nobody deserves to be outed

  • Izzy: (in regards to Alec being having so much internalized homophobia that he proposed to a woman) got angry at Alec for being in the closet, and blamed him for his own internalized homophobia that stemmed from the shadow world
  • Jace: listened to Alec very clearly express his hesitations about his wedding and his internalized homophobia that made him propose to Lydia, but didn't say anything
  • Clary: told Lydia off for the wedding once and then.. never elaborated more on the topic even though she clearly knew that Alec was gay
  • Magnus: expressed to Alec that him being gay is okay, explained the way internalized homophobia would and did affect him, explained that he likes Lydia but that Alec should not marry her, never accepted that Alec would be entering a marriage for the sole purpose of blocking his feelings away, didn't give up on Alec because Alec was giving up on himself and needed someone to remind him that he deserved happiness, clearly made Alec comfortable enough to express his hesitations (the same way he did with Jace, only Magnus actually elaborated and told him those feelings were because of internalized homophobia!!!) and finally showed up at the wedding to give Alec one last chance to get out of his life ruining marriage, knowing very well that it was for Alec
I feel like I’m running around in circles, chasing after people but not really understanding why. I’m trying to hold onto them when they’ve long ago decided they wanted nothing to do with me. And I guess that’s fine because I don’t really need them either, but it bruises the ego and kills the soul. It leaves me lying awake at night trying to see the ceiling through the darkness, wondering what I did to push all these people away, and wondering what I did to deserve to be left alone with nobody to hear me crying out.
—  taintedglass
I Still...

[Summary]: At what point you thought that Tony didn’t deserve you, you couldn’t recall. You just somehow always felt that he deserved someone better. The only problem was, was that Tony still cared about you even after you left him.

[Pairing]: Tony x reader (mentions of others)

[Warning]: angst, drinking

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A/N: BSB gif was made by yours truly! Yep, another fic using the Backstreet Boys as inspiration… [x] It has some flashbacks that will be italicized and indented. This hurt to write just because I hate mixing Tony with angst (he deserves to be happy!) but this song just seemed to scream his name. Sorry for all the Tony feels! I will understand if you need a hug after this… 

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Tony poured another shot of vodka in his glass. It was yet another sleepless night. He glanced at his phone when it lit up, thinking it was a response from you but it wasn’t. Just another notification from his lab computer, updating him on his project progress. He noticed the time as the phone dimmed to black; 3:15 am. 

These last six months have thrown Tony into a mess of restlessness, nightmares and non-stop work. He still couldn’t believe that after five months of dating, you just… left. It wasn’t like you didn’t love Tony, you certainly did, but you felt as though you could never love him the way he loved you and he deserved someone better.

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I do not like the feeling of being a borderline.
I do not like the feeling of abandonment.
this fake abandonment,
I’ve constructed in my head,
this abandoned building in my chest that I beg people to live in
but when they do I kick them out
because nobody deserves to have to fix this poor collapsing excuse for a house.
I know you haven’t left, but you havent told me you loved me in three hours, ten minutes, and 32, 33, 34 seconds so how am I supposed to know the difference?
I do not like these mood swings
I do not like spending hours of my night covering every mirror in a blanket and covering every tastebud in burning alcohol only to wake up loving every thing about me
taking down all the fleece to realise that the happy me that decides to drop in just enough to always be missed
is not the me that reflects in the mirror
I do not even know who that me is
I do not like the feeling of being a work in progress
I’m taking traits and ideas and hobbies straight from other people’s identities and hoping they dont notice when i suddenly become exactly who they want me to be
“we have so much in common” not unless you, too, sit up every night praying to a god you dont believe in to let you give up because theres no reason to live but theres no reason to die either because theres no person here at all
I do not like this disorder
but if someone told me there was a solution
I don’t know if I would take it
because this lack of identity is my only identity and this empty shelter in my chest is the only home I’ve ever known
I do not like the feeling of being me
—  I do not even know who that is
The Good People Of A Good Town

An idea destroyed my hometown. It wasn’t a natural disaster or an illness or any other rational, terrible-but-reasonable thing. It was an idea, and it started with Netty Carter.

