nobody from the show seems to like him


Booster Gold #26

This is from Boosters perspective and he feels all these guys treated him and Ted like they were beneath them. 

Because they do

Justice League is like high school for super heroes. If your not with the big three you’re nobody.

This facet is one reason I like the unlimited series, it showed painfully fast how cliques and social circles were in the league. 

Also Identity Crisis. It was the first time I read a Justice League thing, and it was really jarring how fragmented and “cliquey” the JL seemed

Riverdale Jughead Imagine

He’s Just Not That Into You’ inspired - (Gigi and Alex)

- You are a hopeless romantic. Every guy you date you look for signs that he’s the one

-You go on a date with Archie Andrews to Pop’s, it’s entirely casual and on the whole he seems rather uninterested. 

-He tells you he’ll call you sometime, and that maybe you can do this again. 

-You readily agree and are excited at the possibilities of your future together, oblivious to his disinterest. 

-A few days pass and you receive no call and he doesn’t acknowledge you at school, it’s almost as though he’s forgotten who you are.

-You go back to Pop’s that night, he’d left one of his guitar picks and you hoped maybe you’d find him there and would be able to start a conversation with him.

-Instead you find Jughead Jones, who you know is his best friend, you sit across from him and explain your predicament, Jughead laughs sourly.

-’Listen, you seem like a cool girl so I’m just going to tell you - Archie’s never going to call.’ 

-’What? How do you know?’

-’Because he’s a guy, it’s what we do.’

-’But he said he had a nice time?’

-Jughead told you that it didn’t matter, it had been a week and he hadn’t called and wasn’t going to. You tried to argue that maybe he had tried to call but he had dialled the wrong number or had just been busy.

-’Or he’s just not into you.’ Jughead would bluntly confirm. 

-You begin to rattle on about your friend Ginger who had the same thing happen to her and in the end it had been one massive misunderstanding and now she and the guy were happily together.

-’Okay no, your friend Ginger is the exception. You’re the rule. And the rule is: if a guy is treating you like he doesn’t give a shit, then he genuinely doesn’t give a shit.’

-’Every time?’ ‘Every time.’

-After your eye-opening conversation with Jughead Jones you continued to return to the booth at regular intervals.

-Usually after a date

-You’d tell him all about it and ask him his verdict, his answer was always the same.

-’He’s not into you.’

-Sometimes you’d take your dates to Pop’s and he’d casually observe from his booth, mouthing those same words with a knowing look.

-Slowly a friendship was beginning to blossom between the two of you. You had exchanged numbers so that you didn’t have to run to Pop’s after every date to ask for his.

-You rang him one night, halfway through a date, the guy had made up some obvious excuse as to why he couldn’t see you for a while - you knew he wasn’t into you, yet you needed Jughead’s opinion on the matter.

-He answers in what seems to be midway through conversation with another person - probably Betty, you feel kind of touched that he answered. You let him know the situation and he laughs that you should just run out of there.

-’What so I’m just supposed to run from every guy that doesn’t like me?’

-’Uh, yeah.’

-’But there’ll be nobody left.’

-Over the following weeks you started to go on less and less dates. 

-You hung out at Pop’s a lot more, sometimes with Jughead and sometimes just hoping he’d show up.

-He always seemed pleasantly surprised to find you already sat in his booth.

-You had your own inside jokes with each other and shared what you believed to be flirty glances, small smiles that you took as signals that maybe there was this mutual feeling between you both. 

-He’d nudge your shoulder, you’d share your fries, you’d take it in turns to pay the bill. 

-Were you in a relationship?

-One night you decided to broach the subject.

-Oh God were you wrong. 

-’But the signs?’

-’What signs?’

-’The smiles, our conversations, picking up the bill’ You had started off cheerily, ‘I - I felt something?’ You faltered.

-’Y/N, what are you talking about? Oh man. What have I been saying since I met you? If a guy wants to date you, he will make it happen. He will ask you out. Did I ask you out?’


-’Then why would you do this? Oh shit. Why do girls do this? Why do they build up every little thing in their minds, take each little thing a guy does and then - then twist it into something else?! It’s insane.’ He had gotten up to leave the booth. 

-’I’d rather be like that than be like you.’ ‘Excuse me, what’s that supposed to mean?’

-’I may dissect each little thing and put myself out there too much but at least that means I still care. You may not get hurt or make an ass of yourself that way but you don’t fall in love that way either.’ You had pulled yourself up from the booth, ‘You have not won, you’re alone Jughead!’ 

-You stormed to the door before turning around and staring at a dumbfounded Jughead.

-’I made do a lot of stupid shit, but I know that I’m a lot closer to finding someone than you are.’

-’I’ll call you.’ You said and smiled as Reggie Mantle placed a kiss to your cheek and got up from the booth.

-’I had a really nice night, Y/N.’ ‘Me too, Reggie.’ With that he exited Pop’s.

-You stared down into your milkshake until a cough alerted you to another presence. ‘Did you forget something? You questioned without looking up, believing it to be Reggie.

-’Yeah, I did.’

-You looked up and saw Jughead looking down at you sheepishly. 

-’Oh yeah, and what did you forget?’ ‘To return this.’ He held up a hair grip. 

-’So you came all the way to Pop’s, at a quarter to 11 at night, to give me a hair grip?’ 

-‘Yeah, yeah I thought I should just come up with some really great excuse to come over here, that’s how its done isn’t it?’ ‘Sometimes.’

-’Look I can’t stop thinking about you it’s a problem, I keep walking by your locker, writing out texts and deleting them, I’m turning into-’

-’Me.’ You smiled at him softly. 

-’Yeah.’ He smiled.

-’A wise person once told me, that if a guy wants to be with a girl he will make it happen, no matter what.’ ‘That’s true.’ ‘But when I was throwing myself at you, it didn’t seem like you wanted to make it happen.’

-’Yeah, well here’s the thing about that.’ He was sat beside you now, his body was drawn closely into yours. ‘You were right, I’ve gotten so used to keep all of these people at a safe distance, that I didn’t know - didn’t know what it actually felt like when I fell - fell for one of them. I didn’t know.’ 

-Silence fell over you, your cheeks felt like they wanted to break into smile but you couldn’t allow yourself to bend that easily.

-’Look I just went out with Reggie, maybe he’s exactly what I need right now? No drama. He calls when he says he will, does what he says-’

-’I can do those things too.’ He drew himself even closer to you with desperation.

-’But you didn’t! And that same wise person told me that I’m the rule, that I have to stop thinking that every guy will change, that I have to stop thinking that-’

-He cut you off with his mouth. He brought his hand up to the side of your face, his hands curling into your hair as he cemented his mouth to yours, his thumb gently caressing the side of your cheek. He pulled back almost unwillingly.

-’-I’m the exception.’ You finished your sentence.

-’You are my exception.’ 

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Okay geez that went on for longer than I expected (I just couldn’t stop) and yes I used a lot of dialogue from the film but I think some of the things Alex says can totally be applied to Jughead! All mistakes are my own and basically this is a substitute for me being too lazy to write a fic right now and I’m also procrastinating from doing real work.

Hope you enjoyed regardless of the fact this isn’t a real fic. 

When We Collide (Part 6)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

Twenty-something tequila shots, four different kinds of drinks and a bottle of champagne later you would have believed you weren’t able to feel anything. The banging sensation behind you was loud as Luke had smacked your back against the door but you barely felt a single feeling.

His finger was almost furiously tapping against the ring bell to his front door, desperately waiting for Patrick to open up because he hadn’t had time to inform about your arrivals, his lips nippling onto your bruises ones.

Safe to say, Luke was right about his sayings when he said that first kiss wouldn’t be the last of tonight.

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Hcs for RFA'S, V, and Saeean's reaction to MC being jealous cause their getting hit on? Thanks ^3^

No problem, anon!

Tbh, I feel like I didn’t use the right words to convey what I meant in my head, but nevertheless I hope it makes sense! When I was writing this request yesterday, I felt like my brain was melting and I kept writing gibberish lol (remember when I got that question which was like ‘post a gif to describe how you feel’? That’s why I posted the one of that skeleton and the brain lol).

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this request! ⭐ My requests are open ⭐


·         You were with Yoosung at a fraternity party. Initially, the two of you had stayed together, but Yoosung had been pulled aside by some of his university friends and since you didn’t know anyone else at this party, you started pouring drinks for yourself.

·         After finishing your third drink, you go to look for Yoosung – surely, he was done by now?

·         Well… He was, but he was talking to another person… And they seemed to be getting really close to him and kind of touchy-feely. You couldn’t help but get mad; you were tempted to throw your drink at that person.

·         Yoosung didn’t even seem to be pushing them away, instead he looked like he was enjoying it! If he was going to be like that, you were going to show him exactly how it felt.

·         You found a random guy who was alone and began to copy what the person was doing to Yoosung, checking every now and then to see if he noticed. It didn’t seem like he had, but Yoosung had actually been watching you from the corner of his eye, getting jealous too.

·         Needless to say, your plan was working, even if you weren’t aware of it.

·         When you excused yourself to get another drink, Yoosung followed you. Nobody was around, so when you got there he hugged you from behind, though your body tensed up with more jealousy. He thinks he can flirt with someone and then come back to you and act like it didn’t happen!?

·         “You were talking with another guy… I was hoping you would tell him to leave you alone.”

·         “Same could be said for you. You allowed that guy to get all close to you and wrap his arm around you.”

·          He was surprised. Like… they were flirting with him!? And you tell him that you were pretty much mimicking what that person was doing to Yoosung, and he feels bad. He didn’t mean to hurt you or create a situation with double standards!

·         “___, I’m so sorry! I didn’t realise! I thought they were being friendly!”

·         And you can’t stay mad at him, because damn you know he isn’t the best flirter. He’ll try his best but get too embarrassed to go further – you could believe him.

·         You turn around and throw a wink at him, “If you’re truly sorry, how about you show me?” and gesture towards the stairs.


·         When you two are done you stay super close to each other for the rest of the night and you smirk at the guy who was flirting with him. Yoosung has this huge, noticeable hickey on his neck and you feel smug. They might’ve tried to steal Yoosung’s heart, but only you know the true way to win it.


·         Tbh, you’re used to people flirting with him – he’s getting more and more famous, he’s great at acting, and goddamn he’s the most beautiful being alive. And you aren’t normally bothered by it because most of them are just fans who know he’s taken, and a lot of time you agree with what they’re saying Zen does too

·         However, you were accompanying him for a premiere of his new musical, and although people were taking awesome pictures of you, there was this one interviewer who was… being a little pushy, to say the least. He was asking standard questions at first, like what Zen thought of the musical and what his favourite moments were, so you just stood next to him and held Zen’s hand to remind the interviewer that you were his s/o.

·         Unfortunately, this interviewer wasn’t taking the hint – in fact, he was ignoring that you even existed! He was beginning to get a little too close to Zen for your liking and he was beginning to ask him some personal questions. You tried to tell the interviewer to finish the interview, but he flat out ignored you and continued to talk to Zen. Now you were getting kind of pissed.

·         You tried to tell him to stop again after he began asking whether or not you could satisfy Zen, but he pushed you out of the way and did he just touch Zen’s hair!?

·         This interviewer was a creep. You needed to get away from him. You were mad, to say the least.

·         You had enough and dragged Zen away, shouting at that asshole of an interviewer to stop following you. You felt super upset and humiliated.

·         When you were sure the interviewer wasn’t following you anymore, you stopped and hugged Zen hard. You couldn’t even stop the tears from falling.

