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Me Asking A Man, “What Is A Ho?”

Aysha Bee : What is a ho?

Man : Any woman who. .

Aysha Bee : Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Slow down. Why gender specific?

Man : What?

Aysha Bee : A ho. Why be gender specific?

Man : Because only a woman can be a ho.

Aysha Bee : Explain why.

Man : I mean, I don’t know. That’s just how it is.

Aysha Bee : Can a man be a ho?

Man : No.

Aysha Bee : Why not?

Man : Because he is not a woman.

Aysha Bee : Right but let’s try to get me to understand this. Why can’t a man be a ho but a woman can?

Man : Because there are certain things that a man can do sexually that a woman just can’t do.

Aysha Bee : Is it that she “can’t” do it as you so put it? Or is it that she shouldn’t do it, in your opinion?

Man : I mean, she can do it…but she shouldn’t.

Aysha Bee : Okay so what is the difference? Please be clear.

Man : Well, damn. Isn’t it obvious?

Aysha Bee : No it’s not for me. Please help me understand. I want to learn from you.

Man : Okay. Well only a woman can be a ho because there is a certain way a woman should carry herself. Men are sexual beings and women are not. It’s just who we are.

Aysha Bee : Interesting. Who do you usually have sex with?

Man : What?

Aysha Bee : I mean, gender wise.

Man : The fuck? I have sex with women.

Aysha Bee : Right. I got you. So are those women sexual?

Man : What do you mean?

Aysha Bee : Are those women sexual? You know, when they’re having sex with you.

Man : …Yeah, obviously.

Aysha Bee : I’m really learning from you. So your earlier statement was

that women aren’t sexual. I mean, not like men are. Correct?

Man : Correct.

Aysha Bee : But you also said that the women who have sex with you are sexual. Correct?

Man : What is the point of all these questions?

Aysha Bee : You’re right. I don’t want to stress you out because I’m really learning from you so let’s move on. We have established that only women can be hoes. Good. So what about a woman will make her a ho?

Man : That’s easy. If she has sex with too many men.

Aysha Bee : Sex with too many men. Got it. You’re really insightful. Thank you. Do you have a quantity?

Man : A quantity of what?

Aysha Bee : A quantity of how many men is too many men for a woman to have had sex with.

Man : Why?

Aysha Bee : Because you are really educated on this topic so I figured you would know. How many?

Man : I mean …I guess I’ll just say twenty.

Aysha Bee : Twenty men?

Man : Yeah.

Aysha Bee : Any woman who has had sex with at least twenty men is a ho. Noted. What about a woman who has had sex with nineteen men? Gosh, that’s pretty close but she just missed the mark huh? I would say she isn’t a ho. Not yet. What would you say?

Man : *Shrugs*

Aysha Bee : But one more man and she is an awwwwwffulll hoe, would you agree?

Man : Yeah.

Aysha Bee : I’ll make sure that I never have sex with more than nineteen men. I respect myself.

Man : I mean…I don’t know if that makes sense.

Aysha Bee : What doesn’t make sense?

Man : A ho is a ho.

Aysha Bee : Now you just wait one minute because now you’re being unfair. You said that a ho is a woman who has had sex with twenty men.

Man : Yeah.

Aysha Bee : Now just why can’t I have my nineteen men like the wholesome woman that I am?

Man : Because that doesn’t make sense. That’s still a lot of men. Okay just forget the number. A ho is a woman who will fuck a lot. Fucks everyday. Just always fucking.

Aysha Bee : Interesting. I’ll take that. I’m really learning a lot from you. So if a woman has sex everyday, she is a ho.

Man : Yeah because she is always fucking. Like a man.

Aysha Bee : I never want to be a ho. So I’ll make sure that if I ever get married, I will rarely have sex with my husband.

Man : Why would you not have sex with your husband? You are supposed to.

Aysha Bee : Yeah but not everyday! I mean, I’m not a ho.

Man : If I had a wife, I would want her to fuck me everyday.

Aysha Bee : So you plan on marrying a ho?

Man : What?

Aysha Bee : A ho. A woman who fucks everyday. A ho.

Man : Awww stop playing. There are exceptions to the rule obviously.

Aysha Bee : What are the exceptions? You’re a very bright guy. I’m learning a lot from you.

Man : If she is having sex with a man who she is married to, it’s cool.

Aysha Bee : Are you married?

Man : No.

Aysha Bee : Do you have a girlfriend?

Man : Yeah, why?