She was my seventh grade science teacher, a woman who had obviously seen her life taking a very different path than the one she’d ended up on. She dressed like a slightly more conservative Marilyn Monroe, wore her bottle blonde hair in short curls, and was forever applying new layers of bubblegum pink lipstick in the middle of her lectures. The boys (and, admittedly, a few of their dads) were quite fond of her.

The girls (and, admittedly, a few of their moms), far less so.

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“Raise Your Voice”

A/N: To anyone who doubts that they are loved or that they matter. Trust me, you are loved and matter so, so much. It may not feel like it, but please just know that.

Summary: You have your first stage appearance since you were hospitalized, and you announce your campaign.

Characters: Supernatural Fans & Cast, Reader

Warnings: Depression, Mentions of attempted suicide, Fluff

538 Words

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You looked out into the crowd that was waiting for you. You couldn’t believe how far you’ve come. You couldn’t even recognize yourself anymore. You weren’t shy or scared anymore. You were better, stronger. You had fought in a long war against yourself, and you had won. Your fellow cast members, your family, had said that they’d gone through similar times. But Jared was the one who suggested you do something about it.

You were sick of hearing the countless stories of people who had struggled with depression. You were sick of hearing how so many of them were dismissed, told they were being dramatic, and so they believed that something was just wrong with them.

You hated that so many fans have faced the exact same thing as you. They were good people. People who definitely didn’t deserve what they got. Nobody deserves that.

You stepped out on stage, and the crowd roared in applause, some even crying. It had been a couple of months since you were hospitalized, since you had held that blade to your wrist in an attempt to make the pain go away, to end it all. Everyone had visited you in the hospital, telling you never to do that ever again and seeing how many people cared about you is what got you out of the hospital. It’s what got you to here.

You searched for what to say in the crowd. You had prepared for a couple days, writing what you should say, trying to memorize it. But you had forgotten it all once you got on stage, you knew that this wasn’t going to work if it wasn’t from the heart.

So, you were going to tell the truth. From the beginning. You had to say what needed to be said.

“I’m so, so sorry. A couple months ago I was in a dark place and I just felt so alone.”

You began to choke up as you continued, “I know now that I have all of you wonderful, beautiful people and I hope that anyone out there going through the same thing I went through knows that you all have me.”

You paused, trying your best not to tear up. “You’re not alone. You’re not crazy. You’re not dramatic. You’re someone who is fighting and suffering so, so much. Please, remember that. Please find someone to talk to, and keep fighting.”

You took a deep breath. “Today, I’m starting a campaign that I share with all of you. A campaign that will raise awareness for depression, so that people will understand that we don’t want attention, we’re not trying to be dramatic, we’re more than sad, we’re broken, and that nobody can fix themselves alone.”

You smiled sadly, proud of being a part of taking the first step to something that can help so many people.

The crowd broke out into applause, and you covered your eyes for a second, letting yourself take it all in. Your fellow cast members came out onstage, led by Jared and Jensen, all of them enclosing you in a very large, very intimate, group hug.

Let's Talk - Extended

This is just a little extension to what my previous post explains.
Right now, I just wanna cry. This community is being divided, and I freaking hate it. I wanna cry at the fact that Keemstar had the nerve to make a video about it. And now more people are hating on Jack. More than ever.
What the hell Keem? You’re just making the situation worse.
I went into the comments section of Keem’s video and people are calling Jack out.
Me personally, I do agree with what he said.
His reasoning was excellent. I’m sorry if you disagree.
I’m currently watching the video, and I want to cry. Just cry.
What’s wring with this world? Why can’t we all get along?
I need to get off of this video. If I keep on watching, I’m going to lose all of my brain cells.
Jack should not feel bad. He’s still friends with Felix. And he did defend him. Like I said in my last post, he defended both parties. He also said what both parties did wrong.
Why did all of this start? Why is Jack getting a lot of controversy?!
Nobody deserves this amount of hate!
Either agree, respectively disagree, or don’t even comment at all!
Anyways… Sorry…. I’m just really upset right now…

