nobody can change that

why yall so cynical about petitions.. it is a means of activism and protesting that a lot of us feel comfortable doing, esp those who can’t go out and actively do something… nobody expects change right away but if millions of people with a shared grievance come together peacefully… isnt it worth looking over? the whole point of petitions is to draw attention to a cause

I love this so much. You know why? People always assume Harley is some psychopath and that the Joker completely influences everything she does but this proves that so wrong!

Harley may not be completely sane (or mature for that matter) but she is compassionate and that proves that he didn’t break her. She knows right from wrong and she knows better than to leave a child who needs her helps, even when Ivy wants her to. She’s her own person and nobody can change that no matter how hard they try.

She’s not just a character for you to over-sexualise. You shouldn’t romanticise her abuse. Harley is a badass, not just some floozy who swoons at the sight of her Puddin’.

That’s why I love this and that’s why I love Dr Harleen Frances Quinzel.

Jobs are merely jobs and days are merely days, don’t let anyone convince you something is set in stone. You are more than a day, month or even decade. You are ever changing and nobody can define you. You are a wild chameleon who never hides and a million souls in one body so do not let them shape you my love. You are the sun the moon and the stars, you are the ocean the wind and the air. You are everything

Everything by Amy Kennedy


LWA Ep. 4 is the most precious gift.

Truly. Here we have a young author emotionally drained by all the nasty reviews and comments she’s been receiving for her writing…

…and her spirit is so beaten down by the flames that she just wants to quit.

Then in comes Lotte and what she says next is absolutely incredible. She doesn’t tell Annabel to “just write for herself”. She doesn’t tell Annabel to “just ignore the haters”.

This is SO important, guys.

Because by pointing out that the haters make up only a small portion of the fandom and that there are just as many people who do enjoy what Annabel publishes, Lotte is able to reassure Annabel and give her a purpose without discriminately excluding anyone from the fandom.

No fandom on this Earth is a safe haven. There will be trolls and critics one way or another. And nothing and nobody, not even the creator, can do anything to change that because people just have their own opinions.

But that doesn’t mean they’re not part of the fandom. In fact, judging by how long this series has been going and how no one has noticed that there’s been twelve succeeding authors behind “night fall” since the beginning, a number of these trolls probably flame the newer volumes because they’re likely fans of the older books…written by previous authors. Or something similar to that.

Point is, you can’t satisfy everybody and that’s fine. You don’t have to feel obligated to. What’s not okay is to forget the fans who do look forward to how you’ll continue the story, who do appreciate what you write, who do love your work. You may not be able to erase the negative feedback but that shouldn’t cast a shadow on the positive feedback that surely exist. Because if you give that much effort into something you like, chances are someone is bound to like what you’ve done.


Then Lotte ultimately reels Annabel in by sharing what they both love about “night fall”.

And it’s because Lotte loves these books so much and loves the books that the current Annabel wrote so much and therefore, knows how much Annabel loves this series so much that she can put her confidence in Annabel’s ability to make it even more interesting to read. Because Annabel has already done that for her and a lot of fans and it’d be an utter shame for her to stop now!

Only a person who’s been following a series for that long (since childhood in this case!), who passionately loves a series as much as Lotte does can convince another fan-turned-author to continue contributing more greatness to this established piece of work and thereby, keep giving the fans something to enjoy and love.

And I think that’s so wonderful. It’s so encouraging to all the aspiring creative thinkers out there so really, thanks, Trigger. You truly are awesome for sending out this message through this amazing anime.

