nobody is gonna argue with it

Enjoltaire Headcanon

Just imagine, Enjolras, Grantaire, Modern!Au in High School with the prompt “I’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you”.

• Their story starts in pre-school. Grantaire loves dancing, has ever since he could stand up and wiggle around. He meets Enjolras in pre-school, they sit next to each other, constantly arguing about colors they use while drawing (”Trees aren’t blue!” - “It’s abstract!”), Enjolras’ dreams (”I’m gonna change the world.” - “No, you won’t.” - “But… Yes…?” - “Nobody can change the world.) and words neither of them know the meaning to.

• In elementary school, they finally become friends. Grantaire’s love for dancing grows. His parents decide to send him to dancing lessons for children. 

•In middle school, some time in 8th grade, Enjolras asks Grantaire to teach him how to dance. They stumble around, Enjolras steps on Grantaire’s feet constantly, his hair falls into his eyes, they laugh until they stomaches hurt. (”You are a hopeless cause, Apollo.”) Somewhere during their lessons Grantaire realizes he’s in love with Enjolras.

• In high school, they come out to each other and their group of friends. (”I don’t think I’m that straight…” - “That’s okay, me neither. You can still change the world.”)

• One day, at a meeting of Les Amis, Grantaire shoots down every argument Enjolras has - Enjolras doesn’t talk to him for a whole week. After that week Enjolras has a shiny new boyfriend. Grantaire feels like he burns inside - he feels like dying. He tells nobody.

• Even though Enjolras and his boyfriend break up fairly quickly, Enjolras is never single for long anymore. He seems to be dating the whole school. Grantaire feels like he will never have a chance with his Apollo…

• This goes on until their senior prom. Grantaire and Enjolras being the best of friends, constantly arguing for their cause, Grantaire hopelessly loving Enjolras, Enjolras constantly dating another person. 

• A month before senior prom Enjolras asks Grantaire to teach his current boyfriend how to dance. And Grantaire, he can’t say no to Enjolras. Not to his Apollo. He bows his head and says yes, he teaches the boyfriend, he despises every moment of it. He doesn’t go to prom. He doesn’t want to see Enjolras happily dancing – not wasting one thought on Grantaire. 

• After that, Grantaire starts teaching dancing lessons at a local studio (he loves teaching the little kids, they are so talented and full of enthusiasm), Enjolras goes to university to study poli-sci. They share a flat – they are best friends after all. They are depressingly domestic and Grantaire feels like he’s in some sort-of-relationship with Enjolras. (Enjolras keeps sleeping in his bed somehow. Grantaire makes breakfast for him every morning, Enjolras is just so adorable before he has had his first cup of coffee – he’s definitely not a morning person. One morning, Enjolras comes into the kitchen, with crazy sex-hair from sleeping, his eyes still closed, wearing some boxers that belonged to Grantaire at some point, probably, and Grantaire’s favorite band shit. Grantaire’s heart stops for almost a whole minute before Enjolras pads over to him barefooted to hug him and hide his face in the crook of Grantaire’s neck. Grantaire dies there and then from adorableness.) If he notices that Enjolras dates less and less, well, his friends don’t need to know.

• All is well, until Enjolras finishes university. There’s some sort of dance ball to celebrate graduation. Enjolras asks Grantaire to teach his date how to dance. At first, Grantaire feels like his heart is breaking into a million little pieces. (He had had that slight hope that Enjolras would ask him to be his date… It felt like they had been dating for the longest time…) He agrees reluctantly though. He still hasn’t learnt how to say no to Enjolras, his best friend, his Apollo, his sun, the love of his life. 

• One evening he teaches the guy, when Enjolras storms into the studio. Grantaire leaves after Enjolras starts yelling about some sabotaged rally he had organized with Les Amis. (They were trying to defend gay rights and establish gender neutral toilettes at Enjolras’ university – a protest for their friend Jehan. In the end, somebody had called the principle to tell him about the planned sit-in. The police were already waiting for the protest to begin – and to destroy it. Of course, some people took that opportunity to start a riot… It didn’t end well…) 

• The next morning Grantaire comes into his studio to find a broken and bloodied mirror, twenty dollars and a post-it note from Enjolras. He had punched the mirror, broken up with the guy, called up Joly to help with his bleeding hand, stayed with Courfeyrac for the night (didn’t want to disturb Grantaire by crawling into his bed at 2 in the morning – little did he know that Grantaire hadn’t been sleeping at all), left twenty dollars for a new mirror – not necessarily in that order. Grantaire teaches the only group of small children he has that day and goes back to his and Enjolras’ shared apartment.

