nobody deserves to lose a child

Kathy Griffin made a joke where she held the President’s severed head. She stooped to a sick level by performing this stunt, something she would have condemned were the president’s party aligned with her own.

Nobody who respects their reputation or their career does something like this and walks away with clean hands. The news constantly speaks of terrorism and violence and ISIS beheading another 100 Christians and all sorts of awful things, and Griffin thinks her act qualifies as mere “criticism”?

Honestly, Kathy Griffin can lose every dollar to her name and have completely deserved the loss. Nobody on either side of the political spectrum should ever condone what she did. I hate that it was done to Trump. I would hate it if it were done to Obama. They are U.S. presidents who we can freely criticize and mock, but pretending to have severed their bloodied head (and subsequently inadvertently show it to their 11 year old child) is tactless, tasteless, and unclassy. It’s not how politics should be discussed. It’s not how AMERICAN politics should be discussed.

I’m not saying Griffin can’t do such acts, but I am saying it’s disgusting, and the damage to her career and reputation was brought on by none other than herself. It was repulsive to see. Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequence. Trump is not persecuting you. All of this is on YOU, Kathy Griffin, so please do us a favor and quit crying victim.

Soundtrack of Us (Part Five) - I’m A Mess

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Word Count: 2200+

Pairing: AU!Dean x musician!reader

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam, Jess, Ellen & Jo Harvelle, Castiel, Russell (OC), Dan (OC), Lisa

Warnings: is rockstar!dean a warning?? some angst, some fluff hidden in angst, loss of a child, cliffangerrrrrr

Summary: Y/N is a local artist with standing gigs at a coffee shop and a bar in a small town in North Carolina. She’s run from some things at home, but life has finally fallen into place in Asheville. Music is her life and her only worry in life, until she meets a pair of hypnotizing green eyes.

Author’s Note: I’m sorry for using another Ed Sheeran song, but honestly I planned to use this one, not Dive! Also, if I could just go back and have this written on all Ed Sheeran songs, I WOULD. I’m also starting to write fics aside from this one, so updates may slow down. We’re halfway to the end!

Song is I’m A Mess by Ed Sheeran. Lyrics italicized and bolded.

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It was like every time something good came along in Dean’s life, it could never last long. That was his biggest fear with you- you not lasting long. He was cautious with you, careful. After the night he left you behind, he never wanted to break your heart again. He thinks about the first time he saw you sing at Harvelle’s, how you were so nervous when he looked at you. He likes to compare it to the way you sang at Sam’s bar. How your eyes mirrored pain, but you stood tall in front of him. You were strong and didn’t need him, but he wanted you to. At first, he thought he would never see you again or that you would never even look in his direction ever again. Now, the only thing he can think of is the emotion in your voice when you sing and even when you moan his name. The kind of passion that could have only stemmed from a difficult life, from hurt and heartbreak. From learning how to pick up the pieces when all was lost. Dean knew because he shared that passion as well, but was too much of a coward to show it.

Dean was caring towards you, gentle, and chivalrous. He held open doors for you and tied your shoes when he noticed they were loose. He did small things that nobody would have ever done for you even if you gave the world to them. However, Dean did those things because that’s who he was. If Dean could prevent any little bad thing from happening to you, or to anyone, he would go through any measure to do so. Above all, Dean had a big heart. He cared for almost everyone else too. Maybe not in the way he cared for you, but he still did backflips for people who may not have been too deserving of his good deeds.

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  • me: i'm fine.
  • what i really mean: larry dedicated the last ten years of his life to that museum because everyone he loves and cares about is in that museum. he turned a hostile environment into a family that he really loves to take care of and who cares about him in return, and for a guy who obviously felt listless and lonely before taking that job, it must have meant so much to him to have that support group. it's not just his job, he genuinely loves every exhibit in that museum, and the second movie made it clear that it was the job he was meant to have. and then, he loses all of it. in the span of one night, he's told to "let them go". not only that, his son is leaving soon, and after that he'll have nobody at all. no significant other, no friends, no family. the idea of letting your child grow up and be their own person is one that larry had to understand, sure, but larry literally lost EVERYONE he loved when the tablet stayed in london. and fuck you, movie, larry daley did not deserve that.

The downfall of Olicity, why Felicity is out of line, and why it’s detrimental to the show.

Now, I personally side with Oliver in regards to the great William debate, simply because in my view his argument is the only one that makes sense.However, I have seen people defend Felicity with effective counter-arguments that do paint her as sympathetic, but those arguments lose their credibility when you think back a little further. I’m going to discuss the arguments I’ve seen one and by one and take them apart:

1) Oliver shouldn’t have lied to her.

