nobody ever reblogs my stuff lol

laventadorn replied to your post: Don’t you just loooove those reviews that are…

lmao THOSE COMMENTS. why do they keep coming back just to make a nuisance of themselves?? nobody wants to hear from them until they get some manners!

oops i reblogged this because it was perfect but then i saw the “personal” tag so i deleted it <3 sorry!!

Oh! I don’t mind if people reblog stuff from my personal tag! 

I mostly just tag things #personal because having untagged posts on my blog bothers me lol! (if I ever have a post I don’t want reblogged, I’ll tag it accordingly, no worries!)

And yeah, that’s the thing about unsolicited criticism in fandom–I really do feel like it’s rude. If the author asks, then you give it to them, but otherwise, no. This isn’t professional writing; we aren’t being paid to write. I can’t console myself with my lovely money when someone tells me how much they dislike my writing. Comments, and the encouragement given in comments, is what fanwriters are paid in.