~ Signing off

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i cry whenever ravi speaks he is an angel and so sweet nobody deserves him hes too good hE FOUND OUT HIS COWORKER WAS A FUCKIGNGFFNFBGF ZOMBIE AND IMMEDIATELY STARTED ON A CURE LIKE HOW FUKCIG D

he is the father i never had the brother i’ve always needed and fuckin uhhhh every other male role he fulfills 😍👌

Bar dancing

Get down off the bar - featuring Happy Lowman (SOA) x Reader
 A prompt from Prompt List that I’m doing on my phone while I wait for my internet to be fixed. If you want a drabble Prompt then search the #prompt list on my page and send me a message :) Sorry about the spacing before! 

 Being Happy Lowman’s Old Lady meant a lot of pressure, drinking, late nights and occasionally, being kidnapped. But this was a happy occasion, you and Happy had recently welcomed a small bundle of joy into the world. Your son was almost eight months old now and the light of both of your lives. It had been hard to adjust at first, Happy was still a key member of the Sons and as such had to attend all social gatherings as a show of the main charters strength. You attended the child friendly events but tonight was the first time you felt confident enough to leave your son with Reeta so you could attend the Friday night party at the garage.

And you were fucking wasted. 

 Every time you had reached for your phone with the intention of phoning Reeta, one of the Sons had appeared and replaced your phone with a drink.
Twelve drinks in and you were having a cuddle with Tig as he lent on the pool table.
 “How are you this drunk?” He giggled and put his smoke to his lips. Happy, who was playing doubles pool with Chibs, Bobby and Juice, rolled his eyes at you both, “She’s not really been drinking since she was pregnant.”
 Chibs’ eyebrows shot up, “That long?!“ 
“Yeeeeep.” You grinned as Tig rocked you back and forth playfully. You laughed as he rocked you and struggled to get away from him. Once he let you go you stumbled towards Happy and snuggled against his chest contently while he waited for his next go.  Happy would never be touchy feely but he found you undeniable, so he slipped one arm around your waist as you snuggled into his side. It kept you happy and it also meant that visiting Sons from the other charters knew that you were with him. 

 After watching Happy and Bobby whoop ass twice, you kissed Happy’s scratchy cheek affectionately before wandering off with Tig towards the bar.  As the second most psychotic Son, after Happy, Tig had taken to you quickly and you’d become fast friends with Tig always guarding you and your son when Happy, for whatever reason, couldn’t. Tig led you to a free bar stool and took the one next to you.
 “Whaddya drinking doll face?” He gave you a playful grin and gestured for the Prospect behind the bar to leave the crow eaters alone and come to you both. “Water.” You decided.
 “Water?” Tig’s eyebrows shot up.
 “Yep.” You popped the ‘p’ and gave him a dramatic drunk nod.
 “Doll you know nobody here gives a shit about how drunk you get, you deserve a night out.” Tig explained as he gestured to the Prospect to get two glasses of Jack Daniels.

 “I knoooow,” you grinned, “But if I’m too drunk I can’t drag Happy to bed.” You gave Tig your most suggestive smile and he threw his back with a mad laugh and shouted to Happy across the loud noise of the room that he was a lucky man. The song changed to an AC/DC song that you loved and you jumped up ready to dance with Tig who caught your hand and spun you around laughing.
 “I want to dance!” You laughed.
“You are dancing.” Happy’s voice came from behind you. You turned to give him a cheerful smile and threw your arms around his neck and leaned up to kiss him deeply.
 “Dance with me?” You kissed his nose playfully as you pulled him towards the bar.
 “Y/N I don’t dance, what’re you doing?” He asked as you stepped up onto the bar stool before stepping onto the bar. 

 “Y/N get off the bar.” Happy told you but you could see him struggling to keep the amused smirk off of this face. Tig and Chibs cheered which caused the other Sons to turn and cheer. You danced on the bar to the song and ignored the Prospect who was trying to get you down. Tig and Juice joined you and you shouted to Happy to come up too.