In a relationship a lack of trust is a death sentence, and nobody likes to be lied to. But, Oliver had the most valid reason of anybody on the show for ever lying. Oliver had just found out that he had a child that he had been denied. He wants to know him, he wants to make amends, and he deserves that opportunity. But, of course there are terms.Samantha - who has raised William alone for years, who is the only one with rights to the child, who William knows and trusts - is the only one who can make the rules here. Oliver has no say. And Oliver respects this because he knows it’s true. The Oliver that Samantha knows is a fickle, playboy who cheats on his girlfriend, impregnates other women, has a family who believes their wealth can make their problems disappear, who doesn’t take things seriously. That is the only perception of Oliver she has - as someone who nobody would want around their child. On top of that, Oliver is running for mayor, and every former mayor has been murdered. It’s reasonable to assume that Oliver is a target, and revealing William to be his illegitimate son puts him in the line of fire.

Despite all of that, Samantha is willing to give Oliver a chance, but on her terms - as it should be. She wants Oliver to keep it a secret - for the time being - so that she can grow to trust his intentions without putting her son in danger or overwhelming him with the sudden arrival of his lost father. Allowing William the opportunity to get to know Oliver as a family friend is more beneficial for the child. If Oliver decides he doesn’t want his son, William is left none the wiser and can move on unscathed. If the public doesn’t know about him, he isn’t a target. And Samantha doesn’t trust Oliver’s strength in his relationship with Felicity, and in her eyes, she doesn’t need to know yet either. These are all fair, valid points that the mother of the child had every right to stipulate. Oliver even said “I have someone in my life, don’t make me lie to her.” Oliver’s first concern was that he didn’t want to lie to Felicity, however, he had to in order to coincide with Samantha’s terms. 

2) Oliver could have told Felicity without Samantha knowing.

Of course, Oliver could have told Felicity, but in doing so he would be lying to Samantha, and disrespecting the mother of his child. He would be prioritizing Felicity’s feelings over the well-founded concerns of William’s mother. And if he did that, all of Samantha’s perceptions of him would be true. Oliver owes it to Samantha, William, and himself to do this right and on their terms. They were doing fine without him, he needs to earn their trust. He can’t do that while lying to them. It isn’t worth the risk. 

Also, Oliver is likely overwhelmed by the entire situation. He has a kid. That doesn’t happen over night like that. He has all of these emotions that he doesn’t know how to deal with. He loves a child that he had no idea even existed and he doesn’t know how to cope with that. No matter where he turns people are expecting things from him, and he hasn’t had any time to process. So, he prioritizes his child - as he should, as any parent should. And he does what he needs to in order to get to know his son. Oliver is entitled to that. William is entitled to that. Felicity isn’t relevant to that particular scenario. Even if she knew, there was nothing she could do about it, nothing that would’ve changed except they were running the risk of Samantha finding out and severing ties - as she would be entitled to do so.

3) Oliver shouldn’t have proposed to Felicity when he was lying to her.

This I agree with, but what everyone seems to be forgetting is that, Oliver wasn’t going to. He had every intention of proposing while they were living their domesticated, suburban life,. But when they got back into the hero game and he found out about his son, the proposal got put on the back-burner. Felicity’s mum found the ring. Felicity approached Oliver about it. And what could he say? He still wants to marry her, but the timing’s off and there are other concerns. He can’t do anything without causing her to doubt the stability of his feelings. So he proposes, because he loves her, and he does want to marry her, and any and all plans he had to wait it out until William was no longer a secret, went out of the window the second that ring was discovered. Again, Oliver was stuck in a lose-lose situation that was entirely out of his control. 

4) Felicity didn’t leave him because he lied, she left him because he waved goodbye to his child, and therefore any future child they may have between them.

This one is the most bullshit I’ve ever heard. Oliver left everything to have a normal life with Felicity, they were domesticated, happy-go-lucky. They had neighbours over and went to dinner parties and Oliver was happy. It was these months of bliss that cemented to Oliver that this life with Felicity was what he wanted, and he bought the ring. And had they continued on this path, babies were likely to occur, and in this environment, they would have been welcomed. But, it was Felicity that wanted to return to vigilante work, even though Oliver was reluctant. She’d lied to him about working with the team for months, and he never gave her a hard time for it, never threw it in her face, and did what she wanted of him without complaint. And their lifestyle as vigilantes makes them constant targets, it’s not a safe environment to build a family, and Oliver learnt that the hard way through William. But, it was not Oliver who dismissed the idea of children in the future. Oliver simply stated that the current environment was not child appropriate. And who put them back in this environment? Felicity. So this argument has no merit whatsoever.

5) Felicity left because she knew Oliver would continue to lie if she stayed.