• Enjolras later asks if Grantaire would teach another one of his dates, which is when Grantaire finally snaps. (They had been preparing dinner, Grantaire cutting vegetables, Enjolras stirring some sort of sauce, when Enjolras had asked. Grantaire had cut his finger at hearing the question. He’s swearing like a sailor as he’s pressing a dish towel to his injury. The he registers what Enjolras had asked him. He’s freaking out.) He’s yelling something along the lines of “I’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you ‘cause you’re the guy I’ve been wanting for years and you didn’t even notice”.

• Enjolras is stunned into silence after that admission. Grantaire panics and leaves to sleep at the studio that evening. Enjolras shows up halfway through the night, declaring his love for Grantaire by standing outside the studio with a giant boombox and screaming at the top of his lungs that he loves Grantaire. The he never wants to leave him. Then he comes up into the studio, kissing him like his life depends on it. They dance to an unheard melody until they fall asleep.

• The final time Enjolras asks Grantaire to teach somebody how to dance is a month before their wedding. Turns out, none of their friends can actually dance enough for a wedding…

Pretend marriage fic in which Dean and Cas don’t actually mind being saddled together in a big suburban house to play husbands, but actually terrorize the fuck out of their neighbours with all their bickering, awful behaviour and their ridiculous schedule. They argue with everybody and are so stupidly affectionate with each other that everybody in the neighborhood falls for it right away, but nobody actually likes them except maybe for a bunch of misfit teenagers and half of the girl scout squad.

I’m here, but if you’re just gonna keep arguing…
You’re the one who has to face your fears.
Perhaps I am better as a myth.
Is that enough? Or do you want more?
Hey, look at me.
So this is why you brought me here, huh?
The right thing according to who? You?
This isn’t about you and me at all, is it?
It will never be over.
Though, in fairness, she does talk a lot.
Keep her here.
We don’t have time.
Well, here’s to nobody dying today.
Or was I premature?
I, for one, hope I never see this filthy city again.
And afterwards, I hated everything. Even the sun.
It’s taken forever for me to feel normal again.
Why are you telling me all this?
Now, listen very carefully.
Shall I continue?
You in here?
What am I fighting here?
Show yourself to me.
Oh, no. No no no no no…
You really don’t know when to quit.
Well, he won’t be taking anyone, as he is rather indisposed.
Welcome back, sister.
I think you got him.
Can we leave this awful city now?
Well, I got something else for you.
You’d have me pay for my sins. So be it.
What is that? Your version of an apology?
You have to pull that blade out.
No, not yet. I’m almost through.
Your family will die if you don’t.
He’s right. This is between me and him.
It’s not your fight.
It didn’t turn out so well, did it?
Hey, you can do this.
Your family needs you.
You win, okay? We can’t beat you.
They were my family, too.
There is only one justice left.
It’s been too long. We should go.
They’ll be here, _______.
And while we have a moment, I wanted to say thank you.
Actually, I’m right here.
I saw something.
I felt… something.
At least now I know what we’re up against and it’s something I’ve seen before.
Promise me that.
I know this is tough for you, but you’re gonna have to trust me.
That’s what family does. We fight for each other.
Don’t you have a city to run.
Hey, don’t push me, _________.
Or is this all just another distraction?
Or we leave and we never come back.
I could kill all of you right now and tonight, I would sleep like a baby.
I am nothing like any of you.
The only reason you exist is because I’m showing you mercy.
Now go and don’t ever come back.
Remind me, if I’m ever gonna piss you off, make sure there’s not a crossbow laying around.
Still, I’m impressed.
I’m not most people.
The only thing that is on my mind is how we’re gonna celebrate.
I’m sure we’ll figure out something.
_______, you’re gonna wanna call me back.
Uh, you texted me and said you needed a ride home.
Dare I ask why you still have that?
Now I’m ready for a bourbon.
Five years… has never felt so long.
Thank you for not abandoning me.
Well, we considered it. The vote was rather close.
For what its worth, I’m sorry.
Want me to wake her for you?
No, let’s let her sleep.

