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i love those kinky nalu official arts mashima drew as much as the next fan, but seeing people talk about it as if that’s what made nalu canon is really annoying. 

you know what made nalu canon? all the amazing, countless “more than friends, less than lovers” moments between them since they first met and became a team. the teasing from fairy tail about their relationship. natsu falling on lucy after the war, telling her “i’m home” and lucy responding with “welcome home”. natsu calling lucy precious to him. the finale, where he promised they’d be together forever. natsu literally losing himself and turning into a demon over lucy’s “death”, almost killing one of his best friends in the process. the relief on their faces when they finally reunited. natsu and lucy willing to do absolutely anything if it means they can protect each other. the entirety of dragon cry. natsu, lucy, and happy being a family and finding comfort in each other, worrying for each other, because this is their home.

that’s what made nalu canon. the bdsm roleplay was just a great bonus.

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As a PR person, how would you end babygate right now? If you feel more comfortable I can come off anon ! I'm genuinely curios

“Louis Tomlinson learnt a few weeks ago, through a paternity test due to continuous disagreements with former fling Briana J,  that little Freddie isn’t his biological son and, with a heavy heart, the two said goodbye to each other and he moved on, counting on his family and friends’ (and wonderful gf Eleanor Calder, of course) support and love. He focused on his music to get through such a painful and shocking moment of his life and BANG he came up with this terrific new single XXX, listen to it on Spotify, buy it on iTunes! Louis will be performing it live this week and has a couple of exciting surprises in store for you, stay tuned!”. 

I sit here and think about my fave childhood show “Gargoyles” once in a while and this is has always bothered me:

In Hunter’s Moon, Demona had plotted to eradicate the entire human race with a magical virus and claimed that she and all Gargoyle-kind would have been protected by her praying Gargoyle statue. But she STILL technically would have died because the stipulations of her contract with Macbeth was that the only way either could die was if one directly killed the other. But by releasing the plague that would have killed all humans INCLUDING Macbeth she would have technically been the direct cause of his death which would have caused her to suffer the same fate.

Which is a beautiful Shakespearian irony that still amuses me to this day and SO in keeping with the show that I have always wondered if it was intentional on Greg Weisman’s part or not.

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P.S. What about the fact that she also turns into a human by day? If her Bond with macbeth wouldn’t kill her then the virus might have gotten her while she was all human (or at least made her extremely sick to the point of almost death every single day).

The Groke

The Groke first appears in Finn Family Moomintroll, as the horrible creature who chases Thingumy and Bob. Her name is also something akin to a curse among all other characters, as they often use it to frighten small children or express how angry they are. At the same time, Moominmamma tells us how it’s not appropriate to talk about The Groke; not about her or to her. If you talk about her, she will get bigger and come after you. It’s best to talk around the subject and ignore her. In a manner The Groke is similiar to Hattifatteners; outsiders who are both strange and threathening. These creatures live in the margins of the proper life and just thinking about them can lead you down the wrong path. Characters like these must have been exciting for Tove to create; she loved all things scary and unknown ever since she was a little girl.

The Groke’s role adjusted as the stories and style changed in the books. First Moomin books are honest children’s stories. Text is more straightforward, action is clear and threaths come from outside. Everything ends happily. Starting from Moominland Midwinter the books take a turn towards more mature story telling and become more targeted towards older audiences (but still keep the child-friendly touch!). In the first books the Groke is one of these outside threaths that must be overcome. She is a monster that comes to the valley, demanding Thingumy and Bob to return her jewel. The Groke can also be seen to represent the law, as she is trying to take away the forbidden love (jewel) from Thingumy and Bob (Tove and Viveca). The Swedish name of The Groke (Mårran) was actually a word Tove and Viveca used to describe hatred towards homosexuality.

In ”Moominland Midwinter” and especially in ”Moominpappa at sea”, The Groke has evolved into a more complex character. She can be seen as the very symbol of loneliness. She is forever cold and always follows the light. The cruelty of her yearning is that whenever she approaches a lantern or a candle she just makes it go out. Moomin event hinks that entire winter must belong to the Groke! Like Moominmamma tells us, The Groke has not truly done anything mean. She is just so cold that it’s impossible to be with her. She also hints that maybe the reason The Groke is like that is because nobody has ever cared about her.

