nobody follows me on tumblr anymore


i will unleash my salt on next few lines for something that has been bothering me:

Summary: Tag your Yuri on Ice stuff and PLEASE don’t add Yuri on ice stuff on my posts.

Not everybody that I follow on Tumblr have the same interests as me and that is GREAT! It’s really nice to have different interests and opinions on the dashboard, specially for knowing more things.

I didn’t like the last DC movies and I follow people that do, I don’t play Overwatch anymore and I follow people that like it, I don’t like Dialovers and I follow people that do. And I REALLY enjoy following this people! Because it’s normal to have common and different interests at the same time, nobody needs to be enemies for that. And nobody needs to be interested on my Tenipuri or Otome game stuff either, just go there and block the tags: “tenipuri”, “atobe”, “otome game” and you won’t see it and we shall keep being  online friends without ANY problem.

And when i don’t wanna see a tag I go and do EXACT the same, I normally don’t get annoyed over a certain thing appearing on my timeline so I don’t have a need to block it, but when it gets posted all the time I just go there and block the tag, easy, normal.

So I am gonna make a SMALL plea here: I went and blocked every single Yuri On Ice tag because I didn’t want it to appear on my timeline, I have NO interest on it, and the spam about it is making me quite annoyed, specially if it gets tagged on my posts that have absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. I have deleted a post because of that tagging yesterday and I REALLY would like for it to not happen again. I follow a TON of people into it that tag their stuff and its perfect really! 

So let’s continue this beautiful online friendship by you tagging your Yuri on Ice posts and keeping it out of the stuff I post, thanks.

I was in an abusive relationship. With a friend. I was depressed and vulnerable and so let him treat me like that. But I’ve moved on now. i moved schools i am happier and stronger. But he followed me here. We don’t talk anymore. I haven’t told many people about what went on last year. But he keeps coming up to me and accusing me of spreading ‘lies’ and nobody likes him bc of what I’ve said. I cant bear when he’s near me. I shake and sometimes throw up. I hate him so much but he keeps coming back