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so vld is confirmed to run for 8 seasons right? if that's the case and say sheith will be end game, at what point in the series would you want them to be canon?

hmm thats tricky. i know a lot of people would probably prefer it sooner than later, but i would much rather have relationships that werent rushed or forced. also, i dont think either of them is in a good headspace for it right now. keith in particular with his abandonment issues and constantly “afraid that he’s gonna say or do something wrong and he’s gonna lose shiro” isn’t ready for a relationship. His immediate readiness to sacrifice everything for shiro without even questioning it is admirable, but i dont think shiro would ever want that. obviously shiro would still risk a lot for keith, still does things like trying to fight off everyone at the marmora base for his sake. but id argue bom proves that before shiro, keith had nobody (aside from his dad, who he already lost)And even after bonding with team voltron, he still doesnt think any of that matters if he loses shiro. 

also, if we still go by the fact that keith’s worst fear is feelings, i think it’ll be a while before he’s ready to confront them. particularly if doing so runs the risk of losing his friendship with shiro. 

Of course, we also know that keith is somewhat touch averse despite this craving for some kind of intimacy (you can see it in the way he immediately tenses up and then slowly relaxes anytime he’s hugged with the exception of shiro). In a way, this problem also extends to shiro. shiro, who thinks that the galra have twisted and warped him into a weapon, who feels that he can’t even trust his own body or memories, who struggles with this notion that he is both unworthy as a paladin and a leader. If you look at kuro and crystal venom, shiro’s worst fear seems to be turning into exactly what the galra tried to make him. and then he finds out that zarkon was the previous black paladin, that black saw the same fire in zarkon she saw in him, and all that fear and doubt is compounded. so i could imagine shiro would be very hesitant about having a partner now, not to mention how any physical contact he experienced during that year in prison always resulted in pain. ironically, the first gentle touch he receives on earth isn’t only human, but also galran. the fact that keith reaches out to him again outside the shack without hesitation is also notable, especially compared to when shiro holds out his galra hand to lance. 

you see lance’s hand stop and it flinches away, and he stares at shiro sadly before offering a smile and reaching back. just to be clear, i dont think there’s anything wrong about lance doing this. it shows he’s empathetic and its really crashing down on him what kind of hell shiro’s been through. and you see how choked up keith looks when he first sees shiro after all this time. but when he’s actually in front of shiro? he stays calm and grounding, tries his best to reach out and act like nothing’s changed. keith never hesitates, never shies away from shiro’s touch or startles from it the way he does around others. and after his time in space prison, i think shiro needs that honestly. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that shiro seems to hold people more at arm’s length after kerberos. With keith their easy, casual intimacy with one another certainly helps, but i imagine a romantic relationship would still be a big adjustment after everything they’ve both been through. 

ideally i could see them working up to something like flirting or dating around seasons 5-6. of course, then you also have to ask: what would cannon sheith look like? becuase honestly, i think the answer is: not very different. They already seem to be pretty open about their affection, and we already know shiro is keith’s most important person. I can see them maybe holding hands occasionally or being more into hugs. maybe going on “space dates” every now and again on more lowkey missions like the space mall. but voltron is also a sci-fi adventure, so romance wont be the focus. It’s also a matter of what they can and can’t get away with in terms of censorship (which is really shitty, i know) but thankfully staff already said netflix seems to allow for more opportunity with representation. and this is the same studio who said they wanted to make it expressly clear that korra and asami were together. im thinking the most romantic voltron will get though is like pining, the exchange of little physical reassurances (hugs, shoulder touches, pats on the back, ect), and a mutual confession. maybe a kiss good luck or goodbye during a really emotional scene. 

anyway, season 3 will be a lot of background info and flashbacks i think, which we really need. i feel like the direction of their relationship will end up depending on whatever they had going prekerberos, especially if either of them had feelings for the other that they never confronted before voltron. i think everyone would take some time off from their relationships for season 7 and most of 8 though, you know, put stuff on hold while they gear up for the final battle. a big emotional farewell before the last fight would be really good though. 

and see now, the thing about relationships that i think a lot of people forget when it comes to “cannon ships” for an action adventure series like this is that…well…if a ship becomes cannon at some point, it doesnt mean that they’ll stay together for the rest of the show. sometimes it happens fast and burns out, or people break up and make up a lot, or they try to work things out but just drift apart. so i think id much rather it happen later than sooner because, with show like this, i think that gives them a better chance of staying together? like, the thought of keith being in a relationship with allura and then shiro or vice versa seems to be treated like something impossible, but relationships dont work out and partners deicide to see other people all the time? its even possible keith will have the occasional one episode romantic interest that’s never revisited, like the mer-alien that kissed lance. so anyway, im not too worried if it takes them a bit longer to get together. 

Having A Love/Hate Relationship With Jason Would Include:

• Constantly arguing about everything, even about each other sometimes

• Playful shoves all the time

• “God, (Y/N), you’re so fucking annoying”

• “That’s cute, Jason. You aren’t any more pleasant to be around”

• Jason always glaring at people that seemed to bother you, without you really noticing

• Rarely having serious arguments, but always getting over them or working to fix them

• “You’re a pain in the ass, but I’m not gonna complain”

• “Hypocrite”

• Being there for each other whenever it’s needed

• “Hey- I got ya, nobody is gonna get to you while im around…”

• Constantly venting to each other about everything

• Having to explain to everyone that you weren’t together

• Jason going ‘overprotective big brother mode’ whenever someone hurt you, or tried to get with you

• “You can just- not do that, thanks”

• Helping Jason through all of his family drama

• Accidentally saying harsh things in the moment, and countless apologies afterwards

• “You do know I don’t think of you that way, right?”

• Jason talking to you in school- despite what some of the others on the football team would say

• Him pranking you constantly

• “You fucking asshole! This wont wash out, you know!”

• “Aw i’m so sorry (Y/N)”

• Constant sass and sarcasm from both Jason and you

• Pranking him back when he least expected it, starting a war with you both always trying to do the better prank

• “I swear to you- I will win”

• Lots of emotional moments too

• “I really want this to last, I don’t think i’d want ya gone… like, ever”

• “Me too… I kinda wanna get even more sick of you than I already am”

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You’re My Open Road

Swoops/Kent, continuation of The Legend of Kent Parson’s Sex Hair.

read on ao3

Swoops suggests the road trip off-hand, between topics of a stream-of-consciousness conversation they’re having on a bus to Boston. Kent is leaning on Swoops’ shoulder and has been for the last hour. Nobody questions it anymore. They’ve been in each other’s pockets since last summer, and if they’ve suddenly started to gravitate a little closer than before, well, nobody asks and they’re not telling. But there’s always an open seat for Kent next to Swoops, or vice versa, whenever the team is on a bus or a plane or at a restaurant or hanging out at someone’s house yelling abuse over a non-hockey sports game that few of them really care about. 

It’s as close to open acceptance as they’ll get, short of coming out. Swoops is willing to grab it with both hands and push the boundaries of acceptable PDA as much as Kent and their respective careers will allow.

Kent is leaning on Swoops’ shoulder and Swoops is leaning against the window of the bus. The arm-rest between them has been pushed up so Kent can squeeze close and Swoops can put an arm around him. Kent’s voice has gotten drowsy and his responses slow. When Swoops says, “You wanna take a road trip this summer?” he gets a sleepy mumble in reply.

“Road trip?”

“Yeah. Pack up the bare minimum and just hit the road. Drive ‘til we get somewhere. Sleep in bad motels and cheap campgrounds.” He realizes that he’s absentmindedly stroking Kent’s arm with the tips of his fingers. It’s blatant affection but he can’t seem to stop.

“…You wanna take a road trip in your SUV?” Kent asks. “That’s like going to a drive-in in a limo.”

“We’ll rent something. It doesn’t even have to be a car,” he adds, thinking out loud. “My aunt did a cross-country thing with her biker group.”

Kent gives a light snort against Swoops’ shirt. “You’d need a motorcycle license.”

“I’ve got one. Just haven’t ridden for a while.”

Swoops thinks he can feel Kent’s smile. “You? Really?”

“Yeah? Why, you think I’m lying?”

“No. Just, I don’t know. You don’t seem the type. You’re so straight-laced.”

I fucked you in a supply closet in the Vegas Hockey Arena, Swoops thinks. I fucked you ‘til you couldn’t speak; ‘til you were so sweaty and shaking so badly that I almost dropped you. What he says is, “I’m full of surprises.”

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Online Fuckboy - Jaehyun

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Part Eight 

You and Wendy arrived into work that morning. You were feeling a little skeptical about seeing Jaehyun but then shook it off since he isn’t really that important to you anymore. You were feeling sort of confident walking into work until you kept seeing your coworkers giving you stares. You didn’t like feeling like the center of attention. You couldn’t understand why everyone was looking at you. Was there something on your face? Is your makeup smeared? Is your hair messy? You hurriedly walked to the locker rooms with Wendy avoiding everyone’s eyes. You looked at Wendy with a worried expression. “What was that about?”. “Is there something on my face?” Wendy happily looked at your face and tried to find something that seemed out of place. “Um nope! Nothing at all just a pretty face!” You rolled your eyes at Wendy. “Then how come our coworkers were looking at me… they were just staring at me”. “Oh yeah! Because they saw you with Taeyong last night”. Wendy said simply while searching for her work shirt in her locker. You stared at Wendy for a while and then went back to your locker. Opening it. You were wondering if your friendship with Taeyong might affect your relationships with your coworkers. You didn’t want them to think that the new girl is trying to get money the easy way by being with a rich guy. You didn’t want your coworkers thinking badly of you. 

Wendy noticed your sad expressions. “Y/N. It’s okay. People here talk all the time. They don’t know the whole story and they shouldn’t because it’s none of their business”. She rubbed your shoulder trying to reassure you. You smiled at her. “Thanks Wendy. It’s just I don’t want them to not like me you know? I want to show them a good first impression”. Wendy gave you a weird look. “Honey, you shouldn’t care what they think. Their opinion on you shouldn’t matter. Plus, you wouldn’t wanna be friends with all of them here. They are piece of shit friends, besides me of course!” Wendy laughed loudly showing you her eye smile. You laughed with her. “Well, I’m done and I’m off. See you~”. “See ya in a minute Wendy”, you said while putting on your work shirt. 


Today seemed like a busy day for it being a Monday. You were up and on your feet since eleven in the morning and it was now five in the afternoon. After finally cleaning almost all of the rooms on the seventh floor, you started going to the employee lounge that was on the same floor just to relax your eyes for a bit. You sat in one of the big comforters and rested your eyes.

“Y/N… Y/N. Y/N Wake up!“ 

You were disturbed by a distinctive voice. What felt like five minutes of being in heaven, you wanted to hit the person so hard that woke you up from your rest. You opened your eyes in annoyance. You looked out the door that was opened and found the person that called your name. You knew you should’ve closed the door. You gave them your meanest glare. “Don’t give me that look. What are you doing in there? Huh? Aren’t you supposed to be working? Why are you sleeping on the job?”. “Why do you ask so many questions”, you said while rubbing your eyes sleepily. You got up from the chair and walked slowly out of the lounge. “Y/N, you know you shouldn’t be sleeping especially when you’re working in my hotel”. You gave him an annoyed look. “Geez Jaehyun.. give me a break. I couldn’t sleep last night and I’ve been busy since this morning making sure your dumb hotel rooms are clean and proper to make you look good. Plus, it’s hard enough on me that I’m cleaning all these goddamn rooms by myself by a specific time so if you wanna fire me for sleeping on the job then go ahead I don’t really care anymore”. You gave him one last annoyed look and walked passed him. While trying to walk away from him as fast as you can but trying to not make it noticeable, Jaehyun called your name. “Y/N”. You ignored him the first time and kept walking further away from him. “Y/N! YAH! Y/N”. Jaehyun jogged up to you and held onto your shoulders. “What! Jaehyun I have to go back to work”, you yelled. “If you don’t want me to annoy you anymore then I suggest you should sleep early then.. it’s your fault that I’m even talking to you. This is your first warning so if I see you doing this again I’m really gonna fire you”, Jaehyun said trying to act extremely serious and intimidating. “Hooray”, you said sarcastically and walked away from him. 


