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Does anyone remember, in season two, when Ben and Sackett “accidentally” trip the messenger boy so they can swipe the letter Lee sent in response to the letter Ben sent him pretending to be Gates, Ben handing back a paper to the messenger and then calling him son?!

okay yeah, so i changed the dialogue because space but. u all kno this fic

going through the kpop smut tag lately as been
- complaining about underage smut
- a meme
- a fluff with no smut
- someone else complaining about underage smut
- another meme
- fluffs, angsts, series
- no actual smuts
- a decent smut plot appears
- but it’s a bts smut
- of course

Heda Leksa kom Trikru

  • Booster Gold: I'm gonna go back in time and save Ted!
  • Rip Hunter: Ya but no. You're not allowed
  • Booster: And why not?
  • Rip: You can't change the past
  • Booster: Okay, but me being in the past already changed the future so screw you
  • Rip: Actually you were always in this time. You travelling to the past happens in every possible timeline. You were meant to be here
  • Booster: Alright, so why am I not in any history books or ever mentioned?
  • Rip: Because no one likes you and nobody cares about you
  • Booster: Okay, that makes sense
  • Rip: *internally* It's because you did a damn good job at what you were meant to do dad, I love you please don't be so hard on yourself. You're important and the world doesn't deserve you and I'm very proud to be your son.
  • Rip: Damn straight it makes sense now go save Hal Jordan as a baby even though he hates you and will never respect you

hey sorry for disappearing, still havin a really hard time with the whole bein alive thing. tbh I’m kinda self-destructing right now so bear with me as I change the visibility settings 600 times in an attempt to curb the urge to delete altogether

anyway if I haven’t responded to a message or @ from you I promise it’s not personal and I will do my best to give the response it deserves when I’m able… thanks 👍👍

Exercise is a form of self love and should always be treated as such 💜💜✨


I draw too much reborn fan art. Let’s downgrade it to fuckton.

(In my defense I must say that I had literally nothing to do last month so what else I would be doing but drawing crap) 

okay so someone dear to me remembered I’d promised to do an excessive readmore post about what I stg I THOUGHT the ending of aa5 was going to be and honestly this cold is murdering me so I might as well

you’ve been warned this will get TL:DR as shit and is jam-packed with AA:DD spoilers not that you’d understand half of it without having played through the ending buT ANYWAY

lots of text and SPOILERS AHOY (but jsyk it doesn’t impact on the alt ending comic I’m working on because that uses a different line of thought, so… no spoilers for that-?)

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Looks like I’ll genuinely be writing that SamSteve Bakery!AU with some added Bucky/Namor on the side (and probably some of the other Invaders fucking around there too somewhere) this year probably for the Cap BigBang just wait until I get you all hype for the big canoe of awesomeness aka SamSteve and the tiny little dinghy that is Bucky/Namor (also known as otp: sarcastic fishfuck)

Send more ideas about that my way if you got any :P


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@airquietworks said: Which members of Class 1A would actually get into it?

(in regards to the post I made about Eri liking My Little Pony and making Class 1-A watch it with her)

Excellent question! Let’s examine that shall we (keep in mind that I’m talking about the latest iteration, Friendship Is Magic, because it’s the only one I am familiar with to any degree):

@hatefilledpoptarts Posited that Bakugou would get pretty into the mythos of the show, but not so much like the show itself. He does have a lot of theories though and isn’t happy about it. He subtly reminds her about when to watch and that he guesses he’ll watch it with her if she really wants him to. If you twist his arm he’ll admit that some of the season final episodes had pretty good fights.

Izuku would be pretty into it, even like it, Mythos and all, though mostly for the benefit of keeping up with Eri while he’s watching it with her. He likes the animation and the lessons and the music, he thinks he would have really liked it as a kid if he didn’t only watch All-might related stuff back then. Eri said that he reminds her of Twilight Sparkle and that she’s her favorite, he considers it a compliment.

Ochako would be really into it, she’s always one of the first to join Eri on the couch whenever a episode comes on. They sing the songs together both during and after the episodes. They sing the Cupcake song every time they cook something together in the kitchen, even if it isn’t cupcakes. She really likes Applejack.

Tsuyu is used to watching little kids shows with her younger siblings, so she sits down and watches without any complaining, even enjoying herself. She’s the first one Eri comes to whenever she wants to talk about the show, since Tsuyu is a good listener when it comes to that kinda thing.

Iida would commend the show for aspiring to teach young children valuable lessons in cooperation and friendship. The show itself kinda stumps him though, he just keeps getting stuck on the fact that its a bunch of talking horses. The irony that he’s seen some pretty weird things in his life is lost on him. He admires Twilight’s dedication for studding though.