·         Zen hugged you back, stroking your hair. His heart sank when he heard you crying and he apologises for what happened, even if it wasn’t his fault – he really only has eyes for you!

·         He had been trying to tell the interviewer to lay off with the questions, but he kept getting interrupted. On any other occasion, he would probably tell you not to be so jealous because he only had eyes for you, but this was different. Besides, he can hardly judge you for getting jealous, since he gets jealous when other guys look at you with lusting eyes.

·         When the event is over and you two are heading home, you see the interviewer again. You’re about to get emotional and want to start a fight, but Zen takes you by surprise; his hand is on the small of your back and he dips you, kissing you passionately. If the interviewer wasn’t put off before, he is now.

·         “Don’t worry, babe, I’ll show you how much you mean to me when we get home. This is only a preview.”


·         It was just another day at the café for the two of you. She was serving customers while you worked on making more pastries since they were close to selling out. Things seemed perfectly fine until you briefly left to get some more flour.

·         When you returned, you saw her talking with a customer. It seemed fairly normal at first, but when you overheard the customer, you could tell that they were flirting with them. Jaehee didn’t seem too interested, thankfully.

·         At first you just continue making the pastries, figuring this is just an over-friendly customer.

·         However, when you hear her complimenting Jaehee, saying she would make a great mother, and offers her her phone number… You get pissed. Her words weren’t just any ordinary flirting!

·         You knead your dough with jealousy… Imagining it was her face. You really wanted to throw a hot coffee at them, push their face into a sticky chocolate cake, or even re-enact that Cruella Devil scene 

·         And then the customer leans over the counter, trying to get closer to her and kiss her, and you’ve had enough of this – you know Jaehee can protect herself, but you can hardly sit back right now!

·         You stand in front of Jaehee, eyes blazing with fury: “If you aren’t here for coffee, get out!”

·         Even if she’s strong enough to defend herself, she’s thankful to you. She was about to deal with them herself, but seeing you protect her actually makes her feel happy. It reminds her that she doesn’t have to deal with these types of people alone, because you’re by her side.

·         You tell her she’s so much better than some creep who only cares about her body!

·         Jaehee’s about to throw the number away when you get the idea to send it to Seven… You know, so he can mess with them.

·         Jaehee just wanted to do her job, goddammit.

·         Jaehee reminds you that she would never cheat on you with someone else – you’re a huge turning point in her life, after all, and she only has eyes for you. She would never let you go.


·         You usually joined him whenever he made business deals with clients. He doesn’t believe in luck, sure, but he believes that when you’re by his side, his business deals are more successful.

·         Except… this deal was not going so great. Well, the business side of it was, but this client was getting on your nerves. They were trying to make advances on Jumin, and not only were you by his side, he had introduced you as his significant other! And he was wearing a wedding ring, so you couldn’t understand why they weren’t getting the hint!

·         Sure, you got a tad jealous when women flirted with Jumin, but this was different. They were flaunting themselves in front of him and acting out of line for just a client!

·         You were expecting them to whip out a marriage contract any minute now, tbh.

·         What irritated you was the fact that Jumin wasn’t pushing them away and he was going along with it. Like who did he think he was!?

·         Jumin on the other hand doesn’t exactly care, and thinks you understand that they’re being ridiculous. He has the love of his life right beside him and he just wants to get this deal over and done with.

·         You wanted to pull the hair out of this client’s head and let out your jealousy, but at the same time you weren’t about to damage C&R’s name. So instead, you sat with a scowl the entire time, becoming more and more jealous and annoyed.

·         After the business deal is over, you ignore him. Your arms are folded, you’re walking ahead of him, and you look pissed.

·         He keeps calling your name, but you don’t care. Instead of going in Driver Kim’s car, you decide to walk home. But Jumin isn’t allowing it.

·         He at first doesn’t understand why you’re acting this way? He thought the business deal went fine!

·         It takes him a lot of convincing you to at least go in Driver Kim’s car… The walk is kind of far, after all.

·         When you arrive at the penthouse, you just want to look yourself in the bedroom and ignore him, but he wants to sit down and talk about your feelings. Elizabeth purrs and runs her body against you, and you reluctantly agree when Jumin says that even Elizabeth wants to know what happened.

·         You explain how frustrated you were that he was allowing the client to flirt with him. You felt angry that he would let that happen when you were next to him!

·         You expect him to say it was to secure the business deal and you shouldn’t get so jealous, but his words surprise you.

·         “___, I know what I did was wrong. I shouldn’t have let them continue with it.  Please remember that I would never betray you.“

·         To apologise, he takes a day off work so he can spend more time with you… And he makes those strawberry pancakes that he knows you love.


·         You had dragged him to the beach; he had never been as a child and you wanted to change up the scenery of your dates. Sure, you liked movie nights… But the world was out there, ready to explore! He had dealt with the agency so you wanted him to go outside more often (he was probably super deficient in vitamin D, poor guy).

·         When he saw you take off your shirt and shorts to reveal your swimwear… His glasses almost broke and he nearly fainted, “I was shore it’d swim-suit you!”

·         It turned out to be a pretty awesome date so far – he was cracking puns one after the other, you two had had a sandcastle competition (he wasn’t very good at making them, since his kept falling apart lmao), you splashed about in the sea and threw water at each other, and you collected super cute seashells!

·         It was all good… Until someone came up to him, saying they needed help with their phone. Immediately you grew suspicious; sure, he was good with technology, by why did they choose him? The beach was filled with a ton of other people, and it didn’t seem spontaneous either!

·         Supposedly their phone screen wasn’t working, so Seven agreed to help them out. You sat close to him and held onto his arm, making it clear that he wasn’t single. That didn’t deter this person, though.

·         They kept making advances! The small talk quickly turned into flirting! Meanwhile Seven wasn’t stopping them, but you tried to convince yourself that it was because he was focused on fixing this phone.

·         They kept on going on about how he was good with his hands, and it made you mad. You knew they weren’t just talking about his craftsmanship. It made you feel sick that they wanted him like that, because they didn’t even know who he truly was.

·         The whole time you’re glaring at this person and you consider burying their head in the sand, however that thought disappears when Seven is done. You expect them to go away at this point, but they want to ‘thank’ Seven…

·         You aren’t having that! As they’re about to ‘thank’ him, you grab Seven and pull him back, telling them that they don’t need to. You can’t help but shoot them a death glare, the type where you could pierce through their body and shatter their soul, and tbh they’re so creeped out that they leave.

·         Seven’s honestly confused. Were they really wanna flirt with him? He thinks he’s kinda trashy… But he notices that you still look annoyed.

·         You say that you felt super jealous watching them flirt with him… And he wasn’t pushing them away.

·         And immediately he’s super sorry! He wasn’t even focused on them to begin with, he was kind of just nodding along… He can’t even understand why they were flirting with him anyway – he didn’t have a beach body and he was super pale!

·         Nevertheless, he sees that you’re uncomfortable about it and he hugs you super tightly and gives you a lot of forehead kisses. He tells you that he doesn’t have any eyes for anyone else and you mean the universe to him.

·         “I didn’t have any eelings for her, I swear!”

·         He keeps on making pun until you start to smile and goddamn, you hate it. You can’t stay mad at him!

·         You two continue with the date and he spends two hours trying to win you a prize at a rigged arcade… He eventually gives up and hacks into the machine so he can win the biggest stuffed toy for you!

·         He buys you rock in all the flavours he knows you’ll like, but he gets super excited when they have Dr Pepper flavoured rock!

·         When the sun sets, he wants to show you that he only has feelings for you and he wants to prove his love for you, but he burned really bad because he forgot to reapply his suncream… So, you two decide to go home where you can put some aloe vera on this poor guy.


·         You two were on a date at an art gallery, and even though he was blind he was able to tell you all about the paintings if you told him the name of them. Even if photography was his specialty, he knew quite a bit about paintings, more specifically the renaissance-era ones.

·         You were guiding him through another room when you heard a loud gasp and a squeal – it seemed to be one of V’s fans. Your assumption was confirmed when they ran up to him and started to talk about how much they liked his works. This was quite normal and you sort of stood to the side, allowing him to talk with the fan.

·         However, things got… Interesting. You saw the fan gradually get closer to V, they started talking about things other than his works and soon they were flirting with him. You were slowly getting more and more jealous because the fan was interrupting your date and V wasn’t making any effort to push them away.

·         But what made your patience snap was not the fact they gave him their phone number, not the fact they were calling him pet names, not even the fact that they kissed his cheek as they took a selfie with him.

·         They called him DaddV.

·         Only you were allowed to call him that!

·         Now, even if you were fuming on the inside, you didn’t want to start a physical fight in the middle of the art gallery. That would be embarrassing. You had to be the better person.

·         Instead, you slung an arm around V’s shoulder and smiled sweetly at the fan, even though on the inside you wanted to punch them in the face and leave their bloodied face as a piece of art for everyone to take a picture of.

·         “Hey, I’m ____, Jihyun’s significant other. He’s really handsome, right? He’s really good at taking pictures, isn’t he? It’s such a shame that he’s mine and we’re on a date!”

·         Your words dripped with sarcasm, your eyes burning with jealousy and anger and your grip on V was getting tighter and tighter.

·         They immediately backed off, either terrified or thinking you were weird and creepy.

·         V senses that something is wrong, and you tell him that you got jealous when the fan was getting too close to him and calling him all those pet names.

·         Meanwhile, V was a little confused; he thought they were just being over-friendly! And since he’s so sweet and nice, he finds it difficult to say no to people or politely tell them to leave him alone!

·         In a way, he was happy that you didn’t deal with it through violent means, though he’s still apologetic. He tells you that he was sorry for not being able to push them away, and that feeling of jealousy you once had now turns into… sadness? Guilt?

·         V tells you not to be sad, because he only has eyes for you! And he’ll try to be more assertive when he wants to tell people to leave him alone.

·         You two link arms as you explore the rest of the gallery. You don’t see the fan for the rest of the night.

·         “___, I would never leave you. You’re the light that guides me through this dark, unpredictable world.”


·         You two were just on a date at the aquarium - Saeran said he had never seen a shark before so you wanted to take him out to see them and other sea creatures! It was just going to be the two of you because Saeyoung wasn’t allowed to come… You could do without the terrible fish puns.

·         The date had been going well, though you hadn’t seen any sharks yet… Saeran did get to see some stingrays and even if he tried to hide it, you could see the joy and awe in his expression as he touched one of them.

·         It didn’t go so well after you entered the jellyfish exhibit. You had become so mesmerised by the jellyfish that you didn’t notice that someone was flirting with him and getting too close for comfort until you turned around to see where he went.

·         Honestly, he doesn’t get it. He’s never experienced flirting in his entire life and has no idea of how to flirt, so he just feels awkward and confused. He can only believe compliments if you’re the one saying them, since he trusts you the most. In fact, he looked like he didn’t want to be there, so you stepped in.

·         Maybe it’s because you wanted to protect Saeran from this person who was making him uncomfortable or because you were feeling a little jealous that they were hitting on your man, but you stepped in between the two of them and told the person to back off. You were his s/o!

·         You sort of begin to rant at them, anger rising in you as you told them it wasn’t okay to invade a stranger’s personal space – you’re tempted to smash the glass separating you from the jellyfish so they get stung, but Saeran taps you on the shoulder, telling you that you guys should leave. You instantly calm down, shoot a glare at the person, and leave the jellyfish exhibit.