After finished cleaning all of your rooms, you went into the employee lounge to meet with Wendy. You see your cousin enjoying her dinner. You sat next to her and let your head fall on her shoulder and let out a big sigh. “I hate Jaehyun so much,” you said eyes looking down. “What happened today”, Wendy nonchalantly said while eating. You raised your head up quickly, getting fired up. “Okay so I came in here to relax and such. Today’s been a busy day you know? And I’m the only one working on the seventh floor. So i’m cleaning the rooms all by myself which is stressful. I come in here to shut my eyes for five minutes and he wakes me up! Then he wanted to play twenty questions with me like I have the time. Then he blames me for sleeping on the job. I was ready to be fired because I was so sick of him but instead he gave me a warning”, you pouted. “Wait, wait. He only gave you a warning?”, Wendy said with a surprised expression. “Yes.. why”. “He never gave out warnings. From the time I’ve been here, he’d fire you for the smallest things ever”. “That means… he likes you~”, Wendy pointed her finger at you and raised her eyebrows. “No he does not”, throwing your napkin at her. “He likes you he likes youuu”. “Wendy shut up and eat your food”, you said while laughing at her childish act. 

“Knock knock”. You and Wendy turned your heads toward the door. Taeyong slowly walks in with a smile. “Taeyong! Hey!”, you said. “Hi, sorry if I’m interrupting. But I’d like to ask, Y/N are you busy?”. “Uhh no I’m not. Why?”. “I was wondering if you’d like to join us for dinner? I’m cooking and I want to show you my cooking skills”, he says confidently. You smiled at Taeyong’s offer then looked at Wendy. “Go!”, Wendy mouthed. “Ahh I would love to but, I don’t want to leave my cousin by herself”. “Y/N just go will ya”, Wendy nudged you. “Oh she can come too! I’m sure the boys would love to meet her”, Taeyong said showing his sweet smile. “Uh yeah, that doesn’t sound like a great idea either”, you said giving an awkward laugh. Wendy gets up from her chair and throws away her dinner. “If there’s gonna be free food and cute boys I’m going. Let’s go Y/N”, Wendy said while walking out the employee lounge. Taeyong laughs at your expression. You mentally slapped yourself. “Alright…” you finally said. 

You guys finally arrived to the familiar door to the penthouse. Taeyong unlocks the door with his keys and you could hear the loud music playing with the loud obnoxious laughs. “I’m back kids!” Taeyong yells. “And I brought company!” Everyone came towards the door and you could see all the familiar handsome faces again. “Oh! Taeyong brought his girlfriend again hi Y/N!”. “Hi Johnny”, you said shyly to him. “Yah… how many times do I have to say this. She is NOT my girlfriend”, Taeyong yelled. You could see his ears getting pink. Taeyong hurriedly went into the kitchen to prepare for dinner. “Y/N who’s your friend?”, Ten asked. “This is my cousin Wendy”. “Wendy, boys. Boys, Wendy”. “Hello”, Wendy said brightly. “Hello Wendy!” they all said in unison. Hansol brought you and Wendy water and gave you both a sweet smile.

“Make yourselves at home”. 

Wendy moved closer to you. Whispering in your ear. “My, my… no wonder our employees hate you. Look at them. They’re like anime characters in real life!!! So handsome..”. You rolled your eyes at Wendy while laughing at her weird personality. “Y/N, Wendy we’re about to watch our favorite show! Come watch with us” Yuta said. “Y/N come sit next to me!!- Ow!”. “Johnny, Y/N doesn’t want to sit next to you”. You and Wendy giggled at them. 

Wendy sat on a spot that was opened which was next to Doyoung. You sat next to Wendy. As you two were waiting for the tv to turn on, the boys were arguing about which show to watch. “Wait.. I thought we were gonna watch Ghost Adventures?”, Yuta asked with a confused look. “Noo, we can’t watch that. Ten gets nightmares from watching that show”, Johnny says. “Wait! We agreed on watching Cooking Mama..”, Doyoung pouted. “Doyoung nobody wants to watch some old hag cooking… if you want to watch a cooking show why don’t you go watch Taeyong?”, Yuta yelled. “Yuta, this is why nobody likes you”, Doyoung said pointing his finger at the other. “Hey! What’s wrong with Cooking Mama? Not only you get to learn how to cook, you learn a lot from her great mind and wisdom”, Wendy butted in, being on Doyoung’s side. “Wow.. guys it seems Doyoung finally found his soulmate. They could be that one boring couple we can make fun of”. Wendy gasped really loud. “I’ll have you know, I only like manly guys”. “Am I not manly?!”. Wendy looked at Doyoung apologetically. “I mean.. well.. you look like a bunny..”. You slowly started to excuse yourself from the living room once Wendy and Doyoung started arguing. And also you wanted to see if Taeyong wanted any company while making dinner. 

You walked in the kitchen and saw the sight of Taeyong jamming to music while cutting up some vegetables. The sight you saw was ethereal, you were a sucker for husband material guys. 

“Hey, did you want any help?”, you asked while watching Taeyong cut up the carrots precisely. Taeyong looked up at you and smiled. “Nope! I am just about done. But I don’t mind you staying in here to keep me company”. You grabbed a seat close to him and rest your chin in your hand. “A little risky inviting me to dinner knowing Jaehyun doesn’t like me”, you said. “Well, he won’t be here tonight. He’s out on a “date””, Taeyong said while giving air quotes. “Ahh..”. You were feeling a little heartbroken hearing that but, you knew that shouldn’t have any affect on you. Then why did it?

Taeyong was giving the food one last taste. “Alright, dinner is ready”. “Great! I’ll go tell the others”. 

After telling Wendy and the guys’ that dinner was ready, they all came running to the dining room. You could still hear Doyoung and Wendy still arguing with each other. You then went back into the kitchen to help Taeyong put food onto the plate. Everyone was already sitting at the dining room table patiently waiting to eat. “Look at them”, you heard Taeil say. “Mom, dad. Hurry up with the food will ya”, Winwin said. You heard what Winwin had said and everyone laughed. You looked at Taeyong with wide eyes and blushed. “I swear if they keep making all these dumb remarks I’m gonna throw the food at them”, Taeyong said while looking flustered. You both laughed then went into the dining room. While handing out the food you could hear them snickering. You rolled your eyes and smiled at their childish, silly act. 

While having dinner with Taeyong and the guys’ for the first time, you were actually kind of glad you came. You guys were always laughing. The boys were always making jokes and there was never a dull moment. “Haha, there was this one time Ten tried getting at this girl, but he thought it was a girl!”. Doyoung laughed excitedly. “And he only saw the back of that persons’ head. He was like “bro! she has the most luscious hair I’ve ever seen” then he went up to her and was like “hey ma!” with full on confidence but then once he realized it was a guy with long hair he pretended he was looking for his mom. Haha, he’s so stupid”. Doyoung laughed hysterically.  Everyone laughed at the story Doyoung was telling. “He looked like a cute girl okay! Don’t judge me..”, Ten said while hiding his face. Everyone was laughing again at Ten’s embarrassed state. Just then everyone’s laugh died down and turned their heads to the person who walked into the dining room. You looked at the familiar person. You couldn’t keep your eyes away from him and unknowingly stared into his eyes. “Jaehyun you’re back! Are you hungry?”, Taeyong asked getting up, about to prepare a plate for him. “He probably already ate if you know what I mean”, Johnny said while laughing loudly with Ten. Jaehyun rolled his eyes and left the room. Wendy looked at your expression and you looked at Wendy. You then looked at Taeyong. He shrugged his shoulders at you.

”Okay, I think it’s time for Wendy and I to go now. Thank you so much Taeyong for the food”, you said and smiled at Taeyong and everyone else. The boys smiled at you and Wendy and bid goodbyes. “Wendy, if you’re every free we can watch Cooking Mama together”, Doyoung said as he winked at her. “Pft, yeah right. Like I said before. I like manly guys”. “Oooooh, damn Doyoung”. You laughed at Wendy and Doyoung. You followed Wendy towards the door. “Bye, Taeyong. Thank you for dinner tonight”, you said and gave him a sweet smile. Taeyong looked genuinely at you and smiled back. “Thank you for coming Y/N”. With that you and Wendy head towards the door. 

“I can’t believe Doyoung said that right before we left like, I said it before! I only like manly guys and yet he just went ahead and embarrassed himself in front of his friends”, Wendy sighed. “He got some balls..”. You looked weirdly at Wendy while you both walked towards her car. “It sounds like you got a little crush on him or something. Don’t worry, I don’t blame you, I mean he is pretty cute”, you said smirking at her. “Okay, nooo. Like I said before. I like manly guys..”. “Y/N, did you know he can sing! I mean I’m-”. Wendy stopped in her tracks and held onto your arm. You looked at her confusingly. “Uh oh..”. You look to the direction she was looking at and to your surprise, you see Jaehyun standing besides Wendy’s car. Jaehyun saw you both and started walking towards to you two. “You need something Jaehyun?”, Wendy asked, looking at him disgustingly. “I need to talk to Y/N”, Jaehyun monotonously said looking at you. Wendy paused before answering him. "Um, okay. Well, I’ll be in the car waiting for her”. “No need to wait. I’ll drop her off”, Jaehyun said in his same monotonous voice. Wendy gave Jaehyun a confused look then hesitantly walked to her car. You watched her as she got into her car and left the parking lot. Leaving you and Jaehyun alone. You looked at Jaehyun. You weren’t able to read his expression. “Lets go”, was all he said before walking ahead of you, expecting you to follow him. 

Jaehyun finally led you to his car. “Get in”. Without asking questions or hesitations, you got into the passenger seat of his car. Once you both got into the car, silence was all there was. You were slowly getting impatient as he didn’t say anything, finally you broke the silence. “What do you want Jaehyun”. “I want you to stop”. You looked at him and gave an annoyed look. You were extremely exhausted from work and you wanted to quickly get this done and over with. “Uh, stop what?”. “Stop being with Taeyong. You’re obviously playing his heart and I don’t want you to do that to my hyung, he’s a great guy. So stop leading him on, I know you’re still in love with me”. You scoffed at him. “This is what you want to talk about? Goodbye, Jaehyun I don’t have time for this”. You opened the car door and was ready to get out of his car. “Y/N, there’s more I need to talk to you about”, Jaehyun said as he grabbed onto your arm. You looked at Jaehyun and hesitantly closed the door. You clearly didn’t have a choice since he was your only ride home. “You know, your ego is as big as your hotel. If not, maybe bigger”. Jaehyun sighed not saying anything. “And you know, I don’t like you like that anymore after getting to know the real you. So you don’t have to worry about me anymore”. “Sorry you didn’t get to know the real Jaehyun”, he said carelessly. “Mmhm”. You both sat there again in silence. “You know what, I don’t feel like talking anymore”. Jaehyun turned on his car and put it in reverse. You looked at Jaehyun giving him an angry look for wasting your time. Before saying anything to him, your face suddenly became soft after seeing his expression. He looked stressed and a bit hurt. 