He had no intention of joining you. Until the prospect made a fuck up he’d regret for longer than it would take his face to heal.

 As you were pulling Happy’s hand to try to convince him to join you, the Prospect pushed you harshly from behind the bar so you crashed to your knees on the bar and caught yourself before you fell off all together. Happy was on the bar before you could fight through the drunken haze of your mind to figure out why your hands were hurting.
 Juice helped you up while simultaneously checking you were uninjured. Without a word Happy stood straight and stamped his foot straight down onto the Prospects face.
 Tig threw his head back laughing and leaned down to mock the bloody passed out man, “You asshole. You should know not to mess with his Old Lady.”
Happy scooped you out of Juice’s arms and held you close. “Did you come up for a dance?” You grinned up at him and pushed your lips to his.
“I’ll just watch.” His hands ran up and down your sides and his lips kissed your neck.
The last time that happened I ended up pregnant.” You reminded him. He chuckled darkly and nipped at your neck and you almost melted into him. Oh well, another baby wouldn’t be so bad.

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i wish yall werent such p*ssies about sending telling ppl to die if theyre being bigoted like smh get that ‘nobody deserves to die for their opinion uwu’ shit out of my face if a dumb b*tch wants to say vile sh*t she should be able to handle being told to choke

i’m absolutely devastated to hear about what happened in Manchester tonight. hearing that a bomb went off and killed 19 and injured dozens at a concert where the majority of people there are teenage girls makes me so unbelievably upset. the fact that someone had the audacity to do that is so disheartening and i can’t even begin to imagine how Ariana feels right now. we can all agree, no matter whether you like an artist or not, you never wish the worst for them and nobody deserves to go through any of this and my heart goes out to ariana and her entire team and her fans. as an avid concert-goer myself, stuff like this scares the living crap out of me and you’d think after what happened to Christina Grimmie that maybe, just maybe, security would step up their game. it’s sad that such a tragic event has to happen for people to realize things. anyway, here’s my rant for the night. my prayers go out to anyone effected by this.❤️

thank you steven, for destroying that horrible weapon, and not using it on bismuth or anyone else. nobody deserves that. 

he’s such a good kid. he doesn’t want to kill anyone, he knows people can change. he’s seen homeworld gems turn around again and again, and i’ll bet his mind flashed to them when bismuth demonstrated the breaking point. 

nobody deserves that.

i’m so glad SU is turning out like this. many people were starting to think that because of characters like marty and kevin, who don’t seem sympathetic right now, su is gonna drive home a “some people are just the Worst” moral that, if applied to threatening gems, might have meant killing them. 

for me, that might have ruined the show. it could still have been good… but it would have been what bismuth wanted. using murder to “improve the world”. the classic, overdone hero’s story, where killing the “bad people” on top just automatically fixes everything. nobody cares about killing the mooks and minions working for them either, who never had a choice. 

i also liked that, while rose not telling anyone wasn’t ok, i can see why she bubbled her: bismuth is really good at motivating the other crystal gems. her true strength is her ability to pump people up and persuade them to her cause. amethyst was a skeptic, but we saw the effect she had on her. 

if rose hadn’t bubbled bismuth, well… her plan might have worked. she pumps them up, tells them about her Glorious Shattering Plan, and many might have followed. there would certainly have been a split among the crystal gems, which could have destroyed them from within.

but steven did one thing rose didn’t. after coming to the same realization, that he can’t enable bismuth’s glorifying of death and violence, he also decides to tell the others. he’s refusing to keep rose’s secrets.

thank goodness for this kid. he’s got a world of pressure and responsibility on his shoulders, and he’s way out of rose’s shadow now. 

he’s not as good a fighter, but he gives the gems something they need - communication. he refuses to keep big secrets from them, he believes in them and lets them handle the truth for themselves. he wants the crystal gems to be a true force of good and understanding, and i’m really proud of him for that.