The Groke is a difficult character to determine and even Tove Jansson herself declined to explain her. Many people who have analyzed Moomin books have still been able to see a connection between The Groke and depression. Depression was a familiar guest in the Jansson family and Tove struggled with it her entire life. It’s a topic that is always hidden and much like The Groke, it freezes the warmth. This is most evident in ”Moominpappa and the sea”. Tove wrote the book after her father had passed away. The Groke follows the Moomin family and haunts Moomintroll through the whole book, where her role can be seen to represent the sadness and depression Tove experienced when she lost her father. In the end, the only way to cure The Groke of her coldness is to embrace her. Moomintroll comes to meet her at the beach; this act or caring makes The Groke dance and sing.

After The Groke leaves, Moomintroll touched the sand and realized it’s warm. Tove said that she ”warmed the Groke” in the book.

As a cute sidenote: many readers often wished that Tove would give The Groke a friend. Tove declined because a warm Groke served no literally purpose. But in an answer to one letter she did envision a family for the Groke. She told that there is a herr-mårra (Mr Groke) and when the two Grokes meet, they will become warm. Afterwards they have small groke-children, morits (moriter). These children are warm.

Find You

I’ve written a lot, esp for Sterek but I’ve never once posted…. Today is a new day I suppose…..

Find You -

“Derek,” Stiles cried clutching the man’s shirt. He’d been here before, he heard in the back of his mind, leaning over Derek, begging him to come back. Somehow, Stiles knew this time would be different. And then Derek gasped a breath and the younger man wanted to launch himself forward but the sound of wolves gone feral echoed through the air.

“R-Run,” Derek choked, drops of blood pooling at the corners of his mouth.
“No,” Stiles huffed, his heart shattering. “Please, not you. Everyone is gone, not you. I-I can’t do this without you.”
“S-Stiles, please,” Derek reached up and cupped his cheek. He’d refused to touch him for so long, not wanting to greedily latch onto the boy despite that he knew, he KNEW Stiles would happily accept him with open arms. “You c-can’t die here, n-not now.”

Stiles bit down hard on his lower lip, so Derek couldn’t smell the blood, the pain, he was to far gone and Stiles was right behind him.
“We’re all that’s left, why does it matter where I die or when?” Stiles dropped his head down, resting against Derek’s chest, the wolf’s heart beat slower then normal, his body felt cooler.
“Ple-Please live Stiles-”
“You can’t ask that of me,” Stiles snapped, jerking back. “You can’t. My dad… Scott… They’re all… They’re…”
“Stiles,” Derek reached for him again with a shaking hand. Stiles didn’t hesitate, hands fisting into Derek’s shirt before he shoved all emotions into a kiss, a clumsy, teeth clattering kiss.

“It’s too late,” Stiles whispered as he pressed his forehead to Derek’s.
“I d-don’t-”
Stiles gripped his hand and placed it over the hole in his side, the feral had ripped a pretty decent gash. Derek obviously couldn’t see how pale he was, Stiles knew he’d lost to much blood so he’d never be able to run from the wolves.

At the thought a howl erupted nearby and when Stiles looked down, Derek’s eyes were filled with tears.
“I-I lov-”
“I know,” Stiles sighed and leaned back down. “I know big guy. I love you too.”
“I wish… I wish I’d said it s-sooner. D-Done something s-sooner,” Derek’s breathing sounded wet now as Stiles maneuvered to lie beside him, head still on his chest.
“It doesn’t matter,” Stiles said because it didn’t, not now. They’d lost everyone, failed to protect the last people they had and now it was just them.
“In another life,” Stiles cut Derek off. “In another world, we’d be good for each other and we wouldn’t lose everyone. Maybe werewolves-”
“You’d be m-mine,” Derek huffed out. “I’d find you, w-wouldn’t waste t-time.”

The growls were merely feet away and Stiles knew this was it, these wolves would finish the job they had started. He figured he should be afraid, but lying next to Derek, knowing what he knew, he could only think one thing. “I’ll find you,” he choked. “I’ll find you Der, in the next life, I’ll find you and we will make sure that we make it. That all of us make it.”
“I-” Derek choked, coughing blood. “I’ll m-meet you h-half way.”

