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Second star to the right and straight on ‘till morning. 

Drew my friend’s Disney tattoo design that features Peter Pan, the sun from Tangled, the scarab beetle from Aladdin, snowflakes from Frozen, a balloon from Up, the rose from Beauty and the Beast, a clam shell from The Little Mermaid, Aurora’s crown from Sleeping Beauty and the glass slipper from Cinderella. 

Claymore Quotes

Shall list some of the quotes that I particularly like:

1. Don’t be so quick to throw your life away. No matter how disgraceful or embarrassing it may be, you need to keep struggling to find your way out until the very end. - Clare

2. It’s perfectly natural to always want to stay alive. We’re only human, after all! - Helen


4. Live, Clare! Your staying alive is the only proof that Teresa ever existed. - Irene

5. Do as you please. Your and my way of life are different to begin with. - Galatea

I’ll expound on these quotes in more posts to come

holy-mother-rhoma’s top 25 fictional characters

Hey, all! I thought it would be a fun little thing (in honor on National Book Day) to make a list of my top 25 favorite fictional characters, as most of them come from books. If interested, I’ll tag people to do the same and we can make this a Zodai thing (bc of course Hysan and Rho are on here, who do you take me for?). With every character comes a short little explanation for why I love them. This is just way for me to share my love for these characters and let my online friends get to know me a bit better!

WARNING: mild spoilers for Harry Potter, A:TLA, The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, Twilight, Romina Russell’s Zodiac Series, Shugo Chara, Beautiful Creatures, and Sailor Moon below the cut!

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Today 7:52 p.m.
“Listen up, buddy: nobody breaks up with a Lightwood. Nobody! Meliorn thought that he could tell his faerie buddies over cups of mead that he’d broken up with me, and all I’m saying is that Meliorn hasn’t seen his faerie steed in a while.
“Once a guy visited the Institute and thought he could leave a ‘Dear Jane’ letter for me as he walked out the door. Jace found the letter. Ten minutes later that guy had a broken wrist and a concussion. And then I let Jace at him.
“This is Isabelle, by the way.”
—  The Voicemail of Magnus Bane (in the Days Following a Certain Incident in City of Lost Souls)

anonymous asked:

Another correction - "Harries always say that his entire band was with him, to write songs with, and they formed a very special unbreakable bond or some crap like that". I've NEVER heard any Harrie say this. Nobody thinks Adam Clare or Sarah wrote the album with Harry! We all knew only 2 ppl from the album were joining his band because H said so. He often says it onstage when intro-ing Mitch & previously Alex. I'd love to know who the 'multiple Harries' u talked to r cos they're skewing yr view


in-screaming-color-swift said:Hi Cassie, I’m a huge fan of all your books, and excitedly awaiting the tv series. I was wondering if you knew how casting is going to work? By that I mean are they casting new people or keeping the old cast?

I don’t know. They don’t know. 

I went out to LA last week to have a bunch of meetings, and also met with the showrunner for the TMI show, Ed Decter, and with Constantin, the production company. This is where they are:

Right now they’re working on developing a pilot (the whole, written script for the first episode) as well as a series bible [“used as sales documents to pitch a new series to a television network or television studio and help them, as well as any new writers who might join the writing staff, understand the series. These types of bibles discuss the histories of the main characters as well as the fictional universe the series is set in and include a mention of future plotlines in the form of a brief outline of each season..”]

That pilot and bible will be used to sell the series. Once that’s done, that’s when they’ll start thinking about casting…probably. There is absolutely no way for me or anyone else to say who will be cast. It’s like trying to predict exactly where a penny will land when you throw it in the air. The exact same thing is true of which network the show will land at, where it will be shot, whether they will have auditions, what countries it gets shown in, etc. I don’t know because nobody does.

Hello, Mrs. Clare, It’s great news that tmi will be getting a tv show. I was wondering though, as the creator of the series, would you get even the tiniest bit of say or asked advice in how certain things should be? I understand that for whatever reason the media will usually drift from what the characters and stories were originally (Vampire Diaries comes to mind). How would you feel if they went overboard with change? Like having Isabelle be a blue-eyed blonde or the Blackthorn family be Italian and adding the scrapped concept of Ariadne or making Magnus Bane have a dog instead of Chairman Meow etc.. Would you have no choice but to accept these drastic changes and ignore it? What is your opinion on being a fan in need of major adjustment? — dreamingspark

I would have no choice but to accept those changes; I have no legal power over the movie and television adaptations of this material. I would note that if those were the only changes they made I would be very relieved because nobody in entertainment would consider any of those changes drastic.

Nothing stops them from deciding that they are going to cut every single character, just keep the name and the concept of Shadowhunters, and run their own stories. You wouldn’t have to worry about Magnus having a dog because there would be no Magnus and no Blackthorns, no Jace and no Clary. And it would all take place in San Francisco. Or Belgium. And everyone’s twenty-five. And they carry guns. Those are drastic changes.

I know you guys want a series that will be faithful to the books, that will reproduce the feel of them. I know you want to see the characters and the storylines that you love, not characters who just have the same names but none of the same characteristics. I know you want to see New York and the Institute and Idris and the City of Bones as they are described; I know you want any changes made to be like the changes on Game of Thrones: necessary for adapting a book to TV, but in keeping with the books. I want all that, too. I know you won’t watch it otherwise. In that, we are the same. We can hope for a series that’s faithful and clever and smart. You hope, I hope. We wait and see.