Not everybody’s okay, a lot of people got hurt.  People just like me and you.  People that went out to see a rock show on a Friday night.  A lot of people in that venue got hurt, people that we’ve seen over the years, all the time.  We played there last year, on this day, exactly last year.  And nobody there deserved what happened.  I want to send this song out to the venue, to the bands, to the staff, to the victims, to the survivors.  There are hopeful and sunny days ahead of us.  I know there are.  I believe in you guys, I believe in this generation, I believe in the future.
—  Tim McIlrath, before playing the original version of Swing Life Away, 11/13/15

My guess though, having read the sides, is that either the show is not being renewed for season 8 (god is real), or Cam wants out (good for him; nobody deserves to be stuck on this shit show), and this whole thing was cooked up to be Ian’s write out, and Mickey was only brought back to try and tie up that storyline at the same time. But it is the most ludicrous ending I’ve ever heard. So Mickey and Ian are gonna be what, fugitives? Living on the run forever? It’s so implausible and silly, you cannot even credit the writers on this show with “writing” at all anymore. This is like a bad omegle rp or some shit I’m laughing.

Nobody knows. “They all committed suicide? Chisa, Gozu, Seiko?” No Ruruka. She hated herself so much that she did THAT to herself, she didn’t even need to do it. It was her choice to brutalized herself that much. she died alone, she died alone feeling only self loathing and nobody knows she’s dead. Nobody would care if they found out. She deserved the world she and she deserved a redemption arc. Not. That.

New Family

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Request: Hi could you do Xmas prompt 23 where the reader and Derek take in Liam for the Christmas holidays by things aren’t good for him at home and just make it a really cute pack mom type imagine please xxx 

Author’s Note: I saw this in my inbox and I just had to write it. I was hit with inspiration right away! I tried to make it super cute, so I hope you like it! Enjoy c:

Warnings: Feels

#23: “You’re freezing, get in here!”


“Have you gotten all your holiday shopping done yet?” Derek asked as he came and sat on the couch next to me, handing me a mug of hot chocolate and pulling my feet into his lap. Christmas was in just a few days and I was tying up some loose ends, getting ready for the holiday. The loft was already decorated and good to go, complete with a tree and everything. I took a sip and shook my head in response to his question.

“I just have a few more things to pick up,” I said. “Then it’s on to wrapping! What about you?”

“I have a few more things I need to pick up,” he replied wryly, giving me a grin. I nudged him with my foot and narrowed my eyes playfully.

“You know you don’t need to get me anything,” I said. 

“Babe, we’ve been together for five years. I’m getting you something. Something nice. Maybe something nice enough that it’ll get me a little action,” Derek teased, leaning over to kiss me. I giggled and slapped his chest before allowing him to press his lips to mine. He lingered and I hummed, wrapping my arms around his neck. “Am I gonna get some of that action now?” he asked, laying me back into the couch and continuing to kiss me lightly.

“Maybe. But you’ll have to shut up to find out.” I smiled against Derek’s lips, feeling the heat from his body radiate to mine. Just as his fingertips started to ease the edge of my shirt up, a loud knocking rang through the loft. Derek groaned quietly, not pulling away.

“Maybe if we’re quiet they’ll go away,” he mumbled, moving to my neck. I laughed softy, pressing on his chest as the knocking rang out again, more urgent this time. He sighed and gave me one more peck before sitting up and allowing me to head for the door.

“We can finish this later, sourwolf,” I teased, giving him a wink before I flung open the loft door. “Liam!” I was shocked to find a soaked and shivering Liam at the door, the tips of his hair turned to icicles. “You’re freezing, get in here!” I pulled the boy inside and rushed to grab blankets to wrap around him.

“What’s going on?” Derek asked as I rushed around. I shook my head, worry all over my face.

“I don’t know. Go grab some of your clothes for Liam? He’s soaked,” I said. Derek nodded and headed for our bedroom. I wrapped Liam up and hugged him, brushing the snow out of his hair. “What’s going on, Li?”

“My stepdad,” he started quietly, not meeting my eyes. “Things aren’t going so great at home.” 

