nobody cares beth

So last summer my mum sent a letter to Tom Hiddleston asking him if he could write me a letter for my 16th in November. It’s several months late, but here it is! He’s signed it for my 17th in case my mum wanted to keep it for my next birthday and made the connection that Thor 2 comes out in November. And I just
The thought he put into it is so sweet! And there’s a smudge of ink on the front of the card because he shut it before the ink dried.
And it’s just so nice of him
How do I continue

Alan Rickman meant more to me than David Bowie regardless but with his death coming so soon after Bowie’s they’ve both struck home really hard. Both are huge inspirations to so many people and wonderful creators. I’m so grateful to the both of them for the mark they made on the world. Can we not have any more celebrity deaths for a while now, please? I’m not sure the human race can take it.