After what felt like years of an uncomfortable car ride, you both finally arrived to your house. Jaehyun put his car into park and unlocked the doors. Not saying a word. You looked at Jaehyun again before removing your seat belt. Just as you were about to open the door, Jaehyun finally spoke. “Try not to stay up too late. You don’t wanna sleep on the job again”. He sounded really different. His voice sounded sincere and caring. You gave one last look at his expression and got out of the car. A million thoughts were going through your head at the moment. Wondering why he suddenly started acting like that. I wish you could tell me what’s really on your mind, Jaehyun. 

I’m here, but if you’re just gonna keep arguing…
You’re the one who has to face your fears.
Perhaps I am better as a myth.
Is that enough? Or do you want more?
Hey, look at me.
So this is why you brought me here, huh?
The right thing according to who? You?
This isn’t about you and me at all, is it?
It will never be over.
Though, in fairness, she does talk a lot.
Keep her here.
We don’t have time.
Well, here’s to nobody dying today.
Or was I premature?
I, for one, hope I never see this filthy city again.
And afterwards, I hated everything. Even the sun.
It’s taken forever for me to feel normal again.
Why are you telling me all this?
Now, listen very carefully.
Shall I continue?
You in here?
What am I fighting here?
Show yourself to me.
Oh, no. No no no no no…
You really don’t know when to quit.
Well, he won’t be taking anyone, as he is rather indisposed.
Welcome back, sister.
I think you got him.
Can we leave this awful city now?
Well, I got something else for you.
You’d have me pay for my sins. So be it.
What is that? Your version of an apology?
You have to pull that blade out.
No, not yet. I’m almost through.
Your family will die if you don’t.
He’s right. This is between me and him.
It’s not your fight.
It didn’t turn out so well, did it?
Hey, you can do this.
Your family needs you.
You win, okay? We can’t beat you.
They were my family, too.
There is only one justice left.
It’s been too long. We should go.
They’ll be here, _______.
And while we have a moment, I wanted to say thank you.
Actually, I’m right here.
I saw something.
I felt… something.
At least now I know what we’re up against and it’s something I’ve seen before.
Promise me that.
I know this is tough for you, but you’re gonna have to trust me.
That’s what family does. We fight for each other.
Don’t you have a city to run.
Hey, don’t push me, _________.
Or is this all just another distraction?
Or we leave and we never come back.
I could kill all of you right now and tonight, I would sleep like a baby.
I am nothing like any of you.
The only reason you exist is because I’m showing you mercy.
Now go and don’t ever come back.
Remind me, if I’m ever gonna piss you off, make sure there’s not a crossbow laying around.
Still, I’m impressed.
I’m not most people.
The only thing that is on my mind is how we’re gonna celebrate.
I’m sure we’ll figure out something.
_______, you’re gonna wanna call me back.
Uh, you texted me and said you needed a ride home.
Dare I ask why you still have that?
Now I’m ready for a bourbon.
Five years… has never felt so long.
Thank you for not abandoning me.
Well, we considered it. The vote was rather close.
For what its worth, I’m sorry.
Want me to wake her for you?
No, let’s let her sleep.

Fangs Vs. Claws

Prompt: “Hi can you write a oneshot ? You’re Stiles’s childhood best friend and Derek find out you’re a vampire (like, somehow you “die” and come back to life, thanks vampire powers!), but he fall in love with you anyways ? Thank you very much !”

Word Count: 735

Requested by anon

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Sinners ~ Envy

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x Stiles

Rating: NSFW 18+ Explicit Smut (Eventually)

Word Count: 2625

A/N: This is the start of an 8 part series by @smutandahalf and myself, based off of the concept of the 7 Deadly Sins. It’s going to be a little bit of a slow burn for the first couple chapters and then we will decimate you with so. much. smut. Someone suggested we should get together and kill you all, so you can thank whoever that anon was lol. Hope y’all enjoy! 

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From the moment I met Stiles Stilinski, I’ve made it my mission to shut him up any way possible. The boy likes to talk and argue about anything and everything. The days that I render him unable to form words is a small victory in my book. He’s smart…smarter than anyone I’ve ever met. Besides myself of course. The fact that I can hold my own in debates against him may cause a little bit of tension in the pack every now and then, but it’s so god damn entertaining to see him lose his shit and fumble over his words. Stiles is a man of words. When words are at a complete loss to him, it’s the most gratifying thing in the world, especially if you are the one making his brain overload so much that all he can do is stare at you with his mouth agape.

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a/n: remember that one line in “for forever” where evan was like “[connor]’s come to get me” because all he really wanted was to be found? well. let’s play with that scene, shall we?

warning: suicides mention / intentions , social anxiety , depression .

Connor stays silent for a long, long while after Evan finally admits that he’s tried to kill himself when he fell down that tree. 

For a moment, with his nose buried in the small space of where his jean-clad knees meet to avoid inhaling Connor’s cigarette smoke, he thinks Connor has disappeared. Like, who goes quiet for so long after somebody has just admitted to committing a suicide, right? It’s so weird, and unbecoming, and Evan’s half-tempted to just crack his neck to the left to catch Connor’s reaction but he doesn’t because what if Connor really had disappeared, but like, not in the way that he goes up and leaves Evan, the suicide kid, there, even though that sucks too and Evan thinks he can cry, but in the way that Connor’s never real in the first place and all those times spent together, no matter how odd and strange the camaraderie were, were just apart of Evan’s hyperactive imagination even though that’s not true, ‘cause it can’t be true, because somebody like Connor Murphy? Hard for the average person to come up with in their head, because Connor is so raw and real and his thoughts are his own and his emotions are heavy and cold and unpredictable but sometimes so, so nice, in the way Evan doesn’t think a “school shooter chic” could be, damn Jared, and it’s just—Evan thinks he won’t survive if after all this time Connor ended up not being real, okay?

But, a minute later (feels like eternityeternityeternity , feels like forever), Connor blows out the greying smoke through his nostrils and mouth and even with the space between them it’s as though Evan can feel everything: the way Connor’s chest rises and falls, the way a bird chirps atop of them as it flies by, the way the fucking Earth is moving.

God, Evan feels sick.

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Science Fair

Bucky high school AU request, where he and the Avengers are basically the popular crowd but not arseholes and the Reader is kind of nerdy and just keeps to herself and her small group of friends but catches his eye? xxx - anon

A/N- I am so so so sorry this took so long to get out, for some reason it didn’t get saved to my requests list so I assume it was an error on my part and I forgot to copy and paste it over there. I only just found it when I was scrolling through my blog to update my masterlist, anyway sorry again and I hope you enjoy it!! (be aware it includes stereotypical nerdy teenagers who aren’t at all based of my real friends, what?)

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Everyone knew who the ‘Avengers’ were. They were the popular kids at school and everyone loved them, it wasn’t as if they were the usual popular arseholes that graced each high school, they were actually rather nice, but you didn’t care for it all.

There was Steve, captain of the football team and lovingly referred to as ‘Cap’. He was your obviously attractive blonde jock with a good jaw line, but he was still sweet and he was in one of your art classes even though you didn’t talk to him.

Tony was like the group’s second in command, he was a genius - ask anyone- but he was repeating his final year because he skipped lessons so often last year that he didn’t get enough credit. Even if he skipped class to do work at a more advanced level to what they were teaching.

Clint and Natasha were the gossips of the school, they had an on again off again relationship and it was hard to tell which was what because they always stayed best friends no matter what. Half the gossip you heard was about whether they were still together or not.

Wanda was a foreign exchange student for the year who had quickly risen up to the top to their group when she became friends with Clint. All the girls were jealous for a straight month.

Bruce was the quiet guy and Tony’s best friend, even though he was shy he had a lot of girls (and guys) ready and waiting and pleading for his attention.

Sam was the quarterback of the football team but apparently he was one of the nicest guys you would ever meet.

Then there was Bucky Barnes. You didn’t concern yourself with their group but by god he was attractive, even you had to admit. He was Steve’s best friend and had the body of a god. You didn’t have any classes with him which was probably a good thing for your grades because you knew you wouldn’t be able to concentrate if he was close by each day.

Bucky sat at the lunch table listen to the others talk loudly and over each other. He wasn’t paying much attention to their conversation, something about football or grades or relationships, he didn’t really know.

He let his eyes scan over the other kids at the canteen, all of them were just as loud as they were being and nothing out of the ordinary. It seemed he couldn’t even recognise half of their faces despite him going to this school for four years now. He was about to turn back to his friends and pitch in when something caught his eye.

It was you, sitting right at the opposite end of the canteen to him. You were sat with two others and none of you seemed to be particularly loud, you’re hair was pulled back into a ponytail, you wore what looked to be a nasa shirt and you had on some glasses whilst your nose was stuck in a book.

He watched you read and nod along to what he assumed your friend was saying, he only looked away when his line of sight was broken by a group of kids walking past in front of him. After that it seemed you were blocked from every direction, so he looked back at his friends and tried to figure out what they were talking about.

You were scanning over the pages of your favourite book, you had read it countless times already and you almost knew the words off by heart. The book was familiar and comforting to you and it was easy to sink into it.

Your best friend, Florence, was sat next to you talking about some new science discoveries. You loved space so you always encouraged her to talk about it with you seeing as other people always told her to stop. “And then they discovered a black hole the size of twelve billion suns.”

“Yikes,” you raised your eyebrows, pausing as you ran over the words to your book, “There are some things I wish I just didn’t know.”

Florence hummed in agreement, “But, hey, they found a planet that is literally ice on fire..” she went on the explain how the gravity made it possible and you nodded along as you listened, not looking up from your book.

It took a moment for you to realise she had stopped talking, you looked up to see her mouth gaping open in shock. “What?” you asked.

“Bucky Barnes was just looking at you,” she told you.

You looked over to where he was sat, he was looking at his friends, “Yeah, right,” you scoffed, “He was probably just day dreaming.”

Florence slumped, “You’re probably right.”

“I’m always right, so you were telling me about these new planets?”

Everyday from that point on Bucky looked out for you everywhere. He would try and spot you at lunch, in the hall between classes, he was very disappointed to discover you didn’t share any classes until one day he was waiting for Steve outside his art class when he saw you walk out with the other students and your books clutched to your chest.

Forgetting about Steve he trailed after you down the hallway until he caught up with you, “Hey,” he said, startling you and making you turn around.

You were surprised to see none other than Bucky Barnes in front of you, “Hello?” you said slowly.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“Nothing,” you frowned, “If you’re looking for Steve he was just finishing up in class.”

Bucky shook his head, “I wasn’t looking for Steve. I mean I was, but now I’m looking for you. I found you. What I mean to say is I’ve been wanting to talk to you for a while now and you’re never around so I took this opportunity,” he fumbled over his words.

You frowned deeper, “Why me?”

He shrugged a little sheepishly, “I saw you in the canteen about a week ago and wanted to see you.”

You blushed a little and looked down at your feet, glad for the barrier of books between you to clutch tightly onto to remind yourself you weren’t dreaming, “Oh,” you whispered quietly.

“So there’s gonna be a  game tonight, you want to go watch it with me?” he asked, rubbing the back of his neck.

You snapped your head up to look at him, “What? Like a date?”

