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I’m still waiting for my official photoshoot photos to come back from Youmacon (I’m hype for them, but my photographer was graduating/finishing a thesis and I was like dude take your time QAQ) but in the meantime, here’s another shot fo my Zarya taken by the lovely Saurlock Photography on Facebook ;u;


After the portal to the Ghost Zone was closed for good, Danny Phantom and his team created the paranormal ghost hunting team, The PHANTOM FINDERS to uncover the secrets that lie beyond the human realm.

Join them as they uncover the mysteries surrounding the haunted Oak Hills Apartments!


Hhhhhh this didn’t come out at ALL how I wanted….maybe I shoulda picked a diff wig and overdraw my lips a bit…and buy some damn contacts cuz the pic where I made my eyes white looks kinda ok. As usual I’m fnaf trash. Nobody is shocked there

I included a pic where I didn’t edit my eyes so u can see how lame it looks w/o contacts lmao

Never being able to find any other Panty Anarchy cosplayers because, according to the cosplay community, either “nobody else wants to cosplay a slut” or “all of her outfits would make me look like a whore”. Which is incredibly hypocritical since half of said cosplayers have in fact cosplayed scantily-clad female characters before, with the only difference between them and Panty being that Panty actually enjoys being sexy and having a sex life instead of being a blushing modest moeblob.

After last year’s Ponycon I made some dumb and random remark to a friend about how if I was able to attend the next one, I’d consider cosplaying as Seto Kaiba for it.

Fast forward around six months; the next Ponycon location has just been announced. It turns out that I CAN make it and that ‘wonderful’ friend is not letting me forget what I said on the spur of the moment and is holding me to it.

So we have come to a compromise: I WILL cosplay as Kaiba depending on the notes this post gets.

  • 300 notes = dress as Kaiba for one day
  • 600 notes = dress as Kaiba for both days
  • 1000 notes = take my metal card/briefcase to store my MLP purchases in
  • 2000 notes = act like him the whole weekend
  • 2500 notes = imitate his voice the whole weekend
  • 3000 notes = enter as many of the competitions as I’m permitted as him
  • 4500 notes = attend the evening meal/pub quiz/walk around the city centre still in full cosplay

And yes, there will be photographic evidence afterwards ^^;

Ta-daaa~! :D

Here’s the final colored version of Emma and Warrick in their Kingdom Hearts garb. This concept was originated by my friend Kalil, who is a huge fan of Namesake. It was an intriguing idea and designing the clothing was challenging, so we had to do a bit of brainstorming on that together. This was a lot of fun! ^^

Materials: Toned grey 400 series sketch paper, mechanical pencil, Copic Multiliners, and Prisma colored pencils. All while taking cable repair calls! lol (really, it was only in between calls. I have no idea how long this actually took if I were to just count the time I was working on it…).

Also, thank you for so many likes and reblogs, Namesake fans! I’m super honored that Secondlina reblogged my previous sketches. *bows graciously* Thank you! I love your comic so much. :3

Now it’s on to brainstorming for a mobile game…