I was a broken person a few years ago. And people are making fun. I was always alone at the end of the day. One day I was in front of a café. I heard you belong with me. I was wondering who the girl was. But I have not researched for a while. But I  hearded the song everywhere. I finally found the hero of my life.   Taylor changed my life .People started to make fun of it this time and they are still going on. I have been the same person since that day. And nobody can change it. Do you know what happened at the end? I am a happy and strong girl. And 7 years with Taylor but she still smiles the same. I love her and I will love her♡
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Yandere Sentence Starters

“Anyone who gets in between us can just die!”
“I’d rather see you dead than with another man/woman!”
“Say that you love me, and maybe I won’t have to kill you!”
“I can’t have you interfering in our relationship anymore!”
“You belong to me!”
“If I can’t have you, nobody can!”
“I’m not going to be ignored!”
“Did you, maybe…change your phone number without telling me?”
“You wouldn’t try to ditch me…would you?”
Liar. I saw who you were with!”
“Good. Because if you were cheating on me…I’d have to kill you~”
“Even if you run, I will find you.”
“Choose me to live, or her/him to die. Choose!”
“If you ever leave me, they’ll never find your body~”
“Everything was going so well with us…until you ruined it!”
“You stole him/her from me! So now…now you have to die!”
“If you ever stop loving me…I’ll kill who you love instead.”
“You say that you love me, but all you do is run!”
“You love me, don’t you? You’d never betray me…right?”
“I did this for you! Now that s/he’s out of the way, we can finally be together!”

Lines inspired by / taken from here!

shoutout to all the common kintypes. to those who are regularly called wolfaboos. those who are put down because they have ‘beginner’ theriotypes. those who doubt their legitimacy because they aren’t 'real’.
your kintype is real and valid. no matter what anybody else says. you know who you are and nobody can change that.
you are a beautiful wolf, fox, cat, dog. however you identify. just know that at the end of the day you know what you are.
i love each and every one of you.

Whatever gender you say you are, you are. Even if it changes next week. Even if it changes within the next second. It doesn’t matter what’s between your legs or how you present on the outside. Your gender is valid. And nobody or anything in this world can ever change that.


now you see me gendershuffle:connie britton as merritt mckinney / scarlett johansson as j. daniel atlas / cara delevingne as jack wilder / michael fassbender as henley reeves / angie harmon as dylan rhodes / andrew garflied as lula may / hayden christensen as alma dray / cicely tyson as thaddeus bradley / maggie smith as arthur tressler / alexandra daddario as walter marby


Hey, Tumblr, did you realize that there is a (French but translated in English too) comic called “The Infinite Loop” with a gay redheaded freckled lead and her Japanese girlfriend, a (round) sexy black girl who is also the boss and even a genderqueer kid? All that wrapped up in an amazing sci-fi story full of time travels and time paradoxes. It’s fun, it’s queer and everything else people ask on Tumblr. But nobody seems to be talking about it. Can we change that?

Enjoltaire Headcanon

Just imagine, Enjolras, Grantaire, Modern!Au in High School with the prompt “I’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you”.

• Their story starts in pre-school. Grantaire loves dancing, has ever since he could stand up and wiggle around. He meets Enjolras in pre-school, they sit next to each other, constantly arguing about colors they use while drawing (”Trees aren’t blue!” - “It’s abstract!”), Enjolras’ dreams (”I’m gonna change the world.” - “No, you won’t.” - “But… Yes…?” - “Nobody can change the world.) and words neither of them know the meaning to.

• In elementary school, they finally become friends. Grantaire’s love for dancing grows. His parents decide to send him to dancing lessons for children. 

•In middle school, some time in 8th grade, Enjolras asks Grantaire to teach him how to dance. They stumble around, Enjolras steps on Grantaire’s feet constantly, his hair falls into his eyes, they laugh until they stomaches hurt. (”You are a hopeless cause, Apollo.”) Somewhere during their lessons Grantaire realizes he’s in love with Enjolras.

• In high school, they come out to each other and their group of friends. (”I don’t think I’m that straight…” - “That’s okay, me neither. You can still change the world.”)

• One day, at a meeting of Les Amis, Grantaire shoots down every argument Enjolras has - Enjolras doesn’t talk to him for a whole week. After that week Enjolras has a shiny new boyfriend. Grantaire feels like he burns inside - he feels like dying. He tells nobody.