“Okay, okay,” I cooed. Derek returned, handing Liam dry clothes. I pushed him off to go change, biting my lip as I watched him head toward the bathroom. “Derek, we have to do something. This is the third time this month. And it’s Christmas for God’s sake!” Tears were brimming in my eyes. Liam was like a son to me. I hated to see him having to go through this at home. 

“It’s alright,” my boyfriend said, pulling me to his chest. “Let’s find out what happened, okay?” I nodded, allowing him to wipe a few tears just as Liam came back. I smiled at the sight of him in Derek’s too-big clothes. I took him in to the  couch while Derek got him a cup of hot chocolate. 

“What happened, sweetheart?” I asked, curing up next to him. 

“I forgot to do a few of the dishes today and he came home and freaked out on me. My mom didn’t do anything, just watched. He- he threw a mug at my head, Y/N…”

“Oh my god,” I gasped. I could see the tears in Liam’s eyes as he talked.

“It didn’t hit me, but it was still scary. I tried to apologize and get them done, but he- he just wouldn’t let me. And then he kicked me out, said I didn’t deserve to stay there…” 

“Liam..” I sighed, watching a tear escape down him cheek. “Come here.” He leaned into me and I ran one of my hands through his hair, holding him close. My eyes met Derek’s concerning ones, asking the silent question. He gave a small nod and I took a deep breath. “I don’t want you going back there, Li,” I said. “You’re staying here with us, okay? We’ll set up a room for you and we can go get your stuff and- and-” I was choking up. I felt Liam turn and bury his face in my shoulder, his arms wrapping around me.

“Thank you so much,” he mumbled. I chuckled a bit, keeping my arms around him. A small grin even crossed Derek’s lips.

“We love you, Li. Both of us.”

Over the next few days, Derek and Liam went to get some of his stuff from his house. Liam had a talk with him mom and she didn’t even seem to care that he was leaving. We made up a room for him and moved him in, becoming like a little family right away. I made sure to keep Liam’s spirits up any way I could. He helped me bake Christmas cookies and shop for my last minute gifts. By the time Christmas Eve rolled around, everything was falling into place. We watched some holiday movies all together before heading to bed. I kissed Liam goodnight and climbed into bed with Derek, cuddling into his warm chest.

“What are you thinking?” he asked softly. I sighed lightly, eyes fixed on his.

“I’m really glad we got him out of there,” I answered. “Nobody deserves to ive like that, especially not so young.” 

“I think he’s really happy here, Y/N. He loves you so much.”

“We finally got a family, huh?” I smiled up at Derek’s happy expression as he nodded, kissing my forehead before settling down into the bed.

The next morning, I woke up my boys with shouts of excitement. It was Christmas morning! Derek and Liam chuckled as they followed me down the steps to the living room. The bottom of the tree was littered with gifts that I had snuck under there. A few I didn’t recognize sat under there as well. Derek made some coffee and then came in and sat down as I passed out the gifts.

“Y/N, you didn’t have to get me anything,” Liam said shyly, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Of course we did, Li!” I insisted, handing him another wrapped package. “You are our son after all.” He smiled at my comment. We sat and took turns opening, admiring the gifts and thanking each other. 

“Wait! I have one more thing,” Liam announced. He and Derek exchanged a look before he ran back to his room. He returned with a small, rectangular box, handing it to me. Derek was smiling like an idiot. “Open it!” 

“Okay, okay,” I laughed, tearing the paper. I found a velvet box inside, opening it to reveal a gorgeous diamond bracelet. “Liam!” I gasped, my hand flying over my mouth.

“It’s from Derek and I both,” he said, a proud look on his face. Derek gently lifted the jewelry from the box, turning it over.

“Look. It has all of our names engraved in it,” he said, showing me. I couldn’t even form words. “And there’s extra room there, too.”

“For what?” I asked.

“For when our family grows and Liam gets to be a big brother,” he said, smirking at me sweetly. I let out a small laugh, extending my arm for him to put it on me.

“You two…” I stood up and brought them both into a hug. “I love you both so much.” I placed a kiss to Derek’s lips and one to Liam’s cheek, making them both blush a bit. “I’d say this has been a great first family Christmas.”