·         He’s actually grateful that you stepped in – he wanted to tell them to leave him alone, but words were failing him. However, he does wonder why you suddenly become clingier as you head towards the shark exhibit. When you tell him that you got angry and a little jealous, he’s a little confused.

·         He’s pretty much like, “Why? I didn’t like them. They were pissing me off”

·         Nevertheless, he does let you link arms with him – he’s not normally affectionate, especially in public, but he’ll make an exception now.

·         When you get to the shark exhibit, his reaction to the sharks is worth it. He’s in awe, his eyes glued to them as they swim around. When one comes up to the tank, he puts his hand against the glass as if he wants to touch it.

·         He allows you to take a selfie with him in front of the tank, and even if he won’t admit it… He really likes the photo. He’s saved it as his lock screen <3

·         And when you get ice cream later, he buys a huge tub of it… And lets you share it with him.

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'I really need you'

He is no stranger to the leaving, he has heard all the conventional goodbyes, he is distant and reserved from the ones that have walked out when the going got too tough.  
He was never the type to verbally express the way he feels, or what is rattling around that the brain of his. He tends to keep to himself, making it remarkably challenging to know when something is wrong or when he is just genuinely being withdrawn and reserved while jotting down lyrics in his journal.

You do your best to check up on him whilst he is away on tour, continuously managing to catch him when he is alone in his hotel room where he is free to talk, doing your best to listen to every single story he tells you, no matter how uninteresting they may seem. You listen over the phone to all the ups and downs he endures- the things he conceals from the prying media and fans that are ecstatic to have him touring for his new album. Nobody but you and his family gets to see the opposite side of him that the fans witness. He isn’t always satisfied and grinning, there are times he is down, confused, and craving the tender touch of your hand on his back, the loving and heartwarming hug of his mother, and the witty comments of his family.

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Not only should they have exclusively considered Asian or Asian-American actors for Iron Fist but they also should have considered casting a woman. Observe:

  1. The Iron Fist power is not unique to Danny Rand. Over 60 people have carried that title, in the history of the Marvel universe. Any person (of any nationality, of any race, of any ethnicity, of any age) who travels to K’un-Lun and trains long/hard enough could conceivably acquire the power. You could create a 70-year-old purple Canadian talking tree character named Fartstuff McTummytuzzles and they would be every bit as entitled to the power as Danny Rand. Also, “Iron Fist” isn’t gender specific. Duh.
  2. But okay, fine. Let’s assume that they must maintain the sacred identity of Danny Rand being Iron Fist* … “Dani” can be a nickname for a woman. So you literally don’t even need to change the name. Danielle Rand.
  3. There’s heaps of modern proof that when Marvel decides to have a female character assume the role of one of their beloved traditionally male superheroes, it is not only valid and interesting but popular. See: Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Captain Marvel. FOR GOD’S SAKE, THE CAPTAIN MARVEL MOVIE IS GOING TO BE ABOUT CAROL DANVERS, NOT MAR-VELL. APPLY THAT MODICUM OF REASONABILITY TO THIS CHARACTER ON A TV SHOW THAT NOBODY CARES ABOUT. PLEASE. IT’S NOT LIKE ANYONE’S TUNING IN TO SEE FINN JONES.
  4. A lady Iron Fist would subsequently mean that the Defenders are 50% female. Which seems like the bare minimum we should be going for, here.

* They don’t. It’s all nonsense. And this character was created to capitalize on the kung fu craze of the 1970s. And the creators (along with just about all the writers and editors at Marvel at the time) were white men. Iron Fist was whitewashed from the beginning. Reinventing him now is long overdue.

Half headcanon, half analysis…

(Spoilers for GotG 2!)

I’m actually quite impressed by how many Ravagers were ready to side with Yondu during the mutiny.

How I had understood the Ravager’s system during the first movie, it was a bit of “We do jobs together, but we are also ready to backstab each other if the price is good enough”. Yondu tried to teach that to Peter, warning him constantly not to show sentiments, and apart from Peter, Yondu and Kraglin with each other, I hadn’t seen any closer relationships amidst the Ravager’s. It seemed like Yondu himself was always keeping his eyes open and his crew under his thumb to make sure nobody would start a mutiny.

In the second movie, however, there are several Ravagers who simply refuse to betray Yondu, although the very same had started to show “softness”. They died because they stayed loyal to him.

That’s actually very different from the cold-hearted, selfish picture I had gotten from the Ravagers at first, and especially does it say something about Yondu as a captain. He must have - not only towards Peter, but also to other crewmembers - been good enough that they would throw their life away for him.

Considering Yondu’s background as a battle slave and that soft spot and good side to him that he undeniably has, I do wonder if he probably saved some of those loyal to him from settings not unlike the one he had once been in. The poor, the slaves, the mistreated – those who had no place to go to, or no freedom to choose something on their own. Perhaps Yondu kind of “collected” them, making them his crew if they wanted to (and were of use to him)? Of course he would deny any good or helpful intentions, saying that they were “useful”, but I actually could picture him doing something like that.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Wondering if you have any praise recs? Or body worship?

Yep sure !

- Oh Glory  : Harry Styles is Team Great Britain’s newest swimmer, and has spent his whole life training for this moment, a chance at the gold medal in the Rio 2016 Olympics. All his training, hard work, and dedication to no distractions is tested when he’s assigned to the same Rio apartment as Louis Tomlinson, British gymnast and Harry’s childhood crush.  (21k)

- Temporary Tattoos, Hotel Hearts, Horizon Homes   : Louis is just 18 and ends up in 2015 for one day at Harry’s request, one day to make sure his spirit is strong and hopeful enough to take him to the X Factor and end him up where he’s supposed to be. Aka, the one where Harry makes sure Louis knows how amazing he is. (18k)

- One for Luck : *the very first time Louis remembers hearing Harry Styles’ deep, deep voice, he’s just won gold at the World Equestrian Games and he’s officially back on Great Britain’s Olympic team. He’s also three sheets to the wind, drunk on victory and champagne, and there’s a gorgeous boy whispering in his ear. Life’s grand.(AU: Louis and Harry are professional riders on the British Olympic team.) (96k)

- don’t let nobody touch it (unless that somebody’s me): or the one where harry dances with other men and a jealous louis reminds him he’s the only one who can make him come completely apart. (9k)

- you are my favorite place  : harry meets louis at a basketball game. he doesn’t know why everyone seems to think that they’re an item (aside from, maybe, the hundred paparazzi photos of them that come out the next morning). (19k)

- your love is bright as ever (baby love me lights out)  : Harry’s got a late night talk show, Louis’ got a couple of Grammys, they’re best friends who like to kiss. (15k)

- Tight Fit : Louis catches Harry reading fanfiction in which he spends his time wearing ice skating leggings and is inspired, leading to a touch of arse-worshipping.(5k)

- Even If It’s Just Tonight   : Louis and Harry happen to switch their suitcases in the airport’s bathroom and it’s possibly the best mistake Harry has ever made.  ‘26k)

- take the back roads  : The one where Harry and Louis are roommates who are pining over each other and all they need is a road trip down the West Coast to bring them together. (31k)

- Come A Little Closer   : Louis puts on lingerie. It’s not, like, a thing. (10k)

- I’ll carry you home  : Harry’s never managed to get Louis into subspace before, but this time they’ve come up with a plan.  (10k)

Nothing You Can Do (But You Can Learn How To Be You In Time)  : A Canon Compliant Semi-AU. Louis braids Harry’s hair. There are good times, bad times, fancy houses, supportive bandmates, secret boyfriends, small rebellions, bigger revolutions, some nail varnish, ribbons, cute clothing,  and a Pinterest. (28k)

“well, reid got propositioned by every prostitute we talked to.”

fandom: criminal minds

starts in season 2, episode 22 “legacy” but it quickly diverges from canon

pairing: moreid

word count: 1,858

warnings: swearing, car crash, racism, mentions of alcohol

a/n: it’s lowercase partly because aesthetic, partly because i started typing it that way and was too lazy to change it. enjoy <3

i’m tagging @dontshootmespence​ b/c i think you might like this and idk how you’ll see it otherwise (oh god why am i doing this yike)

read it on ao3



later, when morgan thought about it, he was jealous.

jealous of what, derek? he asked himself.

he didn’t let himself answer.

he was afraid of what the answer would be.

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School Crush

Request: Can I request a oneshot about Dick’s school crush joining the young justice team and maybe one for Wally too???

I chose Wally.

@whovianayesha @too-many-fandoms666 @diana-jaffa @jadedhillon

Wally knew who you were the moment you stepped you foot in the mount justice. He could always distinguish every single feature of your form, from the very shade of the color of your hair, to your lips even if your mask covered half your face.

He had to talk to you, maybe tell you that you were his crush until some years ago. And that maybe he still liked you. But how could he?
It was a little hard. He was always shy around around you and nevertheless you don’t just go up to a person and tell them “hi, I know who you are, and you were my school crush, and maybe I still like you!”

No. Wally had to keep his charms and flirty ways. As long as he was covered in the yellow suit at least.

At first, he noticed that you hated his puns. You even punched him once because you felt offended and Wally could understand. So he stopped the puns.

Then again, you didn’t want his flowers either. He’d always bring you a flower, a rose, everyday. You’d always refuse to take them, being polite this time. You weren’t stupid. You knew he must have been crushing on you and you appreciated that, but you didn’t have time for games.
Wally though didn’t understand why you didn’t like the flowers. Every girl felt charmed, wanted, and blushed when he’d give them one but you? You were different. You weren’t similar to anyone. You couldn’t be called a spitfire neither a rebel. You were you. And Wally felt himself falling hard. Harder than he should have.

He knew of course, rejection would crush him. But he didn’t want to waste a second thinking that there was a chance you’d say yes. He had to be bold. He had to be simple.

“I need to tell you something” he said and you felt as if every bad thing you’d done in your whole life passed before you. Soon, you were hidden in a dark corner and Wally felt his courage disappear. He felt so foolish he brought you here and now his insecurities ate him. You were going to reject him.

But you didn’t.

You couldn’t deny the attraction between you and Wally yourself. Nobody could actually. You knew him of course since high school and he was the one who inspired you to join this hellish team. He did good and so you wanted to. You didn’t want him to go away from that dark corner, it’d be your only chance to show him you weren’t a bitch; that you had regretted for acting so horrid to him at the beginning.

Your body acted before your brain and it was only a second after that you felt your lips on his. Both sets were chapped; the cold was unbearable these days, but they seemed to fit one another like gloves do to hands. Your hands, covered in your finger-free gloves tangled around his head, and your fingers run his foxy red hair. They were so soft, softer that yours and touching them made Wally moan, which you enjoyed.

Yet, no words were spoken until the two of you pulled back, taking your masks off in the process.

“You knew tight?” You asked in a sad tone, hoping that he wasn’t disappointed that it was you who just kissed him. Wally nodded, his eyes almost asking you the same thing. And you gave the same response. It didn’t matter for how long. Just that you could finally have eachother, which was such a relief. Neither of you would have to hold back their feelings anymore.

Request #10: Daryl Imagine (Smut)

So many people asked me to write a second part to #9. (Where Daryl and Rick’s daughter are dating, and Rick finds out in the worst of ways. I apologise for taking so long. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this imagine. It’s incredibly long so be warned ;)

As long as you live under my roof, you abide by my rules 

 “You’re my daughter, (Y/N). As long as you live under my roof, you abide by my rules!”


This was great. Perfect even. Dad was being irrational. We were in the fucking apocalypse! It’s not like I would move out to go to college or to take a job in another city.

