nobody ever asks me


It makes me so sad to think that nobody has ever asked Yurio to be their friend.

I’ve seen posts about the rings and banquet (I’m still not over either of those) but I’ve haven’t seen anyone highlight this important scene.

Whether you consider it important is your own decision but can you imagine how lonely Yurio was as a child. He had to independently seek out friends or just not make any. This could explain why Yurio is so attached to his Grandfather (Where are Yurio’s parents though?) and why he comes across as cold and mean to others.

I’m so glad that Otabek is in this show because he’s probably going to make Yurio very happy. Yurio might be letting his guard down more and becoming more supportive of Yuri and Victor.

Introducing Otabek into this show is going to create character development for Yurio. I really want to see some more character development for Yurio and I know others do. Stop hiding, I see right through you.

Yurio is already a complex character and I want to see how Otabek will affect him.

If I make a post about Hawai'i don’t jump on with your haole opinions about how much you loved it when you visited. The Hawai'i you know doesn’t exist, it’s a tourist illusion. I don’t need you to tell me anything positive or negative about a place I know better than you


‘’What?! You want to rule by my side?! With ME? ‘’

‘’Y-yes, very much so yes.’’

‘’Nobody has ever asked that of me, or has done so willingly I must confess. I-I don’t know…’’

‘’What will it take to make you think otherwise?’’

‘’I… I think a vampire duel would be sufficient enough. Whoever wins will decide.’’


Okey guys I have to tell you a little story from today because I can’t stop thinking about it.
I’m sure no one will ever read this but anyways:
Today I was on my way to the bus when this girl/women i don’t know(she was around 19)
came to me and asked if I could tell her where the Volksbank is(I don’t know how it is in other countries,but in Germany we have different kinds of banks like Volksbank or Sparkasse and when you are registered in the one you can’t get money from another one.Does that make sense?)And I told her that I’m not sure, but that there is a big bank on my way.So she decided to came with me so that I could show her where she have to go.And then she started to talk with me and said(okey now it’s a little bit strange, but believe me she was very nice) : I’m from the Vitos over there (a psychiatric institution in Germany).I’m manic-depressive(like even :) ), but live goes on.We continued walking and she asked me questions and stuff.On one pount we then parted, because I had to go another way. As I was home I told my grandma about it and she told me then that I send her to the very wrong bank, because the bank I showed her was a Sparkasse and she searched for a Volksbank.And the bank she really had to go to was on the very oposside end of the town, where she came from when we met.She really almost there, but I send her into the wrong direction.I’m so sorry.I didn’t mean to.I hope she found the bank at the end.She had to walk a whole marathon because of me :(
So now I have bored you enough haha ^^
But the story is true and when the women sees this through any strange circumstances: I’m soooooo sorry.
Are patients even allowed to have handys when they are in a psychiatry? I don’t know
I hopw when anyone read this, you could understand me.My english sucks

wilhuffs  asked:

hercules, aries, gemini :D

hercules: favourite instrument?

honestly, I don’t have one? idk, I don’t pay much attention to instruments in music and I can’t actually play any so just, whatever sounds good is good

aries: favourite movie?

atm lego batman was pretty fucking funny, I could definitely watch that again. and the fact that I don’t even like batman to begin with but the movie was still good and enjoyable for me is fucking great. idk about like all time fave or anything tho?

gemini: favourite song?

atm just like the entire heathers and hamilton soundtracks? but its mostly just phrases within the songs I really like that make me want to listen to the entire song


though just a flicker it may be

summary: the zombie apocalypse au nobody asked me for. captain cobra swan abounds.

word count: ~10,700

also on:, ao3

If she had met Killian Jones under any other circumstance, she would most likely be irritated with him for just about every aspect of his existence.

However, she meets him just in the nick of time, as she’s being cornered by two zombies that just won’t quit and her kid is screaming, “Help me! Help! Mom!”

Their dashing savior enters the scene on a motorcycle, armed with a small blade and a gun.

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Reading through cam damage’s responses to sex advice asks, and I’m like, jealous, because nobody ever asks me for relationship or sex advice.

I’ve had sex. I know #things™.
I have done a sex before. I can teach you real-shun-ships.

I can give you the troo-troo on your heart’s poo-poo.


“I’m furious. I’m furious. [He laughs.] They never asked me about a sequel with the Joker. I know how to do that! Nobody ever asked me…Not asking me how to do the sequel is that kind of thing. Maybe it’s not a mistake. Maybe it was the right thing, but to be candid, I’m furious.

…The Joker comes from my childhood. That’s how I got involved with it in the first place. It’s a part I always thought I should play.

Batman actor Jack Nicholson in 2007 when asked for his thoughts on Heath Ledger playing The Joker in the upcoming film The Dark Knight.

anonymous asked:

I can't find any of your art on Derpibooru anymore, do you know why that is?

Yes, I asked the admins to be put in the Do Not Post list. I didn’t like at all that my art was being reposted there and nobody ever asked or told me about it

nobody ever asks wheres kenny or hows kenny doing its like me dying is so integrated at this point that everybodys stopped caring well you know ehat???? youre all assholes and i hate you die