“If you want to,” he smiled hopefully.

You let your eye roam over the hallway, there was nobody else around, “For real? This isn’t some joke?”

Bucky shook his head, “No, that would be plain cruel. Look, I just want to get to know you. You seem pretty cool.”

You sighed, “Bucky, do you even know my name?

”He looked sheepish, “No,” he admitted.

“Exactly, you’re one of the popular people. You don’t hang out with nerds like me, stuff like that doesn’t happen.”

“It can now, who cares what other people think,” he argued.

“I do,” you protested, “It’s easy for you to say that because everyone loves you already, nobody knows me and if I go with you then by tomorrow everyone’s gonna be talking about me. I don’t know if I want that.”

“So you don’t want to go out with me?” Bucky said deflated.

You shook your head, “No, I do. I just, ‘Heathers and Martha’s don’t get along’. It’s a movie quote, you and your friends are the Heathers and me and mine are the Martha’s, if we were meant to mix together we would have already. We formed our groups because those are who we fit with, not each other.”

Bucky frowned, “Okay, so what if we don’t go to the game. What if we go to a science fair?”

“What?” you asked confused.

“Everyone’ll be at the game but there’s this science fair in town full of new inventions and stuff that I wanted to check out. You could come with me, nobody will find out and at the end of the night if you don’t want to talk to me again you don’t have to,” Bucky offered.

You chewed on your lip, “Okay.”

“Really?” Bucky perked up like a happy puppy.

You chuckled, “Yes, here’s my number and address, text me when you’re about to pick me up,” you said and scribbled your details on his hand.

He grinned, “Absolutely.” You smiled at him one last time then continued on down the hallway, your nerves racing. “What is your name?” he called down the hall after you.

“Y/N,” you yelled back without turning round.

“What was your favourite?” Bucky asked you as you left the science fair hand in hand, he had interlocked your fingers together half way through the evening and you hadn’t let go since.

You hummed as you thought, “The space simulator, what about you?”

“The flying car,” he replied without hesitation.

You chuckled, “No surprise there then.” The evening had gone incredibly well, nobody had jumped out at you and recognised you and Bucky and laughed, you and him actually got on like a house on fire and going out with him made a change to the usual plans you made with your friends of watching movies at each others houses.

He drove you home and the two of you talked about the fair until you pulled up outside your house. “So, what’s your verdict?” he asked nervously, “Are we gonna go back to how it was or are we gonna start something?”

You chewed your lip, you really did like Bucky and you definitely didn’t want to go back to how it was, but you didn’t want that attention. “Let’s take it slow,” you eventually settled, “We can eat lunch together tomorrow away from the canteen and where everyone is?” you suggested, fiddling with your fingers.

Bucky grinned, “Sounds good,” he agreed, “Good night, Y/N.”

“Goodnight, Bucky,” you smiled shyly, he leaned over to kiss your cheek and that was enough to set your heart racing. “Bye,” you squawked and got out of the car, racing up and into your house as your cheeks burnt a bright red. Bucky watched you go with a fond chuckle, you were adorable and he couldn’t wait to spend more time with you.


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Sequel: Bully Yoongi Ends Up Falling For You

(read part one here)

You sat in the library, reading some supernatural teen romance drama that had been checked out more times than the date log could count. You were completely immersed, but not immersed enough to ignore the sounds of giggles and snorts from the group of kids sitting at a table opposite of you, throwing paper balls at one another and playing music on their phones. Did they have such little respect for the only area in the entire school that required silence? Students began to leave the library to avoid them, but as you already had your filled quota of books checked out for an essay you were writing, the only way to read this sickeningly amazing novel was to stay within the library’s walls. So, you ignored them.

“Guys, please be silent.” The librarian whispered to them again. “If you don’t, I’ll have to ask you to leave.”

“But, we’re writing a paper,” you heard one of the boys say. Min Yoongi. Ugh, that boy annoyed the living hell out of you. “Are you seriously going to kick us out? We can’t meet up off campus after school. Are you really going to let us fail?”

Was he really guilt-tripping the sweet librarian? Surely, she wouldn’t fall for it. They hadn’t touched their assignment since they walked in there over forty-five minutes ago. The librarian frowned. “I-I suppose not.” She said before walking back to her desk regrettably. You shook your head and looked back at the pages. A few lines later, a paper ball flew in your direction, landing on the rounded table that you sat at. You jumped and looked up.

“Aye,” Yoongi said. Ugh. Why did he have to bother me? “Did you do the homework for fifth period? Let me borrow it,” he said obnoxiously loud.

“Do it yourself,” you hissed back. You rolled your eyes and went back to your book, only to have another paper ball thrown in your direction, this time hitting you square in the face. You huffed, looking up at them as they all laughed. You then realized you’d had enough, and gathered your things after deciding to leave the library—grabbing the wad of paper that he threw at you to throw away in the trashcan. You knew a hooligan like him wouldn’t think twice about not leaving his trash on the floor. As you left, you could still hear them laughing, presumably at you. Whatever, you thought. That kid’s gonna end up all alone with no one if he doesn’t get his act right.

Who would’ve thought that in a few years’ time, you’d be in this predicament?

You lay still on the bed—afraid that if you moved too much, your body would begin to tremble even worse than it was—as Yoongi kissed your neck, his large, warm hands wrapped around your hips. It had been two months since you two began dating, and this was the first time you were both guaranteed alone time. You both decided to utilize the time wisely. In mere minutes, his shirt was off, your skirt was pushed up, and your heart was racing. You were so ready to do this, after thoughts of being with him in such an intimate way had infiltrated your mind from the first time you two made out. He was ready. You were ready. Everything was in place. You would do this.

His teeth nipped at the skin on your collarbone and you flinched. He looked up.

“What? Did I hurt you?”

You sighed as you looked into his eyes. Those eyes that once were so cold towards you now looked at you like you were the most beautiful thing. You shook your head. “No… you just surprised me.”

He smiled and kissed your lips. “I love you, _______.”

I love you. Those words made your heart melt. Things had been difficult since you were tripped by a classmate and he’d taken care of you. Your relationship amongst school was assumed, but no one really talked about it. Instead of bullying you, kids said nothing to you—only stared, as if they were thinking, ‘how did she end up so lucky?’ Yoongi, however, received the same attention he always had. He was still popular. Everyone still loved him. Though, when it came to you, they didn’t acknowledge his relationship. And neither did you two. You two barely walked together or even spoke during school hours—in fact, you weren’t even entirely sure how people knew you two were dating. You walked home together and spent time either in the confides of your houses or out at date spots that the regular students in your class didn’t go to. You figured now was as good a time as any to mention that.

You shifted underneath him and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Yoongi, do you think… we can be more public about our relationship after today? I feel like we’re hiding.”

He looked at you for a moment before sighing. “People know we’re together.”

“I mean, yeah, but… we don’t kiss in public, or hold hands… we barely talk. It almost feels like we’re ashamed of each other.”

“But we’re not.” He said, his expression hardening.  He began to kiss your neck again, insinuating he wanted the conversation to end. You wanted to comply—his kisses were just so mesmerizing—but you weren’t finished talking.

“I mean… We can at least eat lunch together.” You suggested. He exhaled roughly as he sat up and ran a hand through his hair. You could tell he was growing steadily annoyed.

“I told you, this is best for you. No one bullies you this way.”

“Do you really think people would bully me if you were to just kiss me in the hallway?” You asked him, folding your arms.

“I’m trying to keep assholes from messing with you. I know how they can be-”

“Yeah, I’m sure you do.” You mumbled. He squinted his eyes at you.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing, besides the fact that you were the main one teasing me before we began dating. It’s not that big of a deal, Yoongi! Us being more open about our relationship won’t do anything but force people to look at what they already know exists. If people aren’t bullying me now, they sure as hell won’t bully me once we start actually speaking to each other. It’s like you’re ashamed of me or something!”

“I’m not ashamed of you.”

“Then act like it!” You practically yelled at him, you were growing so frustrated. You couldn’t believe something with such a simple solution was developing into such a heated argument. “I’m tired of just being your girlfriend when we’re guarded! I’d rather still be bullied by you than have you ashamed of me! Literally no one cares if we kiss in the hallways or not. The only person keeping us from being in public is you!” You were so upset. He was being so unreasonable. His expression hardened completely, and he looked at you with a face so filled with annoyance and exasperation that it almost shocked you. He got up and redid all of his clothing and grabbed his bag.

“Is that what you really want? For us to act like we never happened?” He asked.

“Of course, that’s not what I want.”

“When we started dating, it was understood that we’d keep the PDA to a minimum.”

“A minimum does not equate to not even acknowledging each other in public, Min Yoongi. You walk straight past me in the hallway without glancing at me once as if the night before you weren’t telling me how much you were in love with me. Why are you being like this? Just admit that you’re nervous about publically being with someone who you once hated.”

“I never hated you,” he clarified.

“I can’t tell! And with how much you clearly don’t want to be with me in public, I’m starting to question if you even love me!”

He looked taken back by your words, like he was extremely hurt. You wanted to put a guard up—he had no reason to be upset when he was the one who refused to show you off in the first place… but deep inside, you regretted what you’d said. He shook his head and headed for the door.

You sighed. “Where are you going?”

He glared at you with a look in his eyes that he hadn’t shown to you in months. A look of simple disgust. “Back to when I was just a dumbass and you were just a bitch.”

He left your vicinity, and soon you heard your front door close. And in those minutes, you didn’t move a muscle. You only sat there on your bed, clothes disheveled, eyes watering, and heart hurting.

He wasn’t lying. Things really were going back to the way they used to. You wanted to avoid seeing him again, but not because he was your bully, but because you loved him. And you missed him. And he’d hurt you with his words.

Things felt different now. You felt colder. Even when he wouldn’t hold your hand or wrap his arms around you, somehow you still felt his protection. Now, you felt the same emptiness you felt before you two were together. A loneliness that you’d forgotten.  A loneliness that you didn’t want back.

Some immature and naïve part of you hoped that Yoongi would show some extreme and romantic gesture of love for you—like grabbing your face and kissing you in front of everyone, complete with announcing that he did in fact love you, and that you were his and he was yours, and then you two would walk off together, hand in hand.

No such luck. You could feel the darkness around the room as you headed to first period, your class with Yoongi. Your head began to spin as you could see one of his best friends in the doorway talking to him, and while you couldn’t see Yoongi’s face yet, his presence alone was enough to fill you with horrible anxiety. You stood in the middle of the hall frozen. You couldn’t walk in there. You couldn’t look at him-

“Are you just gonna stand there like an idiot?” You heard some guy grunt as he pushed you out of the way, thoroughly scaring you. He shuffled into the classroom, and you were shocked. Nobody had been that openly rude to you since… since before you and Yoongi were together.

Did he already tell people that you two were arguing? Did he tell them that you two… broke up?

Your feelings were hurt, and your vision soon became blurry with tears. And in that moment, you did something you hadn’t done before—you walked out of the school and on the way home, figuring it’d be easier to skip school and deal with the consequences rather than face him.

“How was your day?” He asked, holding your hand as you two crossed the street to get to your neighborhood. You sighed.

“Long. Tiring. Yours?” It had been a week since you two started dating. Things were still new, different… but exciting. You’d had boyfriends before, but never someone like Yoongi, someone who held such importance at your school. It was completely out of your element.

He smiled. “It was good. I still have to go to practice after this.”

“Oh! You can go ahead and go. I don’t want you to walk me all the way home, just to have to walk all the way back to-”

You were silenced by his kiss, quick and firm against your lips. He pulled away and smiled.