Stiles smiled, a broken, unseen smile but he did, clutching onto the last piece of his heart and throwing out the wish that they’d get the opportunity, knowing Derek meant exactly what he said. And then the world fell away.


The young emissary took in a harsh breath as the colors of his own world filled his vision once more. Deaton had warned him that these spells were dangerous, which is why he chose the smart plan to do this alone so no one else could get hurt. And yet… Scott was standing off to the side, looking like a kicked puppy and Derek was leaned over him, hand fisted to his side. That’s when the sting in his cheek registered.
“Ow,” he blinked up at the older man, Derek’s shoulders visibly slumped in relief.
“Oh thank God,” Lydia sighed. Stiles rolled his head back to see the red head lingering near his window, Allison stood beside her, hands laced.
“What happened,” Stiles croaked.

“You died,” Isaac said bluntly.
“Asshole,” Erica snipped from beside him, Boyd had taken up the desk chair.

“Kid, I gotta say,” his father sighed from the doorway. “I agreed to the training but I thought you’d do it under supervision.”
“Sorry pops, this was different,” Stiles grinned as he sat up, Derek simply shifted back but remained practically in his lap.

“Stiles, the hell man,” Scott finally snapped. “You said you weren’t going to do it!”
“You knew about this,” Derek snarled up at the Alpha.
“I didn’t know he’d go through with it!”

“Exactly what was it,” Malia asked, sprawled across his bed.
“A memory spell,” Scott sighed. Stiles went to correct him when Deaton beat him to it, “It’s an old enchantment, intended to recall the memories of our past selves. Often from an important duty that has yet to be full filled. I told you how dangerous this was.”
“Yeah, yeah. Nearly die, lots of warnings, I got it,” Stiles finally pushed himself up and stood. Derek took an extra moment crouching before he to, rose up.

“Stiles, this isn’t a game,” Deaton started but the boy waved him off.
“I needed to do this,” he smiled and looked at Derek.
“Why,” his father asked. Stiles eyes were locked with Derek’s, he smirked, deciding to ignore everyone in the room when he felt the residual magic bubbling below his skin.

“Do me a favor,” he smiled and took a step towards him, Derek’s eyes flicked left then right like he didn’t believe Stiles was speaking to him. He gave a sharp nod, like he needed to confirm he was listening. “Meet me half way,” Stiles smirk grew as he stepped right into Derek’s space and leaned forward.

He moved slowly though, if Derek didn’t want this, didn’t want to know then he could draw back. Instead though, Derek’s hand cupped the back of Stiles head and their lips met some where in the middle. The room melted away, the memory Stiles had found took over, magic surging through him and pressing into Derek.

The wolf’s eyes flew open, glowing silver as the memories passed before him: Stiles, making similar snarky comments as he had done now only in new environments, Stiles laughing at a remark Derek had made and then they’re lying next to each other, promising to meet in eternity.

With a gasp both men stepped back, Stiles holding his breath and waiting as the magic fades from Derek. And then the wolf grins, “You found me.”


If I could, I would not do anything else. I’d just be in the studio for my whole life. I would never go to parties, events, and red carpets. I would rather just be in the studio for the whole time. I don’t even care. Nobody has to know what I look like. I just want to make music.

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  • Arthur: Merlin is the literal worse manservant ever. He is an absolute idiot. He never listens. I don't need him at all. He is completely useless. I don't care if he lives or dies.

If I could, I would not do anything else. I’d just be in the studio for my whole life. I would never go to parties, events, and red carpets. I would rather just be in the studio for the whole time. I don’t even care. Nobody has to know what I look like. I just want to make music.

The end of school always has a particular feeling to it. It’s the same every year, but this year the feeling is amplified, because there won’t be a next year. There’s an air of things closing down. Teachers wear shorts and T-shirts to class. They show movies while they clean out their desks. Nobody has the energy to care anymore. We’re all just counting down, passing time. Everyone knows where they’re going, and the right now always feels like it’s in the rear view. Suddenly life feels fast and slow at the same time. It’s like being in two places at once.
—  Jenny Han, Always and Forever, Lara Jean