Dad had found out about Daryl and I three days ago. That was also exactly how long since I had exchanged a single word with Daryl. Rick threw him out of our house that night, didn’t even give him time to get dressed. Michonne said I should be thankful dad hadn’t cut him in half. Yeah, right.


The morning after that, it was like everyone had also found out about it. The minute I stepped foot outside of the house, the old woman from next door suddenly appeared out of nowhere, asking me where I was headed and telling me that I should have more self-respect. News travelled quickly. In the small park, someone told me that an older guy would only be interested in a ‘silly little girl’ like me for ‘you know, dear’.

Rick forbid me from seeing Daryl ever again, and vice-versa. “If you disobey me on this, I swear to God (Y/N), I will make Daryl leave Alexandria! Your choice.” No matter where I went; to the armoury to make the inventory, to the watchtower to take watch, to the park to go for a walk, pretty much everyone looked at me. There weren’t many Alexandrians, but still. Carl told me that dad had told most people to keep an eye on my whereabouts. Guess I was back in second grade where I tried to escape from home to go live in the woods before they were green.

The only people who treated me the same way as before were Tara, Glenn, Maggie and Carl. Well, Abraham just kept making some stupid jokes about it whenever my dad or Michonne weren’t around but that was to be expected from him.

“So (Y/N), is Daryl as handy down there as he is with his crossbow?” Abraham startled me, coming up behind me and laughing at his stupid words. Even Eugene who was with him was suppressing a laugh.

“Shut up, Abs. It’s not funny.” I protested, putting on my serious face but even I had to admit that Abraham could make everyone laugh.

“Oh, Grimes, don’t be sour. I’m sure he wants you to touch his squirrel as much as you want to.” The red-head winked and against my will, I couldn’t help the laugh that escaped my mouth. Abraham saluted me before leaving to go drop the guns at the armoury.

“(Y/N), your father has asked me to inform you that dinner will be held at your house tonight and that you’re expected to be there by seven, and that if you’re by any chance late he will make sure you never leave the house again and get to see the sun rise and-”

“Thank you, Eugene. But I think I got the message,” I replied, patting him on the shoulder which always made him very uncomfortable. “Wait!” I shouted as he was about to leave. “Is Daryl gonna be there?”

“I suppose that is a possibility if you take into account that he lives in Alexandria and is part of our group, and that Rick said ‘everyone’ is going to be there. But, considering the current circumstances that possibility is clearly diminished.”

“Thanks Dr. Porter!” Somehow, Eugene always smiled when I called him that.


By seven fifteen, everyone was seating around the dinner table in our house. But ‘everyone’ wasn’t everyone. Two seats at the opposite end of the table were empty. Dad made me sit at his right. Like when I was seven and had been punished for the dumb stuff I had done, and he wanted to make sure I wouldn’t leave the table before my plate was empty because he knew mom was too lax. Yep, I was definitely back to second grade.

Everyone was talking and joking, and baby sis was playing with her spoon. Carl was even flirting with Enid!

Suddenly, I heard the front door opening and seconds later Carol and Daryl stepped inside the room with the rest of the food. Carol sat down at the end of the table, Daryl on her right. Guess, there was no mathematical way I could be further apart from Daryl. I would laugh at dad’s melodrama if it weren’t directed towards me.

Thank God Maggie and Glenn were sitting close to me otherwise this would have been the worst dinner ever even though I couldn’t deny that the food was really good. As everyone was eating dessert, I excused myself from the table.

“Where are going, (Y/N)?” Dad whispered to me, holding my arm.

“To the restroom. I think I’m still allowed to go there, don’t you think?” Alright, I know I was trying him but he was being unreasonable.

He finally let go of my arm and I walked around the table, making sure that he was distracted as I passed Daryl. Without anyone noticing, or so I hoped, I slid a folded piece of paper over his lap, letting my hands brush over his crotch on purpose. I definitely heard Daryl choke a bit as I made my way upstairs.

I had been sitting on the very last step of the staircase for Daryl and he still hadn’t shown up. Maybe the thing with dad had made him change his mind about me? I was getting really antsy well he finally appeared.

“Finally,” I breathed out. I made my way towards him, staying one step higher than he was so I didn’t have to get tiptoes to kiss him. “I missed you, Daryl.”

“Look (Y/N), we got te talk,” Daryl said slowly, his thumb brushing over the bandage on my arm.

Out of nowhere, Rick appeared at the bottom of the stairwell. He tilted his head the way he always did when things were about to go awry and his right hand subconsciously went to his gun at his hip. “(Y/N) go to your room right or else-”

I sighed, looking down at my dad as I unwillingly detached myself from Daryl. “I know the drill dad; ‘As long as you live under my roof, you abide by my rules.” I blurted out, mocking him as I went to my room and locked the door shut.

Like for the past three days, Daryl didn’t show up outside my window.


When I woke up the next day, the sun was already high in the sky. I overslept and nobody bothered to wake me up.

I went downstairs to have breakfast and saw dad talking with Maggie. They seemed to be in some sort of argument. I hoped that would take the steam off of me.

She left just as I entered the kitchen and I made a mental note to go talk to her later.

“Good morning, (Y/N),” dad greeted me as I proceeded to make some toast. “I wanted to talk to you, calmly.”

“Let me guess: You wanted to talk to me about Daryl.” I knew he was trying to remain calm but if anyone had the right to be angry it was me.

“Cupcake,” he hadn’t called me that since I was a child, “Imagine what your mother would have said if she had been here. She would have been so disappointed if she knew you were seeing Daryl.”

“Oh, you’re so right. She would be the one to talk,” I laughed. “It’s not like she didn’t screw your best friend when you were in a coma.”

I might have taken it too far, I realised. Dad looked at me from the other side of the kitchen isle, his eyes expressing a coldness I had never seen. I was starting to regret my words but he stormed out of the house before I could apologise.


“Hey Maggie!” I said loudly, entering her house. She was by the kitchen table and quickly try to put whatever she had been looking at back in the drawer before closing it with too much strength.

“Hi (Y/N), how are you?” She was all flustered and I was pretty sure I knew what she was hiding.

“I’m good. You know where Daryl is?”

“Rick sent them on a run this morning. They won’t back before night.” She replied, looking quite unnerved.


“Rick was angry so he sent Daryl on a stupid dangerous run to get more guns. Glenn intervened saying Rick was overreacting. Rick said that if Glenn was so supportive of Daryl, he should just go with him and that’s what he did,” she replied, her arms crossed over her chest.

“I’m sure they will be back home safe. It’s Daryl and Glenn after all,” I tried lighten up the mood but even I was worried.

We talked a bit more and somehow, she ended up giving me an idea.

“Oh, and Maggie,” I smirked, turning around just as I was about to leave the house. “If it’s a girl, called her (Y/N),” I winked and a smile grew on her face.


Today, I discovered two things. One, Alexandria seems way more populated than it really is when you’re trying to go unnoticed. It’s like you cannot make a step without risking to run into someone. Two, remember that time you picked up a pebble at the beach and it turned out to be way lighter than expected? Well, this doesn’t apply to clothes, shoes and all personal items. They weight a lot more than you’d expect.

“Finally done,” I breathed out as I set the last bag on the floor. I was already exhausted and I still had so much to do.

About five hours later, I was done. I had finally managed to turn this house into a home. I had the gratin cooking in the oven and for the first time in forever, I was actually applying make-up and wearing something feminine.

A very feeble sound was heard from downstairs. Daryl. Only he knew where I was. I took a few long breaths, trying to relax before making my way downstairs.

He was standing still no far apart from the door. Looking around him in confusion.

“What’s this, (Y/N)?” He looked at me, clearly confused. “Why did ye take all ma stuff from ma room?”

“Rick said that as long as I lived under his roof, I had to abide by his rules,” I explained, slowly walking down the last steps, feeling very self-conscious. “Well, this isn’t his roof.” I finished, narrowing down the distance between us as the high heels clicked on the floor.

He was still looking around, his eyes focusing on the lit candlestick that brightened up the dinner table. “I made dinner. It’s certainly not as good as Carol’s, but I think it’s safe to eat,” I smile tentatively, freaking out at his lack of reaction.

“I, uhm,” he was hesitating. I had taken him by surprise and was totally regretting it now. This wasn’t how tonight was supposed to go. “Didn’t know ye could cook.”

“I didn’t know either,” I whispered. The atmosphere was so tense you could have cut it with a knife. Luckily, the oven’s timer went off at the same time, putting me out of my misery.

I indicated Daryl to his seat as I took out the gratin. The only thing going for me at that point, was that it actually looked quite tasty.

Dinner was a silent affair. He was clearly tired, hell he’d been out all day and it was way past ten at this point, but it was obvious he kept avoiding my gaze for other reasons. Every time he had to use his left hand, his arm started trembling. He had clearly hurt himself during the run but I didn’t want to push him on it.

“Do you like it?” I asked. And for the first time since we had starting eating, he actually looked up at me. At my polished face, at the deep neck line on my dress and back to my eyes again. It felt time like this was our first time alone together all over again. Like we hadn’t been together since Beth died. “The food, I mean.”

“Ye, it’s good,” he nodded before digging back into his plate. “Yer father know yer here?”

“I left him a note. I didn’t tell him where I was but I let him know I was safe.” Daryl nodded again. I shivered. There had never been so much coldness between us. Even when Merle was still around and he saw me as a kid.

I waited until he was done eating before I stood up and walked over to him. Pulling his chair back a bit so I could sit on his lap. He was so still, even hesitating to rest his hand on the small of my back. From up close, I could see him a lot clearer now, even through the dim light.

“There’s blood in your forehead. Is it yours?” I asked, brushing back strands of his hair to have a look at the wound. He winced when my elbow grazed his chest. The run had not gone all too well.

“It’s nothin’, (Y/N),” he murmured as I kept caressing his hair.

“You are covered in grime and blood. Want to me run you a bath? I could join you, and you could even get covered in Grimes afterwards,” I teased, sliding my fingertips along his jaw. He swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing.

“I’ma take a shower,” he grunted, lifting me back to my feet. “Alone,” he added as my hand searched for his.

I pushed back tears, nodding and mustering a fake smile. “You can use the master suite’s bathroom. Second door on the right once you’re upstairs.”

He didn’t say a word as he disappeared from my sight. I cleaned up the table and blew out the candles. Well, this went well.


I changed into a flimsy nightdress. It’s not like it suited the mood now but I had put away my pyjamas so neatly that I didn’t actually dare to make a mess. It’s not like I hadn’t messed up enough stuff already.

I lied on the gigantic bed, a book opening between my hands but it’s not like I was actually reading it. I couldn’t focus on anything but the running water the next door. I kept crossing and uncrossing my legs. Pulling the covers up and down, trying to decide whether I still should try to look sexy or if it was a lost cause. Suddenly, the water stopped. One. Pushed the covers down. Two. And back up. Three. I didn’t know what to do. Four. Five. Six. Seven.

He finally stepped out of the bathroom. His soaking wet hair clang to his face. A grey fluffy towel tied around his narrow hips, sliding lower and lower with each step he took. His left side was quite bruised, his bicep especially. Daryl stopped in front me, looking me up and down, focusing on my thighs where the nightdress ended. I had decided to lie over the covers after all, the stressing had me feeling very warm.

He was unsure again and I hated myself for it. I had messed things up, I brought messing things up to a whole new level.

“Your underwear and nightwear are on the first drawer of the dresser.” He muttered something I supposed was a thank you. Gathering his stuff, he went back to the bathroom to get dressed.