“I’m walking you home,” he said quickly before grabbing your hand again. You hoped that you weren’t too obviously dying from his quick peck. You continued your walk in a happy daze, walking slowly to lengthen the conversations, and keeping each other so close that there wasn’t a moment when your bodies weren’t touching. You were so happy. Things were so good.

Things were so simple just two months ago. Now, you weren’t even sure if he was still yours.

You spent your day at home. Your mother was still there when you walked back in at seven in the morning.

“What are you doing here? Is everything okay?” She asked. You weren’t sure what it was—maybe it was the concern on her face, or maybe it was the fact that you couldn’t hold your emotions in any longer. In mere seconds, tears began to pour out as you sobbed loudly, beckoning your mom over as she pulled you into a hug.

“You’re lucky you never miss school. I’ll allow you to skip just this once. But I don’t want you running from your problems in the future, okay?” Your mom said as she handed you a glass of water and sat down next to you at the kitchen table. You briefly explained your situation to her while wiping a few tears that slipped out every now and then. She sighed while wiping away a stray tear that you missed.

“Everything is so intense when you’re in love for the first time,” she said. “Don’t be too heartbroken, sweetheart. If he was too afraid to show your relationship in public, then it wasn’t meant to be in the first place. Just let things cool down between you two and let the initial emotions cease. You’re both too upset to talk coherently about it now. Give it a good few days, and if things are meant to work out, they’ll come together. Now, I have to leave for work. Do some studying while you’re here all day.” She kissed your forehead lightly before exiting out the front door, leaving you there in your solitude to bask in the heartache that you wish wasn’t there.

You woke up from a notification on your phone. You weren’t sure when you fell asleep, but you saw it was only 2:03 in the afternoon, and that school had just gotten out. The notification, from Facebook, told you that you had an inbox message.

Did you and Yoongi break up?

The message wrote from a girl you didn’t know. From her profile picture, you recognized her as one of the girls Yoongi hung out with. You filled with a strange emotion. So he was telling people that you two were over… ouch.

Did this mean that you two were irreconcilable? It had literally only been a day, and the ending of your relationship was ambiguous. Was he really done with you after one argument?

You didn’t really know how to respond. You didn’t want to say yes, because you didn’t want to accept it. And you didn’t want to say no, because there was nothing worse and more embarrassing than claiming to still be with someone when they’ve already announced that you two were over. So, instead, you erased the message, letting her leave whatever she wanted to the imagination.

“I don’t understand,” you said while in the principal’s office the next morning. “I haven’t missed a single day of school all year.”

“I know,” he sighed, “but the policy changed in late September. If you don’t have a doctor’s note for your ‘cold,’ that’s an automatic detention.”

It was literally the dumbest thing you’d ever heard. Were colds not common enough to be treated at home? Even though you were completely against the new policy, you felt guilty enough about skipping class to comply with the new system without complaining. Besides, the hardest part of your day wouldn’t be staying after school for two hours—it would be first period (which you were late to). This was the start of the second day since your breakup, and things were still just as painful. You couldn’t comprehend the pain that you felt—it wasn’t physical, yet it literally felt like your heart had been stomped on. If this was what heartbreak was, you didn’t want any part of it any longer. You took your detention slip and headed to first period, your head pounding as you did so.

When you walked in, the class grew silent. Everyone looked at you. While with Yoongi, your confidence had increased immensely with how much he called you beautiful, and you often found yourself wearing makeup or trying new styles with your hair. Today, it was completely appropriate to say you looked like shit.

But not Yoongi. Like always, he looked magnificent. His skin still radiated the same way. He still had this dangerous-yet-sweet look in his eyes, and the lack of emotion in his face hurt you. It was as if he hadn’t been dying the past few days like you had.

When the teacher called your name and asked why you were late to class, you informed him that you had to see the principal, causing an amusing shift in the class.

“Better stop skipping class,” one boy said jokingly. You weren’t even sure if he really knew the nature of you missing a day, but when a few students giggled at his statement, you were afraid that they knew. They were talking about you and they knew you were a mess.

And Yoongi didn’t even bother looking back to see if you were okay.

When school ended, you headed to detention while keeping to yourself. Your day had been awful. Yoongi avoided you completely, not even bothering to look at you. It was unlike any painful experience you’d ever felt. To avoid it, you pushed him and all thoughts surrounding him out of your mind. That was the plan, at least.

Students were scattered in the classroom that detention was in since no one was allowed to sit directly next to each other. As soon as you looked at the faces, however, you were nervous. Three girls sat near each other: one, the girl who sent you the message, two, a girl you recognized as someone who dated Yoongi sophomore year, and three, the girl who tripped you in the classroom two months ago, the reason you and Yoongi began dating. You heard that for the incident, she served two weeks of OSS and detention for the rest of the quarter. You didn’t believe it, but by how comfortable she looked in her desk, you assumed that it must be true.

They all stared at you with looks showing nothing but mild amusement and extreme annoyance. You took the farthest seat available from them.

Thirty minutes into detention, the instructor left to do whatever he had to do that was more important than monitoring a group of unruly high schoolers. The minute the door closed behind him, one of the girls, the one who messaged you, called your name.

“Hey,” she said while popping her gum loudly, “I know you saw my message yesterday. Did you and Yoongi break up?” You ignored her again. She snorted. “I’m taking that pathetic silence as a yes.”

“Be nice,” Yoongi’s ex-girlfriend said. “I mean, I feel bad for her. When you date someone so much more relevant than you, you, like, disappear to everyone else. Now she’s going back to being a nobody. Dating you must have been such a drag, though. It’s good that he dumped you when he did. Yoongi’s not that stupid, after all.” They laughed.

“He was stupid enough to date you,” you retorted, feeling angry. How were they so eagerly bullying you like this? What had you ever done to them?

They all laughed obnoxiously, although you knew they were all taken aback by your comment.

“Shut up,” she said. “I’m trying to sympathize with you. We’re both his exes now. Only difference is, he wasn’t too fucking ashamed of me to hold my hand in public.”

Goodness, that sentence took the breath out of you. You were completely speechless, and you could feel your eyes begin to burn. They cooed.

“Oh no! She’s crying!”

“I don’t care. She should’ve thought about that before she tried to get smart with me.” The instructor came back in quickly as he eyed the room.

With his reappearance, the room restored its silence, and you sat there trying not to let him see the tears falling onto your desk.

When detention was over, you bolted out. You couldn’t stand being in there with them anymore; you felt so small in their presence. Was he ashamed of you the entire time? You figured he was, but you didn’t want to believe it. Did the whole school pick up on something that you desperately wanted to deny?

When you were home, you could only run straight to your room and bury your head in your pillow, letting all of the emotions pour out. You felt awful. You felt broken. This was such a horrid experience, and the only thing that made it worse was that you wanted no one but Yoongi to comfort you.

The week grew longer, and the conversations grew louder. The jokes began again. The stares grew more intense. You were no longer under Yoongi’s protection.  The bullying was slowly coming back, and you could feel it.

Only this time, it was different. Before, you weren’t bothered too much. Outside of Yoongi’s asshole friends messing with you, everyone else avoided you. This time, everyone noticed you as a joke. You were the girl that Min Yoongi was too afraid to show off. You were the laughing stock of the entire school.

The three girls from detention regularly messed with you now, from shoving you in the hallway, to calling you names as you walked by. You couldn’t retaliate because you had nothing to say. They were completely right.

And Yoongi went back to how he was, only instead of bullying you like he used to, his silence tormented you. His isolation killed you. You wanted to hold him, and to kiss him, but you also wanted to yell at him and cry against him, and let him know how much you hated him for putting you through this, but also how he was the only boy you’d ever loved this much.

Friday approached. The end of the week, and you were beyond ready for the weekend. You exited your final class and headed out to your locker to retrieve the books you needed for homework. When you retrieved them, you felt a tap on your shoulder.

“Hey,” a guy said. One of Yoongi’s friends. You tensed up. Did Yoongi send him here to talk to you? “You okay?”

You gulped. He was also on the end of bullying you along with Yoongi back before you two started dating. Was he now being… nice to you?

“…I’m fine,” you said.

“Break-ups are hard, man.” He said, smiling sympathetically at you. “It’ll get better. Here, your backpack is unzipped,” he said after you put your books in there. He zipped it for you completely, and smiled nicely. “Have a good day!” He waved before leaving, and for the first distinguishable time that you knew of since the breakup, you smiled. Besides your teachers, you hadn’t been shown that much kindness this week. It felt nice to receive some form of kindness.

When you walked out of the school, you knew something was wrong. Something felt uncomfortable, and on your back you felt cold air hit you. You reached your hands backwards and could feel the wetness seeping from your backpack. You pulled it off quickly and retrieved the topless water bottle that was place upside down in your backpack, wetting all of your books and binders. You looked back and saw them standing there—the boy from your locker and the three girls—laughing at the mess.

Of course. Why should he show me any true kindness?

You hurriedly got off school property and headed home, ashamed and embarrassed. You didn’t want to deal with this anymore. Things weren’t like they were before you were with Yoongi; they were worse. You couldn’t take it anymore. You hated it.

You looked up when you almost bumped into someone standing right in front of you—Yoongi. It was then that you realized how horribly you were crying, and it was then you realized how much you missed him.

You were two houses down from your house, and instead of hugging Yoongi like you wanted to, you moved past him, wiping the tears on your cheeks.

“Talk to me,” he said as he strolled next to you.

“Stay away from me, Yoongi. I don’t want to see you ever again.”

“That’s impossible. We have the same class.”

“You’ve ruined everything.” You said as you unlocked your front door.

“What did I ruin? A school reputation that you never had? A perfect school attendance that you messed up yourself?”

“You ruined me!” You screeched at him, feeling every ounce of emotion in your body pour out. You shook your head as more tears fell, and entered your home. Although you tried to slam the door behind you, he pushed it open and walked in, closing it behind him. “You’re trespassing.”

“I need to talk to you.”

“I have just had the worst week of my life because of you, Yoongi. The pain I feel right now is worse than anything I’ve ever felt—all because you were too fucking scared to really be with me!”

“Are you just gonna yell at me? ‘Cause if so, I can leave.”

“…Yes! Please leave! I don’t want you in my house!”

He huffed, and headed to your bedroom instead. “I’m not leaving until we talk.” He called. You were so horribly annoyed that you wanted to scream.

He lay on your bed with his back against your headboard and his legs folded. He looked extremely cute, but you were extremely pissed off.

“Yoongi, please go.” You said, wiping the tears that wouldn’t stop coming. He stood up and went to you, attempting to wipe your tears. You smacked his hand away. “Go! Yoongi, leave! I hate you and I hate that I ever dated you! I wish I was a nobody again in that school. I would rather blend in with the lockers than be known as Min Yoongi’s neglected ex-girlfriend!” You sobbed, and he pulled you into the tightest, warmest hug as you cried against him. “Why couldn’t you just be with me openly? They’re so mean to me, Yoongi… Everyone is so mean to me, now.”

“I’m sorry,” he said lightly, holding you tightly. “I was scared. I didn’t want anyone to make fun of you… I thought it’d be easier if we left things the way they were. I thought they’d tease you more if they knew we were together.”

You looked up at him and smiled warmly. His features looked soft, and his eyes looked horribly regretful. “You don’t understand how bullies work,” you hummed.

“I’ve never been bullied, I’ve only…” His words trailed. You knew where he left off—that he’d only bullied other people. You nodded.

