly locks hiding a sunflower behind his back.

“Hey, there little bud.” You leaned down to minimize the distance between you and the kid. “Are you lost?” You looked around you. “Where’s your mum—“

You were cut off when he suddenly shoved you the sunflower in his handsand ran before disappearing right around the corner.

“What the …” You cracked a smile despite your confusion and saw a small card tied around the sunflower with a note that read:

There’s more from where that came from.


Just as you were about to look for the little boy a tall figure suddenly appeared from your peripheral view. And just like in your wildest dreams, there he was: standing in front of you, beautiful as ever, holding a bouquet of sunflowers and wearing that smirk that made your stomach flip in the most beautiful way possible ever since you were kids.

“Reggie …”

Before you could utter another word he sped up his last two steps and cradled your face with his free hand for a kiss. A kiss, a kiss that you have imagined over and over again, a kiss that was foreign yet so goddamn familiar from the amount of times you have dreamt and daydreamed about it. A kiss from Reggie Mantle was all it took for your heart to beat the same irregular beats that was reserved only for him.

I took you a moment to recover from the shock but when you did you wrapped your hands around his neck and pulled him in deeper. You waited too long for this kiss and you never wanted it to end and he probably had the same thought in mind. But sadly, like everything amazing, it had to, or else you were gonna die from lack of oxygen.

Reggie leaned in your forehead and laughed just as you started to giggle. “I guess you missed me?” you whispered.

“You have no idea, pup.” You started tearing up, not believing that after all these years he was finally here in your arms, looking at you with the same dark eyes and intense gaze that makes you want to melt.

“I’m – “

“I love you.” Reggie made her forget her train of thoughts with those words. “If the kiss didn’t make it clear enough. I, Reggie Mantle, is in love with you and swears to be in love with you in this lifetime and the next.”

You couldn’t help but laugh. Pulling him in for another kiss. “Promise?” You offered him your pinky.

He laughed, crossing both of pinkies and pushed both of your fists and thumbs together.

“Promise.” He gave you another peck. “And, I believe you owe me a date.”

“Oh, do I now?” you teased, giggling when he tried to kiss your neck. “Where would you like to go?”

“I waited for years for this date, pup,” he said letting go of your face as he opted to wrap his arms around your shoulders as you wrapped yours around his waist. He gave you the bouquet which you held with your free hand. “I’ll go wherever the fuck you want.”

Breaking News! After dating for three years and being engaged in one, star football player, Reggie Mantle and his fiancé’ the award winning journalist and published author, (Y/F/N), has officially tied the knot in secret in their hometown, Riverdale, with only a chosen few people present, one note-worthy guest was Mrs. Mantle’s best friend, Cheryl Blossom, the CEO of Blossom Inc.  and world-renowned author of two award-winning novels in her spare time. It was said to be a big event despite the small town in Riverdale as stolen shots were taken of the grand wedding for the official photographs of the wedding was announced to be kept in private and not to be publicized in the request of the couple.

This power-couple had been best friends their whole lives and decided to tie the knot right after Reggie Mantle surprised his, now, wife with her dream house in California where they were rumored to finally settle. The couple is about to head into their 2-month honeymoon that will be spent in different cities around the world that they have planned to visit ever since they were kids.

After you’re done crying and emptying your box of tissue we dare you to find us a more perfect couple, we’ll wait.

(Y/N) was breathing in the fresh air from the morning breeze. She stared at the view from her balcony: the trees, the lake, and the city far, far away. Reggie really thought everything through when he built this house just for her. He built her a home where she is safe, contented, and happy and she could never thank him enough.

She jumped a bit when she felt a fluffy blanket, which turned out to be her robe, being wrapped around her by none other than her husband. Even after a year and a half of being married she still feels giddy thinking about Reggie being her husband. Finally.

“You okay?” Reggie whispered, afraid of breaking this serene moment as he hugged you from behind and gave you a peck on the side of your head.

You decided to face your husband and give him a proper good morning kiss, wrapping your arms on his waist as he wrapped his arms around you. “I feel perfect.” You nuzzled your face on his warm neck relishing on the comfort only he can give you. You looked up at him and saw him looking out at the view before turning his eyes on you making you wonder what you did in your past life to have a man like him to keep forever.