This is a good point, except she already knew that. She has known Oliver since the start of the series, she’s seen his struggles and his issues first hand. She knew exactly what she was getting into when she fell in love with him. Now, you can say that she was blinded by love and that the reality was too much, that she wanted out. And that’s entirely fair. But, Felicity never said to Oliver “this is more difficult than I thought it would be, I would still like to work with you for the sake of others, but this relationship is not what i want from my life”. Instead, she disrespected Samantha’s wishes: “Who even makes that kind of ultimatum?” even after Samantha had the decency to approach her personally and explain that it was her fault not Oliver’s. Felicity walked out on him without even asking for the full extent of the situation from his perspective, she never asked about William’s well-being, she didn’t ask Oliver if he was okay, given that he’d just had to say goodbye to his child. I’m sorry, but no matter how angry you are with someone - and don’t get me wrong, she had every right to be angry - if you love someone, their well being is still important to you. Felicity has never once prioritized Oliver’s feelings in any of this.But, Oliver prioritized her when he left the city to have a normal life, when he returned to the city because normal life bored her, when he proposed to her because he didn’t want her to doubt them. But, the one instance in which he doesn’t prioritize her, for the sake of his own child, and she accuses him of not caring and leaves? 

She threw the island in his face. He endured hellish torture. He thought he was going to die. He suffers from PTSD as a result. And she knew all of this going into the relationship. Yet she throws it in his face and blames him for the lasting effects.That’s literally the equivalent of breaking up with an abuse survivor because of what happened to them. She threw the island in his face. It’s victim-blaming. It’s gaslighting. And if she left because she couldn’t deal with this anymore, then they will never be able to get back together, because it won’t change. You can’t go into a relationship with the hope or intention of changing someone.  And not at any point did he say “you lied to me when we left the city”, not once did he ever correct her or call her out. No one ever seems to call her out. And everyone is trying to paint Oliver as the bad guy. It’s gross. And don’t even get me started on that disgusting, ableist piece of shit wheelchair subplot that never went anywhere or showed any respect to any viewers with disabilities. None of the characters last week even acknowledged her miraculous walking. I just don’t understand why Felicity seems to be entirely exempt in any and all situations.

And it’s ruining the show, because it’s called Arrow. Oliver is the title character, yet his character is deteriorating in quality right before our eyes. None of these issues even needed to happen. They introduced William just to get rid of him. They had pointless arguing where Oliver is made out as the bad guy when he’s done nothing wrong, and everything that he did do was a byproduct of a situation he couldn’t control. Their angst took up 90% of last weeks episode. It’s called Arrow, yet the Arrow isn’t even doing anything in the main plot except being dumped. He’s not there for Felicity to shit on. He’s supposed to be the protagonist. The protagonist of a super hero show is stuck in mindless game of ‘You say jump, I say how high’. It’s so far past being ridiculous.

Title: Things Your Boyfriends Now Know [1/1]
Ship: AH OT6
Warnings: Suicide Attempt, Self Harm, Anorexia,
WC: 1308
Read on AO3 here

In which I get so moved by a piece that I can’t help but write. Companion piece to Things My Boyfriends Don’t Know by legalizemavin on AO3 - read that first before reading this or this might not make as much sense!

Ryan replies to Michael’s note.

Things your boyfriends now know.

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who should you fight: steven universe edition

Who wins: Pearl
You might want to fight Pearl, but don’t. She will win. Even if she loses, she will come back and find you. It’s not like she hasn’t died before.
Who wins: Amethyst
She may look small, but she has no fear of death and years of bottled up anger. Not to mention an unlimited supply of whips. Don’t fight her.
Who wins: Garnet
There are so many reasons why you should not.
Rose Quartz
Who wins: Rose Quartz
She is an alien army general with a sword bigger than you. You are an amusement to her. She will win.
Who wins: Nobody
Theoretically, you could win. Maybe. But why would you fight him? He’s a small child. He’ll stop you before you even throw a punch and soon you’ll be reconsidering your life choices while crying. Don’t fight Steven.
Who wins: Connie
She is 12 years old and she will still kick your ass with a sword. Don’t fight Connie.
Who wins: You
Please. Fight Lars. He deserves to lose and that is exactly what he will do. He is lame and will probably cry. Punch him for me. Fight Lars.
Who wins: Sadie
She’ll suplex you, break your legs, and then apologize profusely while calling the ambulance. Don’t fight Sadie.
Who wins: You, maybe
If you fight her in the desert, you might just win. But she’s gone through so much already. Why would you? Why would you fight Lapis?
Who wins: ???
Fight her for the sake of fighting her. She hurt Garnet. She’s an annoying nerd. She’ll probably fly away cackling maniacally but you can still say you fought Peridot. Please fight her.
Who wins: Jasper
She’ll win, but fight her anyway. At least you’ll have died doing the Lord’s work. Fight Jasper.