“I know. I wish we would’ve talked about it calmly.”

“I don’t want you to ever think that I was ashamed of you, ________. I could never be ashamed. I was afraid. I didn’t know how people would react to it. I mentioned that I was dating you to my friends briefly, but after that, I didn’t mention it. I figured that was all they needed. It didn’t even occur to me that they would be so mean to you if we broke up. I’m so sorry.”

He wrapped his arms around you even tighter, and kissed your forehead. Reluctantly, you pulled away from his embrace. “That one guy that you hang out with, Chan, put a water bottle in my backpack upside down.”

He tsked, turning you around to see your wet backside. “I’ll kick his ass for that tomorrow.”

You laughed lightly and kissed his lips. You missed it so much. You tried to pull away, but he held you tighter, making you smile against his lips as your kiss grew more intense. He kissed your nose lightly and looked into your eyes. You could see the same fire and passion in his that you saw moments before you two had the argument. You wondered if he could see the emotions you were feeling, too.

He kissed your lips again, and this time, the kiss was hot and passionate. The direction had changed; the feeling had grew. You both wanted something more from this kiss. Yoongi gripped the tail of your shirt and pushed it upwards, and you eagerly wiggled out of it and placed your hands on the buckle of his jeans. He pressed closer to him, and you could feel his erection against your hip. It wasn’t the first time that you felt it—there’d been a few times while making out with him he’d gotten hard. But you knew this time was different.

He pulled away from the kiss and sighed regretfully while looking away from you. You felt the shift in his emotions.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t have a condom.” He admitted. You smiled warmly and went over to your nightstand, pulling out a singular square packet.

“You left this here when you left Monday.”

His eyes practically lit up.

“Were you just gonna keep that?”

“Should I have approached you in first period in handed it to you?” You laughed. He shook his head and kissed you again.

“And let everyone think that we’re having sex?”

“I guess that won’t be a false statement in a few minutes, will it?” Your voice grew soft as you said those words, and the way Yoongi looked at you made your heart beat wildly in your chest. He pulled you into another deep kiss, and lay you back on your bed.

Clothes were discarded slowly and carefully. The kisses, once rough and fiery, developed into softer, longer, sweeter kisses. You were both naked now, and while you were initially insecure of having someone look at your bare body for the first time, the feeling subsided when you could see how much having you here turned Yoongi on.

“Your body’s so pretty,” he whispered to you while gazing at your body. You could feel yourself shaking. Feeling his eyes on you turned you on and made you nervous, but you were so excited for what was to come that the feelings swirling inside of you were masked with pure love and desire.

When he slowly entered you, you both let out a slow sigh as your fingers intertwined and your hips pressed together. The pain that you thought you would feel wasn’t there—only a deep, electric pressure that grew hungrier and happier the more he moved inside of you. He kept his fingers interlocked with yours as your bodies meshed together, your heartbeats matched, and your lips met each other’s.

Your moans grew in volume as he pressed deeper into you and buried his face into the soft skin on your neck. He left warm kisses there as he rubbed your hips. You were filled with so much love and desire in this one moment, more emotion than you’d ever felt in your life.

You were so embarrassed when you climaxed from how loud you were. You moaned out loudly, clenching against him and trembling. He soon followed from looking at you so immersed in ecstasy, and wrapped his arms around you as you both panted heavily, thinking of what just happened.

After a few moments of silence, he kissed your lips.

“Yoongi,” you looked him in the eye, “did you tell people that we broke up? Were you done with me, really?”

He exhaled and kissed you again. “No. Chan saw me upset the next day and asked if that’s what happened. I guess he figured that we’d broken up since I didn’t answer him… I don’t know. I didn’t want to say that we hadn’t broken up because I thought that you didn’t want to be with me anymore.”

“I thought you didn’t want to be with me, either,” you sighed. He kissed your forehead.

“Not talking to you was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.’

“I missed you so much,” you cooed, beckoning him to kiss you again. After staying still for a few moments, you looked at the clock on your dresser and sighed regretfully. “My mom gets off work in thirty minutes. You should go.”

“Yeah,” he smiled, “I should—unless you want your mom to kill me.”

You both got dressed—reluctantly. Yoongi strategically buried the condom in your trashcan so that your mom wouldn’t see, and kissed you goodbye on his way out.

“I’ll text you, okay?” He said while standing in the doorway. You nodded.

“Okay.  I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

The weekend ended quickly. You spent more time with Yoongi after a date to get breakfast early Sunday morning. Once that ended, you both headed to his house, and things got heated so quickly that after you two were finished, you had to ask yourself what exactly had just happened.

As you walked to school Monday, you felt nervous. The entire weekend, you two never talked about school. You never talked about what would happen. After what had just happened between you two, you knew you wouldn’t be able to go back to just being his part-time girlfriend. You wouldn’t be able to go back to blending in with the walls when he was around. You wanted all of him.

You went to first period and his seat remained empty. He normally was at least on campus by this time… was everything okay? He hadn’t texted you to let you know he’d be absent… was it something more serious?

While playing a few scenarios in your mind, you heard his voice as he came in and began to converse with your teacher. You gave a silent sigh of relief while seeing them standing there. So far, no one had said anything to you, as if the drama from last week had ceased fire. You felt better immediately, but nothing felt better than seeing your boyfriend standing there so handsomely and knowing that he was yours again.

As if reading your mind, he looked over to you and smiled. You noticed a few students in the class eyeing his gaze at you, but you were too immersed in his beautiful smile to worry about their opinions. You waved lightly, and he began to walk over to you.

“Hey,” he said, leaning onto your desk. You felt nervous for some reason.

“W-what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong. I just wanted to talk to you.”  He shrugged. You gulped.


“Yes, here. You’re my girlfriend, aren’t you? So, did you sleep well last night?”

You could only smile brightly. “Does this… does this mean no more… hiding?”

He smiled warmly and pulled you into a sweet kiss, and you could literally feel the eyes burning holes into the back of your head. When your lips were no longer connected, he kissed your forehead. “I can’t hide how much you mean to me anymore. You deserve better. So, I’ll walk you to your classes, and we’ll hold hands while doing so. I’ll kiss you goodbye and publically display my affection for you, because you mean more to me than these assholes at this school, and I’d rather be with you than pretend to not be with you for the sake of their comfort. I love you too much for that.” He said matter-of-factly. The warmth in his voice made you want to cry. This is exactly what you wanted and what you needed from him. You pinched his cheek.

“I love you, too.”

“I’ll see you after class, okay?” He said after pinching your nose in retaliation.

You nodded. “Okay.”

So, here it is, guys! three days, thirteen pages and almost 6000 words later, here’s the sequel that you all voted for! did you like it? honestly, it gets harder and harder writing these bully scenarios. if someone were trying to bully me i’d just fight them lmao. i hope you all enjoyed it!

Here in my garage, just bought this new Lamborghini here. It’s fun to drive up here in the Hollywood hills. But you know what I like more than materialistic things? Knowledge. In fact, I’m a lot more proud of these seven new bookshelves that I had to get installed to hold two thousand new books that I bought. It’s like the billionaire Warren Buffett says, “the more you learn, the more you earn.”

Now maybe you’ve seen my TEDx talk where I talk about how I read a book a day. You know, I read a book a day not to show off it’s again about the knowledge. In fact, the real reason I keep this Lamborghini here is that it’s a reminder. A reminder that dreams are still possible, because it wasn’t that long ago that I was in a little town across the country sleeping on a couch in a mobile home with only forty seven dollars in my bank account. I didn’t have a college degree, I had no opportunities.

But you know what? Something happened that changed my life. I bumped into a mentor. And another mentor. And a few more mentors. I found five mentors. And they showed me what they did to become multimillionaires. Again, it’s not just about money, it’s about the good life; health, wealth, love and happiness. And so I record a little video, it’s actually on my website, you can click here on this video and it’ll take you to my website where I share three things that they taught me. Three things that you can implement today no matter where you are.

Now, this isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme. You know, like they say if things sound too good to be true they are too good to be true. I’m not promising you that tomorrow you’re gonna be able to go out and buy a Lamborghini. But what I am telling you is that it can happen faster than you think if you know the proven steps. So, I record a little two minute video on my website. Like I said, now it’s not the most professional I just shot it here with my iPhone, but it’s real. Nobody can argue, this is my true story. And I’m going to give you the three most important things you can do today. So click the link, go there it’s completely free to watch it it’s just a couple minutes. Invest in yourself. Always be curious. Don’t be a cynic. Okay, people see videos like this and they say “Ah that’s not real that’s for somebody else.”

Don’t listen, don’t listen. Be an optimist. Like, Conrad Hilton, the man who started Hilton Hotel, he said that he was only fifteen years old when he read a book by Helen Keller, and that book changed his life. Books can change your life. And in that book, Helen Keller said “optimism” so if you’re a cynic, if you’re a pessimist you don’t need to click here. Don’t worry about it, I don’t need to talk to everybody. But if you’re somebody who knows that there’s something better, cause the dream is possible, you know, for some of you watching it’s not necessarily a Lamborghini, maybe it’s a new job, a new opportunity, starting your own company.

The thing about manifestos and arguing about the costs of the policies therein is that it always makes sense for Tories to chuck around some accusations about Labour having unrealistic goals or having done their sums wrong.

I mean, how do you argue with that? Are you gonna get out your spreadsheets and do a three hour powerpoint on News at Ten? Most people (me included) have no idea how much revenue we raise a year, how much more we would raise if we taxed the wealthy more, how much it would actually cost to implement one policy or another, etc. And the Tories are relying on this.

The Tories can make claims about Labour policies being unworkable and nobody is really going to get out the calculator to check it out for themselves. And for many swing voters, the Tories still have that reputation for economic competence, purely because they were lucky enough not to be in power in 2008 and Black Wednesday was too long ago for most people to remember. This gives the Tories more credibility than Labour have when we’re trying to guess at whether the costings have been properly worked out or not.

If you hear anyone talking about the costs of policies and whether they’re workable or not, challenge them on where this information comes from. Because the idea that Labour are incompetent on economic matters is a powerful myth, but it doesn’t stand up to much scrutiny. The 2008 crisis was a global one and many countries around the world decided to copy our response to it. There’s no feasible way anyone could say that our current policies are unworkable when these policies haven’t actually been tried here for decades.

The “money stuff” is boring, but for swing voters, it matters.

“Safe - Part 2″

*mentions of sexual assault and battery*

Happy x Reader w/ Tig friendship
(GIF isn’t mine)
It was still dark out when Wayne pulled up at the emergency room parking lot and put the car in park as Tig pulled up beside him.

You swallowed hard, knowing the assault you endured was only the beginning of the nightmare. Soon there would be doctors hovering over you, police digging into you for answers you wouldn’t be able to give, then…..Happy. You felt the tears prickling at your eyes again as you began to hyperventilate, a panic attack washing over you as you pressed your head into the seat back and clamped your eyes shut.

“Woah, hey,” Wayne spoke, trying to soothe you, “It’ll be alright (Y/N).”

“I-I-I’m gonna be know-wn as the ra-aped girl” you sobbed, stuttering through your gasping breaths as Tig walked up to the window, resting his bare arms on the door and watching you, trying to think of a way to ease your pain.

“I’ll take it from here, Unser, thanks for driving her,” Tig spoke through your window to the man in the driver’s seat, opening your door and helping you out, still clothed in only his shirt and a blanket.