Aysha Bee : Does she have sex with you?

Man : Yeah.

Aysha Bee : Wow, what a ho.

Man : What? Aye, chill on my girl. Another exception. If a woman has sex with a man she is dating, that’s cool too.

Aysha Bee : Is your girlfriend sexual?

Man : She gotta be sexual to be with me. I only date sexual women. I’m a freak.

Aysha Bee : Only men can be sexual.

Man : What?

Aysha Bee : I’m really learning a lot from you.

Man : Okay look …

Aysha Bee : How many women have you had sex with?

Man : I don’t know. I lost count.

Aysha Bee : This has been really helpful. But I feel that a lot of information has been debunked throughout this conversation. So if I can ask you one last time, what is a ho?

Man : I don’t know, yo. Ain’t no ho. Shit.



The lesson to be learned here is that women should not be judged for our sexual decisions with our bodies. Nobody should. Everyone should be free to exercise their sexuality as they see fit.

so in the recent cuphead let’s play, geoff mentions he’s a gemini for like a literal 5 seconds and i was curious so here’s a masterpost of all the achievement hunters’s signs:

geoff ramsey: gemini

jack pattillo: capricorn

ryan haywood: sagittarius 

michael jones: leo

gavin free: gemini

jeremy dooley: gemini

trevor collins: sagittarius 

alfredo diaz: taurus 

lindsay jones: virgo

matt bragg: gemini 

andy blanchard: pisces

steffie hardy: pisces

larry matovina: leo

kent cook: pisces

neal werle: leo

ashley dillard: aquarius 


From justslimeinfo on instagram!

I really wanna write a Zelda all about Dadondorf, like

In this cycle, Ganondorf wakes up/reincarnates/is freed early, and as he’s finally gotten sick of the cycles, he finds the infant Hero of Courage and either kidnaps him or orphans him so that he can raise him for himself, with the goal of corrupting him towards darkness and evil

But over time, Link corrupts Ganondorf, and by the time he’s old enough for him becoming the Hero of Courage to begin reasonably getting set in motion, Ganondorf has legitimately become a caring father to him

And then this cycle’s Zelda begins a hunt for the Hero of Courage and the Bearer of Power, because Ganondorf’s awakening all those years ago did not go unnoticed, and this Zelda only believes in the roles Fate has laid out for the three; as such she’s lost perspective on her own rule and has become something of a tyrant.  When she and her entourage reach Link and Ganondorf’s village, she meets them both (by accident; Ganondorf didn’t know she was there) and she takes Ganondorf prisoner with the intent of executing him

And Link has to begin his journey in a way nobody ever intended: to free the land from the tyrannical Princess Zelda, and to rescue Ganondorf from her diabolical clutches

Bonus points for Ganondorf reveling in the quiet love of the parental bond and genuinely being remorseful for his actions in past cycles

Additionally, Link has to wrest the usual Zelda reincarnations from fate’s grasp; he has to convince Impa to rebel, the oracles of the three goddesses to forsake their traditional champion, he has to spend the entire game telling fate that the universe has finally had enough.


Fallen Angel AU: Tadashi, a child of the angels Daichi and Sugawara, is cast down from the heavens for a sin he committed and is stripped of his rights as an angel. There on earth he meets Tsukishima as a child and the two grow attached to each other as the years goes by. 10 years later from their first meeting, Tsukishima and Tadashi begin to develop romantic feelings for each other, however evil fallen angels begin to search for Tadashi as a way to re-enter heaven.

Glowing siren mom and octo-son~

(ft. @ask-aph-merman-arthur and @ask-merman-oliver)

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Please stop taunting me with posts that say "hey theres content you'd looooove~~~ (but it's behind a pay wall :3c)" or at the VERY LEAST tag the posts as "for patreons only" or something so I can blacklist it and move on? It makes me want to punch my monitor and it has happened in the past. (I can submit photo proof if youd like.) I don't want to hate you and I really don't want to ruin this blog for myself.

you… destroyed your own property because artists want to make a living? you torrent indie games, don’t you.

hold on let me get this straight scott mccall and his gang have been running around for 5 years defeating shit like goddamn poisonous lizards and scary men on horses who kidnap people right??? countless people have died or gone missing. scott battled the beast in the fucking library right in front of how many teenagers

and yet nobody is afraid until corey heals when his hand is stabbed with a pen. what the fuck. this is why beacon hills is a supernatural beacon. everyone’s a fucking idiot.