“We’re in love, aren’t we?”

He chuckled at your question before leaning hooking a stray hair in your ear. “I can’t speak for you but you got me pretty hooked, pup.” You looked up at him through your lashes to give him a glare as if to say ‘are you fucking kidding me?’ and Reggie grinned, the same boyish grin from when you were in Riverdale, giving you another kiss

“You don’t have to worry about that for a very, very long time, pup.” Reggie sighed, pulling you closer to him, as if that was possible.”Your heart won’t break around here. I’ll make sure of that.”

You squealed when he leaned down and hooked his arms at the back of your thighs and sat down, taking you in his lap. You watched as the sun rose quietly, sharing the morning coffee you made to help you get ready for the day, small kisses and giggles shared every now and then and in that exact moment you realized you could stay there forever and already find the life that was your definition of perfect

But then on cue you heard the familiar wailing of your two other babies on their bedroom making you giggle and Reggie groan, leaning on your shoulders. “Oh stop it, you were the one who was begging me for a baby.”

“I asked for one baby, pup. Just one, I’m blaming your fertile ass for this.” Reggie complained but was still ahead of you towards his babies room. He loved being a father and everybody knows it. When you were pregnant anxious would be an understatement when defining Reggie as he watched your every move and made sure you were eating only the best to make sure his babies would grow to become ‘as strong as me and as beautiful as their mother’. Heck, nobody could touch you without receiving a glare from Reggie which in turn would result to you smacking him in the head as he pouted but still continued to follow you around like a lost guard dog.

“Or we could blame you fucking me 12 times a day, every day? How about that?” You shot back.

“Hush, (Y/N/N), “ Reggie said as he cradled Cherry on his right arm and picked up the older twin, Jason, on the other. “My babies can hear you.”

“Oh they’re your babies now—“

“TOUCHDOWN BITCHES!” You heard the all too familiar slamming of the door open and Cheryl’s voice from below. “WHERE ARE MY DEAR DARLINGS?!”

“I can’t believe I actually gave that woman a spare key.” Reggie sighed, making you giggle. “Since when did she arrive from London?”

“Come on now,” you said as you took Cherry from Reggie making him pout. God, his daughter had him whipped. “Let’s go down before Cheryl wrecks havoc in here too.”

“I gotta share everything with her,” Reggie complained to a now sleeping Jason, as he went downstairs and saw Cheryl with a dollhouse and a toy car that looked too expensive and too realistic to be owned by a couple of 7 month old babies .”One day I’ll just snap and assassinate her, I swear to God.”

“I heard that, you ass!”

“You needed to hear it, satan!”

You couldn’t help but watch as Reggie and Cheryl bickered back and forth while Jason was silently sleeping in his crib and Cherry was babbling nonsense while sitting comfortably in your lap.

“Listen here Poison Ivy wanna-be, you’re spoiling my kids and they don’t even have the mental capacity to be spoiled yet.” Reggie complained.

“I am their godmother I can do what I want because I am richer than their father.”

“Excuse me,” Reggie seemed genuinely offended and you couldn’t help but laugh. ‘Who’s richer than who’ has been a small game in between Reggie and Cheryl, heck, even Archie, who is now an international song artist, and Moose who is an owner of a couple of successful gyms would join every now and then.

I guess nothing really ever truly changed. Reggie and Cheryl just can’t admit they love each other with a gun aimed at their heads, you were still hopelessly in-love with your husband, and he still looks at you as if you were the reason the sun continues to shine every morning. Only now you had two little angels to call your own and more money than you can spend.

Not bad for a shy girl from Riverdale who was secretly in love with her bestfriend.

You looked at your family, once more. Leaning back, placing Cherry on your chest, you sighed in contentment.

Not bad at all.

A/N: I’m gonna miss writing this so fucking much. Fuck.








Begin Again (2) (Soulmate au)

Summary: One day every human being on the planet received a mark in some place on their body at the same time; these marks are the initials of your soulmate and their date of birth. What do you do when your soulmate is not the person that you have a relationship with?

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1956

Warnings: Angst, fuffly a

Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta, you are Amazing and a cute pie.