I was arguing with my mum about buying doors for my wardrobe and she said ‘No one will see it for a while’ and I was like ‘No one is ever gonna see it! I’ll see it. It is MY bedroom, I don’t care about anybody else seeing it’. And she just made this ‘Oh love’. Damn woman, I don’t need sympathy for something you think I’m lacking. Can’t I have nice things? Like DOORS

@ the anon who asked me what discourse is: discourse, or fandom wank, or whatever people call it, is when members of a fandom have long, drawn out, overdramatic fights about something going on in the fandom. Maybe one of those arguing did something Problematic (you’re gonna grow to fucking hate that word), maybe it was the subject of the fandom (show, movie, celebrity, what have you). The subject is irrelevant because no matter what the discussion is about or how deserving it is of proper debate, it will quickly turn to base insults and (often) end with mass blocking and callout posts that nobody pays attention to because this is the third time that week, goddammit.

If you haven’t gathered from my tone, discourse is like car crashes. They’re messy, they’re destructive, they’re annoying, and nobody wants them yet they happen anyway.

What does matter is to do what you want to do, ignore the bullshit, and to actually listen to any critism before accepting or dismissing it. Remember, tumblr allows for complete control of what content you see, and it would be wise to use that to the fullest advantage.

anonymous asked:

I imagine that Farmer Cadros would talk to Anankos through like a village well and everyone in the village assumed he was just crazy until one day when everyone notices Cadros really screaming into the well and their like "oh boy he snapped" and then the ground starts shaking and the god they thought only existed in legends appears through the well nearly destroying a part of the town starts arguing back like old friends and the villagers can't help but stare in awe

y ES

Depending on whether or not they’re arguing over something asinine (like how cooking fish ruins the flavor, apparently) the villagers notice Cadros either has perfect movement around water: they swear he never gets wet, and the well is always full. But sometimes he gets splashed heavily, and can be seen flipping off the water for some reason.

Also they are like ‘He just lets his kids frolic in the lake with nobody watching them? they’re gonna drown or get eaten why doesnt his wife knock some sense into him.’ and Branwen laughed responded “oh, don’t worry, their uncle is watching them” (villagers: doubt.png)

And after Anankos shows up and destroys half the fucking town the villagers watch dumbfounded and awestruck as a mountain-sized dragon manages to look contrite as the mad potato farmer (although they dont think he’s as crazy anymore….) instructs said horrifically enormous god on what goes where, and the dragon just. terraforms the village back together? Dragon veins wtf

(and whoo boy, when they find out Cadros and his children can manipulate the Veins to a lesser extent…..)

Papa Hak headcanons

  • He will spend all his time playing with his kids.  You can’t stop him.  Nobody can stop him.
  • If you want to practice fighting with him, then either you’re gonna be okay with him holding his child in one arm while fighting or you’re going home.
  • He’s that dad who makes fun of his kids nonstop, especially when they’re old enough to argue back.
  • He’s very physically affectionate, so his kids have to deal with a whole lot of hugs and pats on the back and ill-timed head kisses.
being a writer
  • me: hmmm, this chapter will be full of romance and fluff
  • characters: *violently argue*
  • me: well, now they're gonna make each other laugh and have a great time together
  • characters: *make each other cry*
  • me: okay, this chapter one character is sick and the other one is gonna look after her!
  • characters: *fuck vigorously in the shower*
  • me: look, I know the characters COULD have a big d&m in this chapter but nobody got time for that, so instead they'll just exchange looks of understanding and go to the movies
  • characters: *talk for 5000 words about the meaning of life*
  • me: *gives up* do what you fucking want

Im the king of walking away from arguments and situations. I wont argue with you on the street or in front of other people so if you start screaming and getting loud in public im just gonna walk away from you. I have one mother thats it. Aint nobody gonna have me looking crazy in the streets.

I’m gonna go ahead and not argue with GamerGate people. I don’t need to engage in a reenactment of trauma in which people treat me as less than human and use gaslighting techniques until I’m exhausted from having my reality denied, the result of which nobody has change their minds on anything and they inevitable declare victory no matter what. It’s not good for me and it helps nobody and it’s a complete waste. You can’t stop the tide of progress anyway so :)