A few days ago, I was allowed to have my hands roam all over his body. Now I wasn’t even allowed to see it. And it was all my fault.

He came back out, wearing a t-shirt that clung to his west chest and a pair of boxers. He stood still, not knowing what to do. At this point I didn’t know either. He walked to the door, and I thought he was leaving me here until he picked up his crossbow from the ground and went to sit on the cream armchair. He looked at me, he didn’t speak to me. Instead, he kept playing with his weapon.

“Are we okay?” I asked, my voice barely audible in the large room. I knew he could hear me though, he always did. Even when we were at the CDC and everyone was talking too loud to hear my joke, he did.

“Dunno,” he muttered, his calloused fingers brushing the steel strings instead of my body. His eyes fixated on the stirrup instead of my chest. His mind probably on us, but not the way I wanted it to.

“Do you still love me Daryl?” My voice shook slightly. My eyes were wet but I didn’t want to let my tears ruin my pretty face. He lifted his head, turning his attention back to me, to my eyes. The room was dark, but I could still describe his blue eyes in detail. He wasn’t going to reply, he wasn’t even trying to find the right words to break my heart in the best way.

“I love you, Daryl. I don’t care what my dad says or what that old lady thinks of my virtue. I fell in love with you the moment you drunkenly laughed at my joke,” I went silent, I didn’t want us to break up but it seemed there wasn’t even an “us” anymore. “I won’t make you stay if you don’t want to.”

At some point, I must have managed to fall asleep. Silent crying seems to be an effective method for falling asleep. I never felt the other side of the bed sink in during the night and I didn’t dare check.

It was morning now. Certainly not after nine. Tentatively, I turned around. His side of the bed, or better the other side, was as neat as it had been yesterday. The house was silent and his crossbow wasn’t there. Well, I guess he had made his decision. Now, I just had to make my peace with it.

The bell rang downstairs. I quickly put on a bathrobe before running down the stairs, hoping it was Daryl.

“Dad,” I stated, disappointed, when I opened the door. He was in his uniform: I was eight again and he had just gotten home from work. I tried not to cry. “Come in.”

I made tea. I don’t why, it’s not even like I liked tea. But I wanted to keep my hands busy.

“I’m not angry anymore, (Y/N),” dad said as I handed him the hot cup. “I’m not happy about it, but I’m not mad at you, cupcake. If this all hadn’t happened, if Lori was still with us and everything was the way it was supposed to be, you would have gone to college by now. Yale, that was your dream, right? And I wouldn’t be there to tell you what and what not to do.”

“But things aren’t the way they were supposed to be. Lori died, Judith was born, Carl isn’t a kid anymore and I’m never going to get a college degree. And it’s okay. I’m not angry at you either, dad. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. You’re growing up and I have to face that. Maggie told me where you were. She saw you moving stuff here yesterday. If you want to move back in-”

“I want to be alone. I haven’t been alone a single minute since the outbreak.”

“Alright, cupcake,” dad nodded, standing up and kissing my forehead before leaving.


I spent the entire day napping. First in a guest bedroom and then on the couch.

I wasn’t angry at Daryl. I rushed things. I always knew he wasn’t that kind of guy and I shouldn’t have expected him to change.

The day passed quite quickly, I ate the leftovers from the night before and finished the disgusting wine.

Night had quickly fallen, I looked like a panda because of the smudged make-up and the nightdress certainly didn’t look as sexy anymore.

I was lying on the couch, I couldn’t fall back asleep. Guess, I wasn’t tired anymore, just lazy and miserable. All of the sudden, the front door behind me was pushed open. Panicking, I quickly grabbed my gun from the coffee table before standing on the couch and pointing it at the intruder. Daryl. Daryl.


“Oh my god,” I blurted out as I lowered the gun. I was confused as to why he would be here. “Sorry, I forgot to give you back your stuff.”

“Ain’t here for that,” he spoke softly. Making his way over to me with light steps, a predator, but I wasn’t his prey of choice, not anymore.

“Why are you here then,” I inquired reluctantly. I wasn’t sure I wanted to hear the answer.

“Whole town called my ma the ‘Dixon Whore’. She ain’t never been a Dixon, though. Da never married her. He fucked her, he made her carry his kids but he ain’t ever put a ring on her finger.”

“I’m so sorry, Daryl.” I felt stupid, standing on the white couch, barely keeping my balance as he told me more about his past than he ever had before.

“No, (Y/N). ‘m sorry I made ye become the Dixon whore. t’s my fault people’ve been callin’ ye stuff.”

“It’s not your fault-”

“ ‘m sorry ye got into a fight with yer dad because of me. Talked t’him this mornin’. Told him I wanted t’make things right.”

“They were never wrong, Daryl,” I whispered.

“I shoul’ get down, on ma knees or sumthin’ but yer on the couch,” he chuckled and I just stared at him confusedly. “ Ain’t gonna be like my dad. Ain’t let ye be the Dixon whore. Dixon wife ain’t much better but,” he paused. His hand going into his pocket before taking out a silver ring with a small green stone. “Know ye like green, ye told me that back at the farm. So if ye want te-”

“Oh my-” I blurted out before loosing my balance as the couch tipped over. “Daryl,” I breathed out when he caught me before I hit the thin rug on the floor.

I stared into his eyes. This wasn’t like yesterday, not at all. I knew he was all timid right now but he wasn’t avoiding my gaze. The wound on his head was no longer bleeding and he didn’t tense when my fingertips brushed over his jaw before my dry, chapped lips hesitantly met his.

His kiss tasted the way it did the first time: It tasted like the outside. Like wildness and mountain, and game. My hands roamed all over his body, careful on the bruises. His hands immediately slid between the hem of the nightdress and my skin, drawing imaginary shapes on it.

“Love ye, (Y/N). Never stopped te,” he breathed in the small distance between our faces and his had never looked so beautiful. I grinned so much it hurt.

My smirk never left as I pulled myself away from him and slid his angel wings west down his shoulders. I didn’t wait a minute before I started undoing the buttons of his flannel shirt, one by one, my fingers sliding down his chest until they arrived at his pants.

“(Y/N),” he whispered as my lips closed around his nipple, sucking on the sensitive skin while my right hand snaked inside his pants. “At least, let me get ye te bed before I take ye,” he breathed out, his chest moving up and down against my face before he picked me up. Not bridal style, no, that wasn’t Daryl. Instead he threw me over his shoulder like a dead weight.

The door to our bedroom went flying open, slapping against the wall with a loud bump. Unceremoniously, he threw me on the King bed. Standing there before me, like I was an art piece worth admiring. Lifting my upper body, I grabbed him by his belt loops before pulling him closer to be.

The way his hands travelled along my body, focusing on my breast, I knew he was impatient. So was I. It felt like it had been forever since I had last been with him. Confidently, I slid my hand between our intertwined bodies, freeing him from the confinements of the fabric.

His body left mine for a second as he took off his pants and boxers before he leaned back down and trailed kisses on my skin, starting at my ankle and moving up until he reached my panties, grabbing the delicate forcefully, destroying it instead of taking it off.

Neither of us was shy or hesitant now. I carefully grabbed his manhood, slowly, teasingly encircling it with my hand before starting moving it up and down his shaft. He stopped for a few seconds before continuing his ministrations on my erect nipples with his mouth and fingers.

When he entered me, it was with a passion I had thought impossible after yesterday. We didn’t quite make love, we didn’t quite fuck. It was the way it had always been between us: a mixture of love and lust, of tenderness and fire.

I slowly raised my right leg, letting it brush over his skin before resting it on his shoulder. The angle changed and Daryl’s trusts became quicker, deeper.

I came undone shortly before him. I was still drunken with bliss when I felt him tense up and spill inside of me. He let his body fall on top of mine, his weight crushing me but I didn’t mind. He finally rolled over, catching his breath, his face resting on my heaving chest.

“(Y/N),” he whispered against my sensitive breast, making my skin erect in goose bumps even though I felt too hot for it to be possible.

“Yeah,” I whispered back, still out of breath.

“I dunno where I put the damn ring.”

“I don’t care.” 

5ftgarden  asked:

A young Solas peeing magic.

Sera: You can make magic anywhere, Solas? You ever piss it by accident?

Solas: No….wait. No.

Sera: What? How would you not remember something like that?

Solas: We were all young once.

Welp, here it is. Solas, age nineteen, pissing magic. From the POV of Ghilan’nain. This is a Teen Wolf story. <3 Thanks, @5ftgarden, for making this possible.


Winter was a colorful chill that year, mild. The sky was red. Ghil had been hanging out in one of the alleys near Winter Street in Arlathan with a couple of girlfriends. They were snotty bitches who wore too much make-up and drank prissy booze, and she knew they only kept her around like a pet because of Solas. He could get the good drugs. He knew all the good parties, and he had a leg-up in every casino in town. Free drinks. Ghil put up with these girls because otherwise, she had nobody but him, and that seemed a stupid way to be.

She wondered where all the regular girls were. The ones who just smoked and liked to lie down on rooftops and look at the shapes in the stars. She had begun to wonder whether this was a kind of girl that actually existed, or if they were all exactly like her, and this is the thing that kept them separate from one another: they were each taken up by some tender, cute boy who felt everything but didn’t know how to show it. Ghil loved Solas so much those days, it made her teeth hurt.

These mean girls with the make-up, they all lived in dreamy castles in Arlathan, but they were small potatoes. They were anything but nobility. Their families were stupid foot soldiers to the actual queens and kings. It was like a joke. Even still, they thought Ghil’s country life a trashy novelty. They looked at Solas and they saw an unattainable treat from the wrong side of the tracks, and he sort of let them bat their eyelashes at him for a while, because he liked the attention, but that was it. He always went home with Ghil. Or, she went home with him, rather, as she had not actually spent the night in her own house for near on a month.

Ghil hated it there. She wanted to be free. She wanted to spend her nights at Solas’s house where his mother was the kindest witch in all the Weathers, and even after all these years, she still showed Ghil how to do special kinds of magic with the roots in the earth, and she would braid Ghil’s hair for her in the mornings and make ice water. Ghil showed her once how she could grow baby animals from the knots of trees—like baby chipmunks, baby eagles. Solas’s mother found this very impressive, which was high praise. Solas, meanwhile, just liked to build shit. He restored an old train car at the back of their property to working order. He put it on a track and everything. Ghil still wasn’t sure how he’d gotten it back there, but he did, somehow, and the magic he’d used was so confusing, he’d had to write it down. Just a bunch of math, she thought.

Ghil could wither birds and flower them back up into the shapes of hats, but Solas once cut a hole in space and took her through it, and together they walked in a tunnel made of stars and that somehow dropped them into one of the floating castles over Arlathan. How the fuck? said Ghil. He tried to explain. She could make animals, but he could fold the physics of the world in on itself and somehow write it all down, and this, to her, was the height of genius. But he didn’t seem to care. He had very little ambition. He just wanted to restore old train cars and experiment with worm holes in the sky. When she asked him what he planned to do with such superior magic, he merely shrugged his shoulders. “What do you mean?” he said. That was it.

So tonight, she was hanging out with the snotty bitches of the upper-middle-class of Arlathan, waiting for Solas. He was supposed to be in the Ring, but Ghil thought maybe he wasn’t there that night. He had gotten sort of sick of the knuckle fights and probably he was actually in one of the casinos instead. He played a lot of cards in those days. She thought maybe this meant he was calming down, but there was no way to be sure. Solas was just…Solas. He did what he was gonna do, and she couldn’t stop him. Nobody could.