• Even though Enjolras and his boyfriend break up fairly quickly, Enjolras is never single for long anymore. He seems to be dating the whole school. Grantaire feels like he will never have a chance with his Apollo…

• This goes on until their senior prom. Grantaire and Enjolras being the best of friends, constantly arguing for their cause, Grantaire hopelessly loving Enjolras, Enjolras constantly dating another person. 

• A month before senior prom Enjolras asks Grantaire to teach his current boyfriend how to dance. And Grantaire, he can’t say no to Enjolras. Not to his Apollo. He bows his head and says yes, he teaches the boyfriend, he despises every moment of it. He doesn’t go to prom. He doesn’t want to see Enjolras happily dancing – not wasting one thought on Grantaire. 

• After that, Grantaire starts teaching dancing lessons at a local studio (he loves teaching the little kids, they are so talented and full of enthusiasm), Enjolras goes to university to study poli-sci. They share a flat – they are best friends after all. They are depressingly domestic and Grantaire feels like he’s in some sort-of-relationship with Enjolras. (Enjolras keeps sleeping in his bed somehow. Grantaire makes breakfast for him every morning, Enjolras is just so adorable before he has had his first cup of coffee – he’s definitely not a morning person. One morning, Enjolras comes into the kitchen, with crazy sex-hair from sleeping, his eyes still closed, wearing some boxers that belonged to Grantaire at some point, probably, and Grantaire’s favorite band shit. Grantaire’s heart stops for almost a whole minute before Enjolras pads over to him barefooted to hug him and hide his face in the crook of Grantaire’s neck. Grantaire dies there and then from adorableness.) If he notices that Enjolras dates less and less, well, his friends don’t need to know.

• All is well, until Enjolras finishes university. There’s some sort of dance ball to celebrate graduation. Enjolras asks Grantaire to teach his date how to dance. At first, Grantaire feels like his heart is breaking into a million little pieces. (He had had that slight hope that Enjolras would ask him to be his date… It felt like they had been dating for the longest time…) He agrees reluctantly though. He still hasn’t learnt how to say no to Enjolras, his best friend, his Apollo, his sun, the love of his life. 

• One evening he teaches the guy, when Enjolras storms into the studio. Grantaire leaves after Enjolras starts yelling about some sabotaged rally he had organized with Les Amis. (They were trying to defend gay rights and establish gender neutral toilettes at Enjolras’ university – a protest for their friend Jehan. In the end, somebody had called the principle to tell him about the planned sit-in. The police were already waiting for the protest to begin – and to destroy it. Of course, some people took that opportunity to start a riot… It didn’t end well…) 

• The next morning Grantaire comes into his studio to find a broken and bloodied mirror, twenty dollars and a post-it note from Enjolras. He had punched the mirror, broken up with the guy, called up Joly to help with his bleeding hand, stayed with Courfeyrac for the night (didn’t want to disturb Grantaire by crawling into his bed at 2 in the morning – little did he know that Grantaire hadn’t been sleeping at all), left twenty dollars for a new mirror – not necessarily in that order. Grantaire teaches the only group of small children he has that day and goes back to his and Enjolras’ shared apartment.

• Enjolras later asks if Grantaire would teach another one of his dates, which is when Grantaire finally snaps. (They had been preparing dinner, Grantaire cutting vegetables, Enjolras stirring some sort of sauce, when Enjolras had asked. Grantaire had cut his finger at hearing the question. He’s swearing like a sailor as he’s pressing a dish towel to his injury. The he registers what Enjolras had asked him. He’s freaking out.) He’s yelling something along the lines of “I’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you ‘cause you’re the guy I’ve been wanting for years and you didn’t even notice”.