Sequel to Every Road

credits to the gif owners

You were lost. A couple of days ago you had your life all figured out and now you don’t know what to do. You barely left your bed these days; all you did was cry and eat ice cream. You hated the feeling of uncertainty.

Your boss took pity of your situation and let you work from home for the next couple of weeks. You were grateful because you still didn’t feel ready to face the outside world.  You quickly realized that work from home is boring; you don’t have too much to do besides answering emails and revising files.

You used all this free time too clean your apartment; you threw everything that belonged to your ex away and everything you felt that didn’t belong to you anymore. You felt renewed, your placed started to look like yours again and getting rid of his things made you see you are really better off without him.

Part of you always knew that your relationship was better from the outside than in the inside, you just wish you had realized that by yourself and not because of the universe.

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new vegas gothic
  • you wake up on a medical table. a stranger tells you you were shot in the head and he fixed you up. you have no scars, no marks of surgery, and he has no surgical tools. he shows you ink blot pictures to test your mind, yet your mind is restricted to one of five answers.
  • you read a 200 year old comic book given to you by a stranger. and another. and another. you become invisible to the naked eye, but only when you crouch. 
  • you have seen things stirring in the water. they are fast, too fast for you to touch. you know what they are, you have eaten several that others have captured, but cannot place a name to them.
  • you black out when you leave The Strip. you wake up thirty minutes earlier; everything you had done, just a dream. 
  • you speak to your own brain. it blames you for putting it in danger. you blame it for putting you in danger. you would rather speak to your spine.
  • a group of raiders run at you, weapons at the ready. everyone freezes, nobody moves. nobody blinks. nobody breathes. when you unfreeze, they are all dead. 
  • you can not recall ever being thirsty. you take a sip from your trusty vault 13 canteen.
The Flash!AU Nobody Asked For

ok ok I’m gonna need you to stop scrolling bc i’ve been binge watching the Flash like crazy and I was like, yanno, spence what if keith was the flash??? scarlet speedster, red paladin?? hELLO?? and now i have these headcanons i need to get off my chest and i’m typing really fast to get them all down so get your asses ready for the Flash!AU nobody fucking asked for but y’all are getting anyways oK lETS GO

  • so some backstory: Keith is a 20 year old uni student who goes to Garrison Tech, majoring in astronomy and mechanical engineering; he used to live with his adoptive older brother Takashi, but the latter went missing a few months prior to the Incident™, so now he lives on his own; growing up, he and Takashi lived on their own next to the Sanchez family, who practically adopted them as one of their own
  • he got his powers from a particle accelerator “accidentally” exploding at Altea Labs; he was hit with the blast while on his way to university and got his ass knocked into a coma for almost an entire year
  • he was transferred from the hospital to Altea Labs, seeing as the Sanchez family weren’t qualified to keep paying his medixal bills, seeing as they weren’t legally family (Mama Sanchez almost punched the doctor when they told her this?
  • when he finally woke up, Keith realized he wasn’t in any hospital, and that he was strapped down to a table; he tried to escape, only to end up blowing a hole through the side of a room he was being kept in
  • Pidge and Hunk, the only two lab techs who stayed at the labs even after it closed down, tried to calm him down, but Keith ended up running off somewhere before they could actually explain what had happened to him
  • after running into a few buildings and maybe destroying a bridge, Keith ends up at the Sanchez house, where he finds his childhood friend/mortal enemy, Lance; he’s about to get Lance’s attention and tell him that he’s here, that he’s somehow still alive, but he gets knocked out and hauled back to Altea Labs
  • this time when we wakes up, it’s not just Pidge and Lance with a tazer gun at the ready in case he tries to escape again, but the founder of Altea Labs, Alfor, is there
  • this time, they’re able to explain to Keith what actually happened; he got hit with the blast and his cells were altered at a molecular level, and now he can literally break the sound barrier, which would be really awesome and so so so amazing, except it’s n o t
  • Keith doesn’t want superpowers, he just wants to be normal, he wants to go to uni and graduate and he wants to pay off his debts to the Sanchez family and maybe marry Lance but he doesn’t want to be some superhuman
  • except now he doesn’t have a choice, because realtering his cells and take away what’s giving him powers would probably kill him, or at least render him useless in some way
  • so now, Keith is stuck with powers he doesn’t want and a secret he doesn’t need, but you know, it can’t be that bad - at least he doesn’t have to fight anyone, right?
  • w r o n g
  • shortly after Alfor and the two tech geeks tell him about his powers and start training him to control the Speed Force, these new mutants start popping up around the city; metahumans, people who were affected by the explosion in the same way he was, except they use their powers to commit crimes, and now Keith has this responsibility to stop them
  • at first, he absolutely refuses to fight them
  • don’t get him wrong, being a superhero sounds great, but there is no way in hell that he’s going up against a seven foot tall monster who can control freaking f i r e
  • but then, while making his way downtown (walking fast, walking faster) he sees the meta attacking a preschool - and not just any preschool, but the preschool where Lance works at
  • oh shit
  • Keith manages to rush into the preschool and save most of the afternoon class, but when he turns to make sure Lance is okay, he realizes that he’s not there
  • Lance had noticed that one of the children was still inside the building, about to be freaking m a u l e d by the metahuman, and rushed back in to save him without a moment’s hesitation
  • the child manages to run to safety, but Lance isn’t so lucky - he’s caught by the meta, and is being pounded into the wall
  • something snaps inside Keith, and he bolts into the preschool, beating the meta into next year (literally) saving Lance from dying (what a hero, what a man)
  • Lance, ofc, doesn’t remember the face of the “mysterious man” who saved him, bc yanno, why not
  • after almost seeing the love of his life Lance almost get killed by someone whose just like him, Keith relents; he goes back to Altea Labs, and agrees to help stop the corrupt metas who were created from the blast
  • “It was amazing! I swear I was going to die - Juan, this is all your fault by the way - but he saved me! Like, like a knight in shining armor! And a mullet! Saving the day in…in..” “In a flash?” “Yes! In a flash!”
  • and thus, the Flash was born

