nobody cares beth

Hi everyone,

I realised I have never properly introduced myself on here, and I’m almost at 6k (still cannot believe ppl like my blog) so I guess it’s about time I do! Here’s all you need to know…

- My name is Beth, I’m turning 18 next week (23/05). I’m from the county of Devon in England although I have family everywhere ^-^

- Everything I own is baby pink (I mean everything)

- I self taught Japanese since the age of 13 but I have not studied it since I’ve battled with my mental health in the last 2 years :c 

- I’m doing pretty well now, and I truly believe that life is worth living

- I’m currently taking my Alevel exams in Geography, History and Philosophy and Ethics

- I’m a vegetarian

- I am an atheist because I question everything, but I identify with a lot of the thinking in Buddhism

- I’m a bi who likes pie

- If you see artwork like this or this, it’s drawings of me and my girlfriend Anna who I am very grateful for 

I truly have a lot of love to give so please, if you ever need someone to talk to do not hesitate to send me a message ❤  

Somebody else probably already brought up the subject of Josh calling Chris “Cochise” but I just wanted to put my own input in.

At first I thought Cochise was Chris’s last name, but apparently it’s not??

So I put Cochise into google and got this…

“Cochise was leader of the Chihuicahui local group of the Chokonen and principal chief of the Chokonen band of the Chiricahua Apache. He led an uprising,”Which not only explains

But also adds more evidence to a theory I have about the Washingtons:

1) Josh, at least, knows a lot more about Native American cultures and history than the average American. (I would’ve called Chris Sacajawea tbh)

2) Melinda Washington, his mom, has spent several years assisting and working with the local tribes ( the Cree i think?) of the mountain.

3) there are a lot of Native American decorations in the lodge. There’s even the myths and legends books the guest cabin. Not to mention all the signs throughout the forests with information about Cree beliefs.

4) We know for a fact that the Washington kids are not white.

Conclusion: Looking back on it now, I can’t believe I never noticed the very real possibility that the Washington kids are of Native American (native Canadian?) descent, at least on their mother’s side.