• Enjolras is stunned into silence after that admission. Grantaire panics and leaves to sleep at the studio that evening. Enjolras shows up halfway through the night, declaring his love for Grantaire by standing outside the studio with a giant boombox and screaming at the top of his lungs that he loves Grantaire. The he never wants to leave him. Then he comes up into the studio, kissing him like his life depends on it. They dance to an unheard melody until they fall asleep.

• The final time Enjolras asks Grantaire to teach somebody how to dance is a month before their wedding. Turns out, none of their friends can actually dance enough for a wedding…


@bext-k So today I got these texts. And I just want to be clear that no matter what you are, to not listen to the haters. to ignore them. click the block button, or the report button because what they are saying is not true. You are Worth so fucking much and no matter what, being gay, or trans, or queer, or bi, or anything, doesnt mean its a mental disease. you are who you are. nobody can change that. so be proud in who you are. Bex Taylor klaus taught me this. She taught me that no matter what you are, you are still an amazing human bean. So spread love, not hate.❤️💛💚💙💜

anonymous asked:

Speaking quite honestly, I've had the exact same sentiment as you on multiple occasions. Nowadays, nobody ever seems willing to acknowledge that people can actually change and become a better person than they were. It's not even just apologies. Anything bad you do will be remembered forever, and any good you do is just a mask you put on to hide what a horrible person you are underneath. This belief is quite honestly one of the most worrying things I see on Tumblr, and in the world in general.

Yeah it’s definitely a really worrying trend. I can see why people do it but it’s still not a healthy thing for anyone involved. It makes you cynical and jaded and untrusting, it makes those trying to be better think that they’ll never be better or that they shouldn’t try, and in the end it just makes the world a more hostile place to be. The world really doesn’t need help being an angry shithole. It does enough of that on its own.

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As the self appointed coxswain of this garbage ship (shut up! It's a cool word, and I was always too tall to ever have a change of being one in real life. And it involves a lot of yelling. What's not to like?) we sail, I respectfully demand another Flynn/Lucy installment. Girl, you know those two aren't gonna tease each other like that forever. Something's gotta give...

part one of my shame, part two

It is April 17, 1912, and RMS Titanic has just docked safely in New York City, fresh off her maiden voyage – there were ice warnings, but thanks to a mysterious transmission sent on the night of the 14th, a transmission nobody can trace or even quite understand, the ship was compelled to change course and slow down. Its passengers, including some of the creme-de-la-creme of high society – John Jacob Astor, Benjamin Guggenheim, Isidor and Ida Straus, Cosmo Gordon Duff, Molly Brown, Dorothy Gibson, and more – have just disembarked, and the dockyards are busy. The day is pale and sunny. A huge crowd has gathered to marvel at the sleek black steamer, jewel of the White Star Line, smoke still huffing from its four funnels.

In a brownstone hotel a few steps off the New York Port Authority, in a dim back room suffused with the scent of cigarette smoke and Macassar hair oil, Lucy Preston says quietly, “What the hell did you do that for?”

Flynn gives her a twisted smile. “I can’t save lives now, instead of taking them?”

“Please.” Lucy suspects Astor and Guggenheim at least were (are) Rittenhouse, probably high-ups, and Flynn wants them alive so he can pump them for information, disrupt their projects, tap their extensive list of contacts – smoke the roaches out of the rushes. “This is like the Hindenburg, isn’t it? About perhaps who was supposed to go back on the return trip?”

Flynn lifts one shoulder in a magnificently contemptuous shrug. “Ah,” he says. “The Hindenburg. Beginning of such a beautiful relationship, wasn’t it?”

He does something with his eyes to her that makes her feel as if she’s not wearing anything, despite the silk dress and fur wrap and pinned hat. Lucy can feel her flush in her throat, closing off her breath. He doesn’t appear to bear an outstanding grudge against her for chaining him to a bed in 1787, though at least none of the Founding Fathers got capped in the ass that time, so –

“Tell me,” she says, “and I’ll leave.”

He grins. Even more darkly than last time.

“Make me.”

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