i have this headcanon that Heather Duke gets severe cute aggression and one day when mcnamawyer do something too cute at the lunch table like nuzzle noses and give each other tiny kisses Heather Duke just starts screaming and punches the goddamn wall and Veronica and Heather just sit there like what is going on

Dan’s first video (Text edition)





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Peter Pan Imagine/Mine Pt. 2

Part 1 here ->

I would really like a part 2 of Mine 😊

Part two of Mine!!!!

Is there going to be a part 2 to mine!?!?? Btw: how are u doing?

Warnings: Smut, cursing, violence, possessive Pan, hint of suicide (I do NOT romance suicide it was just on my heart to write about it and to tell you that it get’s better.)

“Is it that bad? That she could be attracted to someone other than you? Are you threatened that she could maybe be taken from you? It’s not like you wanted to sleep with her!” he yells

Peter looks at him, he is about to loose it, he is about to loose all of it, he could feel the anger rise up in him, as he is about to punch the shit out of David you scream “Peter wait!“

Peter turns to look at you, the anger, the pain, the danger , it was all in his eyes, you could see death in this teenage boys eyes, Peter was going to kill David, and you needed to stop him.

“Peter stop!” you behind Peter pulling his shirt, damn near begging him, tears coming down your cheeks

“This wouldn’t be happening if i never took you here on this bloody island!” Peter yells at you

“I promise it will never happen again!” you yell back, terrified, shaking, your lips trembling 

“Oh I know you won’t.” Peter punches David, then throws him on the floor. As Peter gets on top of him David rolls him over and fights back, David is now on top of Peter and punching his lips to they bleed. Peter kicks David off and David goes flying and then lands on his stomach, as he gasp for air Peter kicks him in the stomach.

As all this goes on you sat on the floor, crying, for there was nothing you could do, and it was all your fault.

“Hey Pan maybe you two should knock it off.” Felix said as he rubs your back

But they just keep on fighting, Peter’s lips are bleeding and there is blood dripping from his lips

Davids eye is almost swollen shut and his jaw looked bruised up already

“Pan!” Felix yelled, he knew Peter wouldn’t stop until one of them were dead

“That’s it , get them off each other., they won’t stop til one is dead.” Felix yelled

The lost boys get David and Felix and Rufio get Peter.

Both of them bleeding, they both looked fucked up, and it was all because of you.