“This root sucks,” said Hallavune. She flicked the joint to the sidewalk. She had very pretty black hair. It was so shiny, it could have been a creature slicked in oil.

Ghil sighed. “I’m going to the bathroom,” she said.

“Where?” said Areina. She was blond like Ghil, but her eyes were like ice cream cones, kind of droopy and wet all the time. Hallavune and Areina didn’t really want Ghil to leave. Ghil knew this. Because if Ghil left, that meant no Solas.

Ghil looked around. “One of the casinos,” she said. “I’ll be back.”


She went down the block a little bit, took a right into the casino called Pale Dreaming. It was the one with the tree-shaped candles, and she liked it here. It was the softest of them all, and the bartenders were nice, and they mostly knew her, because of Solas.

“Hey, kitty cat,” one of them said. He was an older man, like forty-two, sleeves rolled up, polishing a rocks glass behind the counter. “What can I get for you?”

“Gin,” she said. “Just a little. On the rocks.”

He poured her the drink, put a little sprig of rosemary. “On the house,” he said.

She smiled, sipped her drink. She did not like to drink very often, but when she did, she liked gin. She liked juniper berries. Gin tasted like the woods. “Has Solas been by?” she said.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said. “He’s here now.”

Ghil looked up. “He is?”

“Just stumbled out back for a piss, I think.” The bartender winked. He was a married man and very sturdy and somewhat handsome, but he had a deep scar going from the root of his left eyebrow all the way down to his earlobe. She wondered what could have given a man like this a scar like that.

“Thanks,” said Ghil, reaching for her purse. “Can I tip you?”

He clicked his tongue. “No, ma’am.”

She went out the backdoor. One of the bouncers showed her out. Usually, only employees got to go back there, but she was different. She was special. She was Ghil.

She found Solas not far, his head pressed hard to the wall, pissing in the alley. He had his eyes closed. She leaned right beside him, plucked a joint from her pocket. The moment she lit the end, he smiled.

“Are you a literal wolf now?” she said, smoking, debonair. “Marking your territory?”

He zipped up, gave her a look, smiled. “What are you doing back here?”

“I needed to get away from Hallavune and the other one,” she said. “They hate my elfroot.”

“Not good enough for them?” said Solas. She passed him the joint. He took a drag, passed it back.

“Certainly not,” said Ghil. She sighed. “Did you even make it to the fights tonight?”

He shoved his hands in his pockets. It was chilly out there. “No,” he said. “I think I’m done. For real this time.”


“No promises, but yes.”

She got on her tip-toes, gave him a kiss. “I think I’m gonna just hang out at the bar,” she said. “If you’re going to be a while.”

“Not much longer,” he said.

“Can I bring the bitch brigade in here? Or will they get kicked out for being too pure.”

“You can bring them only if they promise to make a face when I tell them I have no elfroot. I’m completely dry.”

“I have tons,” she said.

“Yes, but apparently, it’s shit.”

She shoved him. He laughed into her ear, kissed the highest tip. “It’s cold,” he said.


She tossed the joint, stamped it out with her boot.

But as they turned around, she saw something weird,  on the wall. “Solas,” she said. “What the fuck is that?”

He raised his eyebrows, took a step around her so he could see. Where he’d taken a piss before, there was a little vortex. Like, cutting into the plains of existence and pulsing black and silver, like a little mouth. “Holy shit,” he said.

“Are you that drunk?” she said. “You’re pissing magic?”

“I am not drunk,” he said. He kicked the wall once, and the vortex disappeared. “I don’t think.”

She sort of laughed, let him win. He kissed her on the hair and they went back inside.

One day, they would really miss this place.

For @dadrunkwriting.

For the Evulz

What it, in-universe, NO ONE knows Megamind’s origins or motivations? What if, as far as they know, Megamind just… randomly showed up and started trying to take over the world?

There’s a vague understanding that he has a grudge against Metro Man, but nobody (including Metro Man himself) is certain why. He tries to kill Metro Man and take over the city and/or world, like something out of a movie, and there is just no reason for this other than “Because I felt like it.”

Like. We sympathize with him because we know where he came from. To the average citizen, Megamind’s existence might seem comical at first glance, but terrifying once they think about it.

anonymous asked:

Yo hi I just wanted to say I adore ur art it's gorgeous but like, do you have any tips when it comes to keeping characters looking consistant? Like doing references and profiles, my characters always look different in each picture and Idk how to fix it but yours is stunning?

Thank you! Glad you enjoy my stuff.

I’m gonna admit it right now, I’m really not the best as consistency or angles or teaching, but I made some images to illustrate some tips I have, mostly because I’m a very visual person and find it easier to explain this way. I feel like it’s important to include both how I go about keeping my characters looking the same on each draw AND keeping them looking the same from different angles because let’s face it, you won’t just be drawing ¾ views of your character forever.

This is my Gin design for my Ginga fan project. I picked him because he seems like he’d be easiest to illustrate and I’m familiar with his design.
Basically, Gin’s head is a very simple conglomeration of basic shapes when you get down to it: the base is a sphere, the muzzle is somewhat cubic, like a square styrofoam cup, he has a solid dent in his head for his browline, his ears are triangular, and his eyes are beeeg balls in his head. Notice how I refer to his body parts as things like “spheres” and “cubes” and not “circles” and “squares”. That’s because when constructing a 2D character in a 3D space, you should make an effort to understand them in 3D terms. It takes some practice, but you should be envisioning them as essentially a 3D model on the page.
This is essentially how I draw Gin’s head, regardless of angle. His head is a squashed sphere, so I turn it like a sphere depending on where he’s looking (like forward, for instance.) His blocky muzzle also gets turned to a different angle if necessary. The key here is that he’s made up of solid shapes to start with, not just lines. If you’re in the habit of composing characters of purely lines while you draw and you’re having trouble with consistency, try breaking them down into basic shapes instead.

Another tip that helped me when I was younger (and occasionally does now) is laying down extra lines on my references, even if those references are just the original character drawing, to communicate proportions. You’ll probably notice the line running down the center of Gin’s face in the first image, which is typically all I need, but it might be useful to someone else to draw him with three lines running down the center of his face to understand where to put his eyes.
This grid-looking Gin can be helpful. The three lines in the middle of his face, fore example, run through both his eyes and his nose. The line extending from his browline runs to the edge of his ear. He has a line immediately over his eyes and one immediately under them. That can help you align some of his features. The paranoid looking Gin was draw freehanded, not traced, and though it’s not perfectly exact, it’s fairly accurate to the original’s proportions.
Something I didn’t illustrate here is how I quickly “measure” different body parts while drawing them. Ever seen a characiture of an artist holding up a paintbrush? That’s a real technique used to see how something in the reference image measures up to something on the page. I typically do this in my head by approximating, like “Hmm, if I say the eyeball is 1, then the ear is 2 eyeballs long” or something similar.
Don’t be embarrassed of using a lot of guidelines if you’re getting into the swing of things. Nobody will need to see your sketch anyway, especially with digital lineart, or you can erase away the mess later if you need to. All that matters is understanding your subject.

This is sort of a combination of the above two things. I erased a lot of the more distracting construction lines, but you can typically still see the lines running down the middle of Gin’s face and maybe the lines of the sphere forming it as well. I primarily tried to illustrate that the centerline of his face (the eyeline) and the browline curve and follow the angle of his head, which shows me where to place his eyes. This could be expanded out to help place other features of his too.
When using guidelines like this to keep consistency, think of the angle the subject is being viewed from. e.g. when his head is turned up and back, the centerline is also curved in a way that shows his head sphere is turned up and back. If his head is pointing downwards, the lines curve in a downwards slope.
Despite the curve of each line, I tried to keep each line approximately the same length, even if it wraps around an unseen part of the head.
Another thing is that when his head is angled back, his eyeline and browline are placed further up on his head, and when it’s angled down it’s the same thing in reverse. This is also something to remember when constructing a character from different angles - you can’t have everything in the same place it is from a neutral position and expect it to look right.

It’s also much easier to tell if you’re keeping everything in check with references. Just because a reference is realistic doesn’t mean it can’t show you how your stylized character might look from a different angle - not only will you pick up on the subtle details that you might not have included before, but it will be easier to fit your character’s relative proportions to match. e.g. Riki’s mouth in the bottom ref is smaller then it usually appears since he’s at a downward angle, so i can take Gin’s already fairly small chin and make it smaller and it looks fine (though I probably could’ve stood to make his upper jaw a little longer… whoops!.)

Another thing that often works: try something new, and slow down. The sketch of my design of John on the left took me maybe 5 minutes, and it shows, even with references. I wanted him to have his head at an upward angle, showing his prideful attitude, but it wasn’t working. So I angled him a little differently, slowed down, and corrected myself as I went along, and he started looking more on model. He also began looking more like himself, as in he showed more of his personality, which also makes a character seem more “accurate”. It took more time, at least half an hour, but I was satisfied with the results. You can see I erased a lot more guidelines in the second one from all the left over pixely mess, which is fine given nobody has ever seen this sketch… til now!
You’ll notice similarities between the two, but in the end they ended up looking very different despite being constructed in a pretty similar way.


  1. Build a character’s design out of shapes. Remember those shapes and practice drawing them.
  2. Use as many guidelines as necessary to keep yourself in check.
  3. Wrap those guidelines around a character’s form to keep consistency at different angles.
  4. References are a godsend.
  5. Be willing to spend time trying a new approach if you don’t get it right the first time.

General tips -

  1. Learn to draw basic 3D shapes. Use them as often as you can.
  2. Become familiar with your subject - I’ve been drawing dogs for years so it was easier for me to adjust then someone who hasn’t.
  3. Actively look for the shapes that could potentially make up a character’s form.
  4. Practice with simple designs with easy to see construction shapes and forms first.
  5. Be patient with yourself. Improvement doesn’t happen overnight.

Some (more eloquent and pretty) tutorials on construction:

Color me shades of smitten

Title: Color Me Shades Of Smitten

Author: phanniephil(prev andedan)

Rating: PG-13

Wordcount: 10k

Warnings: brief mentions of bullying and homophobia, internalized homophobia, cussing, innuendos

Summary: High school au in which Dan is an introspective poet, and Phil is a quiet math geek. One day their paths cross, and their lives both change for good. 

A/N: ahhh this took way to long to write bc I’m a terrible procrastinator. Anyways, this was written for the PBB 2016, but I didn’t finish it until recently because of complications. Tysm to my wonderful beta @serenitylester, and my lovely artist @thecat-and-theflower (art coming soon)! Without you two, this would never be finished! 

read on ao3!

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Prompt: Leonard has been back on the ship for a while now and he and Sara have gotten close again,after Sara has a nightmare he finds out Sara had been killed by rip and he is really pissed about it and at that nobody told him

“It’s nothing,” she said, softly. A little too softly. Like a scared little girl instead of the strong, fearsome warrior that she was. He looked at her with an open concern, reminding her once again that this was HER Leonard, and not the one from 2013 who showed her just how dark her Crook had been before he turned hero. 

“Seems more than nothing,” he said, voice uncharacteristically soft as he studied her slight form from his leaned position in the doorway to the mess. She was making tea, something he found she did after one of her nightmares. For him, it was always cocoa. He  shifted and started a cup now, topping it with whipped cream before joining her at the breakfast bar on the ship. “Tell me.”

Sara sighed, taking her moment to compose herself, looking inside the cup of her tea as if it held all the answers in the world instead of just tea leaves. “Remember we told you about the Legion of Doom?”

