nobody is free

don’t waste foods, especially jacob’s fresh baked pastries

here’s the parody ver of scene when tina opened newt’s case, turned out it was jacob’s case with pastries and sweets inside, and then graves just stared and passed by. but you know… nobody can resist free food right? 

Pocky Game w/ Pentagon

Jinho: members forced him to play, doesn’t look at you cuz he’s flustered, bit the picky before reaching your lips

Hui: prob started the whole game, purposely set himself up with you, def went in for the kiss

Hongseok: took the pocky outta your mouth and just kissed you anyway, kept the pocky afterwards, got a kiss and a snack so he’s happy

E'dawn: makes it seem like he’ll kiss you (if that makes sense), ends up backing out and biting the pocky like halfway through the round

Shinwon: acts like he doesn’t wanna play but he really does, “you’re really lucky you get to play with such a handsome guy”, wanted as much pocky as he could so he kissed you lmao

Yeo One: takes fOREVER to bite the pocky stick, prob winked at one point for no reason, thought your lips touched so he freaked and bit the pocky

Yanan: tries really hard to not play, you’ll have to be the person who’s biting it cuz he won’t, no kisses cuz he’s too shy

Yuto: is the slowest player, didn’t know the game started so y'all are just awkwardly sitting there with pocky in your mouths, might go in for a kiss then get all embarrassed about it

Kino: gets super competitive jfc, is moving VERY fast towards you, forgets you’re on the other side of the pocky stick and ends up biting your lip on accident

Wooseok: purposely takes the side with the frosting, was hoping he could be as smooth as hui, your lips will brush and he’ll freak tf out

  • Rei: Nagisa, I need your help!
  • Nagisa: What happened?
  • Rei: This girl wouldn't stop flirting with me no matter how many times I said I wasn't interested or gay so I told her I was married.
  • Nagisa: need me to be a pretend husband?
  • Rei: Why would I want anyone else as a husband?
  • Nagisa: I'll go get rings!

Sexism. Racism. Homophobia. Transphobia. Ableism. Ageism. For gender equality. To love who we want to love. To identify how we wish. For equal pay. For reproductive rights. For planned parenthood. For every basic human right that WE deserve. Because nobody is free while others are being oppressed.

“Life doesn’t happen for free, nobody’s going to give you anything. I sound like an old man, but honestly, it’s really hard out there. You’ve just got to know that you’re picking something that you’re willing and able to work really, really hard at. It gives you a sense of satisfaction in doing so because, if it doesn’t work out, you’ll at least feel satisfied that you spent that time trying.”

All you anons are rockin’ those shades.  They make you look aloof.

I’m happy to say 99% of anons are positive awesome people :)  I love the variety of stuff I see, from funny stories and puns to good questions to lovely art to polite comments letting me know when something is offensive so I can remove/change it. 

Y’all are the reason I stick around.  

And the free pizza.  Wait, nobody told you about the free pizza?

All my life you stood by me when no one else was ever behind me. 

If “Drag Me Down” does not scream Matsuoka siblings to you then you are wrong. God, this song. You all should listen to it okay, maybe cry a lil, too. Whichever floats your boat, man.

i am actually genuinely a little bit pissy at the way they’re writing Reid at the moment (but not enough to actually care b/c cm would have driven me up a wall years ago if i let it) b/c i honestly, genuinely think they’re not writing him to his intelligence right now and it’s annoying me.

I mean, i made the shawshank comment as a joke, but Reid would /absolutely/ manage to navigate prison life better than he has been, maybe not 100% as good as he could have when not shaken up, but better than this. He knows the make up of prison gangs, even if he didn’t, he could profile it from the inside. 

And even if he didn’t try to get on anybody’s good side, the man is an expert in human behaviour, and goes to prisons to interview inmates for his job… I think he’d have at least a working knowledge of how to navigate being there without bluntly angering the people who will harm him. 

I’m the first to admit i don’t like framed for murder plots, but i take it better when they’re written with skill, and this is just annoying at this point.