As for Momo, she tries her darnedest, but she just…doesn’t get it, she still sits down with Eri without complaining though. 

Kouda would love Fluttershy, of course he would, he is Fluttershy. They both have pet rabbits even!

Kirishima would be glued to his seat along side Ochako, showing no shame what so ever in watching and enjoying a children’s cartoon, in a different world he might have even called himself a brony….but that’s neither here nor there. Rainbow Dash is his absolute favorite.

Kaminari wouldn’t really get the show honestly, he thinks the Pegasus ponies are kinda cool though, “I would make an awesome Pegasus.”

Same thing for Kyouka, she was never really into that super cutesy stuff even when she was young enough for it. She does like the music though, just not the musical numbers, just some of the background tracks are really cool in her opinion.

Aoyama would find his spirit animal in Rarity, every episode where she is the main focus has his full attention. The rest is just okay in his eyes.

Mina and Hagakure would be all over this show, thinking its the cutest thing ever and just loving it. They’d probably watch episodes online whenever they have the time and not just with Eri. Pinkie Pie steals their hearts within two minutes of screen time.

Todoroki would be just as lost as Momo, he likes the songs though!

Same for Ojirou, he just smiles and nods whenever Eri gushes about the show and just kinda zones out whenever he’s watching it with the rest, having given up on actually understanding it.

Tokoyami actually really likes it, but would not admit it even under threat of death, his edgelord pride would not stand for it. He’s still miffed that Sombra barely did anything before being defeated. 

Sero and Shouji and Satou just think its okay.  

Nobody cares what Mineta thinks.

But whatever they think of the show, every single week without fail, they all gather in the common room and watch the newest episode with Eri. Even if they don’t like it, the smile she gives off whenever she watches and when she thanks them for coming when it’s over is always worth it.

Bonus: Izuku and Bakugou talking about the show when ever they take a break from training:

“I still think Discord turning good was a load of crap.”

“I thought it was sweet! Fluttershy just appealed to his better nature.”

“He is the freaking spirit of chaos and disharmony for fuck’s sake! What part of that makes it sound like he’d have a better fucking nature, Deku?”

“Disharmony is not the same thing as evil! He still causes trouble, just without hurting anybody!”

“Whatever, I still call bullshit, people just don’t turn nice just because you give them a stern fucking talking to and offer to be their friend.”

You would know that huh Kacchan…”


“NOTHING! Hey look at the time! Better get going!”

“Get back here so I can love and tolerate the shit out of you!”

okay, but please consider a les mis yours, mine, and ours au

  • valjean as strict adopted dad to enjolras, combeferre, courfeyrac, feuilly, and marius
  • fantine as free-spirited adopted mother to cosette, grantaire, joly, bossuet, musichetta, bahorel, jehan, eponine, and gavroche
  • valjean and fantine getting married and bringing together these fourteen kids
  • all of the kids fighting to no end because none of them like this situation
  • grantaire spray painting on the ceiling of his and enjolras’ room and enjolras being like “that’s VANDALISM” and grantaire just “it’s called ART”
  • combeferre redoing the bathroom schedule so that valjean’s kids get all the bathroom time and fantine’s get none
  • grantaire pretending to set the house on fire to get valjean’s kids into the yard while fantine’s take over the bathrooms
  • jehan helping fantine to design her handbags
  • gavroche dropping his shoe in the paint bucket and starting the paint war
  • bossuet and the forklift-in-the-hardware-store incident
  • enjolras bringing them all together in the lighthouse like “okay guys, it’s time to unite against a common enemy: our parents. let’s start project ‘break them up and make things go back to normal’.”
  • cosette very sweetly asking fantine if she and enjolras can have “a few friends over” while fantine and valjean are out to dinner
  • grantaire and bahorel inviting everyone they know to the party
  • joly’s panicked look as he says “I DIDN’T ORDER ANY PIZZA. I DON’T HAVE $379.”
  • gavroche and the pig
  • marius is getting picked on at school because he’s new and has a huge family, and grantaire, bahorel, enjolras, combeferre, courfeyrac, cosette and eponine all just showing up behind marius like “do you have a problem with our brother?”
  • fantine trying to promote the talking stick and valjean’s kids all just passing it on like “there is no way we are using this damn talking stick”
  • joly, bossuet, and marius ending up in the falling-out-the-window train
  • enjolras, combeferre, courfeyrac, cosette, and musichetta all taking the sail boat out to get their dad back

I just found a dead spider on my floor and my heart sunk at that sight, and I really don’t know why.