“Yes,” he said, his eyes reflecting the guilt he felt in having once teamed up with the very men who had made her life a living hell. 

“And how Rip had… Joined them. For a time. But it wasn’t his fault?”

“I know this,” he said. 

“I was dreaming about the time he killed me. Or, almost killed me. When he snapped my neck, though, I was dead for real.” She looked up and she frowned when she saw the look on his face. Cold fury. “Leonard?”

“No one told me he killed you,” he said, hands gripping his mug tightly.

“It’s no big-”

“Sara,” he said, reaching out, squeezing her fingers as if to comfort himself. Something she often did when thinking about the Oculus. His fingers trembled slightly so she held his hand a little tighter. A part of him wanted to go find Rip and snap HIS neck. It took a few breaths to calm down. Apparently Leonard hadn’t been the only one to go darkside on the team. He’d been told that when their future selves met them… They’d let it slip that HE had killed Amaya. The woman, thankfully, didn’t hold any ill-will toward him. She trusted him a little TOO easily, in his opinion. Even though they changed time so that the event never occurred, he still hated himself for it.

“Hey… I’m here…” She shook her head. “I should’t let these nightmares get to me like this. All these bad memories… I thought I was past them.”

“Doesn’t make you weak,” he said, reading between the lines. 

She frowned, then nodded before taking a long sip of her tea, ignoring the scalding temperature against her tongue and the way it burned down her throat after she swallowed. 

“How… How did it happen?”

“I’d been shot,” said Sara. “Gideon was offline at the moment. Rip had taken control. This was when Reverse Flash had scrambled his brain. Well, I was in Med Bay. Weak… And he used me as leverage to get Jax to tell him where the piece of the spear was. After Jax told him…”

“He snapped your neck,” finished Leonard. “Sara…”

“Then I was brought back. Again.” Sara sighed. “I’m getting past it.”

“How many times have you died and come back, now?” he asked with a drawl and a smirk, making light of the conversation now. Much to her appreciation. 

“You’re one to talk,” she said with a grin, reaching up to cup his face. They were alone. When they were alone they were more open. He leaned into her touch and drifted closer. They never were a fan of PDA in front of the crew, so they took advantage of moments like this. 

“Finish your tea,” he said, pressing a kiss to her palm before focusing on his cocoa. “Then we can get back to bed.”

“Sounds like a plan,” she said. “Also… Don’t give Rip a hard time about this. He felt so guilty once he regained his memories…”

“I’ll try not to,” said Leonard. “No promises, though.”

“Please? For me?” she asked, blue eyes pleading. 

“And here I thought only my sister could get her way with a look like that directed at me.” Sara grinned and he scoffed, hiding a smile by sipping his cocoa. “Drink your tea.”


Something, which is not spoken aloud

Ok, It’s been a long time, but I’m finally posting my second Sprousehart fanfiction. Huge thanks to all Sprousehart fandom and especially @lilmooncat for helping me with editing.

I apologize in advance, because English isn’t my first language, so there is a huge possibility for mistakes. Thank you so much for reading this. Let me know what you think. Love you.

In the world of the most meaningless things there are the ones that create someone’s love. That love, which is not spoken aloud, which doesn’t inspire to write poems or novels. This feeling is so special, that you can feel nothing, but it. Until the last you’re trying to believe that you’re not in love, but there comes a moment when all the colors of the previously unknown feelings suddenly become clear and you begin to look at it unwittingly, trying to see all of its beauty, trying to touch, but never knowing that you already consist of these colors.

If you asked Cole if he believes in love, he would say:“I didn’t understand the question.” For him it was only the feeling that you don’t recognize. Not that he has ever answered this question, but this option seemed to be the most appropriate for him.

Looking at the green pearl liquid in his glass, he was thinking that it was high time to leave. This party was becoming too far-fetched and meaningless.

The room was full of dancing people. Their silhouettes were shrouded in smoke and light of neon lights that were moving like in black-and-white film. A variety of glass colored bottles was standing on the table. The soft neon light was penetrating through the glass. Cole noticed an ashtray filled with smoldering cigarettes and snorted contemptuously. They were disgusting and cheap. Pearl green liquid in his glass vaguely resembled absinthe, but Cole knew that it wasn’t true. Whatever it was, it was as cheap and nasty as all of the things here.

He was looking at the silhouettes of people who were dancing to the loud and monotonous music, but did not see their faces. Maybe it was too dark or maybe he didn’t want to see them. He was holding the glass in his hand and it felt like a habit.

Cole knew that coming here was a mistake. The foolish mistake which is usually made by someone, who is already hopeless. Everything here was disgusting for him: cheap cigarettes and countless cocktails, neon lights and empty unfamiliar faces. It was about 11 pm and it made him inexplicably tired. The evening didn’t bring the desired relief and there was a long painful night ahead.

Everything supposed to be completely different this evening. Cole knew it was his fault. He was fond of the feeling, which is not spoken aloud, and today this senseless party and the pearlescent liquid in the glass were his merciless lessons.

He has never told Lili that he feels for her that exact inexplicable something. He knew that it was impossible to say, but today she was with someone else and all these rules weren’t important anymore.

It was becoming stifling because of intrusive thoughts. The smoke was fooling his mind more and more. Cole put the glass on the table untouched. Along with smoldering cigarettes and colored bottles it will be the proof of how drunk was everyone here. Everyone, but him. Today, an alcohol wasn’t his silent friend, today everything felt wrong.

He went out at night live city street and exhaled. He exhaled in confusion, feeling an irresistible desire to act. The desire to make the night less exhausting and painful. Cole knew that nothing will help, because apart from Lili there was no such a healing medication. Maybe he should call her, but she was with someone else and he knew it. Phone conversations never solve anything. No, he needed to see her. To say something, or just sit in silence or make a play. Plays are nasty, but it’s the only way to show her the feeling, which is not spoken aloud.

Cole caught a taxi and told her address. It was like an old habit. The habit which is impossible to get rid of.

He was confident in what he wanted to do until he stopped in front of her door. Yes, today he was pretending that he was drunk. Today the arrogant smirk was his main weapon.

He rang the doorbell, simultaneously putting on a smirk, listening to the Lili’s slow steps. The door opened, accompanied by a symphony of surprise.

“Cole?” asked Lili, raising an eyebrow. Her glance was hidden from his eyes in the dark, but Cole noticed her trembling.

“Don’t pretend that you weren’t expecting me. It’s a usual time for a guest like me,” he drawled smugly, leaning against the doorway.

“Actually, no,” she said quietly, but deceptively. He could almost physically feel how she was getting angry. It was their little game when he did all those absolutely arrogant and annoying things, and she was angry. But today this game wasn’t enough; they definitely needed a whole play.

“What a blatant lie!” he almost sang it, unceremoniously walking into.

“I’m not alone, so you are slightly not in time,” said Lili irritably after him and he flinched, but just for a moment.

“Oh, really?” Cole smiled theatrically, turning around. “So, I will finally meet your boyfriend or whatever he is for you. Cami has been talking about him a lot, so why would I not assess his countless advantages? “he asked sarcastically with a challenge, looking at nervousness on her face.

"Lili, who’s there?” a voice was heard from the living room, shattering the silent tension in the air. After a moment in the hallway a young man appeared whose face Cole didn’t even try to remember. Lili was about to answer, but Cole was faster, stretching out a hand for shaking.

“I’m Cole,” he smiled, shaking the man’s hand, and furtively glancing at Lili. In a moment she would understand that this was a play, but right now he was continuing with his too well-rehearsed role. “Just came here to visit you. I apologize for the late hour, but this is Lili’s favorite time to make visits. I’m not the one to break traditions,” he smirked, noticing Lili’s annoyance and confusion of a faceless young man.

“I’m…” the man began.

“Yes, I know who you are. I think we’d better drink for acquaintance,” interrupted Cole, continuing his way through the Lili’s house and finally stopping in the living room. Two glasses of red wine were standing on the small table next to the couch. Cole grinned. He knew that she liked only white. He collapsed on the couch without permission, getting Lili’s frown and surprised glance from her “boyfriend” as a reward.

“Cole, you need to go” she sighed, looking in his giggling eyes.

“But I just got here,” replied Cole, looking like a hurt child. “Let me raise a glass for you and your big unbelievable love” he smiled at these words, lifting a glass and refusing to take his eyes from Lili even for a moment. His play took place in the glory, like a premiere of a long-awaited musical.

“Let’s stop kidding around.”

“Oh, it’s not like that,” a smirk painted his face with mocking bright colors. “I just wanted to say a few words. For example, I can give your boyfriend some advices. You don’t mind, right?” asked Cole, but he needed no response.

“Well…Yes… ” the faceless man replied, looking at Lili questioningly.

“That’s great!” exclaimed Sprouse, getting up from the couch, showing all his action in all its glory. It is a pity that nobody else saw him. People would applaud. But no, this performance was just for the two of them. “First of all, don’t wear this sweater. It’s horrible, seriously. Lili, you should have told the truth to your boyfriend.”

“Enough,” she couldn’t resist. “Go home. Enough for today.”

“Why are you so rude?” brazenly grinned Cole. “I’m just talking with your boyfriend. By the way, do you know that Lili loves chamomiles?” he was talking to her boyfriend, looking at her. It’s simple: it seemed like in this room there were just two of them. “Do you know that she likes cloudy weather and black coffee with two tea spoons of sugar? She likes to listen to the music from 60s in the evenings. She puts the alarm clock only 7:01 am, but never at 7:00.  She never tells why, but I’m sure that it’s because she doesn’t like round numbers. She is afraid of the dark, but would never admit. These are things you probably already know about her, but there is one important thing that you don’t know. You don’t know that she’s not in love with you,” he held his breath, trying to catch all her movements.

It seemed that in this moment of silence she finally realized that this play was only for her. His arrogant grin was just for her and a lively twinkle in his eyes was just for her. She was wrong. It wasn’t because of his vanity.

“Lili, I’d better go,” they heard the voice of a third person, who existed here like the scenery.

“No, wait,” she asked hesitantly. “Cole, what do you want? What is it all for? ”

“I wanted your boyfriend to know the truth,” replied Cole calmly, tasting the wine and leaving the glass on the table, just like the pearly liquid at the party.  "It is always important to know the truth,“ he approached to her almost impossibly close, forgetting about the casual viewer. He could feel her hot and inconsistent breath on the skin of his neck.

"Then tell me the truth,” she said firmly. During all this time in the living room, they haven’t looked away from each other even for a second. The door slammed, but they didn’t notice. They remained in this house alone.

“I’d tell you a million things about what I feel for you, but, unfortunately, this is not the thing, which is spoken aloud,” he whispered in her ear, feeling how she shivered because of his rapid breathing.

“Then why are you here?”

“I’m here because you already know the truth,” he answered, touching her cheek with his cold trembling fingers. “Oh, and also because your boyfriend had a really strange sweater. You’d better check if he is not a serial killer and call the police,” he grinned, and Lili laughed at his inappropriate joke. Hell, this was all of him, and there was nothing she could do with herself.

“Promise me that you’ll never wear a sweater like that,” said Lili with a smile, knowing that he will do exactly the opposite, wanting to see how she gets angry. Why not? Maybe their love consisted of these pointless things. The things, which only two of them could understand.

“It’s too late. My wardrobe is already filled with them to the top,” he grinned as always, touching her lips.

It’s not necessary to talk about the feeling that you don’t recognize. Yes, it doesn’t inspire to write poems or novels, it’s not spoken aloud, but there is something about it that doesn’t require words. Something utterly wrong, what makes you do the silliest things, but not to speak.