“Alright. Let me know if you need anything, I’ll send one of my unis up here to take her statement later so we can start looking for this guy.” Wayne said, but Tig shook his head, “Might not need that brother, wait for my call.”

The Chief of Police looked at your friend sternly but Tig spoke again, “Look at her, man. She doesn’t want to have to relive this shit, your cops tearing her apart with a fine tooth comb,” he argued, turning to you, “What if I call Jax?Have Tara come up and we can do this whole thing confidential, nobody has to know.”

You nodded and Tig shut the car door, wrapping an arm around your shoulders as you walked to sit outside the hospital and wait, “Hap’s gonna want to handle this justice on his own. No sense in getting police involved. Doc will know how to keep it under the radar,” he assured you while dialing Jax.

As it happened, Tara had actually been working and walked down to meet you, carrying a pair of scrubs with her and handing them to you, ushering you into the restroom to change.

When you stepped out in your fresh clothes, Tara motioned for you to follow her and told Tig to have a seat in the waiting room. You turned to him, handing him his shirt with a panicked look on your face. He nodded to you, “I’ll call Hap,” he sighed. “Don’t give him details over the phone Tig, he’ll kill himself trying to get here,” you begged of him and he nodded once again, turning to walk back down to a row of chairs in the hallway as you disappeared around the corner.

After your examination and all the tests, you were put in a room and Tara went out to get Tig. You curled up in the hospital bed in the fetal position, closing your eyes and wishing you could just escape for a while. Tig knocked on the door twice before opening it and stepping inside, closing the door behind him.

“Hey,” he whispered, and you opened your eyes, watching him as he walked to your bedside, “Happy’s on his way. I didn’t tell him what happened I told him I didn’t know just that he needed to come,” he wrinkled his nose, “He’s gonna kick my ass when he finds out….” he trailed off and your bottom lip started to quiver again.

“I need him here!” you wailed, turning your back to Tig, burying your face in the sterile-smelling sheets and sobbing.

Tig sat on the edge of the hospital bed and stroked your back as you cried, gritting his teeth as his entire body filled with rage, wanting nothing more than to rip apart the asshole or assholes who hurt his friend. You stopped crying after a few minutes, finally drifting off to sleep and he thought about moving to sit in one of the chairs but decided against it, wanting to be near you to comfort you. He pulled himself up further into the bed, resting his back against the elevated part as you rolled over, resting your head against his ribs, sighing deeply and settling back to sleep. Within minutes, Happy came walking into the room, his face filled with anger as he glared at the bed. Tig pulled a finger up to his lips in a shushing motion and gently rolled you away from him and stepped down from the bed, walking past Happy to the door and whispering to him to come outside.

“Just ran into Tara, she said you’ve been here for hours.” Happy stared at Tig who said nothing in response, “Why didn’t you call me sooner?”
Tig huffed and looked solemnly at his brother, “I was the one who found her, Hap. She wouldn’t come to the hospital at all unless I promised to wait to call you.”
Happy furrowed his eyebrows and stepped to Tig, “Be pissed if you want brother but I had to take care of our girl and I didn’t see it happening any other way,” he stammered, backing away from the menacing man in front of him.
“So what happened?” Happy rasped.
Tig looked down at his boots, “Hap,” he breathed, not offering anything more.
“Tell me,” Happy ordered, clenching his fists.
“She was knocked out, kidnapped, beaten and …..” Tig took a deep breath and exhaled, his voice cracking as he tried to find the words, “…..raped, brother.”

Happy’s top lip trembled as he wheeled around, slamming his fists against the wall and yelling in agony, startling the nurses and visitors nearby who speedwalked away.
Spinning back around, Happy’s glare dug into his blue-eyed friend, “WHO.” he grunted and Tig grabbed Happy by the shoulders and looked him in the eyes, “I don’t know. She doesn’t remember, Happy,” he rationalized and Happy huffed impatiently, turning to walk down the hallway out of the hospital and Tig chased after him, “Hey, hey, hey! Hap!” he shouted, running in front of him and blocking his way.
“Move!” Happy grunted trying to push past his brother but Tig pushed him back by his shoulders, “Get off me!” he yelled.

“Happy she needs you, brother. You gotta stay even for now, you gotta be here for her. In the morning we’ll bring it to the table. We’re all gonna back you, man, whoever did this deserves to burn that’s why the police haven’t been called,” he paused, taking a deep breath, “But right now she needs to know you love her.” he stated, squeezing his tattooed friend on the shoulder.

As quickly as it came, Happy’s rage subsided as he realized that the pain he was feeling from having his old lady attacked was nothing compared to yours, as you were enduring both physical and mental torture.

His eyes softened and his anger turned to sadness as he nodded and pulled Tig in for a hug, “Thanks for being there for her, bro,” he croaked, patting him on the back and then turning to walk back inside.
Tig scratched his head as he watched Happy re-enter your hospital room, closing the door behind him.

The sun was beginning to come up as Tig walked down the hall outside to head home. At the same time, Happy was crawling into the bed with you. He pulled you to him, wrapping his arms around you and pressing his nose into the nape of your neck.

“I’m so sorry baby girl,” he mumbled against your skin, squeezing you, “I’m so sorry I wasn’t there to protect you.”
You were awake, listening to his every sound, but you couldn’t bear to face the reality right now, so you pretended you were still asleep, knowing you were safe Happy’s arms tonight.

BTS Suga Angst - My Substitute Part 1

Genre: Angst

Warnings: swearing, smoking, depression.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 (Ending) 

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I do not own the gif. 

Finding happiness is like searching for treasure. Through the journey, you experience good and bad things. Sometimes, your precious treasure doesn’t last as long as you hoped. Poor Min Yoongi.

The man had completely been invaded by smoke filing into his lungs, and the heavy scent of alcohol diffusing in. He was sprawled out onto his dirty mattress. Suga was messier than a children’s toy box. After suffering a heart break, losing his job and getting beaten up by his ex’s mates, he had decided to give up.

Hoseok had barged into the room, with a painted expression of worry on his face.

“Yoongi! You’ve got to knock it off!” Hoseok nagged, opening the windows to clear the horrible mixed scent.

“Get lost Hoseok, none of you were made for bad luck.” Yoongi moaned, resting his hand onto his forehead. Yoongi was correct about that. He was experiencing bad luck whilst his friends were living successfully. There was no such thing as “things will get better soon”. It was always as if karma was bullying him for no reason.

Hoseok had sat on his roommates’ mattress comforting him. 

“Yoongi, I think of you and the rest of the members as my source of happiness. I think I’m really lucky to have you guys in my life.” He started.

“Cut the bullshit Hoseok, you can’t fix it this time…” The mint haired man sobbed, turning over. His pain was contagious. Hoseok, inhaled, trying to restrain his tears from falling. 

“Yoongi, I really mean it. I’m sorry this keeps happening to you. I really am. But we’re always worried about you. We hate seeing you in so much pa-” 

“Then like I keep saying, get lost before you catch it.” The older brother had snapped. It was clear that there was no use cheering this poor soul up. All his bad experiences were not building him up into a stronger person like people say. This curse was only turning him colder than ice. Hoseok had eventually left his older brother alone after he drifted off to sleep.

Jin and Namjoon was sat in the living room waiting for younger to come back to report.

“Is he still in that state Hobi?” Jin asked. He had replied with a nod. 

“Well we’ve all decided that we’re going to get Yoongi fixed.” Hoseok’s eyes widened at the suggestion. How was that even possible for someone like Yoongi? Seeing the younger panic, Namjoon takes over.

“His help is overdue but nobody’s had the time. He’s a mess and we’re gonna lose him if we don’t fix h-” Namjoon was cut off by the sound of the fire alarm screaming at this kind of time at night.

“Oh for fuck’s sake. He’s at it again.” Namjoon cursed, as Jin dashed over to shut the alarm up. Yoongi opened his door with a cigarette in his hand, heading towards the front door. 

“Yoongi where are you going?” Jin asked. He was answered with “Out.” followed by a slammed door.

Yoongi isn’t the type to drink, he hates the taste of alcohol. But when you have nothing else apart from cigarettes to take the pain and stress away, you rely on these things. Music was blasting out loudly in the pub. This had been his routine for a couple of weeks. Sleeping, smoking, drinking. He was running out of his remain last paid wage.

“Is it the usual?” A worker asked him. Yoongi nodded.

“Looks like you need it extra strong. Wow you look a mess.” The worker commented. Yoongi glared at him irritatedly.

“Shut the fuck up. I don’t need to hear your opinion.” He growled. The worker laughed it off light heartedly, serving Yoongi his drink.

The alcohol had soon defeated him, leaving him completely wasted with the pain numbed. He had staggered out onto the streets, causing a massive scene. People were tossing him dirty looks and making rude remarks as he passed by them. 

“Y/N, don’t go near him. He’s one of them guys who’s helps is way overdue.” A group of females had warned their friend, who was sending Yoongi concerned looks. Yoongi had continued swaying towards the road, where taxi’s were parked. He banged onto a window of an annoyed looking taxi driver. “Take me to (name of the street).” He slurred out.

“Have you got any money on you?” The taxi driver loudly asked through the closed window. Of course he hasn’t. He’s wasted it all on drinking. Yoongi opened the back door and climbed in. 

“Get out! It’s clear you haven’t.” The driver yelled. 

“Sorry sir, he’s with me.” A timid voice interrupted as she pushed Yoongi to the right side of the seat. He was unconvinced by her unstable voice. 

“I’ve got money, just take us to where he said.” She said, showing her purse. Yoongi had no idea who this girl was, nor why the hell was she helping him but he didn’t care.

When the pair reached there, she paid the taxi fare, then helped Yoongi out of the car. Yoongi pushed her away, nose wrinkling. 

“Why are you helping me? Didn’t your parents tell you to stay away from strangers?” He snaps harshly. 

“I-I just h..had t-the f-feeling that you needed help…” She muttered intimidated. His frown bent into a smirk. 

“Well screw your feelings. Nobody cares.” He commented. Even though she was completely petrified, she was determined to do the right thing and get this poor man back to his home. 

“Y-you live at number (any number) r-right? I…I’m not gonna go till you get back safely….s-so don’t try and argue with me!” She firmly stated. Did she know him?

Taken back by her words, his emotions started to fluctuate. He was starting to get confused by this girl helping him.

“You’re a funny girl…maybe the first one who actually cares.” He comments

“It just doesn’t feel right to be a witness of somebody who could’ve died…” She responded. 

“Tch. I couldn’t care less. At least…at least I wouldn’t have to go through shit everyday.” The male had suddenly broken down into tears. This time, it was the opposite gender’s turn to be taken back. 

“P-please don’t cry…” She said uncomfortably.

“It’s Yoongi.” Suga corrected through his tears. What the hell was she going to do now with a crying adult in the middle of the street who she had no relation to? 

“Yoongi then…If you wanna talk on your way, I’m listening…"she suggested kindly. The girl had taken his hand gently into hers, and squeezed it reassuringly. 

“It’s not like you’re only one going through this.” Yoongi hadn’t pulled away, he just lead her towards his house. 

“It’s like I’m a victim of karma.” He sighs. “Today I get my heartbroken, get beaten up by her friends then lose my job. Tomorrow it’ll be something else. If you hang around, you’ll see.” Yoongi slowly opens. The girls keeps this in mind, though she doesn’t quite believe him at first. Until she became another witness.

It isn’t long till they nearly reached his house but something about him, makes the curious girl to find more about him. 

“T..thanks I guess. What’s your name?”