Peter shakes Rufio and Felix off of him, then he looks you in your eyes, “This is your fault.” he says , he then leaves and you just sit there, in tears, he was right, everything was your fault.

That night was the most quietest it had ever been in Neverland, for no one knew what to say, you could hear nothing but the sound of the tree branches dance together as they made clicking noises, it was dark, more darker than nights have been, you could cut a knife with all the tense in the air.

You didn’t sleep that night, you were up, crying, wondering what you even came here.

Peter stayed in his cabin all night, wondering about you, how you felt, what you thought of him, and if you were ever going to talk to him again.

David spent the night with his lost boys friends, they cleaned him up and praised him for picking a fight with Peter.

The next morning the birds started to chirp, waking everybody up, slowly but surely, nobody wanted to start the day, everybody was anxious, worried, and terrified, but they were also curious, would Peter send away David? Would he send away Y/n? Nobody knew, but they would soon find out.

Everybody got the campsite, eating breakfast and getting ready for the day, nobody said a word to anyone, they all waited for the three main people to come out of their cabins, who of course took the longest to get ready.

A good 15 minutes passed and you all came out one  by one

You came out first, dressed in a sweater, jeans, and some shoes

You sat down only drinking orange juice, you weren’t very hungry. You kept your head down, not wanting the attention, although you very much knew you were going to get it even if you liked it or not.

Then it was David, he came out, his eye was almost swollen shut, his cheek had a cut on it, bruises on his arms and legs, but still, he was confident, even winking at you, you roll your eyes, what an asshole. He joined his friends and they started to talk about whatever teenage boys talk about.

Then it was Peter, he came out , he lips were swollen, jaw was bruised, and he had a cut on his eyebrow, he walked differently then usual, not confident, but neither in a shy way , he just walked, as if he was no better than anyone else.

You took noticed ,but quickly looked away when he looked your direction, he noticed you, but put his head down

You all sat by the campfire, nobody really said anything , just watched the three of your guys’s every move, it was quite intimidating .

After eating Peter gets up and walks over to Felix, he taps his shoulder and whispers something in his ear, Felix nods and clears his throat.

He gets in the middle of the campfire circle and says “Free day, do as you please.” he then walks away and goes into the woods with Peter.

The boys all run into their favorite places to play, not caring if it was weird that Peter said it was free day, they were going to take advantage of it

You on the other hand were curious and thought it was very strange, so you decide to to the only people you can talk to, the mermaids

Peter and Felix on the other hand are walking into the woods

“So Pan, tell me what happen.” Felix said with his hands in his pockets

Peter looked down , almost ashamed of himself “I can’t explain it Fi, I feel different.” he said folding his arms

“How so?” Felix turns his head to Peter but continues to walk

“Looking at David last night, and knowing what he did to Y/n.-”

“But Y/n wanted it, you know what right?” Felix asked a little concerned

“Of course I bloody know that.” Peter gets annoyed

“Okay well whats the problem?” Felix asked as he sits on a rock , Peter does the same

“I thought about her all night.” Peter looked up and says to Felix

“And what did you think about ?” Felix asked

“I thought everything about her, I thought about her smile, her laugh, her hair, how it whips me in the face sometimes and she constantly apologizes for it. I thought about her legs, how nice and shiny and soft they look in the sun, I thought about her all damn night Felix.” Peter says as he runs his fingers through his hair

“So you love her?” Felix asked

Peter shakes his head and gets up “I-I don’t know Felix. I can’t love, I can’t fall in love , that’s not me , that’s not who I am.” he says 

“Well it seems to me like you are.” Felix said

“How do you know?” he asked

“Because you fucked up David , you fought for Y/n, even if it didn’t seem like it, you fought for her, literally! “ Felix said

Peter looks at Felix, and just runs his fingers through his hair

You on the other hand are just meeting your good friends the mermaids at the lagoons

“So tell me what happen” one mermaid said

“Don’t act like we don’t know!” said an other

“You guys know?!” you asked

“All of Neverland knows hunny” one said as they all laughed

You folded your arms and looked down

“Great now everybody knows what a selfish, terrible, person I am.” you say

“whoa whoa whoa!” a mermaid said

“Now we ain’t ever said that to you child” an older mermaid said

You sigh and put your head in your hands “But it’s true, Peter-” 