In the end, the night ceases to be painful and a welcome relief comes. The music turns off, the smoke dissipates, two glasses with red wine remain on the table untouched and the light in the window is no longer lit. There is only one pointless question left: what was that green pearl liquid in the glass?

P. S. Here  you can find my first Sprousehart fanfiction

me-and-my-gaster  asked:

Hello! It's a first time I even try to ask for something like this, so I'm not sure if I'm doing it right, but I see you're doing a wonderful job here and it looks like so much fun, so I had to join you all! I wonder if you could write something connected to the time BEFORE skellys s/o became their s/o - a situation when US/UF/MT skelebro accidentally sees their soon-to-be s/o practicing tribal fusion (type of belly dance) alone in some secluded place. Gosh, I hope it's not too wierd...

(Hi there new friend! Woah, i googled Tribal fusion and it looks amazing *-* The clothes are cool too, wow )

US Sans: He is on his way back from training when he passes one of the little side caves in waterfall. He hears faint music, and since he isn’t in a hurry he decides to investigate. He sees you dancing to some music coming from a portable CD-Player. His eyes are locked to your moving form, he is completly fascinated by the way you gracefully shake your body. He notices that he was staring for quite some time, so he steps closer and asks you excited about what you are doing. He want’s to learn that too, it’s amazing. Thats honestly how you come closer, you teach him to dance, you start hanging out afterwards, and things don’t stop there.

US Papyrus: He was at Muffets till late at nigth together with Sans, because it was Karaoke night, and Sans draged him along. While his brother sprinted home to still catch Napstatons late night show, he strolled trough Snowdin, not to worried about missing the show. The streets where mostly empty, a few lights in some houses still open, the librarby still open even at this late an hour, so he went there to pick up a book he wanted to get for some time, but was having a bad memory for small tasks he has to do, he always forgott.

He walked in, the librarien was apparently in the backroom, but the main room wasn’t completly empty. You couldn’t find a good place to practice, your living room to cramped to properly dance in, and the outside to cold for the clothes you practise in. So the librarien allowed you to practice there after dark, when almost nobody visited, so you wouldn’t interrupt anybodys reading. Papyrus watched you move your body smoothly to the quiet music, carefull not to disturb your dancing. He lends the book quietly and leaves, but now before asking the librarian if you come here often. He defentily will visit the library more often now.

UF Sans: He is  pretty nice fellow at heart, but he has his creepy moment. Hes on his way home, passing some houses, most people already asleep. One ground floor window still has ligth coming trough it, so he glanzes inside for a second, because he clearly sees movement in there, and he is a bit jumpy that late at night. His head snapps back to the wndow after less then a second and he freezes in his tracks. Woah, wait what? 

You are dancing in your living room, minding your own buisness. Sans comes a bit closer to the window and continues to stare trough it, not really thinking about how creepy the whole thing makes him seem. He watches you for a bit, until your gaze randomly falls on the window and you see his small, shadowy self standing there. He teleports away instantly, while you run to check if the doors are locked. He will try to run into you “on accident” after that, and you start dating soon after. How you will rct to him telling you that he was the one who scared you trough death that one night is up to you.

UF Papyrus: He sees you while he is out patrolling. Beeing the captain of the royal guard, he has to make check-patrolls every view weeks all across the Underground, added to the ones he has to do daily in Snowdin and surroundings. He is about half way trough his patrol trough Hotland, when he hears faint music from a direction that ends in a little plateau above the lava. He walks there just out of curiousity, and sees you dancing, illuminated by the glowing lava below. He stands there, a ligth blush creeping onto his face, he will blame on the heat later on. He is a big fan of dancing, loving Mettatons musical shows the most of all his shows, so he watches you for a bit before coming closer and introducing himself. He will give you his number pretty straigthforwardly. If you decide to call him he will invite you to a few hangouts before inviting you to a date when he starts to low key crush on you. Which will turn into a full blown crush on the date. But you just gotta show him how to move like that.

MT Sans: He was out patroling at nigth, it was his turn this time. Most people are asleep, a few drunks passed out next to an already closed bar. A few of his coworkers patroling a different area. Then he suddenly hears music from one of the usually already closed bars. He peeks inside, hand on his hidden gun, just for safety and then he sees you. Dancing on the little stage where there is usually some singer entertaining the bar patrons. There is nobody else in the bar except for you and him. He blushes furiously at the way you swing your hips, and at how much skin you are showing, this is not a sight he is used to in his kind of work. He scurries off pretty fast, not wanting to seem like a creep for staring at you trough a half open door. He is pretty good with words normally, but when you properly meet for the first time, he will be a sligthly blushing stuttering mess. Give him a few minutes to get his cool back ,you won’t be disappointed.

MT Papyrus: He has a small italian restaurant with a little stage for live music, as a cover for his sexond, more shady job. He is cleaning up the last few spills and drying of the xonter in his kitchen. Most others have left already, the musicians often staying a bit later to practise. He hears music from the main room, not thinking much about it, since he leaves after everybody else and often watched the musicians practise before they leave together and he locks up. So when he stepped outside to tell whoever stayed that he is about to leave and has to lock up now, he didnt expext to see you dancing there. He never saw somebody move so elegantly and his face heats up when he nootices that nobody else is there, and you havent seen him enter. He is watching you move your hips seductivly from the shadows, before stepping closer and clears his troath loudly to tell ypu what he actually came here for. His face is beigth orang the entier time. After you meet again he will be composed enough to compliment you on your dancing.

anonymous asked:

Who's Ryan? Or who was Ryan? I feel bad for not knowing but I read that entire post and it made me remember last week when my older brother almost killed himself or when I was 12 and I found the noose a friend of a friend used to hang himself in the woods still hanging from the tree and kids were swinging on it

He was the guitarist in my moms band and also part of her theater company but he was like 20 years younger than the rest of them so he hung out with the younger generation of the company a lot too, which was all of us kids mostly. He was the most fucking amazing guitarist I’d ever met and I was thrilled when he agreed to start giving me lessons, he had such a cool perspective on music and I wanted to know everything he had to say, and I just thought he was super cool in general, I mean he wore a dress to one of the bands shows once it was fucking amazing. He’d just started teaching me the basics of songwriting and I was so excited to get to work with him in the future, everyone told me he’d been really excited about our lessons too, after. It was so out of the blue, nobody from his circle of theater friends expected it at all, it seemed like he just had some relationship drama and decided to fucking kill himself? His family was less surprised tho, I guess there was more going on than any of us knew about. Sorry to be a downer about it but I just came back to my room after two weeks away and his guitar is there… they gave it to me because nobody wanted it to be sitting in a dusty storage room and I they knew I would keep playing it… I was just relieved because I don’t think I could have fucking lived if i hadn’t been able to take it home, keep some piece of him. His friend from home who was in another band with him gave me his blessing, said he thought it’s what Ryan would have wanted, and told me never to wash the fretboard because Ryan never did. I’m taking his guitar with me when I join a band, we’re gonna play some kickass shows together and I’m never, ever gonna wash the fretboard

all the small things

kyohei rikudoh x mc (misaki kasagi)

The crowd flickers in almost-unison—a sea of lights in five familiar colors, small spots waving back and forth in no particular rhythm. A storm on the ocean; and Revance, Kyohei thinks with a hint of pride, is the eye of it.

He casts his gaze out, searching, to the dead center of the front row, to a woman holding a red light in her hand. A little extra smile in his direction, a wink that sends her dissolving into giggles at her own behavior. Her cheeks flush red like the light she holds; Kyohei feels the back of his neck prick.

He winks back like the pop star he is, but his smile is deeper, less artificial than it used to be, and then goes back to helping Nagi and Iori hype up the crowd.

It’s the last song of the night, he thinks, half anticipation and half disappointment. But he remembers that the end of the show means seeing her—the disappointment is drowned.

The last song is their most recent one, and he sees the excitement in the slight raise of her shoulders and the broadness of her smile. Nobody has heard it outside the studio yet, and she never seems to get tired of her songs being unveiled on stage. (Although, if she looks like that every time, he can’t say he’ll ever get tired of it, either.)

The thought of being in her arms propels him forward—

“Are you ready, Revance fans?”

A roar from the crowd. He catches her voice and leans closer.

“I can’t hear you!”

Jumbled screams of ‘yeah,’ his own name (and four more), and declarations of love reach his ears. This is the life, he thinks.

“This one’s for all of you! I hope you’re ready!” He winks, steps back, the click of his boots on the stage drowned out by their screams, by Taka’s music flooding the stadium.

This is the dream.

Backstage, he’s met by the sight of Misaki, holding out the last of the towels and water bottles to him. He can’t help his smile as he takes them, and steals a quick kiss before she can protest.

“Kyohei! We’re working!” She whispers, anyways, turning red as his stage uniform. Warmth pools in his chest, flutters in his stomach, leaves him almost desperate as she hurriedly fans her cheeks to hide her blush.

It’s adorable. She’s adorable. And he’s so, so lucky.

And that was just from kissing her cheek, he thinks, smirking.

“We’re backstage,” he counters, and she shoots him a sharp look. But in the curve of her mouth he finds affection, and he hooks his arm around her waist just to have her close.

And, finding that that isn’t nearly good enough, sweeps her into a hug. She squeaks, not in an unsatisfying way, and pushes at his shoulders.

“Kyo, off! You’re covered in sweat!” She laughs, but he holds firm, pressing his forehead to hers.

“Then why don’t you help me out of this stage uniform?” He suggests, one eyebrow raised and every facial feature set to smolder. The blush that rises to her face is perfect, exactly what he wanted—but even as he teases her, he can feel his own blush pricking at the back of his neck when faced with her smile.

She bites her lip, holding his gaze for a moment as if she’s actually considering it. His heart thunders—he hadn’t really thought this far out, actually, because usually—

"Hey, where’s Kyo?” He hears Nagi from somewhere down the hall, loud as ever.

“With Misaki,” comes Kota’s reply, dry and bored as ever.

Feeling Nagito’s excitement like an oncoming storm, Kyo meets Misaki’s gaze once more. She’s still red-faced, but now she only rolls her eyes in amusement.

“It’s like having kids,” she jokes. Kyohei freezes, just for a moment, blood pounding in his ears. Kids, he thinks. Has she thought about that, too? A house with a yard and kids and Little Yamada, a place of their own with a wedding photo hanging on their wall—

He finds himself just as excited by her simple statement as he was on stage only moments ago, except now it leaves him breathless.

“Come on,” she says, wriggling out of his grasp.

In a gesture that feels reminiscent of himself, she holds out her hand for him to take. Kyohei can hear Nagi chattering away (about them, no less, and probably joking about joining in on their ’steamy romance’ — as if) as he takes her hand, entwining his fingers with hers.

She starts to walk, but he pulls her back. Confusion flits across her face, but he kisses her before she can speak, cupping her cheek in his free hand. Her shock is quick to fade, her body responding positively to his kiss. It still weakens his knees to have her this way, to have her as his, her free hand clutching at his vest, but he forces himself back just enough to breathe.

“Our kids will be cuter than any of them,” he says, half joking, before pulling away. He turns before she can see the blush flaring up on his cheeks, barely catching the look of surprise on her face, and begins pulling her down the hallway.

Misaki laughs as she follows him, matching pace, hands held, and it’s better than any cheering he’s ever heard onstage.

This, he thinks, this is the life. This is the dream.

And he’s never been happier.