“Y/N. Will you be okay?” She asks with concern. There it is. That weird sense of caring again. 

“No but I’m used to things like this, apart from the migraines in the morning.” Y/N looks at the older man sympathetically. 

“Do you know me? You seem to know your way through this street well.” Yoongi asked. 

“You’re the next door neighbour who’s constantly setting the fire alarm off.” Y/N replied, rolling her eyes. 

“Well that’s convenient. I’ve never seen you before though..” He mumbled confused. 

“Maybe that’s because you’ve never left your house during the day. Your friends is it? Always come and apologise to close neighbours.” Y/N shoots. Automatically, he apologises. The conversation is dangerously approaching its end and he suddenly doesn’t want this awful night to end. 

“C-can I hang around your place tonight?” His cheeks flush as he requests. He’s expecting a no but Y/N accepts him so quickly.

Her house is exceptionally welcoming and warm. 

“You’re the first person to be this nice to me…everybody’s just…vulgar towards me.” Yoongi mumbles shifting around the landing. 

“Take my bed upstairs.” Y/N commands guiding him. Yoongi inhales the sweet, lavender scent in her room. He takes his jacket, shoes, ripped jeans and socks off before collapsing into her bed. Her room felt like a version of paradise. Y/N walks in the room with a glass of water and a bowl of fruits, and kicks the door shut with her foot. 

“Here. It’s supposed to reduce your migraine tomorrow.” She smiles warmly. “Thanks…” He whispers. 

“It’s fine I’m used to it. My friends just crash here whenever they’re having a hard time so it’s not a problem, don’t worry.” Y/N exclaims happily.

How long has he been missing out on the positive things that go on during the day? Or was it the fact that he was just experiencing this for the first time? 

“You know when you said you’re like a victim of karma?” Y/N slowly approached the topic again whilst Yoongi had nodded in return. 

“The world’s polluted with unfortunate things that effect the people around it, but there are many beautiful things in the world that are still yet to be discovered. And those things are worth waiting for in the end.”

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Hi, i'm an anti and i'm not here to pick a fight. I just want to say that I use 'broganes' as a general term for platonic sheith and I don't think they're actual brothers. Because of their race or otherwise

If you use br0ganes for that then there literally isn’t an issue and nobody is gonna be mad at you it’s those who try to argue it’s actually canon who are the issue

Enjoltaire Headcanon

Just imagine, Enjolras, Grantaire, Modern!Au in High School with the prompt “I’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you”.

• Their story starts in pre-school. Grantaire loves dancing, has ever since he could stand up and wiggle around. He meets Enjolras in pre-school, they sit next to each other, constantly arguing about colors they use while drawing (”Trees aren’t blue!” - “It’s abstract!”), Enjolras’ dreams (”I’m gonna change the world.” - “No, you won’t.” - “But… Yes…?” - “Nobody can change the world.) and words neither of them know the meaning to.

• In elementary school, they finally become friends. Grantaire’s love for dancing grows. His parents decide to send him to dancing lessons for children. 

•In middle school, some time in 8th grade, Enjolras asks Grantaire to teach him how to dance. They stumble around, Enjolras steps on Grantaire’s feet constantly, his hair falls into his eyes, they laugh until they stomaches hurt. (”You are a hopeless cause, Apollo.”) Somewhere during their lessons Grantaire realizes he’s in love with Enjolras.

• In high school, they come out to each other and their group of friends. (”I don’t think I’m that straight…” - “That’s okay, me neither. You can still change the world.”)

• One day, at a meeting of Les Amis, Grantaire shoots down every argument Enjolras has - Enjolras doesn’t talk to him for a whole week. After that week Enjolras has a shiny new boyfriend. Grantaire feels like he burns inside - he feels like dying. He tells nobody.

• Even though Enjolras and his boyfriend break up fairly quickly, Enjolras is never single for long anymore. He seems to be dating the whole school. Grantaire feels like he will never have a chance with his Apollo…

• This goes on until their senior prom. Grantaire and Enjolras being the best of friends, constantly arguing for their cause, Grantaire hopelessly loving Enjolras, Enjolras constantly dating another person. 

• A month before senior prom Enjolras asks Grantaire to teach his current boyfriend how to dance. And Grantaire, he can’t say no to Enjolras. Not to his Apollo. He bows his head and says yes, he teaches the boyfriend, he despises every moment of it. He doesn’t go to prom. He doesn’t want to see Enjolras happily dancing – not wasting one thought on Grantaire. 

• After that, Grantaire starts teaching dancing lessons at a local studio (he loves teaching the little kids, they are so talented and full of enthusiasm), Enjolras goes to university to study poli-sci. They share a flat – they are best friends after all. They are depressingly domestic and Grantaire feels like he’s in some sort-of-relationship with Enjolras. (Enjolras keeps sleeping in his bed somehow. Grantaire makes breakfast for him every morning, Enjolras is just so adorable before he has had his first cup of coffee – he’s definitely not a morning person. One morning, Enjolras comes into the kitchen, with crazy sex-hair from sleeping, his eyes still closed, wearing some boxers that belonged to Grantaire at some point, probably, and Grantaire’s favorite band shit. Grantaire’s heart stops for almost a whole minute before Enjolras pads over to him barefooted to hug him and hide his face in the crook of Grantaire’s neck. Grantaire dies there and then from adorableness.) If he notices that Enjolras dates less and less, well, his friends don’t need to know.

• All is well, until Enjolras finishes university. There’s some sort of dance ball to celebrate graduation. Enjolras asks Grantaire to teach his date how to dance. At first, Grantaire feels like his heart is breaking into a million little pieces. (He had had that slight hope that Enjolras would ask him to be his date… It felt like they had been dating for the longest time…) He agrees reluctantly though. He still hasn’t learnt how to say no to Enjolras, his best friend, his Apollo, his sun, the love of his life. 

• One evening he teaches the guy, when Enjolras storms into the studio. Grantaire leaves after Enjolras starts yelling about some sabotaged rally he had organized with Les Amis. (They were trying to defend gay rights and establish gender neutral toilettes at Enjolras’ university – a protest for their friend Jehan. In the end, somebody had called the principle to tell him about the planned sit-in. The police were already waiting for the protest to begin – and to destroy it. Of course, some people took that opportunity to start a riot… It didn’t end well…) 

• The next morning Grantaire comes into his studio to find a broken and bloodied mirror, twenty dollars and a post-it note from Enjolras. He had punched the mirror, broken up with the guy, called up Joly to help with his bleeding hand, stayed with Courfeyrac for the night (didn’t want to disturb Grantaire by crawling into his bed at 2 in the morning – little did he know that Grantaire hadn’t been sleeping at all), left twenty dollars for a new mirror – not necessarily in that order. Grantaire teaches the only group of small children he has that day and goes back to his and Enjolras’ shared apartment.

• Enjolras later asks if Grantaire would teach another one of his dates, which is when Grantaire finally snaps. (They had been preparing dinner, Grantaire cutting vegetables, Enjolras stirring some sort of sauce, when Enjolras had asked. Grantaire had cut his finger at hearing the question. He’s swearing like a sailor as he’s pressing a dish towel to his injury. The he registers what Enjolras had asked him. He’s freaking out.) He’s yelling something along the lines of “I’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you ‘cause you’re the guy I’ve been wanting for years and you didn’t even notice”.

• Enjolras is stunned into silence after that admission. Grantaire panics and leaves to sleep at the studio that evening. Enjolras shows up halfway through the night, declaring his love for Grantaire by standing outside the studio with a giant boombox and screaming at the top of his lungs that he loves Grantaire. The he never wants to leave him. Then he comes up into the studio, kissing him like his life depends on it. They dance to an unheard melody until they fall asleep.

• The final time Enjolras asks Grantaire to teach somebody how to dance is a month before their wedding. Turns out, none of their friends can actually dance enough for a wedding…

Sometimes I amuse myself with imagining conversations like these...

All right, so you guys know how Gandalf is like, “All wizards should have a hobbit or two in their care…” and I can imagine him spreading this like gospel to his fellow wizards, right?

And Saruman is like, “Meh.  I have myself a Wormtongue.”

In which case, everyone is like Ewww!

And Radagast is like, “I love my hedgehogs, please and thank you.”

And okay, nobody wants to argue with that, because hedgehogs are AWESOME, please and thank you.

Then, Alatar the Blue is like, “Guys, guys, I have a Stark.”

Gandalf’s response is, “Dude, you’re in the wrong world, winter is NOT coming, no WONDER I have to do all this shit alone in Middle Earth, COME THE FUCK BACK TO THE RIGHT UNIVERSE, YOU ASSHOLE.”

“No, not the "winter is coming” Starks - I’m talking about TONY STARK.  He’s an obnoxious pain in the ass but he’s a SMART, ADORABLE obnoxious pain in the ass and he’s gonna do some AWESOME things, even when he fucks up sometimes.  So give the guy a break, let him chill out with your dwarf buddies, okay?“

And Gandalf is like just ready to pull his beard out because OMG TONY STARK AND DWARVES, AULE HAVE MERCY ON ALL OUR SOULS. 

So finally, Pallando the Blue, who’s really one of Gandalf’s best bros, takes him aside and says, "Dude, I have hobbits.”

And he introduces Gandalf to Bitty Steve Rogers a.k.a. the Tiny Dandelion Floof with the Righteous Fists of Fury. 

And Gandalf is charmed.  But he’s also aghast.  Because he knows hobbits, even descendants of Numenorean kings reborn as hobbits, and he knows exactly which Hobbit clan Steve Rogers belongs to.

“Buddy, that’s a Took.”

“I know, right?  Isn’t he adorable?”

Are you out of your cotton picking blue mind?  A pure Took is a walking Hobbit disaster!  Look at Pippin!  That’s why I picked Bagginses with a dash of Took in them for doing things like flinging accursed objects of power into volcanoes!  Bagginses don’t wake up goblin armies or fool around with palantirs!”

Pallando a.k.a. Abraham Erskine rolls his eyes at him.  “Pippin Took is one of your favorites, don’t give me that bullshit, yo.  Also, young Steven’s got a heart of gold and look, he’s not alone.  He’s married to a Baggins.”

And then, Dr. Erskine introduces Gandalf to Bucky Baggins…. er…. Barnes. 

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Oh yes, I've seen the hint that Namjoon is anti-gay made by some people before, which like you said doesn't make sense since he's the only member that has openly and directly declared support for gay people. Tiny bit similar to when only Namjoon says or does something really good and fans are like: "our woke kings", "I stan the right group". Anyway, you're a better person than me, I'm proudly petty and won't reblog that girl cause her actions reduce her credibility though I like that post.


yeah people need to stop talking out their asses. when youre arguing with an anti theyre always like “sources?” and im fine because i have my receipts all in order, but then they make dumbass claims like that and nobody says shit im like??? ur just gonna parade these alternative truths and act like u got him good? bitch i wanna see your reciepts. whats this analysis ur doing there where ur like “he coughed when they asked a question about a man which shows hes hates men which proves hes homophobic wow these are FACTS” ?? bitch what kinda dick are you smoking??!?! 

when i do analyses on the psychological/cultural stuff on this blog i almost always reference some kind of theory, some kind of study, some historic event. namjoon stans always have their shit together. theyve got their defenses in mla format, double spaced, a full bibliography with links and a slideshow as a visual aid. antis are the ones coming in with some 3rd grade dirty ass billboard that they dropped in a puddle and wrote on in crayon. messy. anti’s really get away with the most. theyll say the craziest shit