nobody care about me

Ok literally nobody but me cares about this but I’m watching this Hallmark Christmas movie with my mom and this image flashes by, you know, one of the setting-the-scene shots?

And I’m like… huh. That looks kind of like one of the malls in Prague (Palladium, in case you care), so I had my mom run it back and pause, right? So upon closer inspection, I see that… huh. They even have the same logo lit up there, the angel with the trumpet? And… huh. That Lidl in the bottom left corner is exactly where it is in Námēstí Republiky…

And holy shit it is Prague? It’s a Czech mall?? In a Hallmark movie??? Set in San Francisco?????? I have so many questions.


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i love Mom Friend kanaya but also i think people really downplay how much of a mess she is

this is the girl who spent three years pretending her girlfriend’s drinking wasn’t a problem and bottling up all her fear and frustration about it as long as she could; the girl who tried to train an auspistice and completely failed; the girl who goes after assholes with a chainsaw and who punched vriska in the fucking face. she’s the only character we’ve seen reduced to tears over a crush. she’s amazing but she’s a disaster.

and she’s had these expectations of motherhood forced on her her whole life and while she accepts them gladly as far as we seem i’m sure it’s an enormous pressure and i don’t think she would have chosen that life under any other circumstances. she’s not that good at keeping her friends together; she can barely keep herself together; she’s an awkward emotional insecure teen and i don’t like seeing her reduced to the calming Mom who only exists to take care of everyone else?