“Peter is  grown as boy, he knows what he did, and you can not put that on yourself do you understand?” the mermaid said

“Yes.” you say with a tear coming down your face

“What’s wrong Y/n?” a younger mermaid asked

“I wish Peter liked me. He hates me.”  you say crying some more

“Peter ? Peter Pan? Hates you? Girl he loves you!” one said

Your head shot up , you couldn’t believe what you just heard, “Excuse me?” asking again , maybe what you heard wasn’t true

“You head me!” the mermaid said

“P-Peter loves me?” you almost stutter the words as they come out

“Yes!” all the mermaids say at once

“How do you know ?” you asked

“He basically fought for you.” one said

“Yeah fighting David was not the easiest task, remember he is his age, his height and weight, he was basically fighting himself.” one said

“Wow that;s deep.” an other said

“I know right?” she said back as they both giggle

“Okay okay hold up, if Peter, loves me, why hasn’t he said anything?” you asked

“He’s a guy duh!” they all say at once

You just stare into the lagoon, you realized they were making sense , did Peter really love you? You thought about it, and you realized you loved Peter too, ever since he took you away from your home, you were grateful, he was there, there for it all, he would hold you when you would cry, he took care of you when you were drunk, Peter was your prince charming, your bad boy prince charming

“I gotta go!”  you yelled as you ran to the campsite

As you ran through the woods your heart started to race, not because you were running , but you were terrified, terrified of your thoughts, anxious to think if your mind was playing games, could Peter, the Peter Pan really love you? You get the campsite, your heart could pounce out of your chest

“Where is Peter ?!” you yell

“Uhhh? How are we supposed to know?” a lost boy said

“He isn’t here?” you asked

“Peter hasn’t been here since he left with Felix.” a lost boy said

“Well where did they go?” you asked

“How would I know?” he said

“Ugh!” you yell “Swear you boys are no help.” you say and go into the woods, as you get to your thinking spot , it soon becomes dark, and then wolfs start to howl, and the wind starts to shiver up your spine, your shiver but try to ignore it. You watch as the trees dance with each other, you watch as the starts twinkle in the night sky, reminding you of Peter’s eyes, you just smile, and think of him, you think of his lips, he beautiful plump lips, his chestnut hair, his long legs,and his strong arms. You remembered what it felt like to be held in them, they were so warm, it was like as if the fire was warming you up, with his heat he kept you warm, his arms wrapped around your curves ever so perfectly, you soonly remembered “That’s when I fell in love with him.” you said as your start to cry

Dinner was starting and the lost boys were all ready to eat

Peter  was walking with Felix and saw everybody waiting at the table  as he sat down and saw everybody he noticed you weren’t there

“What the hell?” he asked

“what’s wrong Pan?” Felix asked

“Where’s Y/n? he asked “Has anyone seen Y/n?” 

Everybody shook their head no

He got up and said “Start dinner, I’ll be back.” he said and he walked to the woods

Searching for you everywhere he became worried, were you okay ? Where were you? Why weren’t you at dinner? Were you mad at him? All these thoughts ran through his head

You were at the edge of the cliff , thinking about everything , and nothing, thinking about the what ifs, and the buts, but mostly the negatives.

How could Peter love you? How could he love some one like you? You’re worthless, you don’t deserve him, you don’t deserve this, you don’t deserve Neverland.

You take a step forward and Peter grabs you and pulls you back and holds you in his arms “Y/n what the hell were you thinking?!” he yells at you

You gasp for air, you were in shock, you didn’t think anybody was around, you were shocked, you were terrified, and grateful for Peter had saved you, once again.

“Y/n what the bloody hell were you thinking? Do you know what could’ve happen to you?!” he says as he holds your face with his hands and your just stand there crying

“Awh love.” he says as he pulls you in and holds you, for a few minutes everything became silent, and it felt for a few seconds that you were flying.

“You have to promise me.” he says as he looks at you

“Promise you what Peter?” you ask as your sniffle

“Promise me that if you are ever going through something to talk to me, or the mermaids, or the lost boys- you know what never mind don’t go to them.” 

You giggle a bit and he smiles at that

“But okay love? Do you promise?” he asked

“I promise.” you say looking down

“How do I know that you’re telling the truth?” Peter asked, his eyebrows knitted in a little worried

“Because I’m - I’m yours.”you almost stutter

“Excuse me?” he asked

“I’m yours.” you cry

“You are mine.” he says as he looks at you up and down, he grabs your chin and then slowly kisses you. Your wrap your arms around his neck, bringing him in closer to you, and he wraps his arms around your waist and starts to bring you in even closer. Your heart starts to pulse quicker and you could feel the butterflies rise up in your stomach. It was like a high that you didn’t want to come down of.

“Can we go to my cabin?” he asked

You nod and he snaps his fingers and you guys are standing near his bed

He picks you up and starts to kiss your neck, not rough, but slowly, he then stops to admire the beauty , looking at you up and down not wanting this moment to ever end

“What?” you ask

“You’re so damn beautiful.” he says as he lay you down on his bed

He takes off his shirt and gets on top of you, your feel his bare stomach on your, you rub his abs, his muscular arms, his veins in his arms and hands, you’re feeling it all, and taking it all in.

Kissing your neck and he goes to your collarbone and you suddenly start to moan softly, Peter enjoyed getting little noises out of you, it was quite pleasurable for him.

Getting down to your stomach you start to squirm and wiggle, a little bit turned o and a whole lot of ticklish .

“You alright ?” he asked

You giggle and shake your head yes

He starts to unbutton your jeans but you quickly stop him

“Peter I’m not ready.” you say 

 He shakes his head in confusion “Y-you aren’t ready ? But you-” 

“Ever since David I just don’t, love myself.” you say as you look down

Peter nods “Okay well , could I try something ?” he asked

“What are you going to try?” you asked

“Just trust me.” he said “If you don’t like it, I’ll stop okay?” he said

You nod trusting Peter

He takes off your jeans and panties, you were already soaking wet, no surprise

He starts to kiss near your heat and then you quickly realize what he’s about to do 

“Peter!” you yell but it is far too late

You are hit with his tongue and you got a warm fire sensation your stomach, nobody has ever , well you know.

Peter was so turned on , the sounds, the moans, the little pants and whimpers you made, the broken moans, sounding like a broken record for that’s all you could do. You were speechless. Your fingers wrapped up and tangled in his hair, but he didn’t mind, he took your pain, because you took his pleasure , you start to arch your back and grabbing a hold of the sheets, begging him not to stop, for you were becoming undone, your legs shaking, your lips would give out little whimpers, you would grind against his tongue, because you wouldn’t get enough , you lasted about 8 minutes until you came, Well Peter wasn’t done. He grabbed you back and your eyes quickly widen 

“Peter!” you yell

“I’m not done.” he simply says

You then grasp his neck , holding on for dear life, biting your lip because you were positive you could scream , he then does this rotation with his tongue and it was almost becoming a game more than pleasure, but then you quickly realize what he is doing.

“Oh my gosh Peter…” you moan

He is spelling out m i n e with his tongue on your clit.

After he made you cum twice he was done

He wiped his mouth and then kissed your cheek.

“I love you my lost girl” he said

“I love you too Peter.” you say as you kiss him back

actually nobody asked but here i am, ready to talk abt my science kids for whom i would lay down my life, aka the wylan/kuwei parallels that are never discussed but should be 

  • i mean first of all, the most obvious similarities: the two youngest of the group, the ones that are most on the outside by virtue of arriving last with no pre-existing connection to any of the other dregs (aside from having done odd jobs for them, in wylan’s case), them spending the majority of ck not only looking identical but also given the role of ‘scientist’ by default because they’re the two with the most knowledge
  • i mentioned this in the tags of my other post but kuwei is to ck what wylan is to soc.  they’re both kept around to serve a purpose, neither get pov chapters so we learn about them exclusively through interactions w other characters, neither features quite as prominently as the others do (although wylan does more towards the end because like.  wesper build-up) but are nonetheless a crucial part of the storyline 
  • both of them have complex relationships w their fathers, this came to a Tipping Point for both of them around the same time (they were only like 15/16 someone protect them??).  kuwei had a father who loved him and wanted to keep him safe but inadvertently put him in danger; wylan had to escape because the danger was his father.  this leads to both of them ending up on their own in a strange place which they’re ultimately taken out of by the dregs
  • this is presumably also around the same place in the timeline for them both since by the start of soc wylan’s been in the barrel a few months and yul-bayur was killed (presumed captured) several months before, at least to the best of my knowledge
  • they’re the only two out of the dregs who don’t have an immediate (or any) connection with friends or family that they actually want to return to outside of the dregs.  wylan is reunited with his mother in ck but spends all of soc believing she’s dead, and doesn’t seem to have anyone else he wants to reunite with, certainly nobody he mentions.  kuwei is set on going to ravka, but not because there’s anyone waiting for him, just because it’s safe and he’ll be able to work on a parem antidote with other grisha.  he never talks about friends or family and given his description of shu han (“we live a frightened life … it was never home”) it’s not a stretch to imagine he doesn’t really have anyone to talk about
  • following on from the last couple of points: they’ve both inherited issues from their fathers that neither of them asked for but have to live with.  wylan, the van eck heir who’s talented at so many things except the one thing his father wanted him to be able to do, made to feel like a failure because he couldn’t read, unable to live up to the Ideal Heir van eck wanted, and then almost killed because, through literally zero (0) fault of his own, he couldn’t do it.  and then kuwei, son of the chief chemist who invented parem, held prisoner and made to recreate something he didn’t even come up with, that he couldn’t fully remember the formula for (while trying to stall progress because he knew the damage that would come if he succeeded), he’s still being held up to his father’s legacy but in a very sinister way.  
  • (kuwei does say he thinks he can do it, but there’s still a vast difference between the experience of a 15 yr old inferni who helped in the lab versus a scientist/fabrikator with decades of experience, you can’t just ask the former to do the work of the latter and expect the same result)
  • and neither of them fully escape from it - when people do business with wylan, they know they’re doing business with van eck’s son, he’s carrying on from his father even if he’s leaving the corrupt business side behind.  and what’s the whole reason kuwei wants to go to ravka in the first place?  to develop an antidote to parem, a problem he didn’t cause that he’s not even fully qualified to try and cure but he’s going to anyway
  • they’re both coming from situations made more dangerous for them because of who they are, something they try to hide - wylan’s being raised to follow in van eck’s footsteps but he can’t read, something he keeps secret for as long as possible because as far as van eck’s concerned, that makes wylan useless.  he literally tries to have wylan killed because of it.  not for any other reason than that he can’t read, something that’s neither wylan’s fault nor does it make him any less good at basically everything else.  meanwhile kuwei’s being kept in the ice court, where they torture and murder grisha, trying to recreate something that’s going to do even more harm, but he’s grisha too, something he obviously has to keep hidden from the fjerdans (remember what happens to grisha who don’t use their powers?  how hard do you think that was to keep secret in the ice court of all places??  not to mention he had to do the same thing in shu han.)

if i think of more points i’ll add them later, but tl;dr please stop and consider the similarities here for a second because i did and haven’t stopped crying since

Running Lines- Jungkook Fluff

Originally posted by hohbi

Request: Hiii!! Can I request a scenario with Jungkook where he falls for a actor who’s a foreigner(but she knows Korean) and a ‘00 liner? Sorry if it’s to detailed I’ve just always wanted to read one like this😅 take your time!!

Word Count:1155

Genre: Fluff

Member/Group: Jungkook of BTS

A/N: I’m finally off for spring break, guys! I have a bunch of time to write for the next week, so send me requests. Of course, after spring break I have my end of the year testing and I’m only slightly dying while getting ready for my Algebra EOC. I hope nobody minds that I made the reader from America for this, I am from there and it is just easier for me to write this way because I know the cultural mannerisms. Anyway, I hope ya’ll enjoy this!

 Lights flashed and camera shutters clicked as you walked out of the airport.

“(Y/N)! Look over here!”

“How is your new movie?”

Please, let us interview you real quick, Ms. (Y/N)!”

 You tucked your hair behind your ear and held your face down as you speedily strutted out of the exit. The black sunglasses you wore did little to block the camera’s flashes, but you still tried to look up and smile every once in a while anyway. The blinding flashing, the yelling of reporters